Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. Language Arts/English

    My word is "dynamite" which has two meanings. 1)n. a powerful explosive made by soaking nitroglycerin in some absorbent, such as ammonium nitrate and wood pulp. 2)adj. outstanding, very exciting. My question is - name the part of speech given in the first entry. I don't ...
  2. Language Arts

    In which of theses lines is the meaning of the word "gratitude" best expressed? A. Why its old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; it's Fezziwig alive again! B. The happiness he gave is quite as great as if it cost him a fortune. C. Feeziwig had the power to make us happy or unhappy...
  3. language arts

    Which of the following topics would be most appropriate for an autobiography narrative? A) Your explanation of how to train for running long distances B) Your account of the time you won first place at a track me C)Your summary of an article about a girl who runs fast D)Your ...
  4. language arts

    I NEED HELP The Latin root man means "hand." what is the meaning of the word manual in the following sentence? Manual laborers used hammers and nails to build the root of Dr. Meehan' new house. A done by machines B done by humans C done by tools D done by roofers
  5. Language Arts

    Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? a.identify the author's tone and viewpoint b.evaluate how the selection compares to another c. examine the type of organization used in the selection d. determine the author's ...
  6. Language Arts

    I need help with lesson 14 unit 2 What does the speaker in "In Just-"mean when he says that "the world is puddle-wonderful A.)The world is full of puddles. B.)spring is rainy and wet. C.)winter's drought has ended. D.)The balloonmen fell into a puddle. If you know the rest ...
  7. language arts

    No One ever thought the Lake Land DreadNaughts would beat the Tampa Sickles . So when it finally happened , the Dreadnaughts Fans were euphoric. Q : Wich of these is the closest in meaning to euphoric as is used in the sentence ? A : embarrassed B : overjoyed C : challenged D...
  8. Language Arts

    Choose the option that correctly identifies the (underlined) words in each sentence. I love telling people about Jodi Picoult, (whose books are always bestsellers.) a. subordinate clause b. adjectival clause c. independent clause d. adverbial clause *I think its b, but I'm not...
  9. language arts

    Based on "The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida,” the reader can infer that the Haida A.were lacking in basic necessities. B.had plenty of food and water available. C.relied mainly on the ocean for provisions. D.waited for the Raven to feed them daily.
  10. Language arts

    1.A saturated meadow, 2.Sun-shaped and jewel-small, 3.A circle scarcely wider 4.Than the trees around were tall: 5.Where winds were quite excluded, 6.And the air was stifling sweet 7.With the breath of many flowers, 8.A temple of the heat. 9.There we bowed us in the burning, ...
  11. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the possessive case? A. My sister Sarah loves to cook. B. She made dinner for the family last night. C. When Sarah offered us seconds, I was too full. D. Mom and Dad make me do the dishes when Sarah cooks. Is the answer A...
  12. Arts and Culture

    What are Classical & Hellenistic Greece visual arts ? I am having trouble finding anything on this .
  13. Communication Language Studies

    Most modern style manuals endorse the elimination of sexist language. Would the reduction of sexist language influence the thoughts or attitudes of individuals who comply with these standards? Why or why not?
  14. arts survey

    how has visual and performing arts reflect and influence society?
  15. Language Arts

    In which sentence is the word GROVES used correctly? A. Five groves of pigeons landed in the square B. The carrier delivered three groves of papers C. The guitar was fitted with half a dozen groves D. The storm wiped out six groves of fruit trees** D?
  16. Language Arts (The Giver)

    Which of the following messages does the author most likely want you to take away from the reading this novel?(1 point) - Personal choice is critical to society. - Rules are made to be broken. - There is no place for memories in modern society. -Success for all depends on ...
  17. Language Arts

    Which sentence is the gerund used as an appositive? (1 point) Catering is a great way to show off your talent as a cook. The best part of catering is making a special occasion a tasty event. The girl has a new job, catering. Mr. Lane gives all of his time and energy to catering.
  18. Language Arts

    Which of the following report topics would be best to present in a comparison-and-contrast organization? 1.Characteristics of Native American Folklore 2.Stories from Plains and Woodlands<my answer> 3.How Horses Helped the Sioux Tribe 4.Famous Native American Storytellers
  19. language arts

    which question should you ask during your third read of multi draft reading process? 1. who is the speaker, or the voice that "says" the words of the poem? 2. How has the work expanded my ideas-or my imagination? 3. What do the word choices and imagery tell me about the ...
  20. Language Arts

