I havent been in school for 30 years can someone please help. we are having trouble with subtracting fractions like: 8 1/9 - 1 6/7 = ?

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  1. math

    I havent been in school for 30 years can someone please help. we are having trouble with subtracting fractions like: 8 1/9 - 1 6/7 = ? Any help would help...thanks
  2. Math / Fractions

    I am having a hard time figuring out how to solve these fraction word problems. For example: A patch of dirt needs 3 5/6 cubic yards (yd3) of concrete to cover it. If Nick decides to cover only 3/4 of the dirt . how much sod does he need. How do I work this problem? It has ...
  3. calculus

    I am working on this problem and having some trouble. We're supposed to use partial fractions. The problem is: integral of dx / (x^6-1) . I got the values of A and D, but I am having trouble with the others. Help please!
  4. English Please help

    i have an essay and ive been researching the topic like for freaking ever and i havent been able to fine anything "scholarly" through collins(my college's) libraries searching databases do you know any scholarly websites..?? Like literally ive been researching for 7+ hours and...
  5. Math

    I am a complete idiot when it comes to math. Can someone please help me on the lesson 8:solving equations with fractions Math 6 A unit 6: adding and subtracting fractions Connexus quiz.
  6. biology

    Can someone please describe what a double helix looks like? I think it looks like fusilli pasta. Is this correct? I'm having a lot of trouble understanding what DNA looks like. Please help, thank you. I am visually impaired by the way.
  7. math

    How is adding and subtracting mixed numbers similar to adding and subtracting fractions? How is adding and subtracting mixed numbers different than adding and subtracting fractions? Give examples to explain your answer.
  8. reading

    hi!i am an adult. i am 44 years old,i am at a 2nd grade level.i havent gone to school when i was a child i would like some educatiod. please if you can give me some exercises to do on adaily basis i would really appreciate. Thank you. Buddy
  9. math

    So I've been having trouble solving some problems. Mainly problems that look like this 5-(t+3)=-1+2(t-3) what causes problems is the 5- part. I asked my teacher for help, and he gave me a hint, which is to distribute a -1 like 5+(-1)(t)+(-1)(3) But I still don't get it? Can ...
  10. 5th grade

    can you explain to me how to add and subtract fractions like 2/5 + 5/12 or 7/12 - 8/9? i'm having trouble on this and i'm always forgetting how to do it.
  11. Math

    I need help figuring this out, I tried to simplify 3 times this are fractions, I can't express fractions in here.. -4/7x=12/35 (-7/4) x (-4/7) = -7/4 x 12/35 1 times x = 84/140 I am having trouble simplifying I got so far 42/70, 21/35 and are wrong please help
  12. MATH

    Evaluate the expression for the for the given value of the variable..................... 4(x-4; x = 7 Can someone help please, I have been having trouble with this problem for sometime now.
  13. medical billing and coding from Penn Foster

    I am writing a research paper for HIPAA, I beleive I have most of the information to do the paper. I do not understand what it means by writing it in proper MLA/APA citation style? Could someone please explain this to me and show me a small example of what a paper should look ...
  14. Algebra 1

    Find the final amount of an investment if $2,000 is invested at an interest rate of 8% compounded quarterly for eight years. Please and thank you! I`ve been having so much trouble with this question. Thank you!
  15. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    Does George think the new job will last a while? My Answer- Yes. What clues does he give? He says that they are not like the other guys. OR....... No, because he knows what Lennie could do, like in Weed. He knows Lennie's a lot of trouble and that he'd be better off w/ out him...
  16. Legal Studies

    Hey :) If a juvenile is held in remand does this mean that their being held in custody (a juvenile detention center etc) while their waiting trial (i.e. havent been sentenced yet)? I'm just having some trouble understanding the meaning of remand. Any help on this would be much...
  17. Help ASAP

    I'm having trouble with the surface area of the sphere. Like, here's a question I'm having trouble solving: What is the approximate surface area of the sphere if it is 7 centimeters? a. 615 cm^2 b. 539 cm^2 c. 154 cm^2 d. 84 cm^2 Please show all work and how you solvedi t. ...
  18. fractions

    Mr.shafier has been teaching school for 10 years.For 6 of those years he taught 8th grade.what fraction represents the time Mr.shafier has not been teaching 8th grade?I knoe the answere is 2 5ths. but how do i show work?HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. algebra

