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Which type of person is Merchant Lyte from Johnny Tremain A kind and generous B crass and sloppy C devious and manipulative D intelligent and hardworking is it C Which lines from the novel best supports the answer to the previous question? "He's sly". When the merchants agreed...

AED 204

Check the Main forum to see which discussion cluster your teacher has assigned you to work with. In this cluster, you and your peers must discuss the effect of at least three of the above misconceptions on education. The one that she assigned me is Boys are more interested in ...

3 grade english ms sue

compare and contrast when you compare and contrast two or more things,you tell how they are alike and different. some clue words that signal that things might be the same are like,same,both,also,and as well as. some clue words that signal differences are but,however,different,...

Language Arts Help!!

10 MS. SMITH: {glossing over his misbehavior and adopting a serious tone as she hands Jason a piece of paper} Yes, ok. So, tell me your plan for the project. Have you consulted this project list yet? You really need to quit putting this off. You're the only one without ...

Language Arts Check

1. I MET a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert ... Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage [face] lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those ...


Except for the first question the others refer to an evaluation grid I need to translate into English. I really hope you can have a look at it. 1) What would you become if you were older? What will you do when you are grown up? 2) Essential (basic?) knowledge of the subjects. ...

classroom instruction

Explain how a teacher can monitor student homework o Identify a time-efficient way to monitor independent student work (other than a student raising a hand to signal a need for help). o Describe two ways to refocus student attention when students are working in groups. o ...

Thesis Statement

I have to write a summary response essay to "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" by Gloria Anzaldua. However I do not know how to construct this thesis. The text is about Anzaldua's frustration towards having to change her accent, language, and being told how to talk because of where ...


1. What's the fastest way to find out how many individual letters are quoted in the article? A: Count the number of photos in the article. B: Read the article. C: Count the heads and subtract the first head. D: Count the number of footnotes. 2. Where should you insert a colon ...


Instructions Using specific references from "In Memoriam" Lyric 56 and from "Tintern Abbey," contrast Tennyson's view of the relationship between man and nature with that of Wordsworth's, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the significant ideas. You will give this ...


Are my sentences correct with the following directions? (Sentences below directions) Using California as a topic, number and write one example of each of the following: 1. A completely correct simple sentence with an appositive in it. 2. A sentence with redundant language. ...

Language Arts

Write a complete sentence using the past participle of the verb in ( ) with has or have. 1. Mr. Hancock (run) the museum for five years. Answer: Mr. Hancock has ran the museum for five years. 2. He (chose) May as membership drive month. Answer: He has chosen May as membership ...


Hello. I would highly appreciate some language help from a native speaker of English. Do you think the following sounds natural English: 1)the topicality of the present study is prompted by the fact that... (maybe the word "relevance" is better here?) 2)these processes are ...

Language arts need help fast!!

The sun is setting in a splendor of color Like a sinking ruby in a ocean of orange Which statement provides the best restatement of these lines The sun is setting before dusk the sun is setting over the ocean the sunset is sparkling like a ruby The colorful sunset is striking...

Visual Arts

I am finding a site so I can learn advanced three-point perspective methods. Can you help me?


The Mesopotamians had a generally pessimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this?


the Mesopotamians had a generally pessimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this?

Fine Arts

Need help with this-- 26. Explain the relationship between the Baroque style and the Counter-Reformation. -MC

1001040 M/J LANG ARTS 2 - T2 Unit 2: Is Progress

What is the main reason to consider thinning forests?


What is the function of a Digital Media and Animation?? beacuse my books says nothing about it

Creative arts

I need a monologue for girls to present in front of the whole school tomorrow

Culinary arts

What is the type of meat eaten frequently, particularly in the coastal region of China?

Visual Arts

Why did the Australian portrait artist Cherry Hood create the artwork 'Serenity' ?


list five things you consider to be arts and give examples or works produced in them.

lauguage arts

Ms.sue or anyone, i need a link to the short story Nethergrave. preferably a PDF.


It’s hard to believe that a woman her age could accomplish so much. Inclusive Language—Making Language Nonracist and Nonagist. How can I do that. This is my one out of 10 it has me stump. woman, or person? Why not just drop the "her age" words? It's hard to believe a ...

Language Arts (2 questions)

Question #1: From details about blossoms in both the first and third haiku, what conclusion can you draw? a. The poet feels exceedingly lonely b. The poet lives in an urban setting c. The poet enjoys the gentle beauty of nature d. The poet enjoys the drama of nature as its ...

