Language Arts: Censorship

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  1. arts and culure

    I need a clearer writing image of what this means and I know it sounds crazy...but, I am butting my head around this, and need to get started with my assignment?..."the social role of the arts in early Chinese and Japanese civilizations." How does one explain the social role ...
  2. language arts

    please help it says fill in the blanks to complete the comparisons is as cold as-blank 12.she is as smart as-blank 13.his backpack was as heavy as a-blank 14.she is as old as-blank was as hot as-blank
  3. Language Arts

    How do I write a GOOD A+ persuasive essay about Iraq and why we shouldnt be there? I need some facts and a topic sentence and a story in the intro with a question. Then in the conclusion a umm call to action and all that. PLEASEE HELP ME! ITS DUE TOMORROW! (FRIDAY)
  4. Language Arts

    1. Which of your senses can best help you picture this excerpt from “The Rider”? while you float free into a cloud of sudden azaleas / luminous pink petals that have / never felt loneliness . . . A. sight** B. taste C. hearing D. smell I think it’s A
  5. language arts

    7. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in italics. After finding several errors, the author insisted that his book be pulled from the shelves until a version that was amended could be published. (1 point) abridged expanded revised photographed
  6. Education

    Writing process teaching strategies used with first language learners are: a. the same for first and second language writers b. effective for second language learners with some modifications c. effective for first language learners only d. effective for language learners when ...
  7. language arts 6th grade

    i need help finding the questions for the story ALL SUMMER IN A DAY questions 1-5 think through the litature. i don't know if i spelt that right but i just need help ms.sue
  8. language arts

    In the following questions would you use who or whom. Our grandfather,( )is now 65, competed on thh gymnastics team. No one ( )hss studied gymnastics would say that.
  9. More Language Arts

    Identify what the sentence is: The bicycle path winds through the city *that is 40 miles long* a.Simple sentence b.Noun clause c.Misplace modifier* d.Adverbial clause
  10. Language arts

    based on the text preview as well as research about the background of the novel and the author's life a reader can predict that the novel will most likely be about Deez nuts HA GOT EM
  11. Language Arts (help Ms. Sue)

    •What traits do leaders have? •What motivates individuals to follow the crowd? •How can others help us understand our own behavior? •When is it good to follow what others are doing? When is it bad to be a follower?
  12. Language Arts

    Identify one conflict from the novel that develops due to the different perspectives of the characters involves. Explain how this conflict affects the characters and serves to advance the plot of the story.
  13. helpmplz

    which ststement does NOT describe prescripitivists? A. Language should be recoreded,not judgement. B. Language use should follow strict rules. C. Language use should never change D. Language use should be judged and evaluated. .The answer i choose is c. .Am i correct?.
  14. language arts

    choose the meaning that best matches the word "placate" in the sentence. General Gage's efforts to placate the colonists in hopes of avoiding war were not having a desired effect. A punish B please C irritate D aggravate is it b?
  15. language arts

    2. An example of literal description in the poem is (1 point)the sun brightening valleys. an audience being moved by a speech. the words of the president being relevant for a long time. shadows falling over the land.
  16. Language arts

    Clayton enjoyed listening to the suite at the concert, so he went home and downloaded the music As it is used in the sentence above, suite is to _______ as book is to author. Notes Audience Rhythm Composer I can't choose between C and D
  17. language arts

    1: list some important ideas that the giver includes. why did you choose those ideas? 2: tell how using a reading role helped you understand the book. support your response with at least 2 pieces of evidence from the novel
  18. Language arts

    Which type of persuasive appeal is the represented in the following sentence? Shouldn't that determination be rewarded. A Appeal to authority B Appeal to reason C Appeal to majority D Appeal to emotion My guess is A
  19. Language arts

    In which sentence is "diverts" used correctly? 1)it diverts us to heat bad news 2)be counted the diverts in the story 3)changing the topic, she diverts me. 4)sports are a diverts from school work.
  20. Language Arts

    When the doorbell rang, I just sat down to watch my favorite television show. (The whole sentence is underlined) a. Misplaced modifier b. Subordinate clause c. Complex sentence d. Compound sentence My answer is d.
  21. Language arts Help

