I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. math

    Decrease a number by 5, divide the result by 2, then add 17 and multiply by 5. If the final result is 100, with what number did you start?
  2. achimota secondary school

    when a certain number is added to 11 and the result is multiplied by 3, the final result is 45. Find the number.
  3. Calculus

    Hello, I'd appreciate any help with the following question below: Information: g(x)= 4 (x+1)^(-2/3) f(x)= ∫ g(t) dt The Question: What is f(26) ? (NOTE: I don't know how to do this on a key board, so I'll just say that while I did type an Indefinite integral for "f(x)" it is...
  4. algebra

    product of 45% and some number
  5. Math

    what is the product of 22% and some number
  6. Math , please help

    I have a number of patients this month who need to start a course of treatment. The treatment involves an injection now, followed by 4 more injections at monthly intervals, and then 3 more injections 2 months apart. That's a total of 8 injections in 1 year. Each month, I have ...
  7. Math

    I need some help on this function rule question please. 8.) Find the function rule. x: -2 -1 0 1 2 y: 9 4 -1 -6 -11 I'm having a really hard time figuring this out. Thanks to anyone that helps:)
  8. Math Complicated

    Please I am desperate need of help for this symbol. What does the long square root sign mean? Like in √5 + 8 +24 = √37 The square root sign is supposed to go above 5, 8 and 24. What does that mean? Like find the square root of each number? Or…please I need help :(
  9. MATH 115

    The price of a home in Medford was dollar-sign Baseline 100,000 in 1985 and rose to dollar-sign ⁢ 148 ,000 in 1997. a. Create two models, f(t) assuming linear growth and g(t) assuming exponential growth, where t is the number of years after 1985. Round coefficients to ...
  10. college algebra

    Annual profit in thousands of dollars is given by the function, P(x) = -.1x2 + 50x - 300, where x is the number of items sold, x ¡Ý 0. describe the meaning of the number -.1 in the formula describe the meaning of the number -300 in the formula
  11. Maths

    Its the old rabbit colony question using simultaneous linear and quadratic equations - and I need help: A colony of rabbits is growing so that the total number of rabbits (R) after number of weeks (t) is shown: on this table. t=5 R=140, t=10 R=200, t=15 R=280, t=20 R=400, t=25...
  12. Database Design (SQL)

    I need help creating a query that shows the number of days left before the end of the term. I need the following functions to accomplish this: CONCAT, DAYOFYEAR, NOW. So far I have this for my query: SELECT CONCAT('There are ',DAYOFYEAR(NOW()),' ',DAYOFYEAR(NOW())) AS `Days ...
  13. Chemistry

    If 325mL of a 0.58 M solution of a propanoic acid (a fatty acid) was mixed with excess glycerol what is, the maximum number of molecules of fat or oil that could result?(you will need Avogadros number = 6.022 X 10 to the 23rd power)....I need to show all work and im completely...
  14. English

    Here are the last sentences of the day. Thank you very much! 1) I bruised my knee from falling off the skateboard. You should spray it with a disinfectant (better: disinfect the wound) and put a bandage on it. I think you should rub some cream on it. 2) Dissolve a tablet of ...
  15. maths need help word problem

    A number is made up of two digits whose sum is 9. If this number is now divided into the number made up of the same digits but in reverse order the result is six-fifths. Find the number? Step plz
  16. Math(Please, please help)

    Compute the maximum product for two positive numbers x and y with the property that the sum of the first plus five times the second is 5000. 1) Indicate the objective equation 2) Indicate the constraint equation So the objective = f(x)=xy and the constraint = x+5y=5000 Now ...
  17. chemistry

    A 2.000 g sample of magnesium was burned in air to form an oxide. After the product was purified it was found to have a mass of 3.317 g. What is the empirical formula for the product?
  18. Math

    What is the quotient of −920 divided by 40? Which integer rule determines the sign of the quotient? A) 23; The quotient of integers with unlike signs is positive. B) −23; The quotient of integers with unlike signs is negative. C) 23; The sign of the quotient of integers ...
  19. algebra

    Annual profit in thousands of dollars is given by the function, P(x) = 12x - 100, where x is the number of items sold in thousands, x ≥ 10. 1.describe the meaning of the number 12 in the formula, in terms of its meaning in relation to the profit. 2.describe the meaning ...
  20. programming

    write a C function which takes a natural number as argument and calculates the product of sum of its digits. A sum-product number is natural number that equals the product of sum of its digits and the product of digits.
  21. Algebra 2

    some investments in the stock market have earned 10% annually. At this rate, earning can be found using the formula A=p(1.10)n, where A is the total value of the investment, P is the initial value of the investment, and n is the number of years the money is invested. If $1,5oo...
  22. Math

