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  1. language arts

    which term correctly identifies the italicized phrase in the following sentence? the ice (hanging down from the tree branches) shone in the soft light a. prepositional phrase b. appositive phrase c. gerund phrase d. practiciple phrase
  2. Language Arts

    We are working on subject verb agreement. Would you say....Food and equipment become expensive or would it be becomes? Trying to decide between become and becomes. Thanks.
  3. Language Arts

    Identify which sentence this is: The woman *who one the cookie competition* is my mother. Subordinate Clause Adjectival Clause Independent Clause Adverbial Clause I would say it's Subordinate.
  4. Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

    In the following sentence, what word does the participial phrase modify? Everyone in the annex heard her screaming loudly? -Everyone -annex -heard -her*** Thank you!
  5. Language Arts

    The man quickly but carefully opened the oyster’s hard shell. A. quickly B. but C. carefully D. opened I think the answer is B but i am not sure. Can you check this and explain what a conjunction exactly is. Thanks!
  6. Language Arts

    "who are those old men bent over in the sunshine? Skeletons of corn" Which line or lines show the distressing tone of the poem 1. line 1 2. line 2 3. line 3 *** 4. lines 1 and 2
  7. Communication Language Studies

    Most modern style manuals endorse the elimination of sexist language. Would the reduction of sexist language influence the thoughts or attitudes of individuals who comply with these standards? Why or why not?
  8. early childhood language arts

    1. Early childhood program transitions: A. Are all basically the same B. Are private family issues C. Require team collaboration D. Are most important in kindergarten........... I choose A........... Can someone please check my answer
  9. language arts

    Identify the term that correctly identifies the italicized word(s) in each sentence. 7. Listening to the mix CD my brother made for me, I began to hope he would make me another. (1 point) adverbial phrase gerund phrase infinitive phrase participial phrase
  10. Language Arts

    1. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitols The first choice of vacation days should go to employees with SENIORITY A. the highest age B. an inherited status C. the most years of service** D. the most years of education
  11. Language Arts

    I have an essay due tomorrow and it is required to have at least one adverb clause. I'm still a little confused about how to create an adverb clause. Help pleasee?!
  12. Language Arts

    Use the fallowing sentences and use vivid verbs and adjective to rewrite the sentences. The sentences that I'm having problem with is : I play video game. Could anyone give me idea on how to improve that sentences? Thanks
  13. language arts

    Can you write a Biography report using and autobiography book on Andrea Bocelli. The report is due 3rd December, and he is my hero,idol and there are no books biography books in my library on him?
  14. language arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the meaning of the patron A wealthy museum patron funded the construction of a new wing architect supporter artist celebrity is it supporter? Thanks!
  15. Language Arts

    How do I start a compare and contrast essay? I am doing a compare & contrast essay on Tatooine and Mordor and i'm not sure what to put in the first sentence. Could I please have some ideas or examples? Thanks.
  16. Language Arts

    ''You know my whole life changed after I fell in love. It was like the sun started shining on me for the first time, and for the first time in my life I began to smile.'' What does this mean?
  17. 8th grade Language Arts

    I am writing a persuasive essay and I need some tips on making it persuasive. It is turning out to be just an essay, not a persuasive essay. Help!
  18. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the possessive case? A. My sister Sarah loves to cook. B. She made dinner for the family last night. C. When Sarah offered us seconds, I was too full. D. Mom and Dad make me do the dishes when Sarah cooks. Is the answer A...
  19. Language Arts

    1. which of the following lines contains the best example of onomatopoeia a. she glowed like a candle, clear night b. the child made a wish on the eventing star c. the buzz saw sputtered and droned ** d. the tiger came closer - and closer - and closer
  20. language arts-literature

    I have one question that i am really confused with from the story "A Narrative of the Captivity" by Mary Rowlandson. here it is 1. The group that captures Mary R. is forced to keep moving because of its a. English pursuers b. need for food c. treaty with the colonists d. ...
  21. Language Arts

    Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? A. Identify the authors tone and viewpoint. B. Evaluate how the selection compares to another. C. Examine the type of organization used in the selection. D. Determine the author's ...
  22. language arts HELP

    Which of the following uses the indicative mood? A. I will feel flush after I get my very first paycheck for this job. B. I am going to be very wealthy when I receive my inheritance. C. If I were rich, I would get convertibles for us both. D. If I win the lottery, I hope that ...
  23. Language Arts

