1. MATH 2B Calculus

    Consider the area between the graphs x+4y=14 and x+7=y^2. This area can be computed in two different ways using integrals. First of all it can be computed as a sum of two integrals They ask to use two integrals so i put f(x) from -7 to 2 which is correct but for g(x) i put 2 ...
  2. Life Science

    Im doing 7th grade life science. (im 13.) I need to make sure my answers are right because my homework is being graded. I think i have most of them right but we'll see. I DO NOT want you to tell me the answer to my homework. I just want you to tell me if its wrong or not. Just...
  3. calc

    f(x)=6(sin(x))^x, find f'(1). and f(x)=3x^ln(x), find f'(9). i tried these so many times and it keeps telling me that my answers are wrong :/ for the first one i did f'(1) = 6sin(1) * {ln[sin(1)] + cot(1)}., is that correct, when i put it in my calculator and put my answer it...
  4. chem

    For each of the following equilibria, use Le Chatelier's principle to predict the direction of reaction when the volume is increased. (a) C(s) + H2O(g) CO(g) + H2(g) (b) 2 H2(g) + O2(g) 2 H2O(g) (c) 2 Fe(s) + 3 H2O(g) Fe2O3(s) + 3 H2(g) a i put no change because there are the ...
  5. Simplfing Fractions

    Three problems I need to know if I am correct or not if not I will place how I got the answer and maybe some one can show me where I messing up aT Simplify 1+2/3 over top 2+1/2 My answer was 2/3 to me it does not seem right If I am wrong please let me know i will put all the ...
  6. Physics

    Which of the following are the correct units for mass? Tons, u, g, slugs, dyn, lb, oz, kg I put g, slugs, and kg but got it wrong. What part do I have wrong?
  7. Honors Chemistry

    I'm doing what's called "test repair" for my class where we correct the answers we got wrong on the test. In order to get points back, however, we have to explain WHY that answer is the correct one. Can someone help me with these? 39. Nuclear forces exist because the particles...
  8. Powers in Math

    (5a^3b^4)^2=? *I don't get this one...PLease Help! (5a3b4)2= (5)2*(a3)32*(b4)2= 25*a6b8 I hope this turns out right. With all of these exponents it is easy to forget to turn them off and or to put parentheses in the wrong place. thanks once again...do you think you can help me...
  9. Trig

    I was doing this problem sin^-1 (4/5) if I'm not mistaking most teachers would say that .927295218 radians is wrong is just an estimation and therefore is wrong so I'm justified in putting this on my paper instead right ( ln( (4i +3)/5)/i ) right? She couldn't mark that wrong...
  10. Chemistry

    What is the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from a hydrogen atom when the electron undergoes the transition n = 5 to n = 3?((Broken Link Removed) is a spectrum m In what region of the spectrum does the line occur? near ultraviolet far ultraviolet near ...
  11. chemistry

    Complete the two reduction half reactions for the cell shown at the right, and show the line notation for the cell by dragging labels to the correct position. (The electrode on the left is the anode, and the one on the right is the cathode.) They give you 2AgCl(s); Pb(s); AgCl...
  12. Geometry B CA

    I put ^ next to the answer i put. can you tell me if im correct or not. and if not can you correct it for me and tell me what i did wrong? 1. The length of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches and the width is 3 3/4 inches. What is the ratio, using whole numbers, of the length to the ...
  13. geometry asap

    I put ^ next to the answer i put. can you tell me if im correct or not. and if not can you correct it for me and tell me what i did wrong? 1. The length of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches and the width is 3 3/4 inches. What is the ratio, using whole numbers, of the length to the ...
  14. math

    rounding to the nearest ten 2,123 my child put 2,120 and the teacher said it was wrong. what is the correct answer?
  15. 6th grade science

    we had this question on a test the measure of the amount of SPACE occupied by an object is its: weight mass area volume I put volume and it was marked wrong. The teacher said it was mass. I looked it up and still think I am correct, can you tell me which is correct? Thanks
  16. algebra

