I need some help figuring these. Compute each product and simplify the result. I don't have the squareroot sign so put that meaning that's where it goes with the number after it. 1. (0.3 Squareroot of 5)^2 2. (2+ squareroot

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  1. math

    kyle had 36 books in hislocker. some were library books, some were textbooks, and the rest were telophone books. the number of library books and textbooks combined equal twice the number of textbooks. the number of textbooks and telephone books combined equals three times the ...
  2. English

    1. There you go, you put the bad-mouth on others. 2. There you go again, you put the bad-mouth on others. 3. There you go. You're always forgetting things. 4. There you go again. You're always forgetting things. ------------------------------------ Do we have to use 'again' or...
  3. English

    In the poem "Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes, what does the term "dream deferred" mean? Also, in the US, what are some groups that have been exposed to predjudice? I have some: African Americans, immigrants Can anyone think of any others Any dream that people put off ...
  4. business

    You have decided to develop a worksheet for each manufacturing facility manager to submit each week. It should show total production and revenue, and total scrap and cost for each product for the week, if a facility drops below 5,000 units of production on the mini-gizmo, the ...
  5. Physics

    A purple beam is hinged to a wall to hold up a blue sign. The beam has a mass of mb = 6.7 kg and the sign has a mass of ms = 17.4 kg. The length of the beam is L = 2.83 m. The sign is attached at the very end of the beam, but the horizontal wire holding up the beam is attached...
  6. Chemistry

    I have to write a bunch of atomic symbol for these isotopes and I don't understand how to I do it. (a) atomic number=53, number of neutrons=79 I looked at the periodic table for 53 so the element is Iodine. So They gave the atomic number and I have the element, I need the mass...
  7. math

    in the experiment of rolling a pair of dice, compute the probability of an even number or a number greater than 3 facing up
  8. math

    In the experiment of rolling a pair of dice, compute the probability of an even number or a number greater than 3 facing up.
  9. statistics

    Assume that human body temperature are normally distributed with a mean 98.21 F and a standard deviation of 0.61F a)A hospital uses 100.6 as the lowest temperature considered to be a fever. What percentage of normal and healthy persons would be considered to have a fever. Does...
  10. math

    please help 5*10(-8 is a power for the ten) That would be 0.00000005 (seven zeroes after the decimal point) in decimal form. Do you have some other question about that number? Most of us would prefer you write that number as 5*10^-8 when typing scientific-notation on this ...
  11. math

    what is the number sentence that shows the same product as the product of 9 and 2.
  12. LA

    Choose the option that best completes the multi-draft reading process for poetry. First Read: Read to unlock the basic meaning of the poem. Second Read: ????? Third Read: Find relationships between ideas in the poem. 1. Consider how the poems structure relates to its meaning. ...
  13. Macroeconomics - inflation vs unemployment!!!!

    I had to graph both the U.S. inflation and unemployment rates on the same graph between the years 1990-2004. I need to analyze the data. How are the two rates related? How does one affect the other, if so? One way to analyze the data is to put the inflation data on one axis, ...
  14. Language arts

    What is the error in the following paragraph? Advertisers use many tricks to get people to buy their products. Some people will buy anything that is on television. One such trick is called the bandwagon technique. It could also be called the "Everybody Else Is Doing It" ...
  15. Business, help asap!

    here is the case. While in Australia, you discover a raspberry jam with incredible flavour. You know Canadians would enjoy this product, so you import it. The jam sells in stores for $5.00 a jar, a slightly higher price than standrad jam. The Canadian consumer is willing to ...
  16. 7th grade algebra

    [(-5)^2]^5=(-5)^10 Tell whether the product of powers property, the power of the power property, or the power of the product property can be used to simplify the expression???
  17. chemistry

    Write the compound formulas for each of the following pairs and the name of the compound formed when the elements or radicals combine. Mg+2 + OH-1 K+1 + PO4-3 Cu+2 + S-2 N+5 + O-2 Compounds have zero charge. Therefore, for magnesium hydroxide, the first one, it will be Mg(OH)2...
  18. computer programming

    given three numbers A,B,C. draw a flowchart to compute and print out the sum, average and the product of these values.
  19. Algebra

    1.In this problem, we will analyze the profit found for sales of decorative tiles. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open market. Often, the demand ...
  20. Microeconomics

    I am on the chapter for the factors of production: Question: A firm that hires two types of workers—some with computer skills and some without. If technology advances so that computers become more useful to the firm, what happens to the marginal product of the two types? ...
  21. MAth