    Which persuasive technique is used in the following senence? Four out of five people prefer cantaloupe to honeydew melon. A. Repetition B. Appeals to reason C. Appeals to emotion D. Appeals to authority Is the answer b?
  22. Language Arts

    1. Peanuts (are, is) valuable for many reasons. 2. Inventors (are, is) hard workers. 3. Cars (was, were) a good invention. 4. Sweet potatoes (was, were) easy to grow. 5. Peanuts (are, is) good for people. 6. Different crops (was, were) better. 1.are 2.are 3. were 4. were 5. ...
  23. language arts

    choose the analogy who's relationship best resembles the relationship as the analogy in capitol letters. STRANGE:GROTESQUE:: a. sporadic: constant b. naughty:malevolent c. blue:azure d. prudent: careful
  24. language arts

    I'm writing a letter in the perspective of an Italian immigrant. I have to include a funny/horrible story about living in a tenement. Would you happen to know of a website that may help? Or do you have a story you could share? Thanks!
  25. language arts

    Which verb mood is used in the following sentence from the selection? So if you have any sense at all, avoid Storm Fever. (storm fever is a movie) A. indicative B. subjunctive C. conditional D. imperative is it c?
  26. Language Arts

    In "The Story-Teller," what can you infer about the bachelor from the answers he gives when the children interrupt his story with questions? He is impatient He does not understand what others say He does not know what children like He has a good imagination ***
  27. Language arts

    Which of the following words is a synonym for beseeched in the following sentence? Nathan beseeched his parents to stop making him walk to school in the rain. negotiated. begged. (MY ANSWER) questioned. argued.
  28. Language Arts

    Good evening. I have a problem in English Language Arts. I have to write a poem. The instructions are as follows: Write a short poem that reflects the mood you interpret of a season (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter). Follow the requirements listed below: 1. The poem must be 8 ...
  29. english/language arts

    Where are the prpositions and what are their subjects(some of them contain more than one? 1)Chhirps of the newly hatched chicks could be heard in the corridor. 2)A plane made an emergancy landing in a corn field. 3)The elephants lumbered past us toward the water hole.
  30. Language Arts

    Which sentence does not include an abbreviation? a)The movie starts at 12:45 p.m b)Dr. Ross asked the nurse to schedule my surgery immediately. c)One day I hope to visit Mt. Rushmore. d)Chris left work early to catch the train at three o'clock. Is the answer d?
  31. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the objective case? A. What costume should I wear to the party tonight? B. Maybe Martha will loan me something. C. Her costumes are always the best. D. She won first prize in a Halloween contest last year! Is the answer A ...
  32. Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the objective case? -What costume should I wear to the party tonight? -Maybe Martha will loan me something.*** -Her costumes are always the best. -She won first prize in a Halloween contest last year! Thank you!
  33. Language Arts

    1. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitals: After eating a second piece of cake, my CONSCIENCE began to eat me! A. being fully aware B. gaining knowledge C. feeling of satisfaction D. knowing what is right and wrong** I think D
  34. Language Arts

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence The child wore a pink cotton shirt. We had a tiring, hot day outdoors. She cooked a delicious healthy meal.**** (I think it's missing a comma) The game was a suspenseful, exciting experience.
  35. Language Arts

    Which paragraphs represent the exposition in the story An Hour With Abuelo? A. paragraphs 8-10 B. paragraphs 10-12 C. paragraphs 12-14 D. paragraphs 14-15
  36. language arts

    Selection of hiking shoes should be your first concern. Even a one-day hike can be misery without comfortable shoes. The most effective combination of sentences 3 and 4 would include which of the following groups of words?
  37. Urgent 8th Grade Language Arts

    How is the word street used in the sentence below: Street cleaners can often be seen on our block in the very early morning. adjective*** adverb noun pronoun Am I right Ms.Sue?
  38. Reading/Language Arts

    As Pedro scaled the ladder to the roof, he felt the blood in his c=veins pumping through his body. Vein can mean a blood vessel or a crack in a rock filled with mineral deposit. How is it used in this sentence? How can you tell?
  39. language arts

