I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. English

    1. I think I can fit in you. 2. I think I can fit you. (Are both the same? In #1, 'fit' is an intransitive verb. And in #2, 'fit' is a transitive verb. Right? Do you have some more expressions which could be used instead of 'fit' in each sentence?) 3. It set the piece down ...

    In a town election, the winning candidate had 220 more votes than the loser. If 810 votes were cast in all, how many votes did each candidate receive? would the formula i need to solve this problem x+y+220=810 y=x-220 The equations are not correct. Close, but you made a small ...
  3. Computer Science

    w w w (dot)cs(dot)umass(dot)edu(slash)~verts(slash)coins105(slash)quizzes(slash)images(slash)hw10(dot)gif Using the constants in cells A2:A9, create formulae for cells A12:A15 (surrounded by a dark line) to compute the corresponding "derived" physical constants indicated in ...
  4. math

    Please help!!!!! You earn $240 for your first paycheck. You pay 22% of it in taxes. You decide to put 40% of the remaining money into savings. How much money will you have left to spend? -The amount you pay in taxes is? -The remaining after taxes is? -Write an expression to ...
  5. Physics..=> drwls - I need your help

    I need help seeing if my thoughts are correct and how to do some things. Block 1 of mass 0.200 kg is sliding to the right over a frictionless elevated surface at a speed of 8.00 m / s. The block undergoes an elastic collision with stationary block 2, which is attached to a ...
  6. Microeconomics: Cost of Production

    Please help me with this question! QUESTION: Heaven Sub, a subway shop, has the following marginal product curve points for its hourly product: (0.5, 13) (1.5, 17) (2.5, 15) (3.5, 11) (4.5, 9) i) When labour increases from 2 to 3 workers, total product increases by _____ subs ...
  7. Maths

    Really need some help here., There was an I.T. Fair. 2/9 of the visitors were children. there were 4000 more adults from children. the ration of boys to the number of girls was 3:5. the ratio of men to women was 3:1. find the number of all male visitors in the IT Fair.
  8. Chemistry

    What is used to tell different isotopes of a particular element apart? A. the mass number B. the atomic number C. the number of protons D. the number of electrons A is the answer. After how many half-lives are there equal amounts of parent and daughter isotopes. A 1 B 2 C 3 D ...
  9. I need help

    President Bush signed the new Bankruptcy Reform Act into law around April of 2005. This law went into effect in October of 2005. This means that filing a chapter seven bankruptcy is not as easy as it once was. How did the new bankruptcy law change the parameters of the Chapter...
  10. Math

    During decimal multiplication, we know that the placement of the decimal point in the product is decided by the sum of number of digits after the decimal point in both the factors being multiplied. I know that's what we do but i don't understand why this rule works?What's the ...
  11. statistics

    How do ethics affect your chosen level of significance? I am not sure if I understand what the instructor is wanting can some look at my answer and see if I am close and if I am missing something Answer: The level of significance to my understanding is Whenever research is ...
  12. science

    could someone please help me i have to write about the start of life on a extrasolar planet and talk about chemical evolution,, could someone please give me some pointers Is this S103 ECA? yes it is im just need some pointers so that i can do the work in my own words but i don...
  13. college trig

    I need to find the domain of the following function: y=arcsin((x-3)/(2x+1)) My math is a bit rusty after holidays...This is what I did: (I'll use <> for the sign of 'not equal') -> 2x+1<>0 <=> 2x<>-1 <=> x <> -1/2 But i'm not sure about ...
  14. algebra

    Solve using the multiplication principle -7x <_ 35 the sign is an inequality equal greater or lesser than sign
  15. Math

    A circular sign has a radius of 4.5 inches. What is the area of the sign to the nearest hundredth of a square inch?
  16. Ethics

    I need help in understanding what the viewpoint would be of a virtue ethicist in deciding who should receive a liver transplant. There are 5 candidates: Bob- is 40 years old unemployed, homeless with a severe drinking problem and a criminal record.He was the first to sign up ...
  17. maths I need answer

    The sum of the tens and ones digits of a 2-digit number is 12. The digit in the tens place is greater than the digit in the ones place The product of the two digits is 35. Find the 2-digit number.