Language Arts

Concreate Mixers The poem: The drivers are washing the concreate mixers; Like elephant tenders they hose them down. Tough gray-skinned monsters standing ponderous, Elephant-bellied and elephant-nosed, Standing in muck up to their wheel-caps, Like rows of elephants, tail to ...

language arts

2. Read the following paragraph "That thrilled me, and scared me. The great world seemed to swing wide like the gates of the Fair, and I didn’t even have a plan. I hadn’t even put up my hair yet. It seemed to me it was time for that, time to jerk that big bow off the braid...

language arts

When Louise Meyer was five years old, her mother took her to a science museum. That day, young Louise encountered her first snakes, and she's been fascinated with the reptiles ever since. Meyer now breeds snakes for educational programs. She takes her slinky friends to schools...


CheckPoint: Legal and Ethical Issues Confronting the Education of English Language Learners  Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but advocacy groups have argued that something must be done to help English Language Learners ...

language arts

1.Which sentence provides an example of swaggered? -Marco was so ashamed at the grade he received, he only stared at the floor as he walked back to his desk. -The audience could tell Kelsie was confident, based on the way she strutted down the aisle to claim her prize -The ...

Language arts Mrs.Sue check Plz

A factory might emit (1 point) pollution. smokestacks. resources. 2. How do the members of Don’t Be Crude make a persuasive appeal? (1 point) by embarrassing people by educating people by encouraging people by making people laugh 3. What did Gina Gallant not have to do to ...

Language Arts

Which of the following excerpts from the selection use the active voice in the first sentence and the passive voice in the second? A)There is little, if any, "storm" in the new movie Storm Fever. Aren't actors supposed to act, and aren't directors suppose to direct? B)Aren't ...

Pre Calc

The Department of Foreign Languages of a liberal arts college conducted a survey of its recent graduates to determine the foreign language courses they had taken while undergraduates at the college. Of the 500 graduate 207 had at least one year of Spanish. 171 had at least one...

Language Arts HELP

Which of the following best contrasts the selections read in this lesson? Readings are Forest Fire by Anais Nin, Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall by Diane Ackerman, and The Season's Curmudgeon Sees the Light by Mary C. Curtis A. "Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall" has more ...

Language Arts help please

Choose the word(s) that the italicized phrase modifies or describes. 1. According to this map, the smallest region in the United States is New England. (*is New England* is italicized) map smallest region Unted States 2. DynaTAC800X, the nation's first cell phone, was ten ...

Honors class language arts 6th grade

1 Print the words MUSIC FOR HALLOWEEN. 2 Double the middle letter. 3 Change the consonant that comes earliest in the alphabet to a D. 4 Change the second L from the left to a Y. 5 Move 1 H to the left of the row. 6 Delete all the E's and I's. 7 Switch the 11th and 15th letters...

english grade 12

i'm to make an note making frame work which includes main idea and examples or supporting ideas or key words. the video is naming canada. Main Idea: Discovering our nation Canada 1. Native language Kanata was translated as our nation country name. 2. The native invited them to...

Language Arts

1.)Knowing that the Latin root -equi- means "equal," choose the best meaning for the word equilateral as it is used in the sentence below. The box appears to be square, but I would have to measure its sides to prove that it is equilateral. A. equally distributed B. well ...


1. Which of the following is a correct statement about Swahili? A. It was a culture reflecting a mixture of Indian and African influences. B. As a language, it employed Bantu grammar and Arabic linguistic terms. C. The term derives from the Arab word for “jungle.” D. It ...

Language Arts

Under a spreading chestnut tree The village smithy stands; The smith, a mighty man is he, With large and sinewy hands; And the muscles of his brawny arms Are strong as iron bands. His hair is crisp, and black, and long, His face is like the tan; His brow is wet with honest ...

language Arts

There is little if any, "storm" in the new movie Storm Fever. Aren't actors supposed to act, and aren't directors supposed to direct? Actor Robert Pierre seems to wander aimlessly around the set. And director Sue Smith can't seem to figure out how to present a good story. This...

human resources

Where can I find out about the vision and or goals for Michael's company (arts and craft)

fine arts

How was the Romanesque church built (or modified) to accommodate the worshippers who took part in pilgrimages?

history of the arts

The Grand Tour was considered a feature of affluent men and women. true or false

English Launguage Arts 6th feet

In this sentence what is the prepositional phrase: Kelly asked about you Thanks, M.P.L

culinary arts

______ is a cold, uncooked Spanish soup made of pureed raw vegetables.


umsl dean's awards for creative achievement in arts????? Is it possiable to earn that award in you live in ny????

Intergrated Arts

Looking at examples from Whitney collection, what qualities do the art works have in common?