    Solve for s in this equation. Depreciation. D=C-s/n This is my answer D-C=C-s/n-c D-C=-s/n -n(D-C)=-s/n*(-n) -nD+nC=s s=n(C-D) Please chack to see if this is correct Looks fine to me. A slightly shorter (by 2 lines) rearragement is: D=C-s/n D+s/n=C s/n=C-D s=n(C-D) but hey, ...
  17. algebra

    I'm in algebra class, and my graphing calculator isn't allowed. So I'm trying to get used to using a ti-36xsolar. I can't figure out how to put in simple algebraic expressions though, like 2x+1. In my graphic calculator, i could put that in and it solves it. With the ti-36 - I...
  18. chem

    What type(s) of intermolecular force is (are) common to each of the following. (Select all that apply.) 1) Xe and methanol (CH3OH) a)london-dispersion forces b)dipole-dipole c)hydrogen bonding i put a and b but it was wrong 2)CH3OH and acetonitrile (CH3CN) a)london-dispersion ...
  19. Algebra

    Linear Equations (solve for y to put it into slope intercept form...y = mx+b). Are these 2 correct, please show me what I did wrong if not, thank you... A) y-5 = -2(x-3) y-5 = -2x+6 (add +5 to both sides) y = -2x+11 B) if m = -2/1 = -2 y-0 = -2(x+4) y = -2x-8
  20. Chemistry

    Is this the correct structure for cis-3-octene? CH3-CH2 CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3 \ / C=C / \ H H I can't tell what you have since we can't do spacing on the computer. But I think I can draw it like this: CH3-CH2-C=C-CH2CH2CH2CH3 Now stick a H atom to the #3 and one to the #4 C atoms, ...
  21. chem

    What is the frequency of radiation whose wavelength is 26.80 Angstrum ? at first i got 1.000e17 and it was wrong. now i only have 1 more try. i tried it again and got 9.993e16 but i don't want to put it in unless its correct. can you guys check my work?
  22. math

    The graph of the equation 8x–5y=14 passes through a point with an abscissa of 1.2. Find the ordinate of the point. I got .8 repeating but my teacher said that it was wrong. I then got 9.6 and it was also wrong. what am I doing wrong and can you put the answer with the ...
  23. Calculus

    Find the range of y = (3x-1)/(2x^2 + x - 6) I was going to take the derivative of the numerator and denomenator and then use the quotent rule to find the derivative of the function and find the critical values but I ran into the imaginary number during the proess and am ...
  24. math

    write parametric equtions of y equals 5x minus 2. i put y equals 5 plus 2 but i was wrong can you correct me thankyou
  25. grammar6786

    choose the correct answer: Q1. Our teacher, along with several others, (is, are) judging the essays. i put (is) Q2. Which of the scouts is the one who (has, have) the map? i put (has) Q3. The orchestra will play a new medley of songs that (appeals, appeal) to most audiences. i...
  26. Grammar

    Determine if the following sentence employ the correct use of commas and apostrophes.TRUE=correct FALSE=wrong 1.The patient is a 41-year-old, white female with a several-month's history of biliary colic. ANSWER: False Thinking comma after old can be eliminated and put after ...
  27. ela project

    i made one make a box than put option number one than put X ( wrong)
  28. PLease Help Me IN Math

    Problem: 25-x^2 6 ------ * --- 12 5-x What I Got: 5-x --- 2 *Please Check My Work And Tell Me If I am Correct or wrong.If I am wrong please help me as much as possible.Thank you~ Wrong. When are you going to factor the 25-x^2 ? The 5-x then will divide out. oh...so then will ...
  29. math

    a mathematics question contained 20 items. every wrong answer scores -2marks, every correct answer scores 4marks and no mark for no answer. (a) find the minimum possible score (b) Tembo had 10 correct answers, 8 wrong answers and 2 no answers. What was his mark? (c) Bwalya ...
  30. math-calculus

    i think i do something wrong again(2x+1)/(x-3)-(4x-1)/(2x-3) = 0 (2x-3)(2x+1)-(4x-1) = (0)(x-3)(2x-3) 4x^2+2x-6x-3-4x-1 = 2x^2-3x-6x+9 4x^2-4 = 2x^2-3x-6x+9 -2x^2-9x+13 i put this in quadratic formula and i think it wrong becaue i get 9/2 and 0for x and it have to be 2/3.
  31. math