    Round this to three sig figs. 0.03335 Is it 0.0334? Is the rule: odd number goes up and even number stays the same? 3 is odd and is next to five...
  19. Algebra

    Which statement about the product is true? 5.5 Square Root 5 A)The product is rational. B)The product is irrational. C)The product is neither rational nor irrational. D)There is not enough information provided to answer the question. My Choice is B.
  20. algebra

    3x --- 2 ---------- 1 1 --- + --- 3 x Where is the = sign? And what is it = to? and what is that + sign doing there? Please rewrite it a little plainer.
  21. Discrete Mathematics

    You put $1,000 into your bank account with a 5% annual interest rate compounded quarterly. How much money will you have after three years?
  22. English

    Please check for comma errors. If I need to add any commas or take some out please show me where. Thank you!! You seem to be progressing nicely after your back surgery; however, I do want to remind you of the importance of the instructions that was give to you prior to your ...
  23. technoligy

    1. What function would you use to find the mean in a microsoft(R) excel document a=ROUND b=AVERAGE c=SUM d=HYPERLINK 2. What is the first thing you should do to find the mean and range of data? a=put the numbers in order from least to greatest b=count the numbers c= add the ...
  24. technoligy

    1. What function would you use to find the mean in a microsoft(R) excel document a=ROUND b=AVERAGE c=SUM d=HYPERLINK 2. What is the first thing you should do to find the mean and range of data? a=put the numbers in order from least to greatest b=count the numbers c= add the ...
  25. artwork meaning

    i make shattered image in art, but what shattered image mean? does it have meaning? i thought maybe it mean search for yourself.
  26. English

    1. It seems that John is sick. 2. John seems (to be) sick. -------------------- Both are the same. However, do they have any difference in meaning[hidden meaning]?
  27. Marketing

    I have to create a tv commercial for Red Lobster but I don't have any ideas how to do it. Plus I need some tips on how to make a tv advertisement
  28. Social Studies

    Hi, I need help on a test. One of the questions I need help on is: "Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, is best defined as-- A. Money paid to the government in taxes to support public goods and services, B. The value of all goods and services produced within domestic borders, C. ...
  29. Algebra

    Write an equation with a variable on both sides of the equal sign that has infinitely many solutions. Solve the equation and explain why it has an infinite number of solutions. Okay so that is the question, I know it's already on Jiskha but I need it to be explained more. How ...
  30. math

    simplify (8*10^7)(7*10^4) i think it's 5.6*10^10 simplify (3*10^6)(8*10^-4) i think it's 2.4*10^3 Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year 5.88*10^12 mi Star is 9.8*10^1 light years from Earth in scientific notation how many miles I think it's 5.88*10...
  31. Chemistry

    Ok so we had a mass determinations lab in chemistry. We were supposed to use both a triple beam balance scale and an electronic scale to precision. We first weigh our beaker on both scales (i did it on the electronic first), then record the weight. Then we have three objects, ...
  32. Social Studies

    1. Laws begin with ideas that come from Representatives or from a ordinary citizen. Then the citizen writes to their local senator or rep. 2. The bill goes to the Senate were they do a discussion and vote. If more than half of the Senate approves the bill it goes to the House ...

    how to put emphasis on highlighted words ? 1 Are you going to wear " this dress " at the reception ? 2 "Ann" put up the Christmas decorations 3 why can "you" never be at work on time ? 4 "John" looks after the children when Shelia is at work 5 "Where" did you spend your ...
  34. English

    Thank you very much for the information. I added a few more things on the same subject. I included the doubts in parentheses. 1)Go (not pass) through the metal detector (?) .Go through passport control where an official checks your passport. 2) You have your ticket checked. (...
  35. Business

    I need to write a paragraph on Identifying the demographics and characteristics of my customer( or consumer). What the customer needs will my product attempt to meet? My product or business is a shoe company that sells for all ages and all shoes sizes. Please help me. If you ...
  36. acc/291

    I can write the paper I just need some ideas of a situation that might lead to unethical pratices and behaviors in accounting? but not eron I'm sure everyone else is doing that one this is why I need some idea's help please thank you.
  37. Statistics

    I really need help with this problem. I am not sure what the question is asking and how to approach it! Thanks in advance! Its known that 2/3 of humans have a dominant right foot or eye. Is there also a right-sided dominance in kissing behaviour? In a sample of 124 kissing ...
  38. math