    How do you factor 4u^2-w^2 because I havent been able to do it? Can someone help with this?
  20. Math/fractions

    I need help with subtracting fractions I have no idea if I'm doing it right. Please help. 3/7-9/21 Fist you find a least common denominator, right? So it's 21 Do you then multiply 3/7 to 3/3 so it will be 9/21 So, 9/21 - 9/21 = 1
  21. Subtracting fractions

    Can someone help me subtract factions I don't know how to borrow. 12 1/3 - 7 2/5 LCD=15 So, 1/3 • 5/5 & 7/5 • 3/3 = 5/15 - 21/15 And then I have no idea what to do
  22. Sociology

    Can someone please help me read population pyramids for Zambia? I have to compare 3 different years and explain what's going on to the population but i don't understand how to read the population pyramid. Im having trouble understanding what the numbers are moreso than ...
  23. history

    Ok i am having trouble with my world history homework questions........Please HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Ok these are the three questions i am having trouble with: 1. What are some of te characteristics of the "Renaissance man" and "Renaissance woman"? 2. How did Italy's cities...
  24. math

    in what way is subtracting fractions with unlike denominators like adding fractions with unlike denominators?
  25. English

    We have been given a list of words and have to write the plural of them. I have found the answer to each of the words but now have to write rule for each. I know that words ending in ch, x, s or s-like sounds will all end in es. I am having trouble find a rule for words like ...
  26. subtracting fractions

    4/5-2/3=? Find the least common denominator of 5 and 3 so that you can convert the two fractions to fractions that have the same denominator, then you can subtract them. Repost if you still have trouble. http://www.math.com/homeworkhelp/HotSubjects_fractions.html =) The LCD of...
  27. Math Practice Worksheets

    Hi! My son Zakeri is having trouble with polynomials. Could yp please provide some worksheets for my son Zakeri to work on? He's been having trouble with polynomials lately. Thank you! Nancy and Daniel Hamilton (Zakeri's parents)
  28. Honors Chemistry

    Can someone please explain to me how to use the stock naming system when naming chemical/ionic compounds? I reeeeaaaally do not get it. Here's some examples: 1. CaCO3 ==> I know the answer is calcium carbonate, but how is it that answer? 2. FeSO4 ==> The answer is ...
  29. Math

    I've been having trouble with these four problems. Please help. 1)-8n(6 - 7n) + 2(3n - 8) 2)-3k(-8k - 6) - 5(-8k + 8) 3) -5a(a - 1) - (4a + 8) 4)-4(b - 3) - 8(b - 2)
  30. Algebra

    I'm having trouble working out these problems. Could someone please assist? with this first one do I factor the x^2 + 3xy - 18y^2 first? x - 3y * x^2 + xy - 30y^2 / x^2 + 3xy - 18y^2 3a^3b^2 * 4a^2 + 2ab + b^2 8a^3 - b^3 12ab^4 3y + 12 / 9y+36 8y^3 16y^3 Susan I see these are ...
  31. math

    i'm having trouble with converting fractions to decimals, and determing leaqst to greatest and vice versa. I have a problem that ask to order ther fractions and decimals from greatest to least: 0.75, 7/10, 1/7 ?
  32. Chemistry

    I havent been at school for 8 days due to somthing wrong with my heart, but the teachers gave me work. I have no clue how to do them. I really need help please, There all due tomarrow. Determine the density of chlorine gas at 22C and 1.00 atm pressure.
  33. Math

    ummm what are some tips withh adding and subtracting fraction ? .... and what sign to you use when you have a postive and neg intger and you are add ing and what is it for subtracting I don't know what level you are at, so I will be very basic. The plus sign (+) is used to ...
  34. Math

    I am having trouble remembering how to simplify fractions
  35. math

    Solve the system:4x+2y-13=0 and 3x=5y+26 by elimination. 3 (4x+2y-13=0) 12x+6y-26=0 4 (3x=5y+26) 12x=20y+104 I need to subtract since the signs are the same: 12x+6y-26=0 Since they don't match up, I'm having trouble subtracting them. I'm not sure what to do next. Please help??
  36. Pre-Calculus

    I'm having trouble understanding how to do complex fractions.. My book doesn't explain it very well.. 12. (x+3/12)/(4x-5/15) 14. (2/x^2 + 1/x)/(4/x^2 - 1/x) 16. (1/y + 3/y^2)/(y + 27/y^2) If you could please explain how to begin the process I would appreciate it.
  37. Fraction