    17. Choose the correct list of the factors of the number 8. A) 1, 2, 4, and 8 B) 1 and 8 C) 2, 2, and 2 D) 1, 2, and 8 18. One kilometer is equal to 1,000 meters. What fractional part of a kilometer is 700 meters? Simplify your result. A) B) C) D) 19. Divide Be sure to attach ...
  22. Statistics

    I have a problem I need some help on. I answered some. For many years the numbers of accidents per week at a hazardous intersection have been studied. The number of accidents per week varies with mean 2.2 and standard deveiation 1.4. 1. Could the exact distributin of the ...
  23. English

    I included my doubts using question marks. I need to rephrase "hopefuls", "disposable" and the last sentence. I really hope you can help me. 1) Craig Jones is not only an office worker, but he is also a talented singer who dreams of becoming a star. 2) He has already won a ...
  24. reading

    I need help with questions for the book a boy named slow.Thanks. The questions are 1.what happens when Returns again goes hunting 2.What big thing does slow do, 3.what else does he do to prepare himself for adulthood, 4.What does slow decide to do, 5.what happens as a result? ...
  25. Children with Special Needs

    Hello! So I have a question regarding a topic to do on Children with special needs, so I have researched and chose children with special needs. Now I want your help in choosing a research question for example “Is childhood anxiety a result of one’s environment or their ...
  26. 5th grade math

    Which pattern can describe the numbers 2,4,10,28, and so on? A. For each number after first, add 4 to previous number in the list. B. For each number after first, multiply the previous number by 3 and subtract 2. C. For each number after first, add 2 or 6 to previous number. D...
  27. Literature

    I have to write an expository essay interpreting a peice of art from my textbook. I chose the painting The Grinder(1924) by Diego Rivero. Need help filling this out: Elements of Art: ? Subject Matter- A girl is grinding something. Lines and Shapes- ? Repetition or Contrast- ? ...
  28. History

    Hi! I need help with my history paper regarding the Russian revolution and urbanism. Does anyone know good sources? Also, I need insights with the idea that: Once a place has been urbanized, it never goes back. In a way, the Russian revolution did not cause deurbanization. ...
  29. geometry

    abcd is a rectangle such that ab=-3 radical sign 48+2 radical sign 75+4radical sign108 and Bc=4 radical sign 27 +radical sign 300 prove that abcd is a square
  30. Math

    I need some help. A biologist finds that the population of a certian type of bacteria double seach half-hour. An initial culture has 60 bacteria. 1. What is the population after 3 hours? 2. How long will it take for the number of bacteria to reach 983,040?
  31. college chem

    Mg and O lab how will the relative number of moles of mg and o be affected if the following procedural errors are made? a)crucible is not brought to constant mass before the Mg is added. b)water is not added after the first heating of Mg, and the entire solid in the crucible ...
  32. college chemistry

    Mg and O lab how will the relative number of moles of mg and o be affected if the following procedural errors are made? a)crucible is not brought to constant mass before the Mg is added. b)water is not added after the first heating of Mg, and the entire solid in the crucible ...
  33. Math

    A positive integer n is defined as a "prime interlude" if n-1 and n+1 are both prime numbers. Which of the following is not a "prime interlude?" a.4 b.18 c.30 d.72 e.90 ( First of all; What is a "prime interlude??") I don't understand the question and don't know which answer ...
  34. math

    everybody help!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant post it but its a graph and it do tomarow tell me wut a variable and wat i will dooooooooooooooooooo neeeeeeeee Well we'll need to know what the question is before we'll be able to help. So what is your question? well the indepentant variable ...
  35. Economics

    I have to draw some Supply/demand curves and I want to know if they are right Personal computers: more user-friendly software become available and the costs of inputs are reduced. Supply moves to the right, demand moves to the left, quantity goes up and so does price Hospital ...
  36. Can someone help me please I've tired this problem

    A certain virus infects one in every 300 people. A test used to detect the virus in a person is positive 80% of the time if the person has the virus and 5% of the time if the person does not have the virus. (This 5% result is called a false positive.) Let A be the event "the ...
  37. math/algebra

    simplify. ã20/5 - 1/ã5 I come up with 2 different answers (1) 2 ã5/5 - 1/ã5 2ã5 - 1ã5 1/ã5 or (2) ã20/5 - 1/ã5 = ã(4 ) - 1/ã5 2 - 1/ã5 = 10/5 - ã5/5 = (10- ã5)/5 and neither are the answers I have to choose from which are: a) ã(20-5...
  38. math

