I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. PRE*******ALGEBRA

    WRITE A FUNCTION RULE TO DESCRIBE EACH SITUATION. PLEASE HELP I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS AT ALL. The number of pounds p(z)as a function of the number of ounces z. The selling price s(c)after a 45% markup of an item as a function of the stores' cost c. The total number of miles m...
  2. Civics

    Speaker 2: The law would make anyone who looks under 18 without an ID after dark into a criminal. That's not the answer; that's a police state. Confining innocent youth to house arrest does not make young people more responsible. Jan decides to do some more research on the ...
  3. Social

    I think the order goes like this: 1. math,science, and literature 2. trade and commerse 3. division of labour (jobs) 4. technology what do u think if the order is wrong can show me put it right please and thank you
  4. math

    I am a 2-digit number over 50. When you put me in groups of 7, two are left over. The sum of my digits is 11. What number am I?
  5. Math help plz ASAP.

    Rationalize each denominator. 6 + square root of 2 ____________________________ square root of 3 PLZ HELP..dont kno how to do this question.plz explain..thanks You have (6 + sqrt(2))/sqrt(3) multiply that by sqrt(3)/sqrt(3) to get [(6 + sqrt(2))*sqrt(3)]/3 and simplify To ...
  6. Math

    The upward velocity, v, of the water in a fountain is 28 more than the product of -32 and t, where t is the number of seconds after the water leaves the fountain. As the water moves upward, its velocity decreases until it reaches the top where the velocity is zero
  7. Algebra

    I need some help with algebra I'm not sure how to get to the answer. Find the number of terms in each sequence. 1. a1=4 an=42 d=2 2. a1--0.3 an=-36 d=2.1 3. 1/12, 1/8, 1/6, 5/24, 1/4,......9/8 Evaluate each sum. 1. There is an e like symbol that has a 15 on top on the bottom n...
  8. Math!

    Describe how you would estimate the square root of a number that is not a perfect square without using a calculator. Can someone please explain? I need some help.
  9. algebra homework help

    Let x be the unknown number. If a number divided by −42 is increased by −89, the result is −87. 8/-42-89=-87
  10. algebra homework help

    Let x be the unknown number. If a number divided by −42 is increased by −89, the result is −87. n/-42-89=-87 or is it n/-42+-89=-87
  11. Meaning

    What does this mean? Make a list of potential volunteer or service projects that could impact this need.
  12. pre-algebra

    Solve the inequality- a/3>4 -2n<10 p/(-2)<-5 Trreat the inequality sign just like the = sign in an equation. a/3>4 a/3 * 3> 4 * 3 a>12 Do similar processes with the other inqualities. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  13. Sign Language

    _____ used finger spelling exclusively Rochester Method American Sign Language Signed Exact English Cued Speech***
  14. Stats

    The director of admissions at Kinzua University in Nova Scotia estimated the distribution of student admissions for the fall semester on the basis of past experience. Admissions Probability 1,080 0.5 1,340 0.2 1,660 0.3...
  15. math

    Find the representation of the number 256 in the following bases: a. base six b. base twelve c. base two I get how to write the number of objects as a base(whatever), but I think this is asking me to start from the end number and work backwards. I really need help. I have two ...
  16. Physics

    A purple beam is hinged to a wall to hold up a blue sign. The beam has a mass of mb = 6.7 kg and the sign has a mass of ms = 17.4 kg. The length of the beam is L = 2.83 m. The sign is attached at the very end of the beam, but the horizontal wire holding up the beam is attached...
  17. Math

    Lucy wants to find out the number of frogs in the pond near her house she catches 54 of them puts on a leg bands on each frog and put them back in the pond the next week she catches 70 frogs of those 70 frogs 13 have a leg band based on this information what is a responsible ...
  18. College English

    Can you eliminate all the crutch verbs in this story and still make it sound good? I prefer to live life in a large city where I can enjoy the freedom to do things that can't be done in a small town, where thier life's like thier neighbors. Their beliefs regarding proper ...
  19. physics

    A sign is held in position by 3 cables sign weight 215N, what is the tension in each of the 3 cables
  20. Algebra

    I'm not sure how to write a radical sign on the computer but the problem is y+3-4=5 inside a radical sign.
  21. math

    if =65 tan "o"(theta sign), what is the approximate change in h when (theta sign) changes from 60 degree to 60°03’.
  22. reading

    i don't understand this question nad i need an answer : make a list of words that would entice you to purchase a product. need answer:) thanx
  23. algebra