    So I have figured this out but I don't think this is the way I am suppose to write the equation fraction out. 8 1/2 years ago, Steven was 7 years old. How old is he now? Do I write it out like this 8/1 + 1/2 + 7/1 ??? But it comes out too high of a number. I know I am doing it...
  38. Math. please help

    -1/2 + 1/3 = Adding and subtracting fractions with rational numbers.
  39. 6th Grade Geometry

    Hello, I'm having trouble doing this math geometry someone help me please? Thanks: Calculate the area of the trapezoid which is not drawn to scale. It is not a regular trapezoid! It looks like a rectangle and when you get to the top cut the rectangle and make the part you cut ...
  40. Chemistry

    I havent been at school for 8 days due to somthing wrong with my heart, but the teachers gave me work. I have no clue how to do them. I really need help please, There all due tomarrow. Determine the pressure inside a televison picture tube with a volume of 3.5L that contains 2...
  41. Math

    How you do multiplication as scaling like 2 1/2 x 3 2/3 3 2/3 I suppose to say if it is <, >, or = Can someone explain how to solve this problem I need to learn how to do it because my daughter is having trouble getting it and I don't know how to do it
  42. math

    I am having trouble finding the x and y intercepts in this equation. Can someone please help me? y=-5-5x
  43. English

    What do you like doing in school? 1. I like playing baseball with my classmates on the playground after school. 2. I like studying at the library on the third floor of the school building after school. 3. I like listening to classes at my academy with my close friends. 4. I ...
  44. English

    So I'm working on an english paper but I've been stuck the past hour on what to do. I'm trying to take my teachers advice by putting in an anaphorism (repeated words or phrases)but I'm having trouble. I'm repeating the phrase "eight months" but I'm stuck on my last sentence. I...

    If you are subtracting fractions like 8-y over y-4 MINUS 7y-9 over 4-y... will the LCD be y-4? I'm stuck on this!!
  46. algebra2-imaginary numbers

    You can add or subtract complex numbers by treating the i as a variable and combining like terms. I am having a lot of trouble figuring out these equations with imaginary numbers. 1. (3+2i)+(7-i)= 2.(1-6i)+(2-i)= 3. (2+i)-(3+i)= 4.(4+i)-(2-i)= Can someone please walk me ...
  47. algebra

    I am having trouble with this, can someone please help me? Add (simplify if possible) x^2 + 11x/x^2 - 3x + x^2 - 6x/x^2 - 3x
  48. science

    I am having trouble changing lbs to kilograms to newtons. Can someone please help me?
  49. CHD

    I'm having trouble understanding what "internalized oppression" is. Can someone please explain
  50. writing please someone help!!!

    which traits are strongest in your persuasive essay: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence, fluency, or conversation? provide textual evidence from your essay to support your answer. Please can someone help I'm having trouble figuring this one out!!!!
  51. DrBob222 help me!!

    Please I posted a chemistry question but I havent gotten any answer back please help me, sorry for having so little patience answered below.
  52. English

    I included the sentences I was most doubtful of. I hope you can clear my doubts. Thank you very much in advance. 1) My family and I have been on holiday in Greece. We stayed on a little island... There wasn't any wind. Unfortuanately I spent there only a week. 2) I have just ...
  53. Algebra

    (3X+1)/(3)-(3/2)=(1-X)/(4) I am having trouble simplifying the fractions because everytime I do it I come up with a different answer at the end.
  54. Algebra

    5x+3y=9x-7y I am having trouble in solving. My answer is ending in fractions. And do far I have gotten y=-1/7
  55. math ( subtracting fractions)

    12 1/4- 4 1/8 When you add or subtract fractions, you have to have the same denominator. In this problem you have to change 1/4 to 2/8. Then subtract the fraction and then subtract the whole number. Please post your answer and we'll be glad to check it.
  56. Math

    I am having trouble with the concept of unit conversions for math C30. I am in cyber school and it does not seem to be explaining it as much as I would like. Here is the question: Change 25 kilometers per hour into feet per second. Can you please explain how you are finding ...
  57. Literature

    I have to write a persuasive essay on a certain topic. My topic is: School Uniforms--Good or Bad? For this activity, I have to support my opinion that having school uniforms is better by convinving evidence. Some examples I can use are statistics, anecdotes, and quotations to ...
  58. Algebra