    2. sylvia has 6 1/2 boxes of chocolate to share at a family picnic. if she gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive chocolate? 13 17 19 21 3.which of these numbers is not rational? square root 3 0.25 1/5 square root 9 4. a student's work to solve 2 6/7 ...
  39. Chem

    Which of the following is the correct expression for the rate of the following reaction? Note: not all species are gaseous. CuO(s) + H2S (g) <--> Cu(s) + H2O (g) A. [Cu] x [H2O] / ([CuO] x [H2S]) B. [H2O] / [H2S] C. [CuO] x [H2S] / ([Cu] x [H2O]) D. None of these are ...
  40. economics

    # Choose a product you have purchased in the past month from a grocery or home improvement store. # Describe how each of the 4 factors contributed to the elasticity of the good. # Is the product considered elastic, inelastic, or unitary elastic? # In a few sentences, what ...
  41. English

    I still have a few doubts. Can you please tell me if the sentences are all possible? Thank you 1) He cut his finger when he was slicing some bread. The surgeon gave him five stiches. The surgeon put five stiches in his finger. 2) The doctor put a cast on my ankle. The doctor ...
  42. Chem1020

    Consider the following balanced equation. 2N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)→3N2(g)+4H2O(g) Complete the following table, showing the appropriate number of moles of reactants and products. If the number of moles of a reactant is provided, fill in the required amount of the other reactant, as ...
  43. college algebra

    simplify result leave in factored form 1-7/x _____ 1+7/x
  44. math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result if possible. 2 ft. 11 in. + 7 ft. 3 in. A. 9, 2 B. 10, 4 C. 9, 3 D. 10, 2 ? not sure
  45. Math

    Packaging Tangerines The produce manager at the grocery store had 410 tangerines. He put some of them into 15 cartons containing 12 tangerines each. He then put the rest into 14 cartons, each containing the same number of tangerines. How many tangerines were in each of the 14 ...

    which one of the following formulas accurately describes the meaning of this formula: (A5*B5)+10 A)add 10 to B5 and multiply the resulting value by A5 B)multiply A5 bY B5,then add 10 to the resulting value C)divide B5 into A5,then add 10 to the result D) add 10 to the result ...
  47. Algebra 1

    I need some help please. I don't understand the math that we are doing. Please explains to me in detail how to do radical expressions and like how to simplify them and stuff. I don't get it and it would be much appreciated
  48. All core classes.

    What were some 80's icons? I have a project that's on the most important political and environmental events in the U.S during the 80's. I want to make some titles, for each subject (i had an assignment for almost each class, excluding my elective and p.e), and I'm not sure ...
  49. Managerial Economics

    George, the owner of a car wash is trying to decide on the number of people to employ based on the following short–run production function: Q = 6L – 0.5L2 Where Q = number of car washes per hour and L = number of workers. a) Generate a schedule showing total product, ...
  50. triple digit digit product

    What is the smallest 3-digit positive number whose product of the individual digits is still a 3-digit number
  51. Physics

    Please help me!! I need this as soon as possible. 2.A billiard ball at rest is struck by the cue ball of the same mass whose speed is 5 m/s .After an elastic collision the cue ball goes off at 50 degree with respect to its original direction of motion and the struck ball goes ...
  52. Language Arts

    Identify the correct statement. A) When a complex sentence begins with a dependent clause, put a comma after the clause. B) When a complex sentence begins with an independent clause, put a comma after the clause. C) In a compound sentence, put a comma after the coordinating ...
  53. English

    Ck:Paper completely for all errors and let me know it error at the end of essay. Advices To Overcome Difficult Times We all have been through some difficult time in our lives. Some of the times might noot have been bad as others problem, but we still can help others by ...
  54. Chemistry

    When 25.302 is divided by 56.743, the answer should be reported to ____ significant digit(s). The result of the division, 25.302 / 56.743, reported to the correct number of significant digits is _______ When 56.743 is subtracted from 25.302, the result should be reported with ...
  55. math

    Complete the sign for each equation 65/60 - 1 this is what the paper has on it now i think that you are supposed to put a + - * I'm not sure.
  56. English

    I need help with figuring out a thesis with this topic... 3 Traits of a Life Partner. Please
  57. statistics

    I need help figuring out how to draw a tree diagram to find possible outcomes.
  58. English- citing in mla format

    i am writing a paper on a novel and i used quotes from the book. when i cite do i need to put (author name page number) every time, or should i do it that way once and then just put (page number)? thanks http://wwwold.ccc.commnet.edu/mla/ Be sure to go through various sections...
  59. Math