    Compare 3+2 times 5 to (3+2) times 5. i put order of operations and got 5 times 5 for the first one, and for the second. I need to now if that is correct and if not what is wrong. thanks, John :)
  32. math

    if 0< theta < 90 and tan theta equals pie3/2, find cos theta.i put 2/pie 7 but i was wrong please correct.
  33. Science

    Which resource can be recycled? A. Natural Gas B. Eggs C. Sunlight D. Aluminum Well i think this question is D. Aluminum well i hope you got this question correct :) a is wrong b is wrong c is wrong d is the correct answer because d is aluminum so that is the right answer well...
  34. Algebra

    Andy and Sylvie each incorrectly simplified the expression -3 - 4(2x - 3). Andy wrote -14x + 21 and Sylvie wrote -8 - 6. Explain their errors and give the correct answer. My answer: What Andy did wrong is adding instead of subtracting and adding the negative in the wrong place...
  35. sig figs

    each of the following were suppose to be rounded to two sig figs. mark then correct or incorrect. if incorrect state the correct answer 1) 1.249 103 to 1.3 103 i know its wrong but i don't know the correct answer 2)7.999 102 to 80 its wrong and i thought it was 800. but they ...
  36. Math

    Help with identify the property 45x6=(40+5)x(5+6)= I think Assoiative prop. ( is this correct?) 6x1=6 I put identity prop. of 1 4+(6+5)=(4+6)+5= distributive prop. 8+(-8)=0 I put identity prop. of 0 5x4=4x5 I put communtive property Can you tell me if I have them correct? Thanks
  37. Algebra

    i have this question i have been working on two days no and cannot get the correct solution. I am to write and equation of the line containin the given point and parallel to the given line. I put my answer in the form of y=mx+b and I keep getting y= 7x+1 Can you show me what I...
  38. early childhood education

    a childs ability to jump for distance is an example of a)agility b)flexibility c)explosive power d)reaction time i put b am i correct a child who has to struggle to climb into a chair is confronting an.......... hazard a)biological b)physical c)ergonomic d)environmental i put ...
  39. English/Grammar

    There's something wrong with this sentence but I can't put my finger on it!! The federal government has put into effect a mandate that requires all gasoline in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol.
  40. URGENT Spanish help please.

    ok in the example it shows: ¿Comprendes espanol? Si, lo comprende ok for this question it's asking 1) do you and your siblings practice tennis my response: no, no los practicamos.. it said i was wrong how would I correct that 2) it asked does your mother teach biology? My ...
  41. Maths

    There was a question: A gallon jug of milk is 3/4 full. After breakfast, you drink 1/12 of the milk. What fraction is the gallon is left? And here was my answer: 1/12 drank --> 11/12 left 3/4*11/12=11/16 But I got the question wrong. Did I get it wrong? I got it correct, ...
  42. Chem 1

    It takes 208.4 kJ of energy to remove 1 mole of electrons from an atom on the surface of rubidium metal. What is the maximum wavelength (in nm) of light capable of removing a single electron from an atom on the surface of rubidium metal? Ok, I know I have to find how many kJ ...
  43. please help-plasma membrane

    I got this question marked wrong on a paper. Unfortunately, my prof didn't explain. _________________ subtances can pass through the plasma membrane. I put "nonpolar". What is wrong with this and does anyone know the correct solution/answer? Thanks all. http://www.recreation....
  44. alg.