    Both "Grandma Ling" and "your little voice . . ." use imagery to convey the emotions or attitudes of the speakers. Choose one of these poems. In a paragraph, discuss how the poet uses imagery to present the speaker's feelings. Support your response with details from the poem ...
  24. language arts

    2.which set of words best define the word remorse? the young child refused to show any remorse for his actions, even thought they had earned him a severe punishment. regret or shame envy or jealousy happiness or joy pride or arrogance ***
  25. Language Arts

    which of the following citations in a work cited page uses proper MLA style Please help do today! the examples are Paul, Smith. The Night on the river. New York: Penguin 1987.Print please write it out for me how it should look thanks.
  26. English, Language arts

    A huge crowd of students gathers to watch the fight between John Quinn and the narrator in "The Pigman & me". Explain what mood the author creates in the scene and how he created it. Use specific examples. Use the reading selection to help you answer the questions.
  27. language arts

    Johnny struggles to overcome his pride and impatience and developed into a humble, generous man Wich type of conflict does the statement above describe? a.character vs. self b. character vs. nature c. character vs. society d. character vs. character is it a?
  28. language arts

    Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A) My grandmother is a smart, funny, kind person. B) Bright,red, leaves drifted down from the maple tree. C) On Thanksgiving we enjoyed a delicious, turkey dinner. D) My friend and I just saw an exciting, science fiction movie. Is the ...
  29. Language Arts HELP!

    Which of the following sentences contains a verb that is correctly formed in the perfect tense? A. Susan is spoken at our club before B. Beverly has wanted to be a singer for years C. Desmond has love swimming in the ocean D. Jake have painted in his room three times Is the ...
  30. language arts

    in a riddle, a girl stands on one end of a newspaper spread flat on the floor. her brother stands on the other end. neither can touch the other person. how come? please help me!
  31. language arts

    i'm doing a project on choosing some "status symbols" popular in society today. one status symbol i did was the restaurant called cheesecake factory, how do i explain how it is popular/important today?
  32. Language Arts second grade

    I had to make a complete sentence using, won't, turn and on. I could add any additional words. My sentence is ...The tv won't turn on mom and dad. My mom says that's not correct grammar?
  33. Language arts

    Shrieking from in the tenth row, the girls were no doubt her biggest fans. Which best identifies the word modified by the boldfaced participle phrase? A. doubt B. Her C. Girls D. fans I think it's B, but not sure.
  34. Language Arts

    If you said....They have been fed today. Would the verb phrase be "have been fed"?
  35. Language Arts

    In drafting a descriptive paragraph, how are the details organized if you use spatial order as the organizing principle? a)from most general to most specific b)by physical position or relationship to each other c)by the date each event occurred d)in order of importance Is the ...
  36. Language arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a linking verb? A Teresa wore her favorite shoes today. B Her shoes look really comfortable. C She put them on with striped socks. D Teresa walked for hours without a complain I think the answer is B?
  37. Language Arts

    Why does the author of"Making Tracks on Matt's"sometimes use the pronouns we and us when he is writing about the rovers? A. He and the rovers are on the same spacecraft. B. There are hundreds of people involved in the mission. C. He and his team identify strongly with the ...
  38. language arts

    Which one of these sentences is written in active voice? A. The umbrella was carried by the young lady as she walked on the beach. B. They walked up the road together to the old rickety barn. C. The newspaper was held down by the paper weight. D. The smell of roses was savored...
  39. Language Arts

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: The president of the large company felt as if he had reached the PINNACLE of his career. A. lowest point B. pointed or towering formation C. highest point of achievement** D. rise toward success or fame I think it is C
  40. language arts

    This semester you read several memoirs, including pieces by Ernesto Galarza and Russell Baker. Return to “Barrio Boy” and “No Gumption” now. How are these two memoirs similar? How are they different? In what ways are the authors’ choices and depictions related to the...
  41. language arts

    there are three words to use to fill in each blank... the words are 1. automatic 2. tenant 3.volley here are the sentences: 1. OCCUPANT is to _________ as CHILDISH is to JUVENILE 2. BY HAND is to _________ as PALE is to BRIGHT 3. BARRAGE is to _________ as TOUGH it to ...
  42. Language Arts (- Ribbons -)

