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yr 9 ict

for ICT i need to answer these questions about Copyright designs and patent act:- . when did this act come into being? 1988 . find a definition of the Act .list three ICT and three non-Ict things that are covered by this Act . what penalties can you face if you are caught ...

re:-Ms Sue ict

thanks Ms Sue. for ict i need to answer these questions about copyright designs and patents act:- list three ict and three non-ict things covered by the copyright designs and patents act. ive looked on the different websites but i cant find any .id be very grateful if you ...


answer for ict crossword home work following the same pattern

year7 - ICT



ive looked on the sites everyone has kindly helped with the ict homework but i`m stuck on the definition of groups on the internet . thankyou so much


i need to design a luggage tag for ict homework but i don`t know what is written on the tag. i know you put your name but else is needed. thanks for your help


the use of ICT has allowed banks and building societies to keep detailed records of purchases tha people make using credit and debit cards. explain one reason why this is a benefit

Database application

Define database elements: field, record, table

ict year 8

i`m struggling with my ict homework. i need to find the definitions of words for the internet.ive looked on the sites for other people who have asked but i can`t find it.please help my homework is due in tomorrow. definition of groups thanks :)!

Database Essentials

2 questions. what is the importance of databases in business world? what are the the different objects you find in a Microsoft Access database file?

Educational Tech and Online learning

What happens when a filter is applied to a database? All records that dont meet the criteria are removed from view** all records that dont meet the criteria are permanently removed from the database. Some records are permanently removed from the database Records that meet the ...


The field names in a database are also known as A. category or column heading ** B. The name of a row C. Individual cells in a database D. Records Am I right..?


does any one any good sites i can use to help me with my ict homework. mine is the same as lou`s homework but no-one has replied. its about copyright design and patent act. i have found out the year -1988 its the other questions i am finding it hard to answer.


Define database and explain how you could use a simple database (like Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel) to track criminal offenses in your local community. Discuss what criteria you would use to categorize offenses and why. Explain how you could utilize the database to ...

Educational Technology and Online Learning

The field names in a database are also known as_____? Category or column headings The name of a row Individual cells in a database Records


flowchart .i need help with my ict homework i need to explain what the symbols are and give a reason on how to use them. one is a rectangle shape, one is a rectangle with rounded ends and one is a diamond. thanks for help

ict teachers please help

hi ive got the same assignment as lou and keiran on the copyright design and patent act. im struggling to find the non- ict things which need the copy design and patent act:- is it your name and personnal details? sorry to be a pain in asking


the field name is a database are as known as________. A. Category or column heading•• B. The name of a row C. Individual cell in database D. Records Correct me if I'm wrong!!

Database Decision

When deciding whether to store data in a database or in a spreadsheet, what are some of the questions you should consider? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each of these tools to manage data.


a database with an availibility of 93.4% is accessed via a network with an availibility of 99.2% on average for how much time in a week would a user be unable to retrive data from the database? i calculated around 12 hrs.is it right?

ict help asap

 How ICT is used in the wider world. This section should include actual examples of how computers and technology are used in the areas of: • E-commerce (online shopping) • Manufacturing (e.g. CAD & CAM) • Education (e.g. encyclopaedias, the internet) • Business...

IT Information Systems Technology

Why are database management systems important in the business community? Give atleast two reasons. Let's begin with what a database is. A database is a collection of data records. These records are on your computer and a program is used to access the records, change the ...


Can some help me produce a sample of Gas Station database that is normally used by the gas station?

Educational Technology and Online Learning 6A

1. What is the purpose of filters in a database? A) filters allow you to see only the records that meet specific criteria B) filters delete unnecessary data C) filters create charts based on specific criteria D) filters put data in alphabetical or numeric order My answer is A...