    Find the slope of the line passing through the points (–2, 1) and (3, 9). I know the equation to figure this out is: m = y(2) + y(1) ----------- x(2) + x(1) but its a multiple choice question and my answer is not the same as the choices. how exactly do I set it all up? I ...
  45. chemistry

    what is the total number of electrons shared in a double covalent bond between two atoms, and why? four. One covalent bond is two electrons, a double convalent is twice that. why wouldnt it be 8? Because 2*2=4. Reread Bob Pursley's answer. Two electrons is a single bond; ...
  46. physics

    The amplitude of a system moving in simple harmonic motion is doubled. Determine by what factor does period change since T=2pi(m/k)^(1/2), so it doesnt change. When i typed in unchanged, it says wrong since "the correct answer is not zero". Should i put in "1" then?

    Find sin(θ), cos(θ), tan(θ). Assume a = 40, b = 9, and c = 41. (Do not use mixed numbers in your answers.) Okay for some reason I keep getting this problem wrong. For sin(θ) I put 9/41, but it's wrong. Could someone please tell what I did wrong.
  48. Calculus

    Consider the area between the graphs x+1y=12 and x+8=y2 . This area can be computed in two different ways using integrals First of all it can be computed as a sum of two integrals Interval a to b f(x)= i put 12-x but it's wrong Interval c to b f(x)= i put (x-8)^(1/2) but it's ...
  49. English

    I have to research Sopocles and I'm stuck on a few of these statements about him: 1.I think he won more first place prizes for his plays than any other playwright in history, correct? 2.I think he was a priest, correct? 3.This one I'm stumped on and I've researched it-Did ...
  50. Algebra

    Can you please confirm that my answer is correct to this problem? 80x2^ - 96x + 27 =0 I am using the quadratic formula to solve... I would put the formula here but I can't put the square root sign in here. My answer is -1.33 and -2.22 Is this correct? thank you
  51. chemistry class

    What is the pH of an aqueous solution at 25.0 °C that contains 3.98 × 10-9 M hydroxide ion? i posted this before and i tried solving it but i get it wrong 14 = ph + - log (3.98 × 10-9) 14- 8.4 = ph 5.6 = ph but the correct answer is 8.400 what did i do wrong? or is the ...
  52. math

    find the value of sin negtive 1 (sin 5pie/6) i put 5pie /6.but it ws wrong can you correct
  53. Language Arts

    Identify the correct statement. A) When a complex sentence begins with a dependent clause, put a comma after the clause. B) When a complex sentence begins with an independent clause, put a comma after the clause. C) In a compound sentence, put a comma after the coordinating ...
  54. Math

    John's car is 13 feet long. He is making a model that is 1/12 of the actual size. Which proportion below should be used to find the length, L, of the model? A(wrong) 13/L = 1/12 B(correct) L/13 = 1/12 C(wrong) L/13 = 1/L D(wrong) 12/L = 13/1 I don't get it! How is it B?
  55. composition and communication1

    Can somebody please help me write 150 words on feedback from writpoint I"ve got this so far I think the feedback from writpoint was very helpful to me because it explains to me what i did wrong and how to fix my mistakes. It also tells where to put correct punctuation.
  56. Chemistry

    A 0.3120 g sample of a compound made up of aluminum and chlorine is dissolved in 150 mL H2O. When excess AgNO3 is added, 1.006 g of AgCl is precipitated. What is the number of moles Cl in the aluminum chloride sample?What is the number moles of aluminum in the sample. I ...
  57. world history

    I need to put these history dates in Chronological order to fill out a history chart on Buddhism. I am not sure the correct order and don't want to get the whole chart wrong. Please help. 5th century B.C.E. 350 C.E. 500 C.E. 819 C.E. Early 9th century C.E. 845 C.E. What is the...
  58. more chemistry help and proofread

    write the formulas for the following potassium sulfide i put KaS Tin (IV) chloride i put SnCl4 Dihydrogen sulfide i put H2S Calcium Oxide i put CaO Hydrobromic acid i put HBr Aluminum Fluoride i put AlF3 dinotrogen pentoxide i put N2O5 Iron (III) carbonate i put Fe2(CO3)3
  59. College Math

