In the United States Senate, the selection of Committee Chairs and committee appointments are made by: The Senate President The Speaker The Majority Leader

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  1. Socail Studies

    1.What can be inferred by the passage of the Black Codes A.Many Southerners were willing to allow African-Americans equally B.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to remain as slaves C.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to receive equal education D....
  2. social studies.

    1. What was a boomtown? a. towns that grew quickly near mining sites. ****** 2. The 1862 Homestead Act gave how many free acres of land to any settler who paid a filing fee and who lived on the land for 5 years? c. 160 ****** 3. The last Native American to surrender formally ...
  3. Critical Reading

    If someone could please point me in the right direction on these questions? Please. And thanks in advance! 1.One of the reasons a critical reader would not reject the logic and validity of an argument is when the writer has extensive use of connotation. True or False? I ...
  4. check american government

    im suppose to right an essay if the president is too powerful. is this good. The Articles of Confederation was our first Federal Constitution. It proved too weak to carry on the work of a national government. Under the Articles, each year the Congress met, they would elect a ...
  5. statistics

    Please advise-Thank you. The Center for Urban Transportation research released a report stating that the average commuting distance in the United States is 10.9 miles Suppose that this average is actually the mean of a sample of 300 commuters and that the sample deviation was ...
  6. Math

    The average monthly mortgage payment including principal and interest is $982 in the United States. If the standard deviation is approximately $180 and the mortgage payments are approximately normally distributed, find the probability that a randomly selected monthly payment ...
  7. Math

    the jetstream is a strong wind current that flows across the united states. flying with the jetstream, a plane flew 3,000 miles in 5 hours. Against the same wind, the trip took 6 hours. Find the airspeed of the plane (the speed in still water). My answer: X=550 miles per hour
  8. business

    Your management team has been retained by a senior manager who is concerned about the effectiveness of his managers and their teams. He would like your team to develop a training guide on delegation. The training guide should be designed to improve the interest in, and ...
  9. Quantum Physics

    Consider a qubit subject to the Hamiltonian (1 4 4 1). Calculate the states of definite energy. What are the energies of these states?
  10. Business Law

    Explain how the advent of computer usage created the need for new laws to protect privacy in the United States? This is what I have so far, I am not finding much information on this other than what is in my text book. The rapid advances in technology being experienced today ...
  11. Math

    A nationwide survey showed that 65% of all children in the United States dislike eating vegetables. If 4 children are chosen at random, what is the probability that all 4 dislike eating vegetables? (Round your answer to the nearest percent.) The answer is 18% but how and why?
  12. sociology

    G. William Domhoff's view of the power structure of the United States most closely resembles the analysis of which sociological perspective? Functionalist perspective Conflict perspective Interactionist perspective Global perspective it isnt conflict, or global. i believe it ...
  13. History

    20.) 1. "... In administering the laws of Congress I shall keep steadily in view the limitations as well as the extent of the Executive power trusting thereby to discharge the functions of my office without transcending its authority. ... In such measures as I may be called on...
  14. uop

    what is the leader/managers treatment of internal staeholders?
  15. busines

    Who was the leader in the Bidder's edge vs Ebay case
  16. social studies

    who was the leader of the first permanent colony?
  17. Business Organization

    What is the difference between a manager and a leader;
  18. Scocial Studies

    Who was the leader of China during WW2?
  19. Geography

    what is the leader of the canadian central government called?
  20. english

    what do you call a person who can not function with out a leader
  21. world history

    Who was the leader of Bastille? Cardinal Richelieu?
  22. Leadership

    Name 6 things leader influence in an organizations
  23. Gov't

    Which of the following is NOT a major function of either of the two major parties in the United States? a. To keep the general public informed about key issues. b. To monitor the conduct of its candidates in office. c. To assure the qualifications of candidates for office. d. ...
  24. us history

    In its initial dealings with Colombia over the Panama Canal, the United States proposed all of the following except a) a six-mile-wide zone; b) a ten-year, non-renewable lease that would then turn control of the canal over to Colombia; c) a yearly payment of $250,000; d) a ...
  25. Algebra 1 (HELP PLEASE!!)