    Note, this question is from the book "Ribbons", if you haven't read it then you are not able to help with this. In "Ribbons", Stacy's grandmother stiffens and scolds her when Stacy tries to hug her. What does this show about the cultural differences between the two characters?
  43. Language Arts

    Which of the following is an example of the use of imahery? A. Sarah said she's ready to walk to the store whenever you are. B. As jason walked, the puddles splashed under his feet. C. I am saving money to buy Joey a new pair of headphones. D. Megan wished she has arrived at ...
  44. Language Arts

    Hello, I always really have a hard time trying to figure out if a syllable is stressed or unstressed. Is there any trick that will tell me if a word is? Or just something that will make it easier to identify? Also, can someone explain to me what metrical feet is and how ...
  45. Language Arts

    Which of the following topics would be most appropriate for an autobiography narrative? A. your opinion of the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games B. your explanation of how to download MP3 files to your personal musical device C. your account of your audition for a ...
  46. Language arts

    In An Inconvenient Truth, the author uses which of the following to emphasize how humans can improve the atmosphere? A. The illustration of the suns energy as it travels to and from earth B. The content of "What Exactly Are Green House Gases" C. The subheading of Crisis=...
  47. help

    Which statement does NOT describe prescriptivists? A}Language should be recorded, not judged. B}Language use should follow strict rules C} Language use should never change D} Language use should be judged and evaluated. i choose B
  48. language arts

    if i have the meaning of a word and not the vocabulary word, how do i find the vocabulary word?
  49. Language Arts

    having some trouble deciding between which verb completes the sentence. Would it be "A bell lays or lies on its side? Also having trouble on the sentence, "The piano sets or sits on a platform." Thanks...
  50. Language Arts

    Which of the following statements about a short story plot is not true? (1 point) The plot has a beginning, middle, and end. The plot is when and where the story takes place. The plot usually starts with a problem and ends with a solution.
  51. Language Arts

    In the following sentence which principal part of the verb describe appears in italics? The professor is describing the process of osmosis to the class today. A.past participle B.past C.present D.present participle Is the answer D?
  52. language arts

    No One ever thought the Lake Land DreadNaughts would beat the Tampa Sickles . So when it finally happened , the Dreadnaughts Fans were euphoric. Q : Wich of these is the closest in meaning to euphoric as is used in the sentence ? A : embarrassed B : overjoyed C : challenged D...
  53. Language Arts

    What is the most important reason for using multiple sources in a research presentation? A. So you include primary and secondary sources. B. So you have experience conducting original research. C. So you know that the information is accurate. D. So you use the best online ...
  54. Language Arts

    The Passage is "The Trouble of Being Earnest" Which statement best expresses a theme of the passage? Some secrets are better left as secrets. Rules change depending on the situation. Marriage changes a person. Nothing is as it seems. I'm stuck between C and D Help?
  55. language arts

    Based on "The Raven and the First Men: The Beginnings of the Haida,” the reader can infer that the Haida A.were lacking in basic necessities. B.had plenty of food and water available. C.relied mainly on the ocean for provisions. D.waited for the Raven to feed them daily.
  56. language arts

    I NEED HELP The Latin root man means "hand." what is the meaning of the word manual in the following sentence? Manual laborers used hammers and nails to build the root of Dr. Meehan' new house. A done by machines B done by humans C done by tools D done by roofers
  57. Language Arts

    Which of the following report topics would be best to present in a comparison-and-contrast organization? 1.Characteristics of Native American Folklore 2.Stories from Plains and Woodlands<my answer> 3.How Horses Helped the Sioux Tribe 4.Famous Native American Storytellers
  58. language arts

    these lines of dialogue from the dairy of Anne frank, act 1 reveal a lot about Anne's character. In the paragraph , explain at least two things that you find out about Anne's personality from her words. please help, i don't understand what they are asking me.
  59. English

    1. In “The Censors,” Juan chooses to apply for a ob as a government censor for all of the following reasons except. A. He fears for Mariana’s safety in her new home. B. He plans to intercept and approve his own letter. C. He is proud of his ability to “read between the...
  60. Language Arts

    *Trying to laugh as quietly as possible*, Lucas snuck out of the kitchen. A. Prepositional phrase B. Gerund phrase C. Participial phrase D. Appositive phrase Hello I was wondering if my answer is correct for this question, the answer I choose was C. Thanks. :)
  61. Language Arts

