I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. English/Grammar

    Review the following sentences. Some of them are correct, whereas others contain an error with a commonly confused word. Identify those with errors by marking each of the errors in bold. Make the correction in parentheses after the error. For those that are correct, write ...
  2. English

    I forgot to include the following statements. 1) Use the simple past when reporting historical events and the simple present when referring to the main events in a plot. 2) The fact that Hamlet refers to himself using adjectives such as dullo pigeon-livered is symbolic of his ...
  3. Computer

    After writing the program of Exercise 17.7, write a simple program to create some test data for checking out the program. Use the following sample account data: Master file Account number Name Balance 100 Alan Jones 348.17 300 Mary Smith 27.19 500 Sam Sharp 0.00 700 Suzy Green...
  4. Math

    My work on simplifying this function: g(x)=(-3x^2-13x-13) g(x)=-3x^2-13x-13 (13x-13=x) g(x)=-3x^2-x Can someone help with the simplifying the function if I have got it wrong and also can someone tell me of it's equivalent to this function:f(x)=-3(x+2)^2-(x+1) Also I have ...
  5. Math

    Paul gets a bill from the sign rental company for $73.03. Their original quote was $9.84 per day for the sign, plus $13.99 for delivery/pick up. For how many days rental was Paul billed?
  6. Math

    Which one of the following is an example of a repeating decimal? A. 0.6666666(W/ repeating sign) B. 1.234545 C. 0.123321 D. 6.787878(W/ repeating sign) I think its A but D is also repeating. If I'm wrong please elaborate
  7. Sign Language

    ____ is a communication method of visually showing the sounds of speech Rochester Method*** American Sign Language Signed Exact English Cued Speach
  8. science

    you need to prepare 30g of calcium cholride. you have 2m hydrochloric acid and a new container off pure calcium carbonate. Calculate the number of mole of calcium chloride that u need to prepare
  9. Living environment

    The apperance of the greatest percentageof white mice occured (1) before the maximum number of days of snow cover (2)at the same time as the maximum number of days of snow cover (3) after the maximum number of days of snow cover (4) both before and after the maximum number of ...
  10. Chemistry

    Calculations involving a limiting reactant Now consider a situation in which 20.0 g of P4 is added to 54.0 g of Cl2, and a chemical reaction occurs. To identify the limiting reactant, you will need to perform two separate calculations: 1) Calculate the number of moles of PCl5 ...
  11. Spanish Literature

    for my advanced spanish lit course I'm reading and presenting on the play "Historia del hombre que se covirtió en perro" by Osvaldo Dragún. I have to analyze and do a presentation on this piece of literature. After reading it I get a genral idea of the storyline however I'm ...
  12. Public Speaking

    This type of responsibility involves being aware of the consequences of what you speak about and how you say it. A. Thinking responsibility B. Criticizing responsibility C. Ethical responsibility D. Evaluating responsibly This is what I logically know: ♦Thinking ...
  13. Literature

    "Write a monologue revealing the unspoken thoughts and feelings of one of the characters in "Everything Stuck to Him." Use the personal pronoun "I." Choose one of the following scenes to step into the character's mind: a) the girl sitting up alone with the crying baby, b) the ...
  14. Final Exam- Honors Physical Science

    how can you determine the number of protons, electrons,neutrons, atomic number, and the atomic mass of an element using the periodic table? Atomic mass is given in the table, as well as the atomic number and atomic mass number. Atomic number is the number of protons, which is ...
  15. science

    I need some help with my science homework. Well it is not really my homework it is my study guide but the actual test is the same as the study guide almost. They just switch around the words and stuff around to mess with your mind. These were just the only 7 problems I need ...
  16. science

    I need some help with my science homework. Well it is not really my homework it is my study guide but the actual test is the same as the study guide almost. They just switch around the words and stuff around to mess with your mind. These were just the only 7 problems I need ...
  17. Physics

    A vessel at rest at the origin of an xy coordinate system explodes into three pieces. Just after the explosion, one piece, of mass m, moves with velocity (-30 m/s)i and a second piece, also of mass m, moves with velocity (-30 m/s)j. The third piece has mass 3m. (a) Just after ...
  18. essential mathematics 1

    simplify & show work 3/4 + 5/8 _________ = 3/4 - 1/2 Need help with this one
  19. algebra