    What is 2 + 2? = 4 What is 2 * 2? = 4 So, the sum and the product of these two numbers is the same. Are there other numbers that have this same property? Yes Determine all number pairs x and y such that the product of x and y and the sum of x and y are equal. Make sure to show...
  60. Math

    Packaging Tangerines The produce manager at the grocery store had 410 tangerines. He put some of them into 15 cartons containing 12 tangerines each. He then put the rest into 14 cartons, each containing the same number of tangerines. How many tangerines were in each of the 14 ...
  61. Algebra

    Need to find the sizes of the product AB and the product BA whenever these exist. We are given A and B A is 4 x 3, B is 3 x 6
  62. Algebra help

    Solve Rational Inequalities x^2-x-2/x^2+5x+6<0 I cant figure this out. Please help First try to factor whenever you can to determine critical solutions: (x - 2)(x + 1) / (x + 3)(x + 2) < 0 Critical solutions: x = 2 x = -1 x = -3 x = -2 Test 5 intervals using a number ...
  63. Home economics

    I need help on a hw question. Can a company bill you if you just give them your billing address or do they need a credit card number(or some type of payment)
  64. Algebra 1

    Use the power of a product property to simplify the expression. (2)^3 I'm not sure whether you would just have it be 2^3 or just plain old 8. Any help would be appreciated, please.
  65. marketing

    Identify one way in which the role of the agency and the product or service it regulates or oversees affects consumer choice in the health care marketplace. Identify health care costs for consumers. Identify factors that contribute to the consumer’s choice of providers. Ok, ...
  66. marketing

    Identify one way in which the role of the agency and the product or service it regulates or oversees affects consumer choice in the health care marketplace. Identify health care costs for consumers. Identify factors that contribute to the consumer’s choice of providers. Ok, ...
  67. chemistry

    Uranium metal can be produced by reaction of uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) with calcium metal (Ca). The by-product of this reaction is calcium fluoride (CaF2). The reactor is charged with 292.0 kg of UF4 and 47.0 kg of calcium. Assume that the reaction goes to completion. The ...
  68. maths

    The Number Two Plumbing Co. charges $45 per hour plus a fixed service call charge of $65. Write an equation that will allow you to compute the total bill for any number of hours, x, that it takes to complete a job. A. C = 45x + 65 B. C = 65x + 45 C. 65x + 45C = 0 D. 45x + 65C...
  69. Probability

    Richard is playing a game where he draws one playing card each out of two stacks of four cards. Is Richard more likely to draw two cards with a product that is an even number or two cards with a product that is a single digit? A. Richard is equally likely to draw two cards ...
  70. Geometry

    I'm so confused on distance formula, I know how to calculate it, but getting the final simplified answer is so confusing. Like so on some equations the final answer is just a regular whole number, others is a number with a square root like 3 -/2, or a number square rooted -/3 ...
  71. Business Statistics

    why is the median net worth a more useful measure than the average net worth. this is the answer i put: Median net worth is a more useful measure than the average networth because its gives you the exact number quality total of each product we are graphing. But the average ...
  72. English

    (please help) I need help with my English assignment ASAP. I need to know the meaning of Impetus? These are the exact words. Brief summary of the impetus behind your scenario. Be clear to show a clear link to the chosen topic. I do not understand the meaning of Impetus can ...
  73. Literature

    I have to write an essay describing the external conflict Nat Hocken from the short story 'The Birds' encounters and how he overcomes it. This is what I got: In The Birds, Nat Hocken, a farm worker and war veteran notices an unusual number of birds behaving strangely along the...
  74. Algebra Grade 7

    Mr and Mrs Chen have three children. suppose the chance of having wither a boy or girl is 50%. what is the probability of having two boys and one girl? 2/9? a survey with 104 responses asked what is your favorite winter activity the results are listed in tabel if 500 ppl had ...
  75. Accounting

    Spencer Company manufactures and sells three products. Relevant per unit data concerning each product are given below. Product A B C Selling price $9 $12 $14 Variable costs and expenses $3 $9.50 $12 Machine hours to produce 2 1 2 Compute the contribution margin per unit of the...
  76. Chemistry

    Question: The equilibrium constant Kc for the equatino CS2(g)+ 4H2(g) goes to CH4(g)+2H2S(g) at 900 degree's C is 27.8. What is the value of Kc for the following equation 1/2CH4(g)+H2S(g)goes to 1/2 CS2(g)+ 2H2(g). I'm not sure what to do. the only thing i could think of was ...
  77. chemistry