    What is similar about Patsy in "The Finish of Patsy Barnes" and Joby in "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh"? A. Both are affected by their surroundings. B. Both are from Little Africa. C. Both are fighting a war. D. Both are static characteristics. Is the answer C?
  62. Language Arts

    What is the main theme of the story the bachelor tells in "The Story-Teller"? Good children win many medals Parks are beautiful places Too much goodness can be bad *** Good people do something bad eventually
  63. Language Arts

    1. which question should you ask during your secaond read of the multi-draft reading process A how has this work increased my knowledge of a subject, author, or genre <--this one B How does the speaker feel about the topic C How does the poet's word choice create vivid ...
  64. Language Arts

    In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge’s beloved ends their relationship. She says, “Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master—passion, Gain, engrosses you?”From this dialogue, what can you conclude is her reason for rejecting him? I ...
  65. Reading/language arts

    one word in each sentence does not fit the context. Underline that word and write a word that does fit the context. The steak was likeable to perfection. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND
  66. Language arts

    So this question wants me to write a paragraph on a topic of my choice but it has to be in either cause and effect order, chronological order, or comparison and contrast order. What would be a good topic to write this on?
  67. Language Arts

    In the outline, what are letters (A, B, C, etc.) used to show? A) The Main Topic Of The Presentation. B) Subtopics of The Presentation. C) Details and facts related to the subtopics. D) Sources for citations used in the presentation.
  68. language arts

    The point in the plot where Mr. Clemens falls and injures himself is the ____. (1 point) climax rising action exposition falling action Is it the rising action?
  69. Language Arts PLEASE HELP!

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence. Uncle Jay will bring Steve lunch at noon. a. Jay b. Will c. Steve d. Noon Noon?
  70. language arts

    Hi..need help with this question. Tim is moving to a new house. The words is moving can also be called a a. verb phrase b. prepositional phrase c. linking verb d. main verb Thanks..
  71. english language arts

    Ms.Sue is this right? 1)The puppy came (to our tent) and slept (at the foot) (of my sleeping bag). 2)A skywriter flew (over the field) (during the game). 3)The city was (without power) (for several hours) 4)The cross-country team ran down the avenue and through the park.
  72. Language Arts

    Hello! I have to write a summary of a book that I've read, and I've been writing it, and I'm worried I'm putting in too much detail/making it too specific/too long? I wasn't sure if I'm supposed to summarize the whole plot in a couple of paragraphs, or if it's like the way I'm...
  73. VERY URGENT Language arts

    “First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut off the head and the arms and the legs? What kind of context clues helps you determine the meaning of dismembered? Characteristics Contrasting words Examples Explanatory words and phrases*** Am I correct?
  74. Language Arts

    Why does the author of "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" say it is a "solemn night for a boy just turned fourteen"? A. The wind is full of whispers B. The army is cramped near a church C. The boy will be in his first battle soon D. The boy does not like sleeping in a field. Is the ...
  75. Language Arts

    Which principal part of the verb (to teach) appears in sentence 7? Senence: Then she taught me how to cultivate rich and healthy soul and helped me identify which types of plants are best for the environment in my yard. A. Past B. Past participle C. present D. Present partiple...
  76. Language Arts

    Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? a.identify the author's tone and viewpoint b.evaluate how the selection compares to another c. examine the type of organization used in the selection d. determine the author's ...
  77. Language Arts

    Why does Johnny agree to take John Hancock’s order for a sugar basin? Select all that apply. A. He is confident in his ability to complete the job. B. He wants to impress Dove and Dusty. C. Mrs. Lapham encourages him to accept the job. D. Mr. Lapham is desperate and asks him...
  78. language arts

    Could you check my answer please..thank you Which of the following sentences contain a linking verb? A. Teresa wore her favorite shoes today. B. Her shoes look really C. She put them on with striped socks. Teresa walked for hours without a complaint! thank you
  79. language arts

    What is the correct way to punctuate the underlined part of the following sentence?After beating the sugar with the butter he added eggs to the mixture. --------- butter he is underlined. a)butter;he b)butter:he c)butter,he d)butter-he Is the answer A?
  80. Language arts

    The narrator of scarlet ibis is? A.a young boy with a disability B. a young girl with a disabled brother C.a parent of a disabled child D. An adult with a disabled brother My best answer is D is that correct
  81. Language Arts