    I need to simplify (6x^2y^3)(9x^2y^3)/3x^2y^2. I don't know whether I'm supposed to multiply or divide or both?
  20. Algebra 2

    Simplify: (8x^8 y^27) ^1/3 I need a little help learning how to work this problem out
  21. college pre-calculus

    simplify: 6-y/6/1/6-1/y 6-y/6*6y/y-6= 6y/6=y Is this correct help i need help!! answers: A. -y B. y C. -6/y D. -1/y which one?
  22. Algebra 1

    Simplify the expression: 15-3[2+6(-3)] I need a summer help on how to figure this out please. Thank you

    Simplify. (Assume that the denominator is not 0.) 4(t − 1) + 4/4t + 4
  24. Algebra

    simplify (x+3)(x^4-4x^2+5) Can you tell me the steps to take? I think I need to reorder it, but I don't know how.
  25. math

    If a ball is thrown vertically upward from the roof of 32 foot building with a velocity of 80 ft/sec, its height after t seconds is s(t)=32+80t–16t2. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? What is the velocity of the ball when it hits the ground (height 0)? for max...
  26. Suzy

    Can some one read my lab report for me... I have it almost finished.. I just need help on the discussion part Please
  27. hum

    I have to do a powerpoint presentation on teaching a younger person age 9 to 14 about Judaism . please help, need some info.
  28. Science

    I need some one to help me do my portfolio for reasons for the seasons I have to demonstrate how the angle of the sunlight affects its intensity, and I don't know how to do that.HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  29. English

    Can you please help me express the first two questions? I also need you to go through the other questions and tell me if they are grammatically correct. Thank you very much in advance. 1) What role does time play in the narrative technique of the interior monologue? 2) Which ...
  30. English

    In Posionwood Bible, what does Leah mean by: "Some people will send a bread-butter note after you have them over for dinner. Well, Anatole sent us a boy."
  31. Science

    I need some answers for my science essay... We have a research report and I cannot find these answers ANYWHERE. The sport I chose for the assignment was Quidditch (awesome, right?) and I cannot find work for a bludger, quaffle, golden snitch, or players. I need at least two ...
  32. math dealing with varibles

    solve this problem S-46=14 is it... a)34 b)31 c)32 d)none of the above do you know how to solve for S? You want all of the variables (in this case S) on one side and the numbers on the other. We have S on the left side; we leave it there. We need to move 46 to the right side. ...
  33. Math

    How do I write an equation or an inequality for this: the product of a number z and 12 is 60
  34. math

  35. math

    what is the number of factors of the product 126*216?
  36. MATH

  37. math

    What number, when has "4" as exponent and increases by 4, is equal to the product 26 and 10?
  38. Math

    Which shows the product of a number n and 12? A.n-12 B.n/12 C.12n D.n+12 Is the answer D?
  39. 5th grade math

    The sum of 6 and the product of 7 and a number is 75
  40. algebra

    The sum of two and the product of one and a number xx.
  41. math

    the product of -3 and a number is at least 9 -3a_> 9 is this right.
  42. mothergooze

    Fourteen subtracted from the product of 3 and a number equals 28
  43. Math

    Eight increased by the product of 2 and two less than a number
  44. 12

    the product of 4 consecutive even number is always divisible by
  45. math

    Estimating the product of a decimal and a whole number what is 8.02 x 70
  46. math

    Eight more than the product of two and a number x xxx.
  47. Referencing?

    I get pulled down an entire grade because of my inability to reference in the body of the text. I understand how to complete a reference list entirely correctly, and I understand APA referencing. I just have no idea how to reference in the body of the text - though I've tried ...
  48. Please help Physics!!!