    How do you simplify this expression, assuming all variables are positive? (3a^1/2b^1/3)^2 The carrot symbol represents exponents. It is a^1/2 and b^1/3, just so you know. Square each term in the parenthesis. 3^2 = 9 (a^1/2)^2 = a (b^1/3)^2 = b^2/3 Put it all together: 9 a b^2/...
  24. computers please help

    Hi i'm taking a intro to technology class and we have this assignment where we take different types of computers and find information. but i'm stuck. i need to find the speed of the motherboard for all of them. here's a list of them i have find for: 80386Dx, 80386SX, 80486DX, ...
  25. English

    I need to simplify and clarify sentences number 1 and 3. Can you check the word choice (ex. impose) in the other sentences, too? 1)The Victorians were great moralizer: they faced a large number of problems on such a scale, that they felt obliged to so they promoted a code of ...
  26. language(involes songs)

    Hi, for a language project i have to make up a "lady" and my title is lady of the fire. When i present to the class i need to play part of a song(the song has to have no words)and it has to do with my title so, "fire" i guess or music that sort of goes with the theme of fire. ...
  27. Algebra II

    I need some help with some problems as well as need some checked. Could you please help me? Thanks! 1. How do you graph y=1/x 2. How do I the x and y intecepts using a graph? Solve and check the linear equation. 9. (-4x-2)+7=-3(x+3) I got 14 10. -2[7x-7-6(x+1)]=2x+5 I got 21/4...
  28. essay

    I am writing an essay for school and I need some more ideas about why do we need healthcare? can you give me some ideas how to start it off to make a very good essay
  29. biology

    how do you draw tryptophan and i need to know what goes around the pentagon part etc. thanks
  30. algebra

    If a train goes 25 mph how many hours. Does it need to go in 125 miles
  31. algebra

    help please the equation of y= 1777x+27,153 can be used to predict the number yof gun deaths in the united states after 2000 that is x=0 corresponds is x=2000x=3 x=correspopnds to 2003 x=6 corresponds to 2003 abd so on predict the number of gun deaths in 2006 and 2009 in what ...
  32. math

    how would you simplify this equation: y = (x+3)/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] please help me! you have three variables. I am not certain "simplify" is an appropriate term here. ohhhh it was my mistake. I meant: y = h/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] y = h/[(4-sqrt(16+h))] rationalize the denominator.. y...
  33. Algebra 2

    I need to use zero product property on these equations and I just need a few examples to get myself started on the other problems since I don't understand it at all. :c Help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. f(x)=x^2+8x+12 g(x)=6x&2+20x-16
  34. math

    1/4 + 1/8 = i need to simplify it but i don't know how!! please help and thank you.
  35. college math

    I need help to simplify (-9)(-7) + 6?
  36. math

    simplify: 6-y/6/1/6-1/y 6-y/6*6y/y-6= 6y/6=y Is this correct help i need help!!
  37. Math -- 6th Grade

    The sum of two decimal numbers is 5.3. Their difference is 1.7, and their product is 6.3. What are the two numbers? Does the product have anything to do with getting the answers?
  38. Math

    How do you find a square root of a number that's not a perfect square? I'm very confused. The book doesn't explain it too well. You can approximate it or simplify it in terms of (products of) square roots of smaller numbers. E.g. consider sqrt[117] The number 177 can be ...
  39. IT 221

    I need help with this one because I don't even know where to start. I need to use microsoft project to develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) for my project. ok I tried going into Microsoft project put I just don't know how to organize it, and i can't even figure out how to ...
  40. english language

    meanings of the following with sentence example. accept Arctic Balloon Banana Barrel Bruise Burglar Chocolate Eight February Fierce Island Journey Niece Scissors Thief Visitor Weird Woolen Yacht accept= to aggree to do sth. ex. She accepted our offer. Arctic= a big sea ex. We ...
  41. Writing Sources

    I am trying to prove why I think parents having a child reduces their rate of commiting a crime. My basic reasoning is that most parents love their new child and start to realize that they need to better their life in order for their childeren to have the best life they can. I...
  42. Math

    When 6 gallons of gasoline are put into a car's tank, the indicator goes from 1/4 of a tank to 5/8. What is the total capacity of the gasoline tank?
  43. math

    a florist has 20 daisies and 36 carnations. She wants to put the same number of each type of flower into vases. what are the possible number of vases she can use?
  44. Algebra

    I need an equation for L that satisfies the given geometric condition. L has a y intercept (0,3) and is parallel to the equation y = 2/3x+1 Please take me step by step so I can understand. Thank you well they would have the same slope 2/3x except this line has a y intercept of...
  45. Social Studies Project