    The United States Mint reported at the end of 2006 that the unit cost of producing and distributing a penny was 1.21 c. What percent of the value of a penny is this cost? What can you conclude about the cost of making pennies? • How can a model help you to visualize the ...
  26. history

    which statment best describes nations? nations must follow the law by the united states. nations have less political power than do regional organisations nations interact almost exclusively with other nations in their region nations have political power over a defined ...
  27. Math

    On January 1, 1984 there were 548 more commercial television stations than educational stations in the United States. There were 831 commercial television stations. How many television stations were there in 1984? I think the answer is 1114 stations. Is that correct?
  28. History

    What is the main reason some people believe there should not be any limits on presidential terms? A. There should be a monarch instead of a president. B. The people should decide how long a president can serve in a democracy.<<<<< C. Presidents get better with ...
  29. MATH - URGENT!!!

    There are 5 boys and 4 girls in my class. In how many ways can they be seated in a row of 9 chairs such that at least 3 girls are all next to each other?
  30. U.S. History

    Should English be declared the official language of the United States? List three effects that you believe such a law would have. Explain your position. i need some help doing this.My position is that i DON'T think English should be declared the official language.
  31. geography

    which of the following statements is true of Singapore a. Singapore's government condemned u.s. military actions in Afghanistan. b. Singapore finally became self governing in 1965 c. Singapore is member of the federation of Malaysia d. Singapore is a major manufacturer of ...
  32. World History

    What was significant about the Battle of Dien Bien Phu? The battle proved that the North Vietnamese could defeat the US Army through guerilla warfare. The battle resulted in the withdrawal of the French military from Vietnam. The battle led the United States to attack the ...
  33. Math

    A mall has three department stores, J C Penney, Macy’s, and Sears. A survey of 1863 people exiting the mall found that 279 made a purchase at J C Penney, 240 made a purchase at Macy’s, 364 made a purchase at Sears, 76 made a purchase at J C Penney and Macy’s, 108 made a ...
  34. COM

    Read essay below and explain how effectively did the author persuade you and why? _______________________________________ The United States is the only modernized Western nation that does not offer publically funded health care to all its citizens; the costs of health care for...
  35. english (opinion)

    SO this guy is going through depression because the job that he does is no longer brings happiness to him any more. He is an activist. One day he sat and thought that if he actually does achieve his goal will he be happy? His answer was no. This made him really depressed. What...
  36. Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)

    Why did racism lead to violence in Detroit and Los Angeles in 1943? A: Many Americans considered the long, baggy zoot suit worn by some Mexican American teenagers unpatriotic. Riots erupted in Los Angeles in June of 1943 after it was rumored that "zoot suiters" had attacked ...
  37. civics

    What is a plurality and majority of pressidential votes?
  38. government

    Why are they majority and minority whips important?
  39. english

    A-the dictionary definition of a word B-making assertions about a group that are too broad C-parts of a presentation that augment the words D-rhetorical devices that rely on faulty reasoning E- the emotional associations a work invokes audiovisual(A) connation(E) denotation(D...
  40. Bio-20

    Coral reefs are rock like ridges built naturally by tiny marine animals called corals. They have taken hundreds of years to form. Why are scientists and engineers building artificial reefs off the coast of France, Japan and the United States? A.To trap pollutants B.To decrease...
  41. 156

    is this a strong thesis statement? Legalizing marijuana has many benefits such as, reducing overcrowding in prisons, helping create jobs for low to mid income individuals, reduce the budget for ”the war on drugs” and can treat different medical problems. Legalizing this ...
  42. social studies

    The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities The spread of ...
  43. History--Ms. Sue, Writeacher, Reed??