UNIT 4 lesson 4 All of this information is part of a ___ in a database. a. record b. row c. column d. field What other information do you need to add to complete the database above? a. cell fill color b. fields c. field names d. borders


University XYZ needs a database that keeps track of students, what classes they taken and the grades for each of the classes. In addition, they need to know what instructors are on staff and the courses they are approved to teach. It is necessary to track rooms for each campus...


Your company will generate $45,000 in cash flow each year for the next nine years from a new information database. The computer system needed to set up the database costs $260,000. Assume you can borrow the money to buy the computer system at 8.25 percent annual interest.


Data Security Password protect the database you created for your individual assignment in Week Three. Create a matrix to indicate the permissions (read, insert, delete, modify) you would grant to different users of your database. Create at least two different users and ...

database design

Explain the interactions among end user, data, information, and decision making. Draw a diagram and explain the interactions Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "database 'end user' 'decision making'" to get these possible sources: (...

crt 205

The Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center database at the University Library provides a wealth of arguments to which you can apply your critical thinking skills. Find this database by logging into to the Library and selecting the Article Databases—Specialized link. From the ...

computer science

I need a realational database containing information about music performers, their recordings, and the composers of the music they recorded (no redundancies). Elements should include: database file contains at least 3 tables relationships between the tables are shown each ...

writeacher- ict

thankyou for your help .


description of dvd+/-rw

Business Management

What kinds of queries would be useful to Woodcraft, assuming that it wants to improve its sales, relationship with its customers, or other aspects of its business? Describe what information you might want to select from the database in the form of a query, and list the ...


Full form LCD

Educational Technology and Online Learning

If any of you are from Connections Academy, I would love your help :) 1: All of this information is part of a ___ in a database. (1 point) A: Record*** B: row C: column D: field 2: What other information do you need to add to complete the database above? (1 point) A: cell fill...


what type of output does the printer produce


important of ict in electrical studies


importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering


importance of ict in electrical electronic engineering

physics biology chemistry and ict



state 2 advantages to the customer of banks installing ATM's


hoe do aeroplanes fly ,and how do cars move faster


which data type would you use for a telephone number

ict writeacher

just wanted to say thanks for your time to help me your a star!


Give four methods of analyzing the existing system?


write an algorithm to find the sum of two numbers


consider an organization as a computer system and identify its components


you need to write one of these to calculate things on spreadsheets? 7 letters


can anybody get me a collection of data of a movie!!!plzzzzzzzzzz..............its urgent thxx... xxx


please could someone help i need to give 4 answers . what is needed to access the internet? thanks


give 3 reasons why speech recognition systems sometimes fail to be 100% effective


which one is an important property of fiber cable? 1)noise 2)reflection 3)interference 4)attenuation


Hi I'm stuck on my word processing crossword: -(5 letters) "The size of the font used" Thankkkss.


help i need to write an essay explaining 'why companies use logos'. yours sincerely, Jamie

ict year 7

i need to label a screenshot but don`t know where to start. i know the name of one which is toolbox but i have looked but can


What is the weather going to bein the following states Lagos Oyo Benie Borno Niger


which of the following features is provided with a modem? 1)speeds 2)self testing 3)transmission rate 4)all of these


Mr. Louw bought a number of bags at R100. What is the amount due? (5) Variables Constant(s) equation:


w2+1/64 In my Adv. Math class my teacher shaded in my to dark to I can't see the height. Can you give me a formula to find the height of a triangle? Jennifer, I don't know what you are asking. Please repost with more information. Thanks for asking. Kristii, if you have a ...


Indicate the type of method used to access data for the following: (a)Hard drive (b)Magnetic tape


List five precautions users should take to protect themselves and their files when they are using a cybercafé.


I need to design a cyber anti-bullying logo. ive got no idea. any ideas id be so grateful for . thankyou


Following report shows a grade report that is mailed to students at the end of each semester. Prepare an E-R diagram reflecting the data contained in the Grade Report. Assume that each course is taught by one instructor. MILLENIUM COLLEGE GRADE REPORT FALL SEMESTER 199X NAME: ...


