I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. English

    It is a small world. (What is the meaning of this sentence? When do we use this expression? And what does "It" refer to? What is the meaning/use of "It"?)
  2. Calculus

    Hi it's me again I need help with this too and I promise to never use this site again! I feel so ashamed for asking :( Use the Fundamental Theorem to evaluate the integral from 0 to 3 of the quantity x cubed minus 6 times x, dx.The answer has to have the antiderivative too. ...
  3. Math

    1. The figure represents the overhead view of a deck surrounding a hot tub. What is the area of the deck? Round to the nearest tenth. *IF You search this question it is the first link that comes up that has the image. It just doesn't give me a clear explanation and I need help...
  4. Math

    For questions 1–3, use the Distributive Property to write an equivalent expression. 1. 2f + 10 (1 point) A. f(2 +10) B. 2 (f + 5) C. 2(f + 10) 2. 20 + 24g (1 point) A. 4 (5 + 6g) B. 20 (1 + 4g C. 5 (4 + 6g 3. 32b - 20 (1 point) A. 4(8b - 20) B. 2(32b - 10) C. 4(8b - 5) For ...
  5. math

    You have 10 boxes and 44 marbles. Is it possible to put all of your marbles in the boxes in such a way that each box contains a different number of marbles?
  6. English

    You have to pay the maintenance fee every month for 50,000 won. You should also pay the gas fee. If you use a lot of gas, you have to pay more money. You have to pay the electricity fee as well. You have to put waste into a waste plastic bag. However, the items which can be ...
  7. english

    Is being overly skinny, not eating regularly or cosmetic surgery really appealing? Well, we're in a society where celebrities have taken over individuals' lives. That we as individuals don't have much pride in ourselves anymore . We have to put in our mind that plastic surgery...
  8. business

    I need some ideas on how General Motors can gain market share, what are some of the recommandations for them. Thanks.
  9. science

    im doing a powerpoint on valleys and i need some facts if there some websites you can send me too that wood be graet
  10. 7th grade

    i need help in social studies my finals are tomorrow and i need to know some answers such as how are native americans able to live successfully in any culture groups I NEED MY ANSWER ASAP PLEASEEEE
  11. Algebra

    Task Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 3 Parts: See Assignment Details Points Possible: 150 Due Date: 11/5/2012 11:59:59 PM CT Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in ...
  12. English

    So ms. Sue before you say that theme of story be don’t look back or you be destroyed. ms. sue before I start this paragraph, I also need to put 5 quotes in paragraph from story, which u think be best ones to put in there?
  13. Science

    What groups of organisms are most in danger of extinction? [I'm not to sure. I think it's c.] a.Those with small populations b.those that migrate or need special habitats d.both (a) and (b) Since you didn't put C down, I don't have any idea as to what the possibilities are.
  14. ms sue - thanks

    is this correct on string of nouns you need and before the last one. On adjectives you do not? These sentences below are incorrect: incorrect Helen is bright, friendly, and confident. ( take out and) We have many dogs, cats, lions. (put in and)
  15. calculus BC slope

    consider the curve in xy-plane by x=e^t and y=te^(-t) for t is greater or equal to o. the slope of the line tangent to the curve at the point where x=3. all the answer choices are decimal points. a is 20.086, b is .342, c is -.005, d is -.011 and e is -.033 so what i did is ...
  16. math

    3 digit number, divisible buy 5, odd number, product of the digits is 15, sum of digits is less than 10 and less than 12by12
  17. Physics

    Ironman steps from the top of a tall building. He falls freely from rest to the ground a distance of h. He falls a distance of h/ 3 in the last interval of time of 1.1 s of his fall. Hint: First, compute the velocity when Ironman reaches the height equal to the distance fallen...
  18. Math

    I have a triangle with equal sides. Then a s cons triangle is put in the middle so I have four triangles. Triangles are continued to be put instead so I have more and more triangles. As more triangles are added in the same space, the size of them are getting smaller. Could you...
  19. Language Arts Ms. Sue?? Writeacher?? Reed?