    In The Importance of Being Earnest, Jack and Algernon clearly have a preoccupation with food. Discuss how food serves as a symbol for obedience to impulse and the pursuit of pleasure. How does this symbol help Oscar Wilde to comment on and satirize society? Any clues? I'm ...
  21. VERY URGENT Language arts

    “First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut off the head and the arms and the legs? What kind of context clues helps you determine the meaning of dismembered? Characteristics Contrasting words Examples Explanatory words and phrases*** Am I correct?
  22. Language Arts

    which of the following elements should be included in a argumentative essay? select all that apply *you can only choose three* 1.) a clear thesis statement 2.) opinions from various sources *** 3.) evidence and support to address counterarguments 4.) a clear organization *** 5...
  23. Language Arts

    I'm writing an essay on the topic " Contributing to the community" and I was wondering what you guy think if I start my first sentence like this. Everyone in their life had made some world-shattering contributions to the community.These significant additions help us determine ...
  24. Language Arts

    What do these line most likely reveal about Byron? Aww, man, this it too,too hip! No one's got one of these. Speedy don't even have one in his Cadillac. Too much man way too much! A. He is jealous of other. B. He is disappointed in his father's purchase. C. He likes to be the ...
  25. language arts

    Both "Grandma Ling" and "your little voice . . ." use imagery to convey the emotions or attitudes of the speakers. Choose one of these poems. In a paragraph, discuss how the poet uses imagery to present the speaker's feelings. Support your response with details from the poem ...
  26. language arts

    Identify the term that correctly identifies the italicized word(s) in each sentence. 7. Listening to the mix CD my brother made for me, I began to hope he would make me another. (1 point) adverbial phrase gerund phrase infinitive phrase participial phrase
  27. Social Studies

    What your opinion on this statement? Government censorship is essential to avoid opposition. Maybe not essential, but it seems to be working for the current administration. The potential is always there for retaliation and the lid blowing off though.
  28. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences uses a predicate noun? A. When you leave, I will feel sad. B. My sister is their most valuable player. C. Their most valuable player is she. D. I will be saddened when you leave. Thank you for any help you give!
  29. language arts

    what's the answer to subject and object pronouns worksheet the directions is write each sentence replace the underlined words with subject or object pronouns
  30. Language Arts

    Identify which sentence this is: The woman *who one the cookie competition* is my mother. Subordinate Clause Adjectival Clause Independent Clause Adverbial Clause I would say it's Subordinate.
  31. Language Arts

    "who are those old men bent over in the sunshine? Skeletons of corn" Which line or lines show the distressing tone of the poem 1. line 1 2. line 2 3. line 3 *** 4. lines 1 and 2
  32. Language Arts

    The man quickly but carefully opened the oyster’s hard shell. A. quickly B. but C. carefully D. opened I think the answer is B but i am not sure. Can you check this and explain what a conjunction exactly is. Thanks!
  33. Language Arts 8B

    ANSWER THESE QUISTIONS WITH THE POEM CONCRETE MIXERS BY PATRICIS HUBBELL what are the concrete mixers compared too? what are the drivers compared too? how was the comparisons related? please help
  34. Language Arts

    I have the sentence...When I get home from school,I'm going to take a nap. I am supposed to underline the subjects and verbs. I know in the first part the subject is I and the verb is get. On the second part the subject is I. I'm not sure on the verb though. Is it am going or ...
  35. language arts

    there are three words to use to fill in each blank... the words are 1. automatic 2. tenant 3.volley here are the sentences: 1. OCCUPANT is to _________ as CHILDISH is to JUVENILE 2. BY HAND is to _________ as PALE is to BRIGHT 3. BARRAGE is to _________ as TOUGH it to ...
  36. Language Arts

    I have to write a research paper for L.A. and it must be comepletely in 3rd Person. I have all the research information and how i am organizing the paper but i can't seem to figure out how to start it off. How can i write a good introduction?
  37. english

    For Language Arts I have to write a two voice poem about the holocost. It has to be very serious. Everytime I give my teacher the poem she gives it back to be and says that I don't know how to start the beggining of seriously. So, how should I start the beggining??
  38. Tissue box project help?