    Pregnancy Test Results Positive Test Result (Pregnancy is indicated) Negative Test Result (Pregnancy is not indicated) Subject is pregnant 80 5 Subject is not pregnant 3 11 a) Based on the results in the table, what is the probability of a women being pregnant if the test ...
  39. maths

    A Two digit number is such that the product of the digit is 18. When 63 subtracted from the number the digit interchange the place.Find the number.
  40. Trigonometry

    I need help proving the following identity: 4(sin^6(x)+cos^6(x)) = 4-3sin^2(2x) I am completely lost, if anybody can please give me a step-by-step guide to figuring this out, I would be forever grateful!!
  41. Math: Integers

    Hey guys! I need help with this problem..it tells me to write a number line to tell the answer..the question is : What is the smallest integer greater than -2.1? Is it to -2 right? I have no idea. I forgot all this back in elementary T_T. Yes. Negative integers are also ...
  42. Water Chemistry

    Can someone explain what it is meant for a solution to be supersaturated with respect to calcite? and then what is meant for a solution to be in equilibrium with calcite? Many Thanks A supersaturated solution contains more solute than is normally soluble. For calcite, that ...
  43. phsyical science

    ok i need some major help in science we had to choose a element and we have to come up with 50 facts about it and i chose titanuim plse tell me some realilable sources that would help me. thx you so so much titanium
  44. Math

    I had to create a word problem. My final result was 8 < 8.56 but I am not sure how to graph it. I know you can't show graphs on this site but can you give pointers? 8 < 8.56 is an obvious statement of fact. I don't see how it can be the result of a word problem. On a ...
  45. Math

    I have a question that I answered and I'm not sure that it is right. Here is my question: Use a calculator to help you write the prime factorization of 51,051. Here is my answer: If the sum of the digits of the number is divisible by 3, then 3 is a factor of the number. ...
  46. math

    Hi I am looking for a certain number line for a test you guys should have a place in search so we all can show you if you have it then this web site will be poppen well i had a math qestion to it goes like this i had 55 apples and i got 100 more then i gave 44 away then I ...
  47. Maths

    Find a three digit number so that when the digita of the number Are added together the total is one fifth of the product of the digits
  48. math

    Translate the sentence into an inequality. Six subtracted from the product of 2 and a number is at least 18 Use the variable y for the unknown number.
  49. Algebra 2

    factor each polunomial completely. May I get some help please? x2(squared)-4 1X2-4=1x2+(-4)= -3x? I'm not sure I know how to factor `')brie~ To indicate x squared, use x^2. You need to get the numerical product of 4 without getting a middle x term. This means that the ...
  50. physics

    Two cars are approaching a perpendicular intersection without a stop sign. Car 1 has a mass 900 kg and is heading north and car 2 has mass 900 kg and is heading west. The two cars collide at the intersection, and stick together as a result of the collision. The police report ...
  51. novel help

    Hello, I need to write a short review on the novel Girl Interrupted while I have read the book twice I can't find how the disorder that Susanna Kaysen has affected her family members, does it say in the book, also I need to put what treatment she received in the book, thanks
  52. i need help,math

    okay i am completely lost after reviewing everything my mind is blank cans some one help me with the steps. Solve by completing the square x^2=5x+2 1st: You need to bring the 5x+2 to the other side so you have x^2-5x-2 2nd: Find the values to where when multiplied equal -2 and...
  53. Calculus

    Application of Derivatives and Integrals: A sign 3 feet high is placed on a wall with its base 2 feet above the eye level of a woman attempting to read it. How far from the wall should she stand to get the best view of the sign, that is, so that the angle subtended at the ...
  54. Calculus 2

    Use the Comparison Test to determine whether the series is convergent or divergent. On top of the summation sign (∑) is infinity. Under the summation sign is n=1, and right next to it (to the right of ∑ sign) is cos^2n/n^2. How would I compare them and come to the ...
  55. CAL--

    what is FTC? use ftc to evaluate a definite integral with basic integrand. f looking sign, integral bottom number 0 top number 2 (4x^3+1) dx=
  56. Science (technically astronomy)