    High Knob Mountain is 4044 ft. high. What is this distance in meters? The answer I put was (B)102.8m. Is this the correct answer? If no, what am I doing wrong? The other answers to choose from are: (A) 6470m, (C) 1233m (D) 4000m
  60. English

    I wrote, "I like to swim in summer." My teacher marked it wrong and said it should read "I like to swim in THE summer." Can anyone offer an explanation, please, why my way is wrong? I don't know why it was marked wrong. Both with and without "the" are correct. It sounds as if ...
  61. Algebra

    I need help finding the correct answer. I got it wrong on my homework and am studying for my test and need to know how to do it. ln e^lnx-ln(x-3)=ln 8 my wrong answer - no solution correct answer - (24/7)
  62. Algebra

    Hello! I'm looking over one of my tests and trying to see how to do things I got wrong, but I'm having trouble with three of the questions. Here's one of them: A $1,600.00 principle earns 7% interest, compounded semiannually twice per year. After 33 years, what is the balance ...
  63. College Math

    Nick received a $7000.00 raise. If his previous salary was 55000.00, what was the percent of increase in salary? I put the answer as (A) 13%. The other possible answers are: (B) 1%, (C) 8%, (D) 14%. If my answer is not correct, Could please tell me what I'm doing wrong in ...
  64. Calculus

    After t hours of an 8-hour trip the distance a car travels is modeled by: D(t)= 10t + (5)/(1+t) - 5 where D(t) is measured in meters. a) derive a formula for the velocity of the car. b) how fast is the car moving at 6 hours? c) derive a formula for the car's acceleration. I'm ...
  65. precalc

    Evaluate (sin45 degrees)(cos30 degrees) / sec45 degrees a)5 b)7/3 c)1/2 d)7/2 My best guess is 1/2 but I'm not sure if I did the problem right. I found sin 45 and cos 30 multiplied the vvalues together and then divided them by sec45. My answer was 0.5303295 and I rounded that ...
  66. algebra 2

    Apparently i got this wrong, but my teacher is giving me a chance to redo. The question was to put these numbers in decreasing order. _/13, pi, 1.3, -0.7, -8/5 (and i put them in this order) She gave me a 0/2 and said think about how you would place them on a number line. Any ...
  67. to bobpursley,math

    This is what i have am i wrong or correct.Or how can word it or modify it to be with what the directions are asking? Directions: Create one statement in English representing an algebraic relationship. My answer: PROBLEM: A DOZEN EQQS COST $1.20. WHAT IS THE PRICE OF EACH (1) ...
  68. Chemistry

    Are the words in brackets correct in the statement? 1. A [primary] alcohol has a hydroxyl group on the interior of the hydrocarbon chain. I think the word, primary, is wrong, but I had no ideas what I should put instead. 2. Halocarbons are [nonpolar]. I think halocarbons are ...
  69. General Math I

    Hi Ms. Sue this is Shayna here. I am writing you this time, because I am very confused in a question of a test I just took this was the question Susan wants to buy a paddle boat for $840. She will pay 20% down and pay the rest in six monthly installments. What will be the ...
  70. chemistry

    Calculate the pH of each of the following strong acid solutions. 0.697 g of HClO3 in 2.97 L of solution. so i convenrted grams to moles then moles/L to get M of HCl03 then i did -log of that cocentration and put htat as the ph. did i do something wrong? i got 2.415 but it was ...
  71. 4th grade math

    My daughter has an in put out put rule chart in put put 1out put 4,input6 output7 and so on what do they want her to do?
  72. Sociology

    I'm trying to double check my answers. These are the answers I believe to be correct. Please let me know if I am right or wrong. Thank you. . Networking has (Points : 1) a) Increased in importance b) Rely upon electronic communication c) Rely upon personal contacts d) All of ...
  73. Physics-Please check-I had something wrong with my