Following report shows a grade report that is mailed to students at the end of each semester. Prepare an E-R diagram reflecting the data contained in the Grade Report. Assume that each course is taught by one instructor. MILLENIUM COLLEGE GRADE REPORT FALL SEMESTER 199X NAME: ...

Finding and evaluating sources

Question 18 Of the following sources, which would provide the most in-depth information? full-text journal article from library database newspaper article article abstract from library database general encyclopedia article Question 19 Publication dates would be most important ...


what is InnoDB

ICT - Storage devices

Hi I would like to ask a question Does Cache memory have to be in every computer , and can you explain me breifly this complicated process ?


) Write an algorithm (in flowchart) that calculates your total daily profit, given an estimated quantity of litres of fuel per day.


How many conflicts are there in the schedule Sa: r1(Y); r2(Y); w1(Y); r1(Z); w2(Y); w1(Z)

relational database concepts

.Fernando Culebra, owner of Fernando's Skate Shop, still needs your help. Apply what you have learned about the steps of the design process to help Fernando get started in the design of his new database. Complete steps 1 and 2 of the design process by submitting a database ...


describe briefly an application for each of the following methods of input 1.MICR 2. key-to-disk 3.video camera 4.touch screen 5.smart card


Please could you explain how I answer the following 2 questions: 1) customer profile 2) type of coaching and training offered what information do I need to give? Many thanks


how can companies protect their systems from physical threats such as theft? ive put :- .password .install software which only works for the company


state one item of software that should be supplied with a scanner and state why it is needed


What does "purpose of the database" mean?


what is the purpose of filters in a database

ict - ms sue

ms sue sorry to ask again but does definition of groups mean a disscussion group eg:- facebook thanks

ICT - The Internet

What is the name of the program we use to 'browse' the Internet?


Based on data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, an estimate of the percentage of adults who indicated to have at some point of their life been tested for HIV is 32 percent of U.S. adults in the...

elementary statistics

# Research the topic of Job Satisfaction using the Business Source Premier Database (EBSCO) and/or the ABI Inform Global database in the Library using the instructions linked here. # Provide a summary of the research article. Include a hypothesis null and hypothesis alternate ...


How do you analyze and use database in schools?

operating system

A database structure can be changed by?

window 2003 server

You are the network administrator for a telecommunications company in Rochester, New York. The network consists of two Windows Server 2003 systems and 57 Windows XP Professional systems. Both servers are used as domain controllers. One server hosts DHCP and DNS server services...


How do you determine which field(s) to select as the primary key?


22. Which one of the following schedules has a conflict? A) Sa: r1(X); r1(Y); r2(Z); r1(Z); w1(X); w1(Z) B) Sb: r1(X); r2(X); r1(X); r1(Y); r2(X); w1(Y) C) Sc: r1(Z); r2(X); w1(Z); r1(Y); w1(Z); w2(X) D) both a and b

12th grade

what tool hellps you create a database


What five or six fields will you include in the database?

ICT computers

what measures can a company take to protect their equipment from theft? ive only thought of one:- write the companies name on the equipment

re-Ms Sue ICT

Ms Sue you are a star thankyou!


Sorry i didn`t reply sooner ive only just looked at the post.Thankyou so much for finding the images it was kind of you to use the time you had spare to help me. thanks again:)


Name a database that would help you with current events. Please Help!! Thanks!!


Fernando Cilebra has always ben facinated by skateboards. Fernando has won several contests, both locally and nationally. His interest in skateboards led him to open Fernando's Shop in Denton, Maine. Fernando sells street, trick, and children's skateboards. The store has only ...


which one of the following elements must be contained in an access database


A relational database for a real-world client what would be the example ?


Under what circumstances would you use a sequential file over a database?


describe the functions of organizational networks and specialized criminal justice database




What advantages could a standarized medical records database offer?

Information Technology

how can unauthorized persons cause serious problems in a company’s database system?


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