    Two infinitely-long lines of charge run parallel to the z axis. One has positive unifonn charge per unit length, IvO, and goes through the x y plane at x=O, y=s/2. The other has negative unifonn charge per unit length, -A, and goes through x=O, y=-s/2. Nothing changes with the...
  49. English

    In shakespears Macbeth, i have to interview all of the major characters and investigate Duncan's death. I have to write this in the form of a playscript.. I need some help writing the questions and i should make it look like by the end of it that the suspect is Macbeth... ...
  50. another one ASAP

    using the number 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number. explain why the result of your operations is an ...
  51. AP Chemistry

    (a) What is the pH of a 2.0 molar solution of acetic acid. Ka of acetic acid = 1.8 x 10¯5 (b) A buffer solution is prepared by adding 0.10 liter of 2.0 molar acetic acid solution to 0.1 liter of a 1.0 molar sodium hydroxide solution. Compute the hydrogen ion concentration of ...
  52. Python programming

    1,000 students took an online course. 1/4th of them were from Africa, 1/4th from Europe , 1/4th from South America, and 1/4th from Asia. At the end of the course, the instructor observed that of the top 100 grades, 30 belonged to students from a single geographical area. He ...
  53. College Algebra

    1.x<5 and x ≥ 0 [0, 5) what will be the plotting points on a number line. 2. 4x-3<-3 and 4x+2>-14 (-4,0) what will be the plotting points on a number line. 3.2(3x-3)≥ 6 and 2(3x-4)less than sign or eaual to -8 Solution is false what will be the plotting points on ...
  54. English

    i need ajectives (5), adverbs(5), similie (1), idiom (1), metphor (1) decribing Violet Beauregarde i reli need this i don't have the movie so i cant not watch it and my some of my internet doesnt work soo i cant watch it on youtube or otha sites so can someone please help me...
  55. algebra

    If you replace the = sign of an equation with an inequality sign, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and the inequality?
  56. algebra

    If you replace the = sign of an equation with an inequality sign, is there ever a time when the same value will be a solution to both the equation and the inequality?
  57. MATH !!

    n lim(n→+∞)⁡ ∑ (3/4)^k = k=1 the n is supposed to be above the sigma sign and the k=1 is supposed to be below the sigma sign. thanks.
  58. chemistry

    what product is obtained by reacting methylamine with salicylaldehyde in a 1:1 ratio? This is related to your other about salicylaldehyde. The product is an imine and the other product is water.
  59. Laxy - English

    Most children are familiar with Dr. Seuss and "Green Eggs and Ham." You could use some of the catchy phrases there. Here are some children's songs about food to give you ideas. Select a tune they all know and make up some lines with the vocabulary you want to teach: 1. http://...
  60. debating

    i have a debate tomorrow at school and need tips on rebuttal and how to coclude/summarise my teams arguments. our topic is "the best part of the radio is the off switch" and my team are the affirmative side. if you can please help me Wouldn't it depend on what was playing? ...
  61. Government

    I have to write an essay on the question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the influence of interest groups. Do they have too much influence? Should there be more regulation of their activities? My question is, my textbook lists the advantages and disadvantages in ...
  62. physics

    compute the kinetic energy of an 1800 lb automobile traveling at 30 mi/hr. how many times as great is the kinetic energy if the velocity is doubled? compute the kinetic energy, in erg and in joules, of a 2 gram bullet travelling at 500 m/sec.
  63. algebra

    Solve the equation using the zero-product property. -9n(5n-5) a. -1/9, 1 b. 0,1***** c. -1/9,-1 d. 0,-1 Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation. if necessary, round to the nearest hundredth. x^2-6=x a. x=2,3 b. x=-2,3 ***** c. x=2,-3 d. x=-2,-3 How many real number ...
  64. math

    a stop sign has the shape of and octagon with each side measuring 0.5ft. to make a scale model to the sign, every dimesion is multiplied by 1/20. how is the ratio of th areas related to the ratio of the corrsesponding dimensions? what is the ratio of the ares?
  65. Literature

    'Explain why it is important for you to be able to say what you think. Include details that show how people form their opinions. Support your ideas with examples from 'Darkness At Noon' by Harold Krents and 'Homeless' by Anna Quindlen.' I reallyyy need help with this ...
  66. Physics

    Compute the magnitude of the tangential acceleration, the radial acceleration, and the resultant acceleration of a point on its rim after it has turned through 38.2^\circ. Enter your answers separated with commas.
  67. mba business reserach methods

    Sampling A manufacturing company's quality control personnel have recorded the proportion of defective items for each of 500 monthly shipments of one of the computer components that the company produces. See data below. The company doesn't have time to review all of these. (a...
  68. Math! Please Check My Awnser!