    In which sentence is the italicized word an adjective. A. Evening bats feed GREEDILY on insects. B. They appear in the sky just AFTER sunset. C. These bats are among the SMALLEST of the spacies. D. Their fingers RESEMBLE those of human hands.
  40. Language arts

    The word expectations best describes which situation from “Two Kinds”? Waverly’s reputation as a chess champion the mother’s hopes for her daughter to become a prodigy Mr. Chong’s retirement from teaching piano the daughter’s performance at the recital
  41. History

    What event used by Nazi Germany is symbolic with censorship of books and printed media? I think Nazi Book Burnings. Am I correct or not?
  42. History

    what were the causes and effects during DeValera’s era in ireland that created the belief that evil in literature and journalism came from abroad and that censorship was necessary to preserve Irish identity?
  43. Language Arts

    Which type of persuasive appeal is the represented in the following sentence? Shouldn't that determination be rewarded. A Appeal to authority B Appeal to reason C Appeal to majority D Appeal to emotion I THINK IT IS C? PLEASE HELP ASAP
  44. Language Arts

    I have to find a metaphor in the book- A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The only metaphors I have found are 'darkness is cheap' and 'woe is me.' Which one makes the most sense (to be a metaphor)?
  45. language arts

    Having trouble deciding on a review question between and or but. The sentence says, "Newton's ideas about motion are called laws, (and, but) Einstein's idea about relativity is called a theory." Thanks.
  46. language arts

    I've got one more question on conjunctions. The sentence is "One bird you are sure to see is McKay's bunting, which breeds here (and, but) nowhere else." I was thinking it might be but since it is contrasting but wasn't sure. Thanks.
  47. Language Arts

    Choose the term that describes the type of sentence shown. The senior class took a trip to Washington, D.C. and Annapolis for their research project. A Compound** B Simple C Complex D Compound-Complex If not A, I was thinking D.
  48. Language Arts

    Why does the author include the quote from Frances Gabe in paragraph 4? A. To avoid plagiarism B. To make Gabe seem unusual C. To emphasize a point previously made D. To share how much Gabe liked housework Is the answer C?
  49. Language Arts

    Why does the author of "Always to Remember" discuss Maya Ying Lin's background? A. To show that she experienced hardships B. To appeal to Chinese-American readers C. To show its influence on her design D. To show her disintrest in architecture Is the answer C? Thanks
  50. 8th grade L.A.

    I really need help to get a good grade on the 8th grade language arts unit 3:Facts and visions lesson 16: writing the final draft s if anyone could kinda help me out thanks
  51. english

    what does this mean? how can i summarize it ?? "we acquire language not just because we are taught it, but because we are born with the principles of language. They're in our genes. We have language because of nature, not just nurture"
  52. Language arts

    Read the sentence from the paragraph 2 ''Narcissus myths'' ''he was calling his companions, "is anyone here?" and she called back in rapture, "here-here" what does the phrase in raptured mean as its use in a sentence?
  53. Language Arts

    Place commas where needed. 7) While I was researching skate boards, I found an interesting, old newspaper story. 8) In the June 29, 1999, edition of the Mercury, there was an article on skateboarding. 9) Some scientists in San Francisco, California, filmed skateboarders in ...
  54. Language Arts

    Choose the meaning that matches the word in quotation marks. Before the debate began, the speaker's heart "fluttered" with nervous anticipation, and he breathed deeply to steady his nerves. a. flapped quickly b. beat rapidly c. waved steadily d. moved nervously I don't know if...
  55. language arts

    Where is the comma needed in the sentence? After traveling to Bryce Canyon, Utah, Karen drove to Canyonlands National Park, Utah, where she took pictures of the sandstone formation. I put in the commas already, I just want to know if this is correct because I'm not sure.
  56. language arts

    " Never one to give up, Margo worked Tenaciously to land a part on Prancing with the stars, and her tireless efforts finally paid off". Q : What Is the meaning of the word tenaciously as is used in the sentence? A : Hesitantly B : curiously C : lazily D : persistently
  57. Language arts