    So, I have to design a tissue box. ( I already bought one) and, It has to be anything related to english, as in ( parts of speech, words, ) anything. anything related to language arts. and I need some ideas? Could somebody help me? Thank you. -Allyson
  39. Language Arts

    On the sentence: One group of divers found the treasure of a Spanish galleon. Would the adjectives in the sentence be One and Spansish? I wasn't sure if One would be an adjective or not. I also couldn't tell if group would be an adjective. Thanks...
  40. Language Arts

    Find one error. Window comes from one word that means "wind" and another that means "eye' We buy windows to keep an eye on the wind. We also use them to keep heat in when it's cold out side.
  41. Language Arts

    What is a text reference? The most common understanding of that term is a statement of the place (book, article, website, or ??) where you got some information that you used in a quotation or a paraphrase. These text references need to appear in two places in a paper, as this ...
  42. Language Arts

    While"We the people"and"Making Tracks on Mars are both nonfictional literature about specific topics, the author of"We the People"uses explanatory style, not informative. This sentence is an example of what kind of organizational pattern? A. chronological order B. comparison ...
  43. History/Languagearts

    for my language arts presentation i have to do a research project on (experiences of Jewish individuals or communities living under Nazi occupation during World War II) All i need help on is finding a reliable website that would provide me with information so i can start my ...
  44. Social Studies Plz help...

    what is the Glorious Revolution? thank you for your help!! Im doing a report on ancient africa for language arts its going to be counted as two grade social study and language arts help The Revolution of 1688, commonly known as ...
  45. Language Arts

    Of three automobiles left on the lot, one was inexpensive, one was cheap, and one was economical. Which word describes the automobile that represents a prudent purchase? inexpensive, cheap, economical. COuld you help? I don't get it.
  46. Language arts

    Shrieking from in the tenth row, the girls were no doubt her biggest fans. Which best identifies the word modified by the boldfaced participle phrase? A. doubt B. Her C. Girls D. fans I think it's B, but not sure.
  47. language arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the meaning of the patron A wealthy museum patron funded the construction of a new wing architect supporter artist celebrity is it supporter? Thanks!
  48. Language Arts

    How do I start a compare and contrast essay? I am doing a compare & contrast essay on Tatooine and Mordor and i'm not sure what to put in the first sentence. Could I please have some ideas or examples? Thanks.
  49. Language Arts

    In the sentence....It formally accepted the bride into the groom's family. Would accepted be a mental action verb or a physical action verb?
  50. language arts

    write a sentence using a present, past, or future tense verb. rewrite your sentence using a perfect tense verb. can you just show me one example.. thanks xx

  52. Language Arts: plz help

    In the following sentence, identify the adverb. Joseph went to school early to do make-up work with his teacher. A) make-up B) work C) his D) early I think it is B
  53. Language Arts HELP!!!

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence. Uncle Jay will bring Steve lunch at noon. a. Jay b. Will c. Steve d. Noon B?
  54. Language Arts

    Act 2 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley contains several messages. In a paragraph, explain how one of these messages are conveyed in the second act of the play. Include at least two details from the play to support your points.
  55. language arts

    Can you write a Biography report using and autobiography book on Andrea Bocelli. The report is due 3rd December, and he is my hero,idol and there are no books biography books in my library on him?
  56. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences uses a predicate adjective. A. The rain looked shiny under the streetlight. B. Rachel will be our instructor this year. C. The snow looked like glitter on the ground. D. This year, our instructor will be she. Is the answer A? Thank you
  57. language arts

    i'm doing a project on choosing some "status symbols" popular in society today. one status symbol i did was the restaurant called cheesecake factory, how do i explain how it is popular/important today?
  58. Language Arts

    In the sentence....The letter listed gifts for the wedding. Would listed be a physical action verb or a mental action verb?
  59. Language Arts

    In the sentence ...The letter listed gifts for the wedding. Would listed be a physical action verb or a mental action verb?
  60. Car Design

    What other subject area is used with art for a career in car design? Language Arts history math health I think math
  61. Language Arts

    So I have to write an essay comparing tacos and burritos. Can someone help me with the taste part. What exactly are the similarities and differences in taste between tacos and burritos? Thanks! (=
  62. Language Arts