    Hello! I need some help with math! I have tried to do this but I am unsure about my answers. My I will identify my answers with a "<--". Also, if I have missed one, please tell me the right answer! Also, Thanks for your help in advance! Have a nice day! 1. Which of the ...
  69. Math

    Hi everyone, my name is Emerson. I was wondering if anybody could help me on a test. I'm stuck on some, but I think I know some others. Thank you! 1. Translate the phrase "nine more than two times a number" in to an algebraic expression. A. 9x + 2 B. 2x + 9 C. 9x - 2 D. 2x - 9...
  70. algebra 2

    Define a variable and write an inequality. Then solve. A local summer basecall team plays 20 games each season. So far, they have won 9 games and lost 2. How many more games much they win this season to win at least 75% of all their games? Just think through the problem. They ...
  71. Pre-Algebra

    Write a number sentence for the product shown on the number line ___________________ -10 -8 -6 -4 -2 0 2 The answer i came up with is 10 Because 5 times -2 equals ten. Please and thank-you I'm not sure what's meant by a 'number sentence' here Bowier4. Could please explain this...

    A product is assembled from 3 components X,Y,Z and the probability of these components being defective is 0.01, 0.02,0.05. i have to find the probability that the assumed product will not be defective? can someone explain to me, how do it? thanks
  73. English

    An agreement could be when you go to a furniture store like Ashley’s, and they have many sales going on, for example no interest until March 2017 but, payments have to be made in time, and furniture has to be paid before March 2017. If a person finds some furniture, and is ...
  74. algebra

    the number of cats that are homeless can be modeled by the equation N= 2.1t squared - 82t + 95 where N is the number of cats that are homeless and t=0 set as the current year.Use the quadratic model to find the number of years from now until the number of homeless cats is ...
  75. college physics

    You are in the lab with a 10 V battery. You have a 10 W light bulb and you want to put 0.75 A of current through the light bulb and 7.5 V across the light bulb. This will allow the light bulb to have a brightness proportional to 5.625 W. Assuming any resistors that you need, ...
  76. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) So he decides to make himself a hiding place. The narrator examines the material with which the ship was made (has/had been made?) and finds them strange. In particular, he notices that though well armed it is not a ...
  77. calc

    given S=piX(X+2Y) and V=piX^2Y show that dS/dX=pi(X-Y) when V is constant, and dV/dX=-piX(X-Y)when S is constant. Please HELP!! I have tried several times, and I don't get the result you asked for. If we're given S=piX(X+2Y), then dS/dx= piX(1+2Y')+pi(X+2Y)= pi(X+2XY'+X+2Y) or...
  78. misc

    i need some ideas of fun games and activities to do on a field day i've thought of doing different races, like three legged race etc. but i need more ideas, something other than board games or sports something new and creative please share some ideas thanks
  79. English

    Can you (Writeacher) check the following sentences, please? 1) During my winter holidays (can you say “in my….. “, is the singular possible?) 2) I stayed with my cousin (or it is better to say: I spent time with ..) 3) On Mondays I went to the volleyball training of ...
  80. Programming

    Input a list of positive numbers (terminated by 0) into array, find the largest number in the array, and output the result. Use a subprogram to input the numbers, a function to find the largest, and a subprogram to output the result.
  81. HELP! parenthetical citation

    I have a whole paragraph that basically summarizes a story. I have my own insight in the story. For example.. in this story blah blah blah I think that so and so blah blah blah. after doing this he did blah ... etc. i'm supposed to have three citations within my paper. do i ...
  82. Math

    The Political Noise Problem. The amount of background noise is important to television news reporters. One station developed the formula showing the noise level in decibels (N) as it relates to the time after the speaker stops talking in seconds (t). Use the equation below to ...
  83. History