    Which factor contributed most to the beginning of the women's rights movement in the United States during the mid-1800s? -a dramatic increase in women's participation in the workforce -a shift in social attitudes brought on my increased sectional tensions.*** -the experience ...
  44. Language

    Which of the following statements best illustrates the social and political climate of the United States during the 1960s? a. The economy was strong and poverty in big cities was declining. b. The auto industry was faltering and it was difficult for trade workers to find jobs...
  45. american history

    True/ False questions! 8. Three new congressional leaders after the War of 1812 were Daniel Webster, who represented the South; Henry Clay, who represented the Northeast; and John C. Calhoun, who represented the West. During his presidency, Andrew Jackson ardently opposed ...
  46. literature

    if someone has time could you provide me with examples of What literature is consider to be part of the United States current literary canon and why do you think so? I have further questions to answer in regards to literature i just can't think of any or what would be correct ...
  47. can some edit my intro! thanks!

    World war one was a war from 1914 to 1918, it is also know as the Great War and War of the Nations. It involved many countries such as Great Britain, France, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Japan, the United States, and other allies defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and ...
  48. fitness

    1.The leading cause of death between ages 25 and 44 is A. heart disease. B. malignant neoplasms (cancer). C. unintentional injury. D. chronic low-respiratory disease. 2.Nearly _______ percent of the United States population dies from heart disease, cancer, and stroke. A. 20 B...
  49. Language

    1. In the 1800s, it was believed women were good at working on projects to improve the community because (5 points) women were better leaders than men. women were better planners than men. women were more emotional than men. ****women were more moral than men. 2. Which of ...
  50. Math Help

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, ​ 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. ​18 states had a dropout rate of at least 30% ...
  51. read essay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    read my essay and tell me if its good Industrialization, which followed the Civil War, had a big impact in the United States. The workers suffered a great deal. They worked hard and lived in poor conditions. Children also suffered; children had no education because they had to...
  52. History

    The effects of world war 2 are best judged as? A. Very unimportant because the war lasted only a short time B. Somewhat unimportant because the United States and it’s allies won C. Neutral because wars still take place around the world D. Very significant because millions of...
  53. com 220 essay writing

    what are some examples of bias, fallacies and specific rehortical devices in the Citizen kane speech. how did the speaker address arguments and counter arguments? were the speakers arguments effective? I just need help with the last part about arguments...i think the argument ...
  54. eth/125

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word research paper in which you identify the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statuses of four Hispanic groups living in the United States. Your paper must address Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and two...
  55. Civics

    Which of the following groups may be legally restricted from exercising rights generally protected by the Second Amendment? Members of the armed forces Law-abiding citizens Law enforcement officers People who have previously been convicted of murder*** cause the Second ...
  56. History

    11.)Why did Eliza Pinckney describe Florida as "quite troublesome for our great nation"? A.)Because indentured servant contracts were not allowed in florida B.)Because the spanish were trying to expand the borders of Florida into United States territory C.)Because the Native ...
  57. American Gov.

    in the case of schenck vs united states justice oliver wendell holmes jr wrote: "the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic." this is an example of what kind of rights? a. absolute rights b. ...
  58. Social stdies

    the treaty of Paris, signed after the end of the seven years war gave _______ complete control of Canada A great Britain***** B France C The United States D Spain After the American Revolution, most Loyalists, or British sympathizers, moved to Upper Canada. Today, Upper Canada...
  59. history

    1( Why did apartheid in South Africa end during the 1990s A) White leaders decided that the policy was hurting the country's economy and international reputation. B) The African National Congress began calling for its dismantling and the United Nations responded. C) It never ...
  60. english

    what states were included in the plot of the book uncle tom's cabin? I had the states of louisianna, kentucky, and ohio
  61. SS7R - HW Qs. Check (Q3)

    The ___________ states the responsibilities of the government and protects the rights of states and citisens answer - south am i correct????????
  62. United States Government

    Can someone please help confirm my answers? 1. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the Supreme Court’s modern rulings on regulation of interstate commerce? a. The Court allows federal regulation of almost anything related to interstate commerce. b. The Court permits ...
  63. Can someone Help w/Math