    Increase a number by 21, multiply the result by 3, then subtract 9, and divide by 5. If the final result is 30, what number did you start with?
  23. Algebra

    X is a number.It is divided by 3,and 5 is subtracted from the result.The new result is then multiplied by 7.If the final answer is 28,what number is X?
  24. marketing

    I need a better understanding please. Do you know a commercial I could use Think of a product that you have seen advertised on television, a magazine, or on the radio. Describe the product and identify two external influences that might lead a person to purchase the product; ...
  25. math

    What is (-3+ the square root of -25) - (4+ square root of -16) the product of 8 and a number is 56, what is 2 less than the number? Your problem: (-3 + √-25) - (4 + √-16) Working this out: -3 + 5i - 4 - 4i -7 + i And that's as far as you can go to simplify here. I ...
  26. Can someone correct this? -- English

    References are put at the end of the document (on a blank page). An in-text citation is put at the end of the information you have paraphrased. An in-text citation (when used in paraphrased content) includes the last name of the author(s) and the copyright date. When quoting, ...
  27. Math

    If you replace the equal sign of an equation and put an inequality sign in its place, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and inequality?
  28. Algebra

    If you replace the equal sign of an equation and put an inequality sign in its place, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and inequality?

    For this probability experiment a single die is rolled. For Events A, B, and C below, determine which of the following are NOT mutually exclusive. A: the result is an even number B: The result is a multiple of 3 C: The result is less than 2
  30. algebra

    Could you pls tell me why I have to change this sign. You should look at the sign like an equal sign. -2/5x -9 < 9/10 -2/5x < 99/10 x < -24.75 Why is this wrong? - I know the answer should be x> -24.75, but why? if this got sent twice, it is by error. Sorry.
  31. math exponential

    5 e^-(t/5^2) = 1.5 e^-(t/125) = .3 e^(t/125) = 1/.3 = 3.3333 t/125 = ln 3.3333 t = 150.5 can some one please explain why it's 1/.3 and where the one comes from and where the negative sign goes. Steps 2 to 3 is what i'm talking about
  32. math,help

    Can someone explain to me the reasoning involved in each step when simplifying the fraction 42/56. I had this question wrong in my previous exam...I don't know what i was thinking when answering it......but i like to know what was the actual responce for it....thanks ...:-) I ...
  33. Algebra2

    I Need Help ? I'm Suppose to graph this and the domain and range, How Do i find this ? 1) f(x)=x^2+4 ; x= -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3 2)G(x)= squareroot of x+3 ; x= -3, -2, 1, 6 3.H(x)= |x|-4 ; x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 4.f(x)=4 ; x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 5.G(x)=x^3+1 ; x= -2,-1,0,1,2
  34. Algebra

    1. In this problem, we will analyze the profit found for sales of a certain product. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open market. Often, the demand...
  35. Algebra

    . In this problem, we will analyze the profit found for sales of a certain product. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open market. Often, the demand ...
  36. math ALGEBRA

    When the digits of two-digits numbers are reversed, the new number is 9 more than the original number, and the sum of the digits of the original number is 11. What is the original number. Can some one please help me here? The tens digit is T, the units digit is U. The number ...
  37. Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8.A number raised to a negative exponent is negative. Is it always , never, or sometimes. 7. Evaluate 1/2a^-4b^2 a = -2 and b = 4 remember a^to the negative 4 6. Simplify. Write in scientific notation. (9 x 10^-3)^2 Thanks to anyone who helps right away and need right answer ...
  38. math...help please!

    i need help figuring out this question! :) write a equation for this sequence. then find the 100th term. term number 1 2 3 4 term 6 10 14 18
  39. math-rational equations

    how do I solve 5/x-3+3/x+3=7x/x^2-9 please explain in detail, I am having trouble once I get to the part where I need to simplify. I have so far the LCD is x^2-9 then the equation changes to (x^2-9) 5/x-3+(x^2-9) 3/x+3=(x^2-9) 7x/x^2-9 or (x+3)*5(x-3)*3=7x after this I'm stuck...
  40. Algebra

    I know that standard form is Ax+By=C, but I'm not really sure how to do this problem. All help is welcome. Thanks in advance. Write an equation for each line: through (-1,3) and parallel to y=2x+1 I know that the slop will be 2 because it is parallel. If m=2 then used the same...
  41. Really Need Help Please