    I am having trouble with the following problem can someone please help me to figure out how to work it..... -8x-21= -23 2/3
  59. english

    these are questions based on the book to kill a mockingbird 1. how does atticus explain to scout a way of getting along in school and with other people, in chapter 3 2. why does atticus think it is just as well that the ewells do not attend school, chapter 3 3. what does his ...
  60. Courses *URGENT*

    I have to complete a course selection form for school but I'm having some trouble understanding some of the courses. Can someone please help me please? Science and Technology: This is a science course provided to meet the needs of students requiring a general science course ...
  61. high school

    which one of the fractions contain like fractions A.6/7or 1/5/7,B.3/2or 2/3 C.5/6or10/12,D.3/1/2or 4/3/4
  62. Math

    I'm having trouble understanding equivalent fractions. I'm getting frustated with myself, I feel so stupid for not understanding it. Here's the 2 questions I have to answer: 1. Find a number for x in 18/27 = x/3 so that the fractions are equivalent. 2. Find a fraction ...
  63. Literature

    Can someone please help me? I need 25 important events from the call of the wild, and I am having trouble finding them.
  64. ALgebra

    I am having trouble with functions the question is to find the indicated outputs for f(x)=4x^2-2x f(0) f(-1) f(2) Can someone please explain?
  65. 12th grade

    I'm having trouble ordered triple in algebra 2 w/ trigonometry, could someone please hellllllllllllllllllp me!
  66. Socials

    Can someone please explain why a transformation system can help or hinder industrialization? I am having trouble on this, thanks in advance
  67. Math

    I am having trouble finding a pattern or linear equation for this table x y 1 -1 3 3 5 7 10 ? 50 ? 100 ? Could someone help me please?
  68. American Government

    I am having trouble finding anything on this in my book Please help. A ______ is someone who is not in the military.
  69. physics

    Im having trouble finding out what the graphs would look like for these kinematic equations a.v=vox b.dx=dox + voxt c. vy=voy +gt d. dy= doy +voyt +1/2gt^2 can someone explain to me what the graphs would look like and why? Thanks!!
  70. math

    my daughter is working on 5n + 2n - (3-10N) can someone walk me through how to solve problems like this I have not been in school in over 20yrs. I think you have to work () first? but really do not know HELP please thank you
  71. maths please help

    Subtracting ,division and multiplication of fractions A. 16p^2-4q^2/(6p^2-7pq+2q^2) *6p^2-13pq+6q^2/(4p^2-4pq-3q^2) B. a^2+a-2/(6a-12) / a+2/(a^2-3a+2) C.3/(x-3) -x^2/(6+x-x^2) -2/(x+2) D.x+1/(x^3-1) - 1/(x^2+x+1) Key
  72. Math 9

    Hi, I'm having trouble understanding inequality like graphing it on a number line. I don't understand the open circle and close circle. Can someone help explain? Thank you
  73. Chemistry

    I havent been at school for 8 days due to somthing wrong with my heart, but the teachers gave me work. I have no clue how to do them. I really need help please, There all due tomarrow. A 2.00L flask is filled with propane gas(C3H8)at 1.00atm and 15C. What is the mass of ...
  74. school

    Hi. My name is Samantha. I'm in the 8th grade. Lots of people have been talking to me abou specialized high school. Can you please give me some information on specialized high school(I mean like what are the good and bad things obout specialized high school)? And can you ...
  75. english

    I am having trouble understanding compound verbs and subjects can someone help for example what is the compound subject and verb of "Cats have long been valued for their skills as a hunters."
  76. math

    A bottle of juice holds 3/8 gallon when it is full, if 1/3 of the juice has been poured out, how much juice is left? Is this subtracting fractions or multiplying??
  77. physic- i need to know today!

    Im having trouble finding out what the graphs would look like for these kinematic equations a.v=vox b.dx=dox + voxt c. vy=voy +gt d. dy= doy +voyt +1/2gt^2 can someone explain to me what the graphs would look like and why?
  78. College Algebra

    I'm still having trouble with this problem. Can someone please explain the steps to me. -2x+4>12 Is this the next step? -2x+4-4=12-4
  79. foundations of personal finance

    I having trouble understanding the critical thinking worksheet can someone please help me understand this?
  80. PreCalculus

    I'm having trouble with these problems.. Could someone please explain how to find the domain of either of these functions? 3. f(x) =(x-2)/(x^2+6x+8) 7. g(x)= sqrt[(9)/(x+3)]
  81. English