    Which word has both of the following meanins? a sign or evidence of some past thing to follow the path or line of something -draw -trace*** -sketch -sight Thank you!
  20. 8th grade math

    I need the equation for these numbers: 3, 9, 19, 33, 51 I see that the pattern goes up by 6, then 10, then 14, then 18 (4 more each time)
  21. spanish

    supply the form of ser that goes with the following subjects el, nosotros, yo I need a few examples for help
  22. Science

    I need help with finding a picture that goes with Newton's first, second,and third law of motion
  23. tangrams

    for my class i have to write a pair of directions for a animal made from a tangram but i kno how to put it together but don't kno how to explain the directions PLEASE HELP I NEED IT BY TOMORROW AND ITS GRADE
  24. Math

    I need to express the following in equivalent form: m-2/m^2-5m+6 , 2x+6/x^2-6x-27 , a^2+a/a^2+2a+1 , 2w+1/2w^2+2w+1 , 8Z+6Z^2/9z^2-16 I really don't understand how I can do this if the denominator is smaller and I just don't see how I can simplify since I think that's what it'...
  25. hum- need some info please

    Ms. Sue, Need your help in helping me finding some info to help answer this question. Consider the interrelatedness of everything in the cosmos as it is expressed in many indigenous religions. How do you think the importance of these relationships developed? What spiritual ...
  26. ALGEBRA again still need help !

    need help solving this word problem, converting from words to an equation 48 equals a number increased by 6, and the sum, all multiplied by 5. I have the answer, but I am unable to set up an equation. answer - x=3 3/5
  27. English

    I know that no one is here to do my homework but I am in quite a pickle today. I really need someone to give me a intro that I can start off on. Or even a sentance. I am really confused right now. a sentance is all i ask. Here is a sentence: Shakespeare used time to bring ...
  28. chem

    Compute 4659¯0−214¯00. Round the answer appropriately. Express your answer numerically using the proper number of significant figures.
  29. math

    simplifying radical expressions 3\/""""4""7" 250z x sorry it was hard to type some of the characters.so it's cube on outside of 250 z to the 4th, xto the 7th inside the radical sign
  30. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 1.53 m/s from a point 4.21 m above the ground. Calculate the time in which the ball reach the ground. I'm figuring I have to do something with 9.80 which is gravity but I don't know what.
  31. Math

    need to describe 3 different problem solving approaches to this problem, one I think is algebra, but don't know how to solve, and i need to say how to solve each one in each different way, please help with this. aaron is thinking of a number, if its doubled, increased by 10, ...
  32. chemistry

    When do you put the suffix (g) after a compound?
  33. Science

    I have some homework questions that i am having problems finding. Please help! 1. What is the value of math to science? 2. What is the value of using graphs to represent data? 3. How do units give numbers meaning and help verify correct formulas? 4. Why are derived units more ...
  34. physic ap

    i want to know im right. my answer: x= 16t^2 + 9.8m/s here is the question: An object, with velocity v0 m/s falls with constant acceleration 9.8m/s. how fast it goes after falling x m?
  35. Physics

    During takeoff, a plane goes from 0 to 50 m/s in 8s. What is its acceleration? Halos fast is it going after 5 s? How far had it traveled by the time it reaches 50 m/s?
  36. chem - Urgent, please help

    0.702g arsenic combines with 0.225g of oxygen to make an oxide of arsenic. When heated this produces a gas with a volume of 52cm3. How do i work out the molecular formula of the oxide when its in a gaseous state? The weight ratio will tell you, after dividing by atomic weights...
  37. algebra

    State if the inverse of y=x^2-4 is a function. So, I got y= squareroot of x+4 I'm don't think it's a function because of even roots, but I'm not sure
  38. Math

    If a number of 2 digits is divided by the sum of its digits, the quotient is 2 and the remainder is 2. If it's multiplied by the sum of its digits, the result is 112. Find the number.
  39. Math

    1. Which sentence will make the number sentence |-12| ? 12 true? A. = B.*equal sign w line through it* C. <*** D. > 2. How is the sentence "8 less than y is 2" written as an equation? A. 8-y=2*** B. Y=2-8 C. Y-8=2 D. Y+8=2 3. Which sentence will make the number sentence...
  40. math

    dev has 120 stickers.he is going to get some more stickers,n,from his friend.write an expression using n to show how many stickers dev will have. please could you do it quickly i have to give this in after the half term and the other question i did!!!
  41. Need your help!!!! Plzzzz (whales)

    I think someone ask the question before, however, i wanted to find a rationale about whales: the rationale should include why it is important for elementary students to know or learn about whales. Like Sarah, I have been having problems designing a rationale. I am trying to ...
  42. Math

    / - fraction sign, not a division sign Solve the following equation -4=7/33x a. x=132/7 b. x=-132/7 c. x=-7/132 d. -33/28
  43. Calculus Physics

    A box and one force vector, F1 is shown. F1 = + 10 N. If the mass of the box is 3 kg, what is the magnitude and direction of a force, F2, that would need to be applied if the box was to have an acceleration of + 2 m/s 2 in the horizontal direction. (Indicate direction by ...
  44. Marketing

    A)Explain why the return on investment in advertising diminishes as more is invested in advertising. I understand that ROI= (Gain from investment – Cost of Investment)/Cost of Investment. I guess I could say that the more you invest in advertising (Cost of Investment) the ...