Visual Arts

My team is Caribbean festivals and I want to know what is a good idea of a design for me to use, using paint?

langue arts

Description of the climate in at least three different locations/regions in your state? (1 point)


Estelle is 5.9 feet tall. Find her height in centimeters to the nearest tenth.

Launguage arts!

Does anyone out there go to connections academy and is in 7th grade, if so can you help me with the 7B unit 3: dramatic transformations test ?!?!?!

AP Language & composition

Hello, i am reading moments of being. i have two questions that i feel will help me to understand better. First. How does the language used help to convey the moments in the story? also what does "it is one of those invaluable seeds, from which, since it is impossible to have ...


whats figurative language? Check this site for a great explanation and examples. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If you are seeking a definition for "figurative language" it is used to create images, ...

Language Arts

1.Which of the following will you most likely find in a historical novel such as Johnny Tremain? A. A setting in pre-Revolutionary town such as Boston.*** B. Mythical chractars such as Johnny Appleseed. C. Opinions of modern-day historians and political writers. D. Directions ...

Language Arts?

I am applying or a Med Camp at Penn State and I have to write a thesis. This is what I have so far. "I have always been interested in the medical field. I remember when my dad used to take me hunting, we would gut the animal and I would always be asking "What's that?" "What ...


Could you please check these sentences, especially the word-choice and sentence connectors? 1) Marcus Shawcross believes that the television had turned the average person into a mindless lump (synonym) who just obeys what the television tells him. 2) He is lured into (synonym...


what could be some reasons to why abstract language is used? One reason is that the concept that is being dealt with is abstract. They cannot be sensed directly as can apples, grasshoppers and bricks. Concepts like freedom, evil, beauty, truth and love are abstract. I hope ...

language arts

1. which of the following statements most accurately describes Mr. Lapham and his daughter in law Mrs. Lapham? A. Mr. Lapham is kindly and pious; Mr. Lapham is pragmatic and determined B. Mr. Lapham is concerned about money; Mrs. Lapham is concerned about religion C. Both Mr. ...

Language arts

1. A student who toiled at school would probably get good grades.**** play a lot of sports. get suspended. 2. Read the following paragraph from Coming to America. Then answer question 2. "In my hometown of Ting Jiang, in southeastern China, people always said that America was ...

Language Arts

I have to write a personal essay and I was wondering if someone could peer revise my first paragraph: The school bell rang. Clusters of children jumped off playground equipment and sped through the schoolyard. I clung to my father’s leg even tighter. He assured me I would be...


Hello, Does the following sentence contain a prepositional phrase? With the proper help, they'll complete the project early. Thank You Yes, there's one prepositional phrase there. Here's a link to a webpage that lists the most common prepositions:

Language Arts

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5 Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was ...

arts high enviromental science

describe the four properties that scientist use to predict population size

Lang. Arts

What are some quotes that pertain to life in the book Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman. I need 6. Thankk you(:


• What was the role of ethnic minorities and their influence on the various arts? Can someone help show me where I can look to find this answer. Thank you

culinary arts

_________________ is an uncooked mixture of equal parts butter and flour, used as a thicking agent.

Math for liberal arts

I have tried to get the answers, but I cannot. G. 11112 + 10102 = H. 1012 x 100012 = I. 7516 /2716 =

liberal arts

Select the symbol below that fills in the blank to correctly complete the mathematical statement: 8.79 ____ 8.9

Lang Arts

This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by Connections Education. plzz help me.


From chapter 9 "the Humanities through the Arts" use the three different criticisms on one of the key perceptions.


What do these mean Arts are an adornment of life but not central to it The absentminded professor the ivory tower reflect antiintellectualism

Language Arts

Which of the following correctly revises the the sentence so that it is entirely in the active voice? A. It has been decided by the school that the regular teacher should not evaluate the class; instead, the assessment should be performed by a visiting scholar. B. The school ...


In a well organized essay, analyze the language and rhetorical devices the narrator uses to convey his attitude toward Hester and toward women in general I felt that my previous thesis was not strong at all and I would like to change it and make it better. Through the use of ...

Language arts

Novel most accurately reflects the political climate of the United States in the early sixties 1 let's see where was that colored s only bathroom downtown 2 right in the spot where the little bird had crashed by had dug a little grave 3 that snake in the grass has got his ...

Language arts unit 3 lesson 5 second read

If you have answers to 1-5 that would be great. 1. In act 1, scene 5, Scrooge sees himself as a child at school. What is revealed about his childhood in this scene? 2. In act one scene two Scrooge's nephew stops by to wish Scrooge a Merry Christmas and to invite him to dinner...