    I'm having trouble finding an antonym for centipede and millipede. I've look in the Thesaurus and nothing in there. Could someone please help?
  82. English

    Can you please check these sentences? I forgot to include them before. I really need to check them with you. 1) My family and I have been on holiday in (to?) Greece (he has come back from Greece). We stayed on (not in) Mikonos, a little island... 2) There wasn't (any necessary...
  83. Subtracting Fractions with like Denominators

    If Lori's neighbor gave her sixths eighths cup of milk, would she then have enough milk to make her 2 pancakes?
  84. math

    I forgot how to add and subtract mixed # fractions. How do you do it? ex) 3/7+5/6=1 11/42- How did they get this answer?? ex) 5 6/13-2 8/13=2 11/13- How did they get this answer?? ex) 3/7+5/6=1 11/42 You need to find a common denominator when adding or subtracting fractions. 3...
  85. Math

    Describe two ways to determine the larger of two fractions. A. Compare fractions by writing fractions as mixed numbers B. Compare fractions with the same denominator by comparing the numerators and compare fractions with different denominators by writing fractions as ...
  86. Pre Calculus Repost Please Help

    Can someone help me solve this problem: cos^2x + 5cosx - 2= 0 I am having some trouble finding x
  87. Programming Logic and Design

    The Romance World Cruise Line provides special gifts and celebrations for passengers who are newlyweds, as well as for those who have been married more than 40 years. Design a flowchart and pseudocode for a program that accepts a couple's last name, ship cabin number, and ...
  88. English

    I have to write an essay on the theme of the short story "All is clam" by Ann Walsh. The story is about a girl who has to take her grandmother, who has alzheimers, to the hosptial. She has difficulty dealing with her grandmother acting very "strange" on the bus. A boy comes to...
  89. Chemistry

    advantages and disadvantages of municipal waste instead fuel Cannot come up with an answer for this one having trouble please someone help!
  90. maths

    Can someone please help me with solving this equation (I don't know how to do it with the fractions) 1/3 x1^-2/3 . x2^2/3 -------------------- 2/3 x1^1/3 . x2^-1/3 how do I cancel out some of the terms and reduce it down so that Im left with x2 on top and x1 on bottom?? And ...
  91. Estimating sums and differnces of fractions

    Hello! My 10 year old daughter is having trouble understanding these preparation questions from her math teacher. I know the answer but I don't know how to explain it to her.. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense. When I was in 5th grade they taught us differently. Well ...
  92. math 8th grade

    I need to combine like terms. Here are a few questions that I am having trouble with. -r - 10r n-4-9 -4+7(1-3m) Please help ! thank you.
  93. Finite Math- Please help!

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the overall output. output at A is pq output at B is ~q+r output at C is ~p(~q+r) What is is the overall output? I'm having trouble getting the EXACT answer with parethesis. Please help!! Thanks and God Bless!!
  94. division of fractions

    Division of fractions is sometimes said to be multiplication of inverses. Elaborate with an explanation and example. If you have a/b divided by c/d this is the same as a/b * d/c If e.g., we have 2/3 divided by 7/9 then we have 2/3 * 9/7 = 6/7 When dividing fractions the rule ...
  95. Ground School

    I am taking a ground school class for my private pilot license and am having trouble with weather, what is the best way to go about learning this stuff????
  96. art

    How do you add and subtract fractions? Provide an example and demonstrate the steps you would take to arrive at the answer. What strategies would you use to help a student struggling with the concepts of adding and subtracting fractions?
  97. Literature

    As a prewriting exercise for my evaluative essay, I have to open the story that i have chosen and write two quick paragraphs or a list about it. I have to put my opinion of the work first and then add specific reasons why i feel that way. I'm writing on "Daugher of Invention" ...
  98. proofread

    Can someone please proofread this before i email it to school metro's director Mr. Thomas LeMera Hey LeMera, my name is Bryan Martin and I’m email you to require more information on your school. I am a senior in high school in temple hills MD. I'm interested in becoming a ...
  99. Math 116A

    I have been out of school for a very long time and I just enrolled to take some classes online and I am having a lot of trouble with my math. I just cannot seem to understand what it is that they want. Is there anyone that can help me with this. I am desperate. We are doing ...
  100. math

    how do i put fractions in order from least to greatest? it's on my homework and i am totally lost. i forgot because i learned this like 2-3 years ago. please help me!
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