    In which sentence is the word GROVES used correctly? A. Five groves of pigeons landed in the square B. The carrier delivered three groves of papers C. The guitar was fitted with half a dozen groves D. The storm wiped out six groves of fruit trees** D?
  82. Language Arts (unfortunately, once again)

    I hate to ask a similar question twice, but I am unable to describe the relationship between slain : snail :: flair : frail. I know the first three of five letters are switched, so would my relationship phrase be "switched" or "is switched to?"
  83. english

    For Language Arts I have to write a two voice poem about the holocost. It has to be very serious. Everytime I give my teacher the poem she gives it back to be and says that I don't know how to start the beggining of seriously. So, how should I start the beggining??
  84. Language Arts

    Dragonwings: Think about various conflicts in this novel identify and describe one event from the novel that represents a cause-and-effect relationship that creates conflict. Explain the effect the conflict has on other characters in the story. PLease Help, Thank you.
  85. Language Arts

    Can someone give me some easier questions that can simplify exactly what I am supposed to be answering in this question? The title "Another Evening at the Club" is close in meaning to "Just Another Evening at the Club." Given the events of the story, what is the significance ...
  86. Language Arts

    Act 2 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley contains several messages. In a paragraph, explain how one of these messages are conveyed in the second act of the play. Include at least two details from the play to support your points.
  87. language arts

    Jane's artwork is displayed alongside other contemporary art pieces at the modern art museum. which word that can be used to describe Jane's artwork has the most positive connotation? weird eccentric original odd
  88. Language Arts

    From an hour with Abuelo: which paragraphs represent the exposition in Abuelo's story? paragraphs 8–10 paragraphs 10–12 paragraphs 12–14 paragraphs 14–15 *** (i chose number 4)14-15
  89. Social Studies

    What your opinion on this statement? Government censorship is essential to avoid opposition. Maybe not essential, but it seems to be working for the current administration. The potential is always there for retaliation and the lid blowing off though.
  90. Language arts please check this

    I'm not sure which sounds better? as best that I can --------------or----------- as best as I can Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The 2nd sounds better ( or you could even leave the "as" out = as best I can. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! ;)
  91. Language Arts!

    What kind of argument is used when an author compares water usage in the United States to water usage in poor countries. appeal to emotions appeal to ethics appeal to reason My answer: B
  92. Language Arts

    I need some examples of the ACES format. I didn't really understand it and I only need one example. I need the format for a remake of a test question that needed to be done with ACES. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
  93. Language arts

    What reading roles are there to choose from? Is word watcher one of them? Lol Sorry I never pay attention to that stuff and I probably should. If word watcher is one, I think I'm going to do that one.
  94. language arts

    Is the comparative form of sadly....more sadly? and is the superlative form of sadly....most sadly? Thanks.
  95. Language Arts

    In The Diary of Anne Frank Act 1, what is one effect of wearing the yellow Star of David? A. It makes the wearers feel proud. B. It leads to a shortage of yellow cloth. C. It creates a strong sense of community. D. It sets apart the people who are Jewish. I have no idea what ...
  96. language arts

    Which of the following topics would be most appropriate for an autobiography narrative? A) Your explanation of how to train for running long distances B) Your account of the time you won first place at a track me C)Your summary of an article about a girl who runs fast D)Your ...
  97. Language Arts

    Which of the following answer choices contains a METAPHOR? a. His skin was sandpaper. b. The sun sparkled like a diamond. * c. Sh wanted to be like the birds and fly away. d. They felt free when they ran through the doors. What is a key characteristic of a refrain in poetry? a...
  98. language arts

    i am very serious, take way one of my lettersand i'll go into a frenzy. im a brilliant sudden and usually highly successful act or event, take away one of my letters and youll have an object to drink from if anyone cn help me solve these 2 riddles id really appreciate it
  99. Language Arts

    Choose the option that correctly identifies the (underlined) words in each sentence. I love telling people about Jodi Picoult, (whose books are always bestsellers.) a. subordinate clause b. adjectival clause c. independent clause d. adverbial clause *I think its b, but I'm not...
  100. Language arts

    Which of the following events is part of the novels falling action? A. Paul reveres ride to Lexington B. Johnnys injury of his hand and need to find another trade C. Johnnys acceptance of Dr. Warrens offer to operate on his hand D. General gage and the soldiers arrival in ...
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