    Would changing the frequency of a wave cause a change in amplitude? I would say only if the wave velocity remains the same because if the frequency increases, vibrations increase and then amplitude would decrease, correct? If I had a wave diagram will 4 complete waves showing ...
  74. English Lit

    I have to research Sophocles and then eliminate what is wrong- and I'm stuck on a few of these statements about him: Thanks for checking 1.I think he won more first place prizes for his plays than any other playwright in history, correct? 2.I think he was a priest, correct? 3....
  75. chemistry- proofread n help

    wrote the names for the following compounds Li3N i puit Lithium Nitride FeS i put ion Sulfide KCI i put Potassium Chloride CoSO4 i put Cobalt Sulfide SrBr2 i put Strotium bromide NCI3 i put Nitrogen trichloride Ga2O3 i put Galium Trioxide and H3PO3 i put Phosporus acid

    ok it says give the formula for this one Hydronitric acid, I put H3N For Iron (III) chloride I put Fe3Cl Silver acetrate i put AG1C2 Ca(OH02 i put calcium oxide for CCL4 I had no clue Mercury (II) oxide i put HG2O NaClO3 I put Sodium chlorate for (NH4)2SO4 i put hydronitrate ...
  77. Precal

    Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to two decimal places where appropriate.) cos θ = 0.16 I know how to find the answers when it's in fraction form, however, I do not know how to do it when the ...
  78. Ms. Sue please

    Ms. Sue I had asked this of you already and you said a histogram would be best but I get confused on this and when I enter it into excel it comes out wrong. The data we have is for age 1-14 death rate per 1000 is 4.6, 15-24 rate is 6.2, 25-44 rate is 16.6, 45-64 rate os 8.8 ...
  79. MATH-Stuck :-(

    I really need help factoring these special Trinomials. This question really puzzled me. I thought I had it correct, but when I checked the answer at the back of the book, I was wrong, and so I would like to know what was it that I had done wrong. This was the question: x^2-4x+...
  80. MATH-STUCK :-(

    I really need help factoring these special Trinomials. This question really puzzled me. I thought I had it correct, but when I checked the answer at the back of the book, I was wrong, and so I would like to know what was it that I had done wrong. This was the question: x^2-4x+...
  81. man alive! can someone check for me?

    I am so bad when it comes to mathI I think I am slow! okay so my question is : a recrusive sequence is defined by tn= 2tn-1, where t1= 5 define the first five terms of this sequnce: so would I go like this to figure them out: 2tn-1, where t1= 5 so 2(5)(1-1)= 0 so the frist 5 ...
  82. US history HELP

    From late 1941 into early 1942, World War II in the Pacific experienced: 1.(i am not sure) a string of American victories that put Japan on the defensive 2.(wrong) the Japanese invasion and capture of Australia 3.(wrong) the Japanese on the Philippines surrender to General ...
  83. Calculus

    Can someone look over my work and tell me if my steps look correct? I'm trying to correct some problems that looked wrong. Instructions: Find the total areas between the given curves. 1. x= (y^3) and x=(y^2) on the interval [0,1] (integral from 0 to 1 of) ((y^3)-(y^2))dy = (...
  84. Chemistry

    Consider the decomposition of a metal oxide to its elements, where M represents a generic metal. M203(s)---> 2M(s) + 3/2 O2(g) info given for Gf(kJ/mol): M203= -10.60 M(s)=0 O2(g)= 0 1.) what is the standard change in Gibbs energy for rxn as written in forward direction? (...
  85. Math: Trig

    What is Arcsec(-2) equal to and how can you find the correct answer? I got 2pi/3 but it was marked wrong on my test and I'm not sure why it's wrong. Can you please explain this to me? Thanks!
  86. math

    in an examination there are 180 questions , 4 marks is given for each correct answers and 1 marks is subtracted for each wrong answers . if a boy scores 220 marks find the no of correct and wrong answers ???
  87. statistics