    For social studies i have to do a project called the "american dream" We have to create a poster of pictures that we think defines what the american dream is for either america or our own dream. Im doing what i think americas american dream is. I only have 4 pictures at the ...
  46. math

    a car goes to 10km due south,then it turns west and goes 5 km.Now it turns back and goes 10km due north.Where is the car from starting point?
  47. English grammar check

    Choose the correct answer which corrects the following sentences without changing its meaning 1. I want to get a well-paying job. Which is why I am attending college. a. I want to get a well-paying job. Which is why I am attending college. b. I want to get a well-paying job, ...

    x = 2 , 4 , 6 , 8 y = 18, 34, 50, 66 This is supposed to be a table where the x lines up with the y in order How would I find the equation to solve this when x = 20? x goes up by +2 y goes up by +16 but starts with 18
  49. Science

    which action would result in the more (financially) valuable product: taking one proton from each nucleus in a sample of gold or adding one proton to each gold nucleus? Taking a proton (p) away 79 AU - 1p = atomic number 78?? Adding a Proton Au79 + 1p = ??80 Which is more ...
  50. math

    I HAVE TWO QUESTIONS: I HAVE TO MULTIPLY AND SIMPLIFY AND I HAVE NO CLUE HERE ARE THE PROBLEMS: 1. 7a-21a^2/9a^2+6a+1 x 9a^2+6a+1/9a^2-1 2. 2a+2/8a+24 x 4x+12/2x^2-2
  51. English

    1. I don't understand why you're upset. 2. I don't understand why you'r crazy. --------------------------- Are both similar in meaning? ===================================== 3. I pased you message on to my mother. 4. I pased you message to my mother...
  52. Algebra 1--Please, help me! (Steve)

    Mulitiply. Simplify your answer. 1. 3r^2t/6st^3 x 2r^2s^3t^2/8r^4s^2 Add or subtract. Simplify your answer. 2. x^2 + x/x^2 + 3x + 2 + 3/x + 2 3. The Escobar family went on a car trip. They drove 100 miles on country roads and 240 miles on the highway. They drove 50% faster on ...
  53. stats

    a candidate receives 60% of the N votes in an election, where N is very large. Compute the probability that he leads after a count of the first 100 votes.
  54. physics

    Does the KE of a car change more when it goes from 10 to 20 km/h or when it goes from 20 to 30 km/h?
  55. Algebra 2

    Before I go on and give you the problenms let me explain. i am not some lazy kid trin to get people to do my homework over the internet. I am freshman that just recently skippeda garde in math and I need some help. The problems below are from my pop quiz out of the text book i...
  56. Algebra 2

    Before I go on and give you the problenms let me explain. i am not some lazy kid trin to get people to do my homework over the internet. I am freshman that just recently skippeda garde in math and I need some help. The problems below are from my pop quiz out of the text book i...
  57. Physics

    In a vacuum, two particles have charges of q1 and q2, where q1 = +3.8C. They are separated by a distance of 0.37 m, and particle 1 experiences an attractive force of 4.7 N. What is the value of q2, with its sign? Two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 1.45 × 10-...
  58. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1.After each written test the class representatives are required to count the tests. put them in alphabetical order and give them back to me. 2.Before handing the tests back to you, I’ll register the marks...
  59. Social Studies

    Where do most people in Arabia and Iraq live? A. In the Fertile Crescent B. in the Rub, al-Khali C. In cities*** D. in and around mecca Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to economies in the region? A. lack of water B. trade with ...
  60. Global Politics

    Reposting question because I think I messed up! ____________________________________________ What are some issues that Russia is dealing with right now, and how can they be potentially solved? What are some good things that happened? ...
  61. English

    Writeacher, I urgently need your help to check a few things. 1) Which of them is the girl to whom you are enganged? 2) Paris, which I visited las year, is one of the most romantic cities I've been to/to which I've been/where I've been/where I've stayed/which I've been to/in ...
  62. Radicals

    i need help solving this problem.. -2 multiplied by the square root of 5 multiplied by 3 which is multiplied by the square root of 6 which is also multiplied by the (-)negitive square root of 7 plz put the problem in symbols as it is shown in your textbook or wherever it is. i...
  63. medical terminology

    what is the prefix for the following words: three equal, same as absence of, without Also need some suffix help: cut into, make an incision (suffix) excessive or abnormal increase in (suffix) swelling or tumor (suffix) This is homework and I need some help Thank You!!
  64. Grammar and punctuation help

    have got these sentence right. I have gotten good grades since I started taking college classes. no change She drove the car right into the garage, because the breaks got stuck. no change When the garage door was closed, we decided to paint it. We decided to paint the garage ...
  65. Religious Studies and Ethics