Grammar Advisor

Are these correct? I mark my answer with an X. 88. The reason to list all of the preliminary (non-procedural) information in a lesson plan is to be sure have considered each aspect. keep good records for your future needs. be able to communicate clearly with administrators, ...


what is language?

Educational Technology

Which of the following statements is true? • a narrative essay should not include a dialogue • a narrative essay can include a dialogue and should include descriptive language*** • a narrative essay should only be told in third person • a narrative essay should only ...

Language Arts

Can these be checked? • What differences became matters of life and death during the Holocaust? • Do differences between people necessarily lead to conflict? • How can the Holocaust help us find similarities that go beyond race, culture, nationality, and so on? • Why ...

Language Arts

Which of the following correctly revises the the sentence so that it is entirely in active voice? A. It has been decided by the school at the regular teacher should not evaluate the class; instead, the assessment should be performed by a visiting scholar. B. The school has ...


I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can improve my thesis statement/opening paragraph. I'm writing an essay on hamlet from the perspective of formalism (examining a work of literature's language and structure). Here it is: Formalism is a type of literary criticism ...

7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

1. Which of the following is not a part of evaluating sources? (1 point) checking the author's credentials questioning possible bias making sure the information is current agreeing with the author's opinions 2. Which of the following websites would you most likely use for a ...

Language Arts

Compare and contrast the two characters in these passages.In your answer, be sure to identify the setting of each passage and the conflict faced by each boy. How does the historical era in which each boy lives affect his conflict. @Ms.Sue can you please check my response ...

Language Arts

Here are all the reading roles: 1. Discussion Director As a discussion director you will think about the following: - what images come to mind as you read - if you could interview the author what questions would you ask? Why? - predict what will happen next and why 2. Word ...


My answers 1) Assail 2)Banal 3)mercenary 4)allusion 5)Taint 6) appease 7)Arbitrary 8)syndrome 9)altruistic 10)euphemism 1-2 _ people tend to place the public welfare above their own self-interest. In contrast,_ people will exploit anyone for a profit they will even sell ...


Now is the time for you to begin thinking and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. Make your top ten list of steps to take to ensure ELL student success. Here is what I have come up with so far. Accommodating English ...

Language Arts

15. Read the following lines from the story “Forbidden Fruit.” Of course, in childhood there were occasions when I could have tasted pork in kindergarten or ate at the home of a friend, but I never broke the commandment. When we had rice and pork in kindergarten, I fished ...

History/Lang Arts?

Is there a word that describes how you express an idea? I am doing a project on the typewriter and I want the heading to be something like "The changing of..."

Mathematics for Liberal Arts

Using a Standard deck of 52 cards, what is the probability of drawing four aces in a 5-card hand?


the book says Ponyboy,Dally, and Johny saved the kids in the hall way when they were in the church is that true? because in the movie they didn't


Analyze/Annotate the prompt In the following passage from The Scarlet Letter, the narrator describes Hester Prynne in her isolation from the Puritan community, In a well-organized essay, analyze the language and rhetorical devices the narrator uses to convey his attitude ...


There are a total of 107 foreign language students in a high school where they offer only Spanish, French, and German. 42 take Spanish. 46 take French. 45 take German. 8 take Spanish and French but not German. 8 take Spanish and German but no French. 6 take French and German ...

language arts

which of the following statements most accurately describes Mr. Lapham and his daughter-in-law Mrs. Lapham? A. Mr. Lapham is kindly and pious; Mrs. Lapham is pragmatic and determined B. Mr. Lapham is concerned about money; Mrs. Lapham is concerned about religion C. Both Mr. ...

language arts

a metaphor for macaroni salad (Scroll down.) Read the definitions and examples. Then write what you think is...

Assembly Language

Hello, i am new at assembly language and i just got started with this stuff. I have this assignment which doesn't make any sense to me. Can someone please help? I am using Kip Irvine's, Assembly Language for x86 Processors, 6th edition. These are the instructions to assignment...


My answers 1.Altruistic 2. Mercenary 3. Assailed 4. Appease 5.syndrome 6. Taint 7.Arbitrary 8.allusion 9.Euphemism 10.Banal 1-2 _ people tend to place the public welfare above their own self-interest. In contrast,_ people will exploit anyone for a profit they will even sell ...

language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

please check these answers there really quick. 11.the zoo has recently acquired pandas,giraffes and lions. were does a comma belong? A. After and B. After zoo C. After giraffes(I PICK THIS) D. After acquired 12.Hector would you please relax? where does a comma belong? A. After...


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