    Data released by the Department of Education regarding the rate (percentage) of ninth-grade students that don't graduate showed that out of 50 states, 16 states had an increase in the dropout rate during the past 2 years. 18 states had a dropout rate of at least 30% during the...
  64. physics

    Dependence on imported oil is the largest crisis. The United States alone consumes at least 25 percent of the worlds oil and about 70 percent of that is imported. Oil, coal, and natural gas together supply at least 85 percent of the world energy supply
  65. computer

    How does fractional employment differ from the traditional full-time job model of today? A. Fractional employment demands complete mathematical skills. B. A work unit in fractional employment is a project or task, not a job. C. Fractional employment only employs people from ...
  66. Social Studies

    11. What resources led to the appearance of the Industrial Revolution in New England? (5 points) 12. During the early 1800s, the United States tried to make peace with other countries in order to grow and develop. Give an example of one of these peace efforts and briefly ...
  67. Social Studiesss

    11. What resources led to the appearance of the Industrial Revolution in New England? (5 points) 12. During the early 1800s, the United States tried to make peace with other countries in order to grow and develop. Give an example of one of these peace efforts and briefly ...
  68. Anthropology

    If a friend were to say, “ He’s the president of the college” the term “president” would refer to an: a)status b)role c)social situation d)social relationship e)social interaction a group ranked in a system of social stratification into which member are born for life...
  69. Social Studies (Ms. Sue)

    What did President Roosevelt mean by a "square deal," and how did he try to achieve it? My answer: By a "square deal," President Roosevelt meant fairness, as he saw the government as an empire, for workers, customers, and big business. To ensure both this and to root out "...
  70. english/ help revise

    However, for both Corwin and Neustadt the fundamental issue is assessing the presidency and the proper and legitimate range of powers available to the president. Neustadt looked not to the Constitution or statutes to understand presidential behavior, but to the foundation of ...
  71. United States History

    What were the views of the NORTHERN RADICALS concerning the following topics: -slavery -women's suffrage -prohibition (temperance) -free public education, help for handicapped -right to education for women & african americans -practice of religion -Native american citizenship ...
  72. World Geography

    REVIEW 1.The forests of the Pacific Northwest are just one of the many different ______________ in the United States where many people work in the same industry. A. elevation regions B. political regions C. climate regions<<<<< D. economic regions 2.The ...
  73. eth

    Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants? o Should [citizenship] preference be given to the neediest applicants? The most talented? The most oppressed? The richest? o Should applications from certain countries be given priority? Please let us ...
  74. Physics

    The United States and South Korean soccer teams are playing in the first round of the World Cup. An American kicks the ball, giving it an initial velocity of 4.3 m/s. The ball rolls a distance of 5.0 m and is then intercepted by a South Korean player. If the ball accelerates ...
  75. Physics

    The United States and South Korean soccer teams are playing in the first round of the World Cup. An American kicks the ball, giving it an initial velocity of 3.6 m/s. The ball rolls a distance of 5.0 m and is then intercepted by a South Korean player. If the ball accelerates ...
  76. Eglish/ grammar revise please

    How can I make this sentence better? I am trying to paraphrase, but the last part of the sentence does not sound good. In the case of Yunis, the United States contended jurisdiction found in section 1203 of the Hostage Taking Statue and section 32 of the Aircraft Piracy Statue...
  77. AP HUG

    Which of the following BEST illustrates the concept of cultural diffusion? During winter, fruit is often shipped from the Southern Hemisphere to the United States. Recipes can be written in many different languages. A kitchen cabinet contains foods from many different culinary...
  78. Social studies

    What did Alexis de Tocqueville observe on his visit to United States that reflected changes that Were happening in the country during Jackson’s administration A. A strict divide between rich and poor B. A growing spirit democracy and equality between classes*** C. A ...
  79. Math

    In each case, determine whether the situation calls for a discrete or continuous random variable and explain your answer. Please help! a. The description of the number of children in a family selected at random from families in Ft. Wayne, Indiana b. The net worth of an average...
  80. MATH-157

