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What 2 languages created the swahili language?


Is being delusional a characteristic trait


Connectionist models provide evidence that


How to diagram this sentence. I don't like basketball.


why bother to teach indigenous language?


what is the need for learning foreign language?




what are the factors that causes diversity in language?


what is the area and causes in diversity language


what was leonardo da vinci first painting


Can you answer "Language Can someone help me plz???? " #5 and 6

Language Arts

I had to put transition words, fix any mistakes, and make the following paragraph better. It is on a book called Tuck Everlasting. It is a paragraph saying the similarities of the book and movie version. This is the best I could do. Can u see what you can do to make it really ...

language arts

part a identify participle or participle phrase and the word it modifies 1)Taken for granted by most of us, paper is an esseantial part of our lives 2)The papeer used today has developed over many centuries 3)Ancient Egyptians wrote on a sheet formed from stalks of a reed 4)...

Language Arts - Romeo and Juliet - Please Check

I need help with the following: 11. Read these lines from the prologue of Romeo and Juliet. "Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean." What is the best ...

Language Arts

I need Help finding in understanding to get correct answer Before we buy our tickets. (1 point) Before we buy or tickets tomorrow. Before we buy our tickets, we should check the weather. We buy our tickets before. This is a complete sentence. No correction is necessary. 22. ...

Language Arts

Underline the verb in each sentence, and identify its tense. 1. It rained last night. -underline rained and it is past tense 2. We closed all the windows quickly.-underline closed and it is past tense 3. Thunder crashed outside.-underline crashed and it is past tense 4. The ...

Lang. Arts

In the sentence, "She is interested in space exploration." Is the verb just "is" or is it "is interested"? Thanks...

culinary arts

what is the answer if you buy 2 lbs of squash and the squash costs $2.05 a pound?

language arts

instructions read the paragrahs below. on your own or with a partner, write the topic and the man idea of each. Then write two possible opinion statements for each paragraph opinion statment. First members of the student council learn important decision-making skills. They ...

Language Arts (Please Check)

1)Resilient people usually a)complain when they have bad luck b) bring good luck to others c)are able to deal with others** 2)when the someone refers to pausing to " enjoy the view of the trees and the flowers below," he really is talking about a) looking down at the view from...

Language arts

The walrus and the Carpender The sun was shining on the sea Shining with all his might He did his very best to make The Billows smooth and bright And this was odd because it was the middle of the night The moon was shining sulkily Because she thought the sun had got no ...


Why Harlem, during the Harlem Renaissance, was considered to be the Mecca for the arts.

Culinary Arts



what is the function of Film, Animation, Print Media, Digital Media ?

Math liberal arts 2

The equation y=mx+b, the slope of the line is represented by? Is the slope m?

To: Mystery Chicken

You'll find this article interesting -- re your essay.

greek vocab.

which word did not originate from the word of the arts? 1. maudlin 2. martyr 3. character 4. colossal

culinary arts

how do you make a budget for culinary if you don't have a figure amount to start out with?

English, Literature, Arts, Shakespeare

The fusion of classical and romantic elements in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.


Ok if anyone knows the answers to the Lesson 3:Quiz Elements of Poetry in Lang. please tell me.

@ Person with the Fine Arts Question

Please repost your question using a different name.


In the following lines, Juliet is speaking of her tears, as if they have feelings: "The tears have got small victory by that:/For it was bad enough before their spite." Identify the type of figurative language that is being used. A: Simile B: Metaphor C: Personification I ...

writing skills

(1)Using a dictionary can occasionally be an exercise in frustration.(2)When, for example, you can't spell a word. (3)How do you look up the correct spelling?(4)It is just as exasperating when you discover the definition of "evocation"is"the act or fact of evoking".(5)You ...

fine arts

true or false Gothic style churches were not limited to France. i think its true ???

langage arts

i need to now what is an ambition and i need to put it in a sentence and a synonym also a antonym

lang. arts

The play Purlie Victorious was "too" funny for words. "too" is the adverb, is "funny" the verb it modifies?


What role did religion play in the arts in Islamic civilizations?


What role did religion play in the arts in Islamic civilizations?

Culinary Arts

Compare pour batters with drop batters?

Language Arts

Full fathom five thy father lies; Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade But doth suffer a sea change Into something rich and strange. Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell; Ding-dong. Hark! Now I hear them – Ding-dong bell...