    I need help understanding and using the Cosmic Calander (ans in figuring out the dates certain events such as when our solar system was created). Can someone plz help me with this? Thnx in advance.
  57. introduction to finance-16

    if you put $4000 in savings account that pays interest rate of 4%, compounded annually, how much will you have in 5 years? How much interest will you earn during the 5 years? If you put $4000 each year into a savings account that pays interest at the rate of 4% a year, how ...
  58. math

    The scientists Verhulst (1828) and Peal (1930) proposed the following growth model for a population living in an environment with limited resources (e.g. space, food, sunlight, etc): = , where is the natural growth rate of the population when resources are limited and is a ...
  59. 8th grade math

    dividing fractions....how do i solve this... 4/9 divided by 2/3= or 9/10 divided by 9/10= One thing I do remember is how to divide fractions! 4/9 divided by 2/3 = 4/9 multiplied by 3/2 Then once you've multiplied across, reduce the resulting fraction if you can. So how will ...
  60. AlgebraB-2

    I need help with figuring out how to do these problems to get the right answer. Appreciate any help. Thanks. Multiple choice: 1. What is the value of n so that the expression x² + 12x + n is a perfect square trinomial? 6 36 72 144 2. What are the solutions of the equation x2...
  61. math

    three times a number less four is 17 put in number form
  62. math

    three times a number less four is 17 put in number form
  63. algebra 1A

    why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or dived by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? why or why not? write an inequality & solve it use both the multiplication & addition properties of inequalities. Thnk you. I have no clue!
  64. Comm 155

    I need help finding the adverbs and adjectives in this sentence. I think I found some. Please help. As I started building up my credit, I took it slow so that I would not over-extend myself at such a young age. Not long after I got my credit going I received my first credit ...
  65. Statistics

    The intermediate answers from some calculations based on whole number scores are X=4.3467892 and Y=3.3333. We now want to find X(2)+Y(2). After rounding, what values of X and Y do we use?
  66. Statistics

    The intermediate answers from some calculations based on whole number scores are X= 4.3467892 and Y= 3.3333. For the next step, after rounding, what values of X and Y do we use?
  67. Math !-_-

    Please help me out. Omg...i absolutley hate math. I try my best but...its just to hard for me. Ok so im working on algebraic expressions. Here i go. 1. The product of a number n and 9 2. The quotient of 21 and a number b I HAD MORE OF THOSE BUT I DID THEM. WOOOOPWOOOP.NOW FOR ...
  68. microeconomics

    Hi, I have to answer the following question: A person with the utility function U(x, y) = y + x^2 has convex preferences, true or false? I don't know how to do it, do I put U(x,y) = to a K and make up some bundles? Can someone please explains the step to solve this?
  69. sewing

    hi i need to make a dress out of some fabric that i have. but i don't know how to cut out the fabric, for the shape of the dress. i am very new at this, so i need step by step directions. can someone please give me some helpful sites that tell about this, also free patterns ...
  70. Algebra (Re.: Reiny)

    The fact that there was that nice symmetry to the question, makes it easier than it first appears. I had it as: (a/b + b/a)÷(b/a - a/b) look at (a/b + b/a) the common denominator for this would be ab, so a/b + b/a = (a^2 + b^2)/ab similarly for (b/a - a/b) the common ...
  71. Algebra

    Please read and then help me! (x^(-3/5)) ----------- divide x ^ (1/5) I know the problem then needs to look like this: (x^(-3/5))(x^(-1/5)) (multiply the two above) Then it needs to look like this: (I can't write it though, so I'll tell you) The 5th root out of (x^(-3)(x^(-1) ...
  72. geometry

    A sign is in the shape of a rhombus with a 60° angle and sides of 2 cm long. Find the area of the sign to the nearest tenth.
  73. geometry

    A sign is in the shape of a rhombus with a 60° angle and sides of 2 cm long. Find the area of the sign to the nearest tenth.
  74. math

    A farmer had 500 ducks and 300 chickens. He gave his sister 100 chickens and ducks. Later, the farmer bought 10 more ducks and 75 more chickens. As a result, the number of ducks decreased by 12% and the number of chickens increased by 15%. a) How many ducks did the farmer give...
  75. Algebra

