Language Arts: Censorship

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how can an official language reflect the history of an area


Sheila picture won first in art contest


What figurative language is this sentence "you dived to deep"


Which words can be used to describe Jonas's father


Mary was awarded first prize in the contest


black is to white as host is to thank you to all people who help

Lang Arts

1. How would you describe a deferred vacation? a. One that was booked several months ago. b. One that was delayed until a later time. c. One that was planned out many months ahead of time. 2. The speaker in the poem, “Mother To Son,” says the following: “Life for me ain...

fine arts

did the Gothic period begin around the middle of the twelfth century and last throughout the fifteenth century?


Estelle is 5.9 feet tall. Find her height in centimeters to the nearest to the nearest tenth.


In a well organized essay, analyze the language and rhetorical devices the narrator uses to convey his attitude toward Hester and toward women in general Thesis The narrator conveys his attitude towards Hester through descriptions of her during her isolation. Based on his ...


i areleay need help (Broken Link Removed) These sites can help you generally. If you have a specific question, please be sure ...

Language arts

The boys on the soccer team will go across the street, through the valley, and into the park. What is the adjective phrase? Beyond that hill sits a house without a roof. adverb phrase is millions of stars form a galaxy,and between any two stars there are light years of space. ...

english writing rules

Directions: Correct the following sentences given if needed under the rule of :Inclusive language-Making language non-sexist. (1) The directors and their wives met the stockholders for a night on the town. (2) Each advisor was contacted by his students. (3) The minister joined...

language arts check answers please(5 Qs)

please check my answers and thanks so much. Choose the best answer for each question. 1. if a person is given fanfare,which is most likely to happen ? A. he gives his friend a hug. B. he is sent tojail C. he receives a letter D. he is greeted by a cheering crowd. (i picked ...

language arts

indicate the Predicate Adjective & Participle of ea sentence: 1. Nearly 150 years later, a talented ballet dancer appeared in the same city. ANS: Part= talented, PA =same 2. Anna Pavlova's family was poor. ANS: PA = poor 3. Nevertheless, she joined into the famed Imperial ...

language arts

Indoor Attractions Children's Fun Center Child (3 to10 years) $8 Child (1 to 3) $5 Child (under 1 year) FREE Bumper Cars $6 Outdoor Attractions Go-Kart $8 BEST VALUE PASSES EAT/Play Combo- Unlimited attractions plus all-you-can-eat pizza buffet (normally $10person) Unlimited ...


I have to write an essay on this topic: 54. Compare and Contrast Switzerland and France in terms of language and culture. Before the 1500s, French was only spoken in Paris but as the kings in France expanded their control, they decreed that French be used in all of France, not...

film and arts

How has Leona Louise Lewis applied 7 principles of organization in her artwork? What are the artistic elements she has used in her artwork?

pop culture and the arts

I need to give two examples that illustrate the relationship between art and American culture.

Culinary Arts

Describe how to activate the following types of yeast compressed,dry active, quick rise dry?

Lang Arts

9. Which one of these doors _____ the most promising? seem seems 10. _____ there hazards to look out for? Isn't Aren't

Lang arts

Which section of a personal narrative requires the most development? a. introduction b. conclusion c. character introduction d. plot

lang arts

IS this a simple or complex sentence Groundhogs live in the eastern and central US where there are open fields. Ans Complex

Language Arts 6 Ms. Sue please

1. Which word is modified by the adjective in the sentence below? The drama production will start promptly at 8 o'clock. Start Promptly Production Drama 2. Which word is modified by the adjective in the sentence below? Not a single day goes by without me tellin my sister that ...

Language Arts

17. Which of the following sentences includes a predicate pronoun? Justin and Meg are the winners of the contest(would it be this one?) The winners of the contest are they The winners of the contest are Justin and Meg (or would it be this one?) The winners of the contest are ...


As many as three instructors are hired for a martial arts class each week. 4:1 student-to-instructor ratio is considered ideal. Find the maximum number of students at each of these classes.

Communication Arts

Grammar check please!!! Georgia O'Keefe was an American painter from Wisconsin. Whose detailed close-ups of flowers brought her world renown.

Language Arts

1.Read the sentence below: Biologists have created an immortal frog. They removed its vocal chords and now it cannot croak. Which of the following correctly explains the pun in this sentence and the word or words on which it is built? A. Biologists-these scientists can both ...

Language Arts

Directions: Circle the correct form of negative to complete each sentence. 1. I decided that there wasn't (no, any) point in finishing the project. Answer: Circle any 2. I could name (none, any) of the singers we heard. Answer: Circle any 3. The woman left the store without (...

Written communication

How can I re-write this sentence? Each advisor was contacted by his students. Assignment: Inclusive Language:Making Language Nonsexist All advisors were contacted by their students.