    Where should the comma go in the following sentence? Throughout the novel, Steinbeck has foreshadowed the novel's ending by giving some details about Candy's old dog which Carlson shot since it was getting too old and useless. Should it go after the word "dog" or after the ...
  46. chemistry

    Tantalum metal is produced by reaction of potassium heptafluorotantalate (K2TaF7) with elemental sodium (Na) in a reactor heated to 850oC. The by-products are potassium fluoride (KF) and sodium fluoride (NaF). The reactor is charged with 208.0 kg of K2TaF7 and 28.0 kg of Na. ...
  47. Math For Educators

    A homeowner empties her hot water heater every 36 days and changes the filter in the heat pump every 48 days. She did both on Friday September 17th, 2012. When will she do both on the same day? ( give the day of the week, date, month and year. also the date is made up and not ...
  48. English

    I like vegetable soup. It is good for digestion. The following are the ingredients: two carrots, one radish, five mushrooms, many leeks, and two egplants. 1. First, wash the plants cleanly. You have to get rid of chemicals, so prepare a big bowl of water and add one tens of ...
  49. math

    On this question:She then ate half of the remaining Skittles and saved the rest. What fraction of the bag of Skittles did she save? Simplify the fraction,if possible Did I have to simplify 25/80 to get 5/16? If I did where was I suppose to get 25/80 from cause I thought it was...
  50. Calculus

    I do not understand what this question is asking and how to get the result for it: "Suppose we have a metal bar of length L0 metres at temperature T0 in degrees Celsius.When the bar is heated or cooled, the length of the bar changes. The amount that the length changes is ...
  51. nedd as much help as possible thanks!

    What problem arises in trying to predict the type of compound formed by the reaction of gold and selenium? I honsetly have no Idea like Ihave read researched whn I was looking for some help I stumbled across this website and i was hoping you guys could help a brother out ...
  52. A big one!

    Using logarithmic differentiate technique, find dy/dx y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] raised to the power of 1/5 I don't know how to type this. It is the 5th root of all those. You have y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³]1/5 so ln y = (1/5)ln([(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] = (1/5){ln...
  53. opinon

    I mean seeing professors to get help. Yes. Frankly I think it is a good idea to go to each one and introduce yourself if you have not done so. A very short social visit (short meaning a couple of minutes). Now for help. Yes go see them, you may not get the help you seek, but ...
  54. Science

    I have 2 questions. 1.) Is there a powder that just contains insoluble fiber. I know that Benifiber and many other products contain soluble fiber or both soluble and insoluble fiber. But for the experament I have put together i need an insoluble fiber powder ONLY! I have not ...
  55. English

    Paragraph One: the Resume Statement I need to write a one paragraph resume statement. This paragraph will go at the top of my resume, and convince the human resource officer to take my application seriously. It must be persuasive. Paragraph Two: The Website Summary I need to ...
  56. English

    What is the meaning of "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return"?
  57. Today is my.......

  58. algebra

    I need help with a couple of math problems. subtract 5m^2+2m+9 from 7m^2-5m-8 simplify (m^4)^3(m^2)^9/(m^3)^2
  59. ALGEBRA 1

    I need to simplify a rational expression. 2xsquared+11x-6/x+6
  60. Math

    Simplify (7x8)-2x7+7 Need to show work
  61. MATH 116

    Need the simplify or expression to this problem:.75 times 5 is 3.75.
  62. Calculus

    Take the derivative of the following functions. You do NOT need to simplify. h(x)=(6x^3+2x)/(x^2-3x+5)= F(x)=(5x^2+1)(3x-2) =
  63. math

    i need to divide and simplify 11y-44/25 divided by y-4/35y
  64. algebra 1

    √625x^4z^8y^2 I don't need to solve it, just simplify it Thanks
  65. Math

    I need help with knowing how to simplify this radical. (8*sqrt7s/sqrt28s^3)
  66. Precal

    The number of people in a town of 10,000 who have heard a rumor started by a small group of people is given by the following function: N(t) = 10,000/(5 + 1245e-.97t) 14. How many people were in the group that started the rumor? 15. How many people have heard the rumor after 1 ...
  67. math