    In each case, determine whether the situation calls for a discrete or continuous random variable and explain your answer. a. The description of the number of children in a family selected at random from families in Ft. Wayne, Indiana b. The net worth of an average person in ...
  81. Government USA-Help

    The U.S. lesson learned from the Vietnam War was that a. public opinion could be ignored by leaders during wartime. b. nuclear weapons had utility in a war of insurgency. c. there were limits on America's ability to get its own way in the world. d. the national interest of the...
  82. World History

    1.) After September 2, 1949, both the United States and the Soviet Union had atomic weapons that they could use in a war against each other. In a paragraph, analyze how this fact shaped the progress of the Cold War and the relationship between the two countries. In your ...
  83. Government

    1. how do mans reasoning ablities and his "diversity of faculties" contribute to factions? 2. if a faction consists of less than a majority how does publius say it may be controlled? 3. what two recommendations does publius make regarding majority factions? 4. why cannot pure ...
  84. English

    A)Write 3 similarities between Obama and Donald trump(in complete sentences). what I got so far is Donald trump is president Obama was president. They both wanted to make America a better place for people. Obama started to by making it easier for people to just be themselves
  85. American Government

    What factors influence landmarkers decision to limit the president to two terms via the twenty second amendment? Select all that apply. 1. Franklin Roosevelt ran for and won a third term. 2. George Washington established precedent as a two term President. 3. They felt more ...
  86. Math

    you have a job assembling tables and chairs. you are paid $30 for each chair and $70 for each table. last week you assembled a total of 14 items and make $660. how many did you make of each?
  87. Counting and Probability

    There are 5 boys and 4 girls in my class. All of them are distinguishable. In how many ways can they be seated in a row of 9 chairs such that at least 2 boys are next to each other?
  88. Social Studies

    How do you think America would be different if the Monroe Doctrine was not proclaimed? If the Monroe Doctrine had not been proclaimed Europe would have continued to colonize Central and South America making the country under Europe rule instead of the United States.

    4. The United States cut off sales of oil to Japan after the A. Japanese attack on Dutch Indonesia. B. Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. C. Japanese occupation of southern Indochina. D. Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. I chose the answer B. please can you please check my answer.
  90. biology

    what is diversifying natural selection
  91. biology

    what is natural selection and how does it work? ><
  92. Sociology

    Define Sexual Selection?
  93. biology

    define natural selection
  94. English

    Hello. I'll really appreciate some help. 1)Do you think it's possible and natural to say "the spokesman aims to explain the situation at a news conference" (meaning - is going to)? 2)Are the sentences correct? If yes, which is more natural: "the party's leader will be ...
  95. Math (Q#2)

    Even though tetanus is rare in the United States, it is fatal 70% of the time. If three persons contract tetanus during one year, what is the probability that none of the three will die. Assume that fatalities due to tetanus are independent of each other. If they are ...
  96. Social Studies

    How did the Spanish-American War change the role of the United States in the world? Im stuck.... Read the section called Aftermath. =) Thanks! Sure helped- Never thought of Wikipedia!
  97. English

    1. He made the robot happily. (Does 'happily' modify the verb 'made'?) 2. He made the pressure cooker repaired by the repairman. 3. He made the repairman repair the pressure cooker. (Are both grammatical and have the same meaning?)
  98. English

    I need help with concision on these sentences. . So long as states are not bound by a national curriculum and standards, students will not receive the same quality of education across the United States. 4. Critical-care nursing is stressful due to the fact that the patients ...
  99. Biology/English

    Tourism, over-population and overfishing have become the blight of the Galapagos Islands that inspired Darwin. Now the UN is sounding the alarm. The threat is growing to the cradle of evolution. Crucial talks take place today over the increasingly precarious future of the ...
  100. u.s. history

    .What do you think were the challenges the United States faced in remaining neutral during World War I? 2.What was the purpose of the Selective Service Act? What was a conscientious objector? 3.Write a paragraph arguing either for or against a mandatory draft. 4.Do you think ...
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