    A certain virus infects one in every 200 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 90% of the time if the person has the virus and 10% of the time if the person does not have the virus. (This 10% result is called a false positive.) Let A be the event "the...
  42. Intermediate Algebra

    I have a take home test and I'm stuck on a couple. Anyone help please? 1. Find the vertex & axis of symmetry: -5(x+4)^2-4 2. Find the vertex & axis of symmetry: y=x^2-10x+3 3. Simplify: (2i+5)(3+4i) 4. Simplify: 3(21+2i)+(4-5i) 5. Simplify: (27x^2y^3)^-3/4 6. Simplify: 5ã...
  43. math

    a number n is divided by 3 and the result is multiplied by 7 . then subtrat from the result to give 36 . what is the original number?
  44. Math

    3 is added to five times a number and the result is multiplied by 4 .The final result is 72 .What is the number.
  45. Algebra

    Simplify the radical expression square root 48a squared b to the 7th all beneath the sq rt sign I have no work to show, can't remember the steps to solve
  46. Math

    I need help.I'm in 5th grade.The question is:12 less than the product of 5 and a number equals 8.What is the unknown number?Plz help
  47. English

    I have to do an essay and i have trouble answering some of the questions.Thnaks!I need help with the second question.(its anthropology) 1)whatare Different forms that marriages take in the world? Polygany, monogamy, polygny, polyondry,exogomy & exogomy. 2)What are some of the ...
  48. Math!!!

    What is the sign of each product? Explain. 32. n • n, where n is any nonzero number 33. y • y • y, where y is any negative number 41. Scientists drill 40,230 ft. Into Earth's crust. Write an integer to represent this depth. Estimate the depth drilled to the nearest mile...
  49. Math 111

    Find the quadratic function that has vertex (-1, 8) and whose graph goes through the point (8, 170). I could not understand this problem I Can not for the lift of me get it. I got as far as some number(x+1)^2+8 but i don't know what the number before all that would be for the ...
  50. Computer Science/Pseudo Code Python

    Hi, I'm confused about an assignment. I'm not sure what to do and would like some help. An example: Write a program that obtains two integer numbers from the user. It will print out the sum of those numbers. Pseudo code: Prompt user to enter first integer number Validate user ...
  51. Algebra

    (2n+1)(2n-1)(n+5) I'm a little confused on how to do this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks. see the other post. see the other post. Hi Chelsea: You are given three binomials which are to be multiplied. Were you asked to multiply three numbers, e.g., (3)(4)(...
  52. Managerial Accounting

    The overhead rate for materials handling is $10 per part based on an estimated total cost of $900. Products X & Y have 320 and 280 parts respectively. What is the overhead allocated to X & Y? A. Product X $3,200, Product Y $4,400 B. Product X $4,800, Product Y $4,400 C. ...
  53. math

    How do I translate this? The product of 12% and some number Thanks
  54. Math

    Translate: The product of 16% and some number?
  55. Honors Chemistry (check answers)

    On a worksheet we got, we have to balance out chemical reaction equations then define what kind of reaction it is (synthesis, decomposition, single/double-replacement). Would someone be willing to check my answers, please? Thanks!! 1. c) BaO + H2O ==> ________ (synthesis...
  56. micro

    hi, i need some help with my econ homework. i know what the law is, basically that more isn't always better. i just need to know how to tell if it applies to a labor equation. my problem goes like this. F(K,L) = K + 10L, write expressions for marginal product of labor and ...
  57. problem solving, math

    If you have a 4 digit number and multiply it by 4, the product will be the number reversed. (abcd x 4= dcba) What is the number?
  58. Algebra

    Pick a number. Double it. Multiply the result by 3. Add 24. Divide by 6. Subtract your original number. Is the result always the same? Write a convincing argument for what happens. HELP!
  59. 8th Grade Algebra

    These are extra credit questions, and I just want to know how to solve them. 1) The sum of two-digits of a two digit number is 14. If the number represented by reversing the digits is subtracted from the original number, the result is 18. What us the orinal number? 2) If 27 is...
  60. glucose monitors

    In my class, we have to research on glucose monitors and pick two disadvantages and find a way to solve those disadvantages. The teachers know the students are not expert on designing a new product but using creativity, we have to come up with solutions For example: I put that...
  61. math

    how would you simplify y= (x^5-32)/(x-2)? I know that it would equal (x^5-2^5)/(x-2), but what's the next step? It wouldn't be just (x^4-2^4), would it? kristie, in general I think you can prove (x-a)|(x^n - a^n); read (x-a) divides the expression on the right of '|'. You ...
  62. science(physics)