    I have several of these problems and am having trouble getting the hang of it. Can you help me? Factor. If the result is the square of a binomial, write it as such. If the result is prime, so state. Here are the first couple of problems. 1) x^2 + 7x + 12 2) x^2 - x - 12 3) x^2...
  76. Algebra

  77. math

    1,1/3,1/5,1/7, meaning the next number is 1/9 right?
  78. math

    i am a number between 20 and 30. when you put me into 6 equal groups, there is an even number in each group
  79. social studies/writing

    we have i pproject and i need to find some information on washhiington d.c. i need to find a hisstoric place in washington d.c that starts a d-z. (i am still working on them.)
  80. college physics1

    A stone is dropped from rest from an infinitely tall building. Compute its velocity after 2 seconds
  81. statistics

    300 test results are integers ranging from 15 to 75, inclusive. Dominick’s result is clearly in the 80th percentile of those results, not the 79th or the 81st. Quantity A Number of other test results in the same percentile as Dominick’s Quantity B Maximum number of other ...
  82. Chemistry

    You have synthesized a substance from aqueous solution that has a melting point of 152 °C. A pure authentic sample of the intended product has a melting point of 154 °C. The most likely explanation for the difference in melting temperature is that the your product is impure...
  83. math

    squareroot of 24 Type this in the google search window: sqrt 24
  84. calculus - limits

    Does the limit lim 2011t/3-(squareroot)t+9 exist ? t-0

    Rationalize the denominator. 2 / squareroot7+squareroot 3 Show steps
  86. math/calculus

    f(x)=the squareroot of (x^2-9) and g(x)=1/x-4 find the domain and range of f(g(x)) anf f(f(x))
  87. Calculus

    what is the slope of the line tangent to the curve (/x)^2 at point (4,16) * (/x)= the squareroot of x
  88. Calculus

    Find the horizontal asymptotes of the curve. y=-6x/squareroot (4x^2-160
  89. amth

    Solve the multiple-angle equation. cos x/2 = - squareroot 3/2
  90. English help

    I need help coming up with a personal response to the story "The Stealing Thors Hammer." I don't know how to put it. It must have as comment, interpretation, evaluation etc.
  91. French

    I don't understand why some verbes pronominaux use s'y instead of se. What is the function of the y? And how does it change the meaning?
  92. Algebra

    Which of the following statements is false? The sum of two rational numbers is always rational. The sum of a rational number and an irrational number is always rational. The product of a nonzero rational number and an irrational number is always irrational. The product of two ...
  93. sign language

    Is American Sign Language used worldwide? Or is there a different kind of sign language for different countries?
  94. Physics Homework

    A 2000 lb box is being held at rest submerged in water. The box is displacing 2500 lbs of water. When the box is released from its submerged position, the box will a. sink b. rise to the surface and float c. remain where it is d. result unknown Ok, so if the box is put in the ...
  95. math

    average of rainfall reno-0.19mm sahara-0.17mm mojave 0.1mm tempe-0.24 question in december the average total rainfall in all of the deserts together is 0.89 mm. explain how to use the figures from the tables to write a comparison of the total desert rainfall in august and ...
  96. Chemistry

    In a combination reaction, 2.22 g of Magnesium is heated with 3.75 g of Nitrogen a) which reactant is present in excess? b) how many moles of product are formed? c) after reaction, how many grams of each reactant and product are present?
  97. Math

    A number magician tells you: : Pick any positive integer and multiply it by 18. Delete one of the non-zero digits of the product. Tell me the sum of the remaining digits of the product and I will tell you what digit you deleted." Explain this trick.
  98. English Expressions

    I'd like to know some expressions which a child use when he or she is at the bathroom or goes to the bathroom. For example, Nature calls me...etc. Would you let me know some more expressions? Such expressions wouldn't seem to be graceful.
  99. English

    I need some ideas of novels,songs,comics etc.(preferebly a song) that share similar views as Transcendentalists Here are some views of the Transcendentalists: -Intuition -they think we can understand ourselves through nature. - Individualism(the fact of being true to yourself...
  100. Math

    Shana has written a 3 digit number in which the digits are all different. The sum of the digit of her number is 14. And the product of her number is 54. The digits are in order from greatest to least. What are her numbers?
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