In a survey of 100 students, the number s studying various languages were found to be: Spanish, 28; German, 30; French, 42; Spanish and German, 8; Spanish and French, 10; German and French, 5; all three languages, 3. (a)How many students were studying no language? (b)How many ...

Language Arts

1 It shall flash through coming ages, 2 It shall light the distant years; 3 And eyes now dim with sorrow 4 Shall be brighter through their tears. 5 It shall flush the mountain ranges, 6 And the valleys shall grow bright; 7 It shall bathe the hills in radiance, 8 And crown ...

Language Arts

Hello, can someone please check my answers? :) 1. How would you describe to others a person with ambition? (1 point) someone who withdraws from his family someone who strives for success*** someone who buys anything he wants someone who moves frequently 2. The lines “Barely ...

6th grade com arts

we had to do anzlogies i.e. ball : bouncy : glue : sticky The next part is "sort the answer words by suffix" What does that mean?

fine arts

this one is hard for me to find exactly where it is in the book major artistic achievemnets in the 17th century were seen in A.France B.Spain C.Germany D.England

LAng. Arts

Develop a showing paragraph with specific F.I.R.E.S ( facts, incidents, reasons, examples, and statistics) The topic sentence is: The fire drill went miserably.


Identify the arts of speech inthis sentence: Larry OFTEN GOT CAUGHT between the flailing arms and kicking feet of Moe and Curly.

visual and performing arts

Explain why the Chartres Cathedral both is and isn't an example of the "High Gothic" style. Be sure to reference specific pieces of art in your response.


Is there any scholarships for high school freshman??? (any that you heard of). I live in NY. All I know is the Best Buy Scholarship and Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. Please help and thank you! (I couldn't find much).

languge arts

the giver which words can be used to describe jonas father very caring and sensitive**** highly intelligent and driven usually loyal and obedient


How was cancer treated before chemotherapy?


how do you do a character continuum? ex. good/evil


the name of the god who guarded the canopic jar?


term for katie was strict stoic and stalward


term for sean inherited boatlaods of mony


term for his garish outfit screamed for attention

college - phonetics

how do you transcribe the "th" sound in "SLP language"?


What kind of boat do all familes own


Explain how intelligence and the development of language may be related.


what does polyvinylrododospagaspamomo mean? its a bonus question on a quiz.


like is long or short vowels sound


pick is long or short vowels sound

social studies

explain the importance of the language of the romans?

Language (Vocabulary)

I need an example of the word "naive."

foreign language

can i learn two languages at once?


thanks, but now i'm confused what is the easiest way to understand this?


Do you know anything about English Language Learners?


3 ways on how language construct social reality

literary 123123123123123123123123

in "educating rita" does her language change and how do you know??


How do I set up a comparsion table for two stories

7th grade

What are all the language persuasive techniques


What does the idiom "Behind the eight ball" mean? Thanks to anyone that could help!

medical language

describe the process of bone growth.

medical language

summarize the processes of nerve transmission


what is the difference between the -s at the tropics and the -s at the end of needs

social studies

How did written language help in the making of civilizations?

Foregin Language

How do u say hello in German and Italian?????????????????????????????????????????????????????


please help me to write a poem about friendshi, thanks

Language Art

Do you believe that sacrifice is the noblest of acts?


What is the role of homework in learning 2nd language?


is there such a thing the "language" of percentages/surveys?


What is the longer form for this clipped word" caf "?Thank u


Can u guys plz answer to my questions????PLZZZZ

Foreign Language

What does " aqui estan" mean I'm Spanish?


I need figurative language on the genre fantasy


My went to the grocery store. She forgot her purse.

english language

why i dislike to being monitor of my class


do possessive pronouns never have apostrophes


what does scv, s, f, and scs mean when identifying sentences?


can u please help me unscramble this halloween word....."ouracland"


why is there a conflict between zeus and human beings


How do you diagram this sentence. Don't fall off the bench.

first additional language

how did youth day came?


the - definition of glommy is dismal or depressing is it denotative

sozamg high school

why english is the language of opportunity .


Make a simile of pablo sniffed the air.

foreign language

Mean of tute¨¤uaewr ibeifslh

social studies

what is the 2nd most spoken language?


what is the name of the best beach in New York?


because of the treaty of tordesillas the language and background of brazil are _____.


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