    A car goes from a dead stop to 25m/s in 5s going east. It keeps going then slows down after it reaches 60m/s. It is being drived on level ground. For the first 5s the magnitude of the velocity vector increases at a constant rate. What is the Instantaneous velocity of the car ...
  63. History

    I am in need of some help. I am not looking for the answer, just the direction I need to take. I've search my text book, but I cannot find any specific examples. Here is the question... What where some of the repercussions of Western exoansion after 1800?
  64. math,help,bobpursly

    What are some challenges for rational expressions? Also on my previous question about why are polynomials important bobpursly can you expalin it to me towards what you ment about your responce because i still do not undertand...thanks when you get a chance. Polynomials are ...
  65. stemplot one more question

    No, I don't think you should round the data. The stems should probably be the numbers 13,14,15,...,19 Line them up like this with the leafs to the right S L 13 |9 14 |8,9 15 |2,8 . . . You can finish it. Starting the stems with 1 would accomplish nothing here. You can order ...
  66. 4th grade

    what is the meaning to sign out and take?
  67. English: Commas

    Do you need to put a comma after the word, "suddenly?" I have the word at the very beginning of a sentence.
  68. Inter. Algebra

    Count Iblis how do you simplify 3square root sign with this underneath (3x squared y) to the third power? "3 square root sign" probably means "cube root", in which case [(3 x^2y)^3]^(1/3) = 3 x^2 y The cube root of any quantity x can be written x^(1/3)
  69. Reading

    I'm doing a project on "The Monkey's Paw." We are supposed to create a warning sign to warn readers about the monkey's paw. I need to be creative with my sign but i don't have a creative spark yet. Help!
  70. calculus

    We are not going to do that work for you, but will be glad to help you. The unit sphere is the sphere with radius 1 centered in the origin. They give you the coordinates of a vector. Compute the dot product of the vector and the local surface area normal and integrate it over ...
  71. algebra

    help me use the number 'e' as a natural base. You have to be much more specific. This question cannot be answered, it is very general. Any number can be used as a base, including 10, commonly used in the US. Can you walk me through this problem: (3e^(-4x))^2 What do you want ...
  72. Probability

    There are 49 mice in a pet shop. 30 mice are white. 27 mice are male. 18 mice have short tails. 8 mice are white and have short tails. 11 mice are male and have short tails. 7 mice are male but neither white nor short-tailed. 5 mice have all three characteristics and 2 have ...

    The units’ digit of a two-digit number is 7 more than the tens’ digit. If 26 is added to the number, the result obtained is five times the sum of the digits. Find the number.
  74. Algebra

    I need some help with this question I really don't understand it and some help going through this problem would be really appreciated :) Use the fact that a/b/c/d=a/b / c/d to simplify each rational expression. State any restrictions on the variables. x^2-1/x^2-9 / x^2+3x-4/x^...
  75. Algebra (new one since I put "match" (bad speller)

    I have a few match problems that I can't figure out. 1.solve: 3x+5=x√7 (that's a radical sign) 2.factor: (2k+3)2-(2x+3)(y-2)-20(y-2)2 (the "2" after (2k+3) ans (y-2) is suppose to be a square sign. thanks if you can help, or even if you can't For number 2: First, FOIL ...
  76. math

    what prime numbers do you get when you enter each number from 0 to 10 in this expression? __2 + __ -1 please help Asap! 2= squareroot
  77. Social Studies

    I need help with these two multiple choice answers could you check them first. First here's the passage that goes with the two questions. Let our farmers make and wear their homespun; raise in greater plenty corn and wheat, which will enable them to raise their own hogs, ...
  78. math

    A machine prints out the number 1, 2, or 3 with equal probabilities. A machine starts printing numbers independently one after another and stops the rst time it prints 1. Let X denote the number of 2s it printed. Compute E[X] and var(X).
  79. Math

    I need some help!!! Multiply (Simplify your answer) (4x +5)(9x² +2x +7)
  80. chemistry

    When I have the table filled out, what would I need to do in order to calculate the solubility product for calcium hydroxide? The following is what I have in mind, please tell if I am incorrect or correct. Ksp = [Ca+2][OH-1]2 You should have an average value for the amount of ...
  81. Algebra