    I am trying to write a little paragragh on RS, the subject and I need to write about the many siginificant discoveries that have been really helpfyul in the past 100 years or in recent years. I just need some ideas.
  66. Science

    I need to make an acrostic poem for science. My teacher said that each letter needs to start a sentence about plant life. The word is photosynthesis. I need some ideas by the 13th of June. I already have p-h-o-t of photosynthesis. Pls help me!
  67. Math- Geometry Proofs

    What are some ways to prove that a triange is isoscles? i have to make a two column proof based on a problem. What is the exact problem I need help with my geometry homework. We are doing proofs and i need some help because proofs are really hard!! def. isosceles -or- if two ...
  68. Mathematics

    Hello, I am currently computing the "efficiency index" of an iterative method, given by this formula E = p^(1/m), where p is the order of the method and m is the number of functional evaluation of the iterative method. However, i do not know how to compute or count the number ...
  69. URGENT: Grade 8 Math

    In my math question it says: Multiply. Simplify before multiplying. Use benchmarks to estimate to check the product is resonable. a)3/4 x 8/5 is one of the equations What are benchmarks?
  70. english essay

    could some one please proofread this There are many reasons why a person should go to college, aside from receiving a college degree. Many people have their own personal beliefs about why a person should attend college but I will share my own views on why college is important...
  71. calculus

    Let f(x)=–5x(x–5). Then f'(–1)= And after simplifying f'(x)= Hint: You may want to expand and simplify the expression for f(x) first.
  72. Math

    How to simplify this equaiton? -5[55-(14-84)]=? I know that what is in the ( ) comes first so what do I do after -5[55-(-70)] please help me understand this.
  73. English

    When should you use a modified outline? 1) when you need to record information quickly 2) when you’re organizing a formal essay 3) after you’ve edited your research paper I think it's number 2.
  74. Algebra 2

    the average amount of oranges in pounds eaten per person each year in the 6 can be modeled byunited states from 1991 to 1996 by 0.298x^3-2.73x^2+7.05x+8.45 where x is the number of years since 1991. Graph the function and identify any turning points on the interval 0<x<5...
  75. fix grammar

    The book had some nice features, such as: a hard-bound cover, a ribbon for a bookmark, and the author's signature. The only error is in the verb tense. I assume the book is still in existence, so you'd use the present tense -- has. In addition, you don't need the colon after "...
  76. Math

    Posted by NEED HELP on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 9:12pm. Have three problems and I'm really confused how to solve/simplify 1. 4/3+square root of 5 2. -4/-4+4square root of 2 3. 1/1+ square root of 2
  77. Math

    The profit in dollars in producing x- items of some commodity is given by the equation P = - 37 x^2 + 1073 x - 7548 . How many items should be produced to break even? (If there are two break-even points, then enter the smaller value of x. Your solution may not be an integer. ...
  78. Chemistry bonds

    Hi. I need help figuring this out. I am lost. Thanks. For the molecule, CBr4, determine the following: Name- Carbon Tetrabromide Electron-Dot Formula-? Molecular Shape-? Polarity of bonds (draw dipoles)-? Polarity of molecules-? Type of intermolecular forces-?
  79. Math

    I need to have 20,000 in the bank after 1 year can you tell me what my initial deposit must be if I have a intrest rate of 4% a year.
  80. Probability and Statistics

    According to Masterfoods, the company that manufactures M&M’s, 12% of peanut M&M’s are brown, 15% are yellow, 12% are red, 23% are blue, 23% are orange and 15% are green. You randomly select peanut M&M’s from an extra-large bag looking for an orange candy. (Round all ...
  81. Algebra

    The goal is to shoot down my friends drone with a paintball. We need to know how quickly my paintball will reach a maximum altitude. And we need to know if my paintball will even reach the height required to reach the drone. His drones maximum altitude is 1200 ft. A paintball ...
  82. algebra

    A national home improvement store's revenue y (in millions of dollars) during the years from 1996 to 2007 is given by the equation y=15x+55 where x is the number of years after 1996. a)Use the equation above or a graph of the equation to complete the ordered pair (6, ) b) ...
  83. 7th grade

    i need help in Math with Fractions can i have some pointer to remember it. P.s. Thank you guys if u can help
  84. Ashford