    This question was previous answered and when I put the answer in it was wrong. I have tried to work out more like it and if that one is not right, what is wrong with it. A study was conducted to investigate the relationship between the cost, y (in tens of thousands of dollars...
  88. science dr Bob

    I think I might have gotten htese two incorrect atoms are small ahrd particles - I put Democritius An atom is the smallest peice of matter - I put Dalton Are these correct
  89. math

    Could someone please show me what I did worng in my math questions? any help will be greatly appreciated! I put my teachers response under the questions 4. Solve: 5|2x + 1 | = 55 Divide both side by 5: |2x+1|=11 2x+1=11 and 2x+1= -1 +1 +1 +1 +1 2x = 12 2x = -10 X=5 x=-6 What ...
  90. Algebra Zero Product Rule

    I'm working with the zero product rule and I've somehow lost my way on a certain problem pattern. (x+8)(x-3)= -30 Is the pattern and the answer in the book says -2 or -3, but when I do the problem... x²+5x-24= -30 x²+5x+6= 0 (x+6)(x-1) x= -6 x= 1 That is how I factored it. ...
  91. Chemistry

    Balance each of the following skeletal equations by using oxidation and reduction half reactions. All the reactions take place in acidic solution. Identify the oxidizing agent and reducing agent in each reaction. (Use the lowest possible coefficients. Include states-of-matter ...
  92. math

    Can someone explain how I missed this question. Sample has a mean of 47 and a standard deviation of 9. Find the z-score for each value of x=53.(give answer correct to 2 decimal places) I did it this way and missed it 53-47divided by 9 = 0.666 and I put 0.6 for the answer. Did ...
  93. chem class

    What is the pH of an aqueous solution at 25.0 °C that contains 3.98 × 10-9 M hydroxide ion? i posted this before and i tried solving it but i get it wrong 14 = ph + - log (3.98 × 10-9) 14- 8.4 = ph 5.6 = ph but the correct answer is 8.400 what did i do wrong?
  94. Social Studies - Please Check my Answer

    Please check my answer, I am not sure for this one. In 1784 the British forced American merchants to pay duties on a. trade goods imported from the British West Indies. - (This is my answer.) b. trade goods imported through Canadian ports. c. British goods sold in America. d. ...
  95. math,help

    on one of last week homeworks i got this one wrong can someone explain to me what is the correct format. The demand supply equations for a certain item are given by: D= -5p+40 S=-p^2+30p-8 The correct answer was: $1.43 how do you get to this answer because i've tried it and it...
  96. chemistry

    elements x and y are from group 7 in the periodic table. x is a liquid at rtp, while y is a solid at rtp. which statements are correct? 1) atoms of y have more protons than atoms of x 2) molecules of y have more atoms than molecules of x 3) y displaces x from aqueous solutions...

    Using the function g(x) = −2 |2 - x|+ 4 and the initial value of 1.72, what is the loop that forms after many iterations? My answers are 2.24, 3.52, 0.96, 1.92, 3.84, 0.32, 0.64, 1.28, 2.56, and 2.88 I'm not exactly sure if this is correct because I feel like there are ...
  98. math

    i don't get problems like y=-2x. and y=3x-1 what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth Oh geez, it's been a whole summer since I tried this. But if I'm not mistaken isn't it 15.0 ? Please correct me anyone if I am wrong. But I ...
  99. Algebra: Help Please

    For the given function, compute the missing values in the following table. f(x) = 8x i got the negatives wrong, but I know how to solve for it. Is there a reason it is wrong? -3: -1/512 -2: -1/64 -1: -1/8 (^These were wrong, but I don't know how to solve it) 0: 1 1: 8 2: 64 3...
  100. Math

    What is the GREATEST number of pictures each 2.5-inches by 3.5-inches, that a photographer can print on an 8-inch by 10-inch piece of sensitized paper? Isn't the answer supposed to be 4, because once you cut it you cannot put it back together. Please tell me how i'm wrong and ...
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