    In Chapter 40, Sal receives the gift of a chicken from Ben. The chicken’s name is Blackberry. Explain the irony in Ben’s gift and the name that he gives it.
  63. Language arts

    which word in the following sentence is a conjunction? Wow, aren't computer amazing? A. Aren't B. Wow C. Computers D. amazing Ms. Sue please help
  64. language arts

    what is the relationship among the bachelor neon and the three children in the storyteller? He is the children's uncle and the aunts brother in law. He is engaged to marry the aunt that has never met the children before. He is someone that other characters see on the train all...
  65. ASAP language arts help like NOW PLZ

    11.) which of the following sentences contains a linking verb. A. yesterday sarah experienced rock climbing for the very first time. B. sarah seemed nervous at first. C.she climbed very good for a beginner. D.i think sarah likes rock climing. i chose A. am i right
  66. Language Arts (HELP MEE!!)

    which of the following elements should be included in your critical review? A narrative with plot line A main claim about two or more works•• Graphics such as chart and tables Third person point of view An analysis of literary elements such as characters, plot or theme••
  67. language arts

    Complete the analogies by selecting the pair of words whose relationship most resembles the relationship of the pair in capitol letters. AFFABILITY:SMILE a. pain:grimace b. resilience:recovery c. turbulence:pseudonym d. abrasion:bruise (I think it is "a" but i just wanted a ...
  68. Language Arts

    *Trying to laugh as quietly as possible*, Lucas snuck out of the kitchen. A. Prepositional phrase B. Gerund phrase C. Participial phrase D. Appositive phrase Hello I was wondering if my answer is correct for this question, the answer I choose was C. Thanks. :)
  69. Language Arts

    Which of the following statements about a short story plot is not true? (1 point) The plot has a beginning, middle, and end. The plot is when and where the story takes place. The plot usually starts with a problem and ends with a solution.
  70. Language Arts

    Can someone give me some easier questions that can simplify exactly what I am supposed to be answering in this question? The title "Another Evening at the Club" is close in meaning to "Just Another Evening at the Club." Given the events of the story, what is the significance ...
  71. LAnguage arts

    Part A In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge�s beloved ends their relationship. She says, �Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master-passion gain engrosses you He is too intrested in money. she thinks they are too young to marry.***** She...
  72. Language Arts

    In The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1, what is one effect of wearing the yellow Star of David? A. It makes the wearers feel proud. B. It leads to a shortage of yellow cloth. C. It creates a strong sense of community. D. It sets apart the people who are Jewish. I have no idea what ...
  73. LAnguage arts

    Part A In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge�s beloved ends their relationship. She says, �Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master-passion gain engrosses you He is too intrested in money. she thinks they are too young to marry. She ...
  74. LAnguage arts

    Part A In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge�s beloved ends their relationship. She says, �Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master-passion gain engrosses you He is too intrested in money. she thinks they are too young to marry. She ...
  75. language arts

    which of the following sentences correctly demonstrates the verb form of the adverb ruefully? (A)she had a rueful look on her face (B)i rue the loss of a golden opportunity (C)he is totally rueless to the truth a person described as sensitive can be either perceptive or (A)...
  76. 6th geo

    The Welsh language is an important reason why Wales is a unique part of the United Kingdom. After reading about the origins of the Welsh language and how it’s used today, describe two steps being taken to preserve the language and ensure its future.
  77. Language Arts 6A

    Is this correct? 12. If you know that the Latin prefix e- means “out of,” what would be the meaning of emigrate in the following sentence? People might emigrate because they believe they will have a better life in another country. A)move to a place B) find employment C) ...
  78. Language Arts

    What fact does the author use to support her opinion about bleach? (1 point) 1. Bleach is a poison. 2. Bleach is an expensive part of processing water. 3. Bleach isn’t terrific to have around. __________________________________________ Note: This is not a question about what...
  79. Language arts

    The Latin root opt means "best". What is the meaning of the word optimize in the following sentence? The designers tried to optimize the boat's performance. (A)Make as beautiful as possible (B)Make as expensive as possible (C)Make as fast as possible (D)Make as perfect as ...
  80. language arts

    Write a brief essay discussing the use of imagery in both "Grandma Ling" and "your little voice." Examine the ways in which each poem uses images to convey the emotions or attitudes of its speaker. I figured out the your little voice one i need help with the grandma ling one.
  81. Language Arts