    The word expectations best describes which situation from “Two Kinds”? Waverly’s reputation as a chess champion the mother’s hopes for her daughter to become a prodigy Mr. Chong’s retirement from teaching piano the daughter’s performance at the recital My answer is B
  58. language arts

    did i punctuate this sentence correctly? "They wanted to have the woman give birth to healthy babies, but they wanted to get as much work out of the woman as possible; therefore, the women were given lighter tasks."
  59. Language Arts

    I'm still having trouble deciding if the answer should be this or that on the sentence below. Let's exchange _______ bread for these crackers. I know that this means close by and that means further away. But the way the sentence is worded it is confusing me.
  60. English Language Arts

    As the narrator deducts money from Yulia's pay in "The Ninny," how does he justify to her that he is correct and she is not? a. He intimidates her with his strength. b. He insults her and tells her she is a ninny. c. He says he made a note of it in his book. d. He says that ...
  61. Language Arts

    The narrator of stolen day says his family often laughs at him.How does he react when they do? A.He wishes he were an orphan. B.He dislikes everyone he knows. C.He appreciates the attention. D.He dislikes being teased. My answer is D. can you please check my answer?
  62. english

    why is certification and censorship of films and programmes is necessary? - include children are immpressionable and my copy what they see - children are weak minded - shocks elderly
  63. Language arts

    7 .Which of the following is an important detail in the selection 1 The Park Road leads to Gila National Forest. 2 When sand and other forces school did the rocks. 3 The Rocks were created when volcanoes erupted. 4 The rocks are amazing colomns of stone.
  64. communications

    This is homework for communications class, and I'm not sure what the hell I need to do. I need to get a good grade, because I'm not doing to well. Please help. Here is what to do. Using I language Practice using I language. Use it at work, school, home with your family, any ...
  65. Language arts 6B

    Lesson 19: Rythm and Rhyme Unit Test gifted and talented language arts 6 B unit 2: Rythm and Rhyme Write 1-2 paragraphs in response to the following prompt: Explain how repetition, alliteration, and onomatopoeia are all used in lines 6-7 of “Cynthia in the Snow” or in ...
  66. Language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

    please check answers for my language arts. 1.which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? A.i watched a movie with jane.(I PICK THIS) B.sasha,have you met tim? C.i thought you were going to be here at 6:00 celia. 2.which of the following sentences is punctuated ...
  67. arts survey

    how has visual and performing arts reflect and influence society?
  68. Debating - subsidies, the arts

    Could anyone help me come up with some points as to subsidies for the arts benefit the individual (both in society and the individual artist), and how taking subsidies away from the arts sector would be detrimental to the individual? Any help would be much appreciated :) ...
  69. grammar/language arts

    Would the word "limelight" be considered as an adjective or a noun? it says "He believes that a person can be in the limelight merely by being a good listener." I think it's a noun but i just want to make sure before i fail.
  70. Language Arts

    could you review this poem for me? thanks :) On a bright sunny day, out in the open street I saw the murderer and our eyes did meet I tried to run away but my fear gave away And sadly I admit, that was my last day.
  71. english

    Hey, I have to wright a SA on what I want to learn in English language arts this year. It's a full page SA and I'm in 7th grade. Please help me, Ive ben working on it bacicaly ever since I got home. I need help, PLEASE!!!
  72. Language Arts

    Need some help on the sentence below. This is just what happened in 1989 to the fish, birds, and other animals that call Alaska their home. Would there be any commas around 1989? If so would it be before it, after it, or both? Thanks..
  73. Language Arts

    Which of the following is most likely to be an Urban enviornment? My book says Urban means related to the city of city life. A. A theme park B. A large town C. A mountain range D. The bank of a river Is the answer A? Thank you
  74. Language Arts

    Which of the following describes the word dew? A. What happens when you don't get enough sleep for a few days. B. What happens to your teeth when you eat too much candy. C. What happens to plants in a garden overnight. D. What happens when you leave a crayon in the sun. Is the...
  75. English Language Arts

    As the narrator deducts money from Yulia's pay in "The Ninny," how does he justify to her that he is correct and she is not? a. He intimidates her with his strength. b. He insults her and tells her she is a ninny. c. He says he made a note of it in his book. d. He says that ...
  76. Reading/Language Arts