    Often, after graduation, students report that they can barely remember some of the concepts they studied in school. This is particularly true if a difficult concept is introduced. As asymptotic notation is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to grasp and apply in this ...
  85. math

    You have accepted a project that includes visiting 10 retail locations. Your hourly rate is $12/hour. After completing the 10 locations you have accumulated the following expenses: 5.75 hours worked on the project, 135 miles traveled (paid from mile 1 at $0.30 per mile), and $...
  86. algebra

    16 divid (-4)+(-5) I am complete stumped on this can some one explain how to get the answeres or just me an example how the problem is worked First divide the 16 by 4, then change the sign (because of the - in the denominator). Next, add -5

    Nate the Skate was an avid physics student whose main non-physics interest in life was high-speed skateboarding. In particular, Nate would often don a protective suit of Bounce-Tex, which he invented, and after working up a high speed on his skateboard, would collide with some...
  88. Algebra 2 Answer Check

    Simplify. 1. 5√6 - √24 A: 3√6 2. Evaluate 3y + 5xy - x for x = 4 and y = 2 A: 42 3. Simplify 3x(5y + 4) - 2xy - 10x + 6x^2 A: 3xy + 2x + 6x^2 4. Evaluate 5^-3 A: 1/125 5. Simplify ((-2x^4y^7)/(x^5))^3. Assume all variables are nonzero. A: (2x^3)/(y^21)
  89. Precalc

    I have a couple questions, I need to know how to solve these type of problems. X^2 -4< X + 16 5/n+2 - 5/n = 2/3n 2X^3-x^2-6X + 1/ X^2 + 5x - 8 1) rearragne the terms to get x^2-x-20<0 (x-5)(x+4)<0 which means that one term can be negative, or -4<x<5 check that. ...
  90. economics (micro)

    2. In the table below, assume a monopsonist has the marginal-revenue-product schedule for a particular type of labor given in columns 1 and 2 and that the supply schedule for labor is that given in columns 1 and 3. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Number of MRP Wage Total Marginal labor ...
  91. Algebra 2

    Simplify: (2^(1+sqrt2)/2^(1-sqrt2))^sqrt2 I need all of the steps. I need this ASAP because this assignment is due tomorrow. Thanks
  92. English

    Writeacher, I need you to check a paragraph I wrote some time ago. You revised just part of it. Thank you. 1)Speaker 4 has had lots of interviews lately. He was getting a bit blasé by the time he had my last interview. What he hadn't planned though was he had to park his car ...
  93. Math

    Need to simplify (6b to the 2 power)to the 2nd power (6b to the 4th power)to the 4th power equals 24b to the 4th power Not sure if I did this right trying to understand how to simplify. Please help, please.
  94. Pre calc aesthetic quadratic stuff

    two numbbers have sum of 9 and product of 20. What singlevariable quadratic equation in form of ax^2+bx+c=0 can be used to represent the product of the two numbers
  95. history

    At the close of the Crimes and Misdemeanors, Levy has the final word in a voice over narration: “It is only we, with out capacity to love, that give meaning to an indifferent universe. And yet, most human beings seem to have the ability to keep trying and find joy from ...
  96. english

    Is being overly skinny, not eating regularly or cosmetic surgery really appealing? Well were in a society were celebrities has taken over individuals lives. Making their confidence go even down. We have to put in our mind that plastic surgery won’t help you to overcome your ...
  97. college algebra--need help please!!

    solve the following exponential equation. use exact answers only. not sure how to put it into the equation but it is 2 then 1-9x where the 1-9x is above the 2=e2x where the 2x is above the 2. Can someone tell me or explain to me how to put this equation the right way here.
  98. Physics

    By our sign conventions, if a battery is traversed in the actual direction of the current in it, what can you say about the sign of the change in electric potential (the battery’s terminal voltage)?
  99. complex figure

    Gab was told she needed to construct a sign using 2 cylinders, 2 cones, a rectangular prism, and a triangular prism. What do you think her sign looked like?
  100. Algebra 2

    1. Simplify ((-2x^4y^7)/(x^5))^3. Assume all variables are nonzero. A: (-8y^21)/(x^3) 2. Simplify 3x(5y + 4) - 2xy - 10x + 6x^2 A: 13xy + 2x + 6x^2 or 6x^2 + 13xy + 2x 3. Evaluate (2.0 x 10^-7)/(8.0 x 10^-9). Write the answer in scientific notation. A: 0.25 x 10^2 4. Evlauate ...
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