    The price of products may increase due to inflation and decrease due to depreciation. Derek is studying the change in the price of two products, A and B, over time. The price f(x), in dollars, of product A after x years is represented by the function below: f(x) = 0.69(1.03)x ...
  82. maths need steve

    The sum of 3 numbers is 4, the sum of their product is 5 Find the sum of their cube if the product of there number is 6
  83. Pre-algebra

    I have some practice problems, and I need to have them worked out, showing your work. I will gain a better understanding of these problems by practicing them. Thank you. (6x+1)(x^2-9x+5) (2x^4+3)(4x^3+2) (12y^3+8y^2+20y)divided 2y (6x^2-25x-10) divided by (3x+2) (8x-5)+(7x+4...
  84. Pre-algebra

    I have some practice problems, and I need to have them worked out, showing your work. I will gain a better understanding of these problems by practicing them. Thank you. (6x+1)(x^2-9x+5) (2x^4+3)(4x^3+2) (12y^3+8y^2+20y)divided 2y (6x^2-25x-10) divided by (3x+2) (8x-5)+(7x+4...
  85. Math ~CHECK MY WORK~

    With stars are my answers. Please check them if they are wrong please tell me the right ones. Number 1 (the bottom one) I don't get it so please help me with that one please! 1) You have $60 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11 each, what number of ...
  86. math

    A and B are numbers. The result of AB is an even number. The result of A+B is uneven number. A = ?, B = ? so confuse..
  87. Math

    a number n is divided by 4 and the result is divieded by 3 . The final result is 2. What was the original number?
  88. Statistics

    A manufacturer has observed that a certain product tends to fail either very early in its life span or quite late. The engineers are interested in studying a particular product going into cellular phones. They know that the average life span of the product is 1,600 days. What ...
  89. Adv. Math

    How do you do these problems... 1) y/2+5>8 2) -4z+8<-27+z 3) 3(5+x)<_18 I need help mostly on #2 but also on the others. Oh and on #3 the sign is an less than or equal to sign. =3
  90. Adv. Math

    How do you do these problems... 1) y/2+5>8 2) -4z+8<-27+z 3) 3(5+x)<_18 I need help mostly on #2 but also on the others. Oh and on #3 the sign is an less than or equal to sign.
  91. maths

    Solve 1.-6b+1+4b= -3b+6 2.8x - 4x = -8 3.the sum of twice a number and 14 less than the number is the same as the difference between -38 and the number. what is the number? 4. some number is six more than eight. what is the number? 5. 3.2x + 5.6x = 3.1 + 32.1 -6b+1+4b=-3b+6 -...
  92. Sign Language

    Hi, I am having problems with the structures of sentences in sign language. Can you please put each of these sentences in sign language sentence structure? What will the weather be like today? The sun will be out, and it will be windy. I thought it was going to rain. It is ...
  93. Math (Derivative)

    Compute derivative using the definition of the derivative. f(x)=1+1/x^2 1+ 1/(x+h)^2 - (1+ 1/(x^2)) ------ divide by h and multiply by reciprocal 1/h(x+h)^2 - 1/hx^2 Next I expanded it and got this messy huge number and multiply the bottom of each other after cancelling some ...
  94. math (calculus)

    when figuring intergrals, how do you apply change of variables? IT depends on what you mean by "figuring".
  95. American Dream Project

    so in social studies we have to do an american dream project witha poster and a speech and also we have to pick a song that goes with our board/ the american dream. I picked "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts (sp?) We have to explain how it goes with the american dream like ...
  96. Advanced Algebra

    The volume V (r) of a sphere is a function of its radius r. Suppose a spherical snowball with a radius 2 f t started to melt so that the radius is changing at a constant rate of 4.5 inches per minute. If f(t) feet is the radius of the snowball after t minutes, do the following...
  97. chemistry

    how do you calculate the aqueous by product produced when you have the mass of the beaker with the product after it dried and it has dried?!?! im so confused
  98. English

    Can you check the meaning of these few phrasal verbs, please? Thank you In the beginning I dislike my classmates but then I came around thinking they aren't so bad. Can you drop in on me after school. I need to talk to you. My plan to go to the mountains fell through because ...
  99. Legal

    Can you help me figure out this problem? I am so confused... Thank you! Suppose X, Y, and Z buy a piece of property in C’s name. A trust will result that goes to a. C b. X, Y, and Z jointly c. X, Y, Z, and C jointly d. Mostly to C, with the remainder going to X, Y, and Z I ...
  100. algebra

    How would you translate the product of 39% and some number?
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