    During the Continental Congress, two plans were put forth to create a design for Congress. Which of the following best describes how Congress would be designed, according to the New Jersey Plan? A.)There would be one house, and representatives would be chosen according to the ...
  84. English

    Please help me to correct Grammar 2. To what extent is CA relate to culture? Is it possible to analyze a particular conversation with no regard of cultural schemata? Support your argument with what you have learnt in this course. Conversation analysis concern with analysis of ...
  85. Algebra (check my answers)

    Please check these answers. Multiply -7(2a2 -4) = -14a2 + 28 Multiply 0.5(a + b -5) = 0.5a + 0.5b - 2.5 Factor bx - by + bz = b(x - y + z) Combine like terms (simplify) 12x + 4 - 11y - 6x - 9 - y = 6x - 12y - 5 Evaluate the expression 3x2y when x = 3 and y = 5 Answer: 135 ...
  86. Complex numbers - quadratic formula

    Let a and b be real numbers. The complex number 4 - 5i is a root of the quadratic z^2 + (a + 8i) z + (-39 + bi) = 0. What is the other root? I did a lot of work on hand and with wolfram alpha but it doesn't simplify itself easily at all....anyone have any help to offer? Thanks
  87. Organic Chemistry

    What would be the acid base reaction of: c2h30- and phenol(benzenol) C6H5OH be? Ok so this would result in the production of water, and the double bonds in phenol would open up and react, but I don't know what the end product would be??
  88. physics...PLZ HELP! =)

    A constant force acts on a moving object. The object makes a fixed magnitude of displacement in some direction. In general, in what direction is the displacement that will result in the object traveling with the least kinetic energy after the displacement occurs? A.The same ...
  89. Chemistry

    A "neon" sign contains 2.4¡Ñ10^2mL of argon. Assuming that the gas is at standard temperature and pressure, there is 1.00 moles of gas per 22.4 L of volume. How many argon atoms are present in this sign?
  90. Pre-Algebra(please help ASAP!!!!!)

    how would I go about doing this problem? a (division sign) 4.9 = 8.33 Since this equation has a division sign...how would I solve it? Can I still do the original subtract and add method?...
  91. Sign Language

    A(n) ______ setting is one in which speech, lip-reading, and hearing are utilized instead of American Sign Language Deaf/Blind Hard of Hearing*** oral institutional
  92. english

    Some people have more than 100 and some have none...what am i
  93. brain drain

    some have more than a hundred some have none
  94. math

    I have some of the answers to this project but I need help with the last couple of answers. Your next project will involve painting the walls and ceiling of your room. First find the surface area of each wall and the ceiling in square feet. NOTE: you need to CLEARLY identify ...
  95. American Sign Language

    I need help writing in ASL gloss, can someone that knows ASL please help me? Thanks so much!
  96. Math

    Gabby has 130 insects in her bug collection that have wings and 70 that have pincers. She wants to buy display cases for her collection. Each display cases should have an equal number of insects with wings and pincers. If she wants each display case to have the greatest number...
  97. maths-urgently needed

    Consider the number 6135246. Jai can change this number in the following way. He can select atleast one digit and at most six digits (which need not necessarily be consecutive) from this number, and shift them to the rightmost in their respective order. For example- If she has...
  98. Chemistry

    Hello, Sorry to bother you all, but i have a quick question. If I needed to use heat in a reaction, for example, Ca(OH)2(s) + 2NH4Cl(s) = 2H2O(g) + 2NH3(g) + CaCl2(s) Do I need to put "+heat" on the reactant side when writing my equation? Thanks in advance! :)
  99. algebra

    solve for x (24+2x)(10+2x) - 240 = 152 First multiply. 24(10) = ___ 2x (2x) = ____ Now subtract 240. Can you finish the problem from here? dont i need to put this in equatic equation to solve for x. cause i need to find the width of a small rectangle inside a bigger triangle. ...
  100. Math

    Some of Helen's plants need water every day, some need water every other day, and others need water every third day. If she waters them all today, how many days will it be before she waters them all again?
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