    Pedro looked at the roof and reminded himself to bring up a bucket of pitch next time to repair the new cracks. What does pitch mean in this sentence? What clues help you understand the meaning used in this sentence?
  77. Language Arts

    Are these right? My aunt discovered a skunk under her porch and called the Humane Society for help in removing it. *simple sentence Some committee members preferred either a musical comedy or a mystery. *simple sentence
  78. English

    For the deaf, a person used the finger language /the sign language. (Is this one correct? Which expression is correct, finger language or sign language? Thank you.)
  79. language arts

    what's the answer to subject and object pronouns worksheet the directions is write each sentence replace the underlined words with subject or object pronouns
  80. Language Arts HELP!!!

    Identify the indirect object in the following sentence. Uncle Jay will bring Steve lunch at noon. a. Jay b. Will c. Steve d. Noon B?

  82. Language Arts

    In the sentence....It formally accepted the bride into the groom's family. Would accepted be a mental action verb or a physical action verb?
  83. Car Design

    What other subject area is used with art for a career in car design? Language Arts history math health I think math
  84. Language Arts 8B

    ANSWER THESE QUISTIONS WITH THE POEM CONCRETE MIXERS BY PATRICIS HUBBELL what are the concrete mixers compared too? what are the drivers compared too? how was the comparisons related? please help
  85. Language Arts/English

    My word is "dynamite" which has two meanings. 1)n. a powerful explosive made by soaking nitroglycerin in some absorbent, such as ammonium nitrate and wood pulp. 2)adj. outstanding, very exciting. My question is - Which syllable receives the primary accent? I don't understand.
  86. Language Arts

    Which sentence has correct subject - verb agreement a) casey or robbie are coming to the movies with us b) swimming and skiing is my favorite sports c) sandwhiches or pizza both sounds good for a quick dinner** d) either your brother or his friend is making a lot of noise ...
  87. Language Arts

    Need help with this question: Which of the following word pairs best shows in the novel shows how the people of San Francisco were affected by the earthquake in the book DragonWings? A. shocked and tired B. angered and violent C. traumatizing but hopeful d exhausted but ...
  88. Language arts

    in using the simile "like a smile full of teeth" to describe the passing train in "the city is so big." what is the speaker suggesting about the train? I believe it might be "Warm and welcoming" Though I am not sure? I would love some help. I am sorry
  89. Arts and Culture

    What are Classical & Hellenistic Greece visual arts ? I am having trouble finding anything on this .
  90. arts and humanities

    need help in making a brochure in arts administration
  91. Arts

    Do you need Fine Arts Credits in high School?
  92. Language arts help

    In the following sentence, what word does the participial phrase modify? Everyone in the annex heard her screaming loudly. A. Everyone B. annex C. heard D. her Is the answer C? Thank you on advance
  93. Language Arts

    So I have to write an essay comparing tacos and burritos. Can someone help me with the taste part. What exactly are the similarities and differences in taste between tacos and burritos? Thanks! (=
  94. Language arts

    Always to remember essay Can someone check my answer I need help I’ll post it if any one will help me and i read the book already I just need someone to help me check it
  95. Language Arts: plz help

    In the following sentence, identify the adverb. Joseph went to school early to do make-up work with his teacher. A) make-up B) work C) his D) early I think it is B
  96. Language Arts

    In the sentence ...The letter listed gifts for the wedding. Would listed be a physical action verb or a mental action verb?
  97. Language Arts

    In the sentence....The letter listed gifts for the wedding. Would listed be a physical action verb or a mental action verb?
  98. language arts

    what are some positive and negative impacts humans have on the environment? please write down the what humans do and how it impacts the environment! thank u
  99. Language Arts The Watson Go to Birmingham-1963

    Have anyone read the book The Watson go to Birmingham 1963? I need someone to correct my answers!!:(
  100. language arts

    which term correctly identifies the italicized phrase in the following sentence? the ice (hanging down from the tree branches) shone in the soft light a. prepositional phrase b. appositive phrase c. gerund phrase d. practiciple phrase
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