    1. In ''The Story -Teller,'' the bachelor says that Bertha was ''horribly good.'' What do you think this term means? A. She is so good that she deserves three medals. B. She is horrible-looking but is very well behaved. C. Being good is a horrible quality. D. She is so good ...
  82. Anyone please help (language arts)

    2. What do the tomato seeds in “In Response to Executive Order 9066” most likely represent? a. the speaker’s anger at her friend b. the speaker’s excitement about moving to a new place c. the speaker’s love for her friend d. the speaker’s sadness about leaving I ...
  83. Language Arts

    2. What do the tomato seeds in “In Response to Executive Order 9066” most likely represent? a. the speaker’s anger at her friend b. the speaker’s excitement about moving to a new place c. the speaker’s love for her friend d. the speaker’s sadness about leaving I ...
  84. Language Arts

    1. Identify whether the capitalized word in the sentence below is used as a participle or verb. I really need to get a WORKING charger for my phone. 2. What is the participle in the participial phrase capitalized in the sentence below? REFUSING TO SETTLE FOR LESS, the girl ...
  85. Language Arts

    I'm starting a new research paper and I thought my topic should be Dr. Seuss. My teacher agreed that this way a good topic, but now my only problem is that I need an introduciton that will be interesting and will make a person read it further. Can you please give me some ...
  86. Arts

    Do you need Fine Arts Credits in high School?
  87. arts and humanities

    need help in making a brochure in arts administration
  88. Language Arts

    3. Which statement best expresses a central theme of ''The Story Teller''? A. People with no children to care for are usually better at handling children. B. It is important to instruct children about right and wrong at all times. C. The best way for adults to deal with ...
  89. Language Arts

    Why does Johnny agree to take John Hancock’s order for a sugar basin? Select all that apply. A. He is confident in his ability to complete the job. B. He wants to impress Dove and Dusty. C. Mrs. Lapham encourages him to accept the job. D. Mr. Lapham is desperate and asks him...
  90. Language Arts 7a Unit 2 different perspectives

    1. Consider the main character from "Stolen Day" and "The Night the Bell Fell" Discuss which character learns the most and which learn the least. use detail from the selection to support your ideas. Use the reading selection to help you answer the question 4.points Sorry I ...
  91. Language Arts

    Tell how using a Reading Role helped you understand the book (The Giver). Support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from the novel. someone from connections help please I don't know what a Reading Role is :(( I can do the rest once somone explains what a ...
  92. Language arts

    I don't know how to write a summary. How do you write a summary?
  93. Language Arts

    Information in an entry tells you that salute A. Is used only by military personnel. B. Can be used as both a verb and a noun. C. Can be used as both a verb and a noun. D. Is used as a verb but also never as a noun. Is the answer C?
  94. Math

    My 7th grade daughter has the following math problem and gets zero help from her "language arts" teacher who gave out this problem: WANT X BE ________ CAREER Each letter in this question stands for a 1-digit #. No 2 letters may stand for the same #. Find the value for each ...
  95. Language Arts

    In the following sentence which principal part of the verb describe appears in italics? The professor is describing the process of osmosis to the class today. A.past participle B.past C.present D.present participle Is the answer D?
  96. language arts

    Jane's artwork is displayed alongside other contemporary art pieces at the modern art museum. which word that can be used to describe Jane's artwork has the most positive connotation? weird eccentric original odd
  97. Language Arts

    Okay so in English I'm doing "Appositives" I understand the question and I'm just confused a little. Circle the appositives. Then, underline the noun each appositive explains. 1. Sheila, my cousin works in that department store. I circled "Sheila" I underlined "cousin" Or is ...
  98. Language Arts

    What is the main theme of the story the bachelor tells in "The Story-Teller"? Good children win many medals Parks are beautiful places Too much goodness can be bad *** Good people do something bad eventually
  99. Language Arts

    Since “Harriet Tubman” is in the narrative essay genre, which of the following would be most suitable to add at the end of the piece? A. a summary of the obstacles Harriet endured B. a flashback to Harriet in her childhood C. a scene of Harriet as an elderly woman D. a ...
  100. Language Arts

    Which of the following text examples best supports the conclusion that Phillip's attitude toward timothy changing? A. He share's Timothy's optimistic view of their situation B. He accuses Timothy of saving all the water for him self C. He yells at Timothy when he is left on ...
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