    A radioactive sample contains 3.25 1018 atoms of a nuclide that decays at a rate of 3.4 1013 disintegrations per 26 min. (a) What percentage of the nuclide will have decayed after 159 d? % (b) How many atoms of the nuclide will remain in the sample? atoms (c) What is the half-...
  78. math

    john ordered a new sign for her store. The sign has 4 sides . It also has 2 right angles. 1 acute angle , and 1 obtuse angle . What is the shape of the sign.
  79. English

    Here are some more sentences on Defoe's Robinson Crusoe I'd like you to check. Thank you very much in advance. 1) As he hadn’t eaten anything since the day before, he decided to take off his clothes and swim to the ship to look for food. He tried to get onto the ship but it ...
  80. com 156

    i understand that media has changed our culture by making things easie to access and that we have became more reliable on the internet. even after reading my chapter i still do not understand what they are expecting me to put for how it has changed american culture can some ...
  81. Math

    Ok so my problem is -3(3x+15)-(10+x)=35 After doing most of the problem I ended up getting -10x=105. I need to have a whole number as an answer but I can't understand what to do.
  82. MATH

    Reiny (Previous problem) better form would be to place the equal sign in front of each new line You also have errors -3(x + 3)- 2(x + 4) = -3x - 9 - 2x - 8 = -3x - 2x - 9 - 8 = -5x - 17 So -3 x 3 made -9. how did the 2 become negative, I thought it was a subtraction sign?
  83. Math

    Using the arrangement of letters in the margin, compute the number of paths that spell the word MATHEMATICS if all paths must start at the top and move diagonally down through the letters. M A A T T T H H H H E E E M M M M A A A T T I I I C C S I only got up to E E E, I don't ...
  84. Language/Communication

    Which of these statement is true? 1. Language is learned only when it is taught. 2. Language cannot be taught. 3. Maturation alone accounts for the development of language. 4. Most children are born with a potential for language. Wouldn't statement 1 be True? 1 is nonsense. I ...
  85. Math

    Add one to a number, then double the sum, and you get 56. how do i solve it and write it as a equation (x+1)*2=56 1. divide both sides by 2 2. subtract 1 from both sides you get x=27 For all of these questions just remember that when they say "a number" you should think of a ...
  86. Math

    if a number is subtracted from the numerator of 3/5 and the same number is added to the denomminator of 3/5, the result is equivalent to 1. find the number
  87. fundamentals of math

    if 3 is added to a number and this sum is doubled, the result is two more than the number. Find the number.
  88. math

    john is think of a number. If you divide the difference of his number and 12 by 7, and then add 23, the result is 32. what is the number and can you explain your answer?
  89. problems involving equation

    14 Is added to ⅔ of a number. the result is 1¼ times the original number. find the number
  90. Maths

    If 12 is subtracted from three times a number the result is equal to two-thirds of the number plus 16.What is the number
  91. Maths

    If 12 is subtracted from three times a number the result is equal to two-thirds of the number plus 16.What is the number
  92. algebra expression (math)

    Thinks of a number.Add 5 .The result the same as the multiplying original number by 6.What is the number?
  93. Maths

    Please could I have some guidance and advice on the following question? A multiple choice question has 4 options, A,B,C and D. The numbers of students choosing the options are in the ratio 3:1:2:14. I need to calculate the number of students choosing each option, (there are ...
  94. phi 103

    Sometimes people get caught in a “downward spiral,” a case in which something leads to a result which in turn leads to more of the original thing, bringing on more of the result. As the process continues, the result continually gets worse and worse. An example is when ...
  95. Biology

    How do you balance equations? http://www.chemistry.ohio-state.edu/betha/nealChemBal/ The reactants are written on the left and the products on the right.An arrow pointing towards the product is inserted between the reactant and product.The number of molecules have to be the ...
  96. Basic Algebra

    if 5 is added to a number and the sum is tripled, the result is 27 more than the number. Find the number
  97. math 140

    If 5 is added to a number the sum is tripled, the result is 31 more than the number. Find the number.
  98. math

    1- when a number is squared, result is five times the original number. find the number I did x^2=5x moved the 5x then x^2-5x =0 then?
  99. algerbla

    if the square of a postive number is decreased by five times the number , the result is 14. Find the number
  100. math

    when I add a number to another number four times as big, the result is 30. find the first number.
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