Language Arts

Success is counted sweetest by Emily Dickinson 1 Success is counted sweetest 2 By those who ne'er succeed. 3 To comphrehend a nectar 4 Requires sorest need. 5 Not one of all the purple Host 6 Who took the Flag today 7 Can tell the definition 8 So clear of victory 9 As he ...

business english

can u give me guidelines to solve this exercise or tell me if they are right please? Avoid discriminatory language: change these sentences to avoid discriminatory language. 1. any worker who ignores this rule will have his salary reduced. my answer: The employee who ignores ...

Language Arts

Scott's Good-bye We saw the months of wicked weather, As day to painful night did turn, Waiting, huddled close together For the frozen sun’s return. Our nights were almost endless torture. Our food was gone. Our fuel was low. We came in search of grand adventure But ended ...


What kind of poem uses formal language What is an ODE?

Math (Finance)

Why is accounting often referred to as the “language of business”?


whats the diff b/w figure of speech and figurative language?


how do i ask for help in translating something without making someone mad?

world history

what are some Indo-European language families?






how do larger than life characters show the values of their cultures

spelling or language

how can you use "glimpse" and "cliche" in the same sentence?


im writing a speech on optimism. What are some things i could put in it?


What type of materials do you expect to review for your research paper?

Foreign language

how do pronounce'I love my hair style' in punjabi?


Does anyone have any good morals or ideas for writing a parable?


What christmas word can you make out of COCUTOKITEER


what materials and experiences promote cognitive and language growth?


Poetry and fiction have in common the element of _____.

Language Art

Would "Philosophy" be a good synonym for "thinking"? Thanks


Describe in detail the two methods of language acquisition.


Describe in detail, the two methods of language acquisition


What is the adjective for the question, Some hawk's eyes are yellow.

Language Art

How to write goalie in a possesive form sentence


How many words can I list that are related to the base word friend?


Clue Word Not the problem, but the... A_ S _ _ R A boat for pleasure trips Y_ _ _ T


what is the language in the book strange objects for the journal items?


What is the structure and language of the poem Young by Anne Sexton?


What is the main theme in Death on the Ice by Cassie Brown?

Language art

What is a group of people at a dance with letters bssmyale


What is the simple predicate for the sentence, The history of these pests may surprise you.

Foreighn Languages

What Language should I learn? Mandarin or French?

computer science

Prove that the following language is not context free: L = {a^3^n : n >= 0}

language art

what is the adverb in the sentence their is a big sale at the mall.


What's the noun and verb in seek his will in all you do and he will direct your path.


Describe in detail, the two methods of language acquisition?


When is the best time to read review the discussion question

language art

sentences that are long show how toshorten sentence

British Lit

What are the 3 languages that derive from the original Celtic language?

language art

what topic can i write about on national news?

English Language

Yes,she is my cousin.- Is the comma identify as an introductory phrase?


Churches best seats were reserved for members of the gentry.


Churches best seats were reserved for members of the gentry.

Visual Basic (Computer)

What is programming language syntax? Why is it important?


Those trees have (fewer, less) fruit on them.

Language and other barriers

An example of an exceptional child is one who


Either you can eat or talk, but you can't do both at the same time.

language art

paragraph about homeless in kids words.


which language is used to make comparisons in business communication

language art

The verb may precede the subject. True False

foreign language

rubrics for descriptive essay my dream vacation


What does the term RACE mean in trying to do language homework?

human relations part

a strong language often means?

language art

Is digging a present participle? My answer yes . Am I correct?


Which two events were major influences on modernist writers?

Language Art

How do poets use denotation and connotation? Please help! Thanks.

eng 122

what type of language is most effective when making a po


show example of imagery in the poem your little voice




How did the development of a written language change feudal China?


From what language is the word polymer derived? I think it's Greek.


What's the adverb(s) in the sentence "Now I want everyone to turn to page 36."?


What are some of the benefits and pitfalls of the ethnic, language, and religious diversity?

Language Arts-check answer-

ANNE: I’m trying. Really I am. Every night I think back over all of the things I did that day that were wrong . . . like putting the wet mop in Mr. Dussel’s bed . . . and this thing now with Mother. I say to myself, that was wrong. I make up my mind, I’m never going to ...


Could anyone give a web about 1.Practical arts 2.Greek theory 3.Alchemy 4.Plogiston 5.Modern Chemistry Thanks:-) Duplicate post.

Fine Arts

What elements of art are used in the painting/sculpture Madonna and Child in Arch? I think harmony is used but what else? thank you kindly <3

Math for liberal arts

4. What is the probability of selecting either a King or a Queen if one card is drawn from a standard 52 card deck?

liberal arts math

A population of 240 animals decreases at an annual rate of 10%. Find the multiplier for the rate of exponential decay.

Language Arts

Excerpt from “I Am a Native of North America” by Chief Dan George Man must love fully or he will become the lowest of the animals. It is the power to love that makes him the greatest of them all . . . for he alone of all animals is capable of love. Love is something you ...


• Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation addressing the following points: o Explain ways to debunk three of the five gender misconceptions listed above based on the results of the peer discussion and your own University Library research. o Explain at ...


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