    The product of 2 consecutive is 48,find the number.
  68. maths

    3 4 7 8 9 find the product of the smallest number
  69. math

    The product of my digits is 10. I'm an even number who am I?
  70. Math

    Write 84 as a product of a prime number
  71. math

    Five More than the product of a number and -3 is -2
  72. math

    how can i find the product of this number 3 x 16 by breaking it ?
  73. Math

    What does nine less than the product of a number and 4
  74. Algebra 1

    9 less than the product of 7 squared and a number is 6
  75. Alegra

    Five less than the product of -3 and a number is -2.
  76. math

    COULD 35 ever be the product of 10 and another number?Explain
  77. prealgebra

    translate; the quotient of 41 and the product of a number and 35
  78. Math

    Nine less than the product of 2 and a number is 4
  79. math

    the product of a number and five decreased by eight
  80. Math Help

    Which shows the product of a number n and 12? 1. n - 12 2. n/12 3. 12n *** 4. n + 12
  81. Math

    What is the product of -1 3/8 and 2 4/5 expressed as a mixed number?
  82. maths

    the product of two number is 380 what will be their L.C.M. if their h.c.f is 1?
  83. math

    The square root of the product of 4 and a number is 26
  84. econ question

    2 questions that im stuck on!!! 1. Suppose a firm has a production function Q = 3(squareroot)N, where N is labour. Suppose the wage is 3, and the price of the output 4. (a) Write the Firm profits (b) Calculate the firm optimal labour choice when the wage is 3. 2. 2. Suppose a ...
  85. Math

    Find the slope of the line that goes through the given points. I think my answer is correct but would appreciate some feedback so that I may compare! Thanks in advance! (3,-2),(-1,-6) Responses
  86. Science

    what are some ideas i can put on a title page with the subject HEAT

    HI. For one of my classes i need to invent/innovate a product. So it is a year long project and if anyone has anyone sort of ideas it would be really helpful. Thanks (Thin along the lines of what you really hate and need fixed)
  88. US History

    What were the three most signigicant consequences of the industrialization of the American economy after the Civil War? Explain your choices. I am having trouble coming up with three consequences. I need some ideas. Thanks
  89. U.S. History

    I'm have to do a essay about why the Second Amendment is important to us. I need some help writing it. Has to be at least 1000 words.
  90. short story,Part 2

    I have finish all 20 question just need some to recheck. exam#00778800.Thank you
  91. 9th grade geography

    What are some motives for conflict that have affected the balkan paninsula for centuries? I need four
  92. Environmental Science

    What is a few terrestrial resource issues? I have to pick one to do a powerpoint and I need some ideas. Thank You
  93. Physics >.<

    A big truck has a mass of 5,000kg. It is moving down the road at a velocity of 15m/s. As it approaches a stop sign, the driver tries to stop, but the truck slides on ice and hits a car (mass = 500kg) that is stopped. After the collision, they move separately, the truck ...
  94. Graphing

    Okay, so I need to make a line graph for career advancement. Would I put the job position on the vertical axis or the horizontal one? And Where would I put the years of experience needed to reach that position? ON the horizontal or vertical? Please help. thank you.
  95. chemistry

    I was asked to bring something into class with a pressure less than 1.0 atm, after researching i found out that if I heated a bottle it will shrink and therefore this bottle will have the needed pressure. the problem is that after I put the bottle inside the microwave for 1 or...
  96. computers

    The ACME Company has approached you with a request to develop the psuedocode that will control the operations of their new series of vending machines. The program will be required to maintain the product inventory and money reservoir. The program should do the following ...

    The slash (/) line represents that the number is a fraction. divide: sqrt45 / sqrt81 = simplify: 7sqrt3 / sqrt5 = Multiply: sqrt7/sqrt8 X sqrt24/sqrt49 = Thanks for the advice regarding how to show square root symbol correctly. Also thank for taking the time to help with these...
  98. accounting

    Assume that the following transactions affected owners' equity for De Soto Inc. during 2011. Feb. 1- Sold 40,000 shares of common stock in the market. Apr. 1- Purchased 3,000 shares of common stock to be held as treasury stock. Paid cash dividends of $0.50 per share. May 1- ...
  99. Math- Interest Rates

    Yvonne put $4,000 in a savings account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $960 in simple interest. A. how much does she have in her account at the end of 3 years? B. at what annual simple interest rate did the account grow? c. how many more dollars would she have ...
  100. math problem

    I'm trying to get a handle on what square roots are (I think that's what they are called). Here is an example. 4(almost like a division sign but it is more like a check mark)3. I don't understand what it is, its a square root? and How do I deal with these things? A square root...
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