1. Math Block Problem

    A child organizes animal blocks in rows on the ground. There are 64 animal blocks in the 5th row & 92 of those blocks in the 9th and last row. Suppose that the number of animal blocks frm row to row form an arithmetic sequence. The number of animal blocks in the first row is...
  2. math

    describe the situation from the veiwpoint of each person. during a year a person saves 12oo dollars and another person spends 500 dollar. which real number corresponds to saves 1200 dollars. type a negative number with a negative sign, or type a positive number with no sign. ...
  3. chm 2

    On the same type of problem as the previous one, it is now asking the pH of 1ml of NaOH plus 50ml water. If i solve for pOH taking .001ml / .051, i get the same number as before, can i just subtract the number from 14 to get pH of the basic solution? 12.29 was what i came up ...
  4. math

    Suppose X is a random variable with mean μ and standard deviation σ. If a large number of trials is observed, at least what percentage of these values is expected to lie between μ − 3σ and μ + 3σ? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
  5. math

    A number cube is rolled 310 times and the results recorded: 50 ones, 55 twos, 44 threes, 53 fours, 52 fives, and 56 sixes. What is the experimental probability of rolling an even number, as a percent?
  6. matn

    need help with word problem? half add it Find a number such that when added to numerator and denominator of 2/11 yields a fraction equivalent to 1/2? thanks for any help (x+2)/(x+11) = 1/2 x is the number you want. Now do the algebra. I will be happy to check your work. thank you
  7. 3rd grade math

    We have figured out answer BUT we cant figure out the steps to get it During gym class, the teacher gave students a number as they stood in line she counted 1, 2 and 3 then 1, 2 and 3 ...... What number did 22 second person get?
  8. Science

    Which best describes the similarities among elements included in the same column of the periodic table? A. They have the same state at room temperature. B. They have the same number of protons. C. They have the same number of electrons. D. They have similar chemical properties.
  9. math 3rd grade

    We have figured out answer 1 BUT we cant figure out the steps to get it During gym class, the teacher gave students a number as they stood in line she counted 1, 2 and 3 then 1, 2 and 3 ...... What number did 22 second person get?
  10. Math

    Joseph choose a mystery number. His mystery number is greater than 10 and less than 60. The mystery number has a remainder of 1 when divided by 6 and a remainder of 2 when divided by 5, what could be joseph mystery number.
  11. Chemistry

    Which statement concerning the electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom is NOT correct? a) When 2 electrons pair together, they have opposite spins. b) The number of the electrons in an isolated neural atom is equal to the atomic number c) The second main energy level can ...
  12. algebra 2

    What is the 20th term of the sequence that begins -3,6,-12,24? A. 524,288 B 524,288 C. 1,572,864 d. 3,145,728 The term in a geometric sequence is 160. the 7th term is 40. What are the possible values of the 6th term of the sequence? You roll a standard, six sided number cube. ...
  13. Chemistry

    An element has three stable isotopes. One has a mass number of 63 and an abundance of 50%. The second has a mass number of 65 and an abundance of 30%. The third has a mass number of 67 and an abundance of 20%. Calculate the relative atomic mass of this element. I am so ...
  14. Grade 11 maths plz help!!!

    A software company started with 2 employees. In 6 months, the company had 7 employees. The number of employees increased in a steady rate. Which equation models the relationship between the number of employees n and the number of months m since the company started? a.) n = 5/...
  15. MATH/ Check?

    Correct. what is pi The definition or the number? The number is 3.14159 but that isn't an exact number. pi doesn't have an exact number except by definition and that is in words and not a number. The ellipse in question above( is translated 4 units to the right and 2 units ...
  16. Completely Randomized ANOVA

    Forty eight subjects were randomly assigned to one of 4 treatment conditions in a study of different methods of coping with statistics exam anxiety. After the experiment, 12 subjects remained in group 1, 8 in group 2, 10 in group 3, and 10 in group 4. The mean anxiety score of...
  17. Economic

    The Admissions Director (AD) wants to determine the optimum number of students for each ECO561 class. You are provided with the following data: Tuition is $1250 per student. Instructor Pay $2500 Other incidental (variable) costs - $1000.00 Variable cost increases by 10% per ...
  18. math

    i think this one is right..but im not sure..Argyle has 8 T-shirts and 5 pairs of shorts that he wears with either sandals or sneakers. If all the colors and patterns coordinate, how many different outfits can he make?? i think its 80...but im not sure one more...A game has the...
  19. calculus

    The number of Drosophila fruit flies in a controlled experiment assumes the following growth pattern when the food source is limited: N(t) = 120 1+11e−0.4t where t measured in days. A. How many fruit files were there in the beginning? B. What is the limiting number of ...
  20. math 6 grade

    If 2 people have 60 shares of stock between them and you double the number of shares of the 1st person and half the number of shares of the 2nd person so that they both have equal shares. How do find the number of shares the 1st person has?
  21. 6th grade math quiz

    1. Which of the following sample spaces correctly lists all the possible outcomes for flipping a coin and spinning a four-colored spinner (red, blue, green, and yellow)? A. H-red, H-blue, H-green, H-yellow, T-yellow, T-green, T-blue, T-red B. H-red, T-red, H- blue, T-blue, H-...
  22. Math

    Ms.abbot went on a road trip. The trip was 792 miles and the average price of gasoline was $1.30 per gallon. What information is needed to to find the amount spent on gasoline for the trip? A. Number of hours the trip took B. Number of miles per hour the car traveled C. ...
  23. math

    In Lewis Carroll's Through The looking Glass, Tweedledum says, "the sum of your weight and twice mine is 361 pounds". Tweedledee replies, "The sum of your weight and twice mine is 362 pounds". Find both weights. ONLY AN ALGEBRAIC SOLUTION WILL BE ACCEPTED let e= tweedledee ...
  24. Chemistry Help.......

    Which element results if 2protons and 2neutrons with the atomic number 88 and mass number 226? Show workings Help please Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "atomic number 88" to get these possible sources: http://www.wordwebonline.com...
  25. math

    One shelf at Cover-to-Cover Bookstore contains copies of several books on the best-seller list. Half of the books on the shelf are copies of the Number 1 best- seller. Of the remainder, 1/4 are copies of the Number 3 book. The rest are copies of the Number 2 book. If there are...
  26. Math

    Can someone please help me with this Algebra problem. The equation y= -1777x + 27,153 can be used to predict the number of y of gun deaths in the U.S. x years after 2000, that is, x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=2 corresponds to 2002, x-6 corresponds to 2006, and so. Predict the ...
  27. statistics

    1. A company decides to add a new program that prepares randomly selected sales personnel to increase their number of sales per month. The mean number of sales per month for the overall population of sales people at this national company is 25 with a standard deviation of 4. ...
  28. Calculus Help!

    At a price of $7.5 per ticket, a musical theater group can fill every seat in their 1500 seat performance hall. For every additional dollar charged for admission, the number of tickets sold drops by 95. a) What ticket price maximizes revenue? Round your answer to the nearest ...
  29. Algebra 1

    Julie subscribes to a sports magazine and a fashion magazine. She received 24 issues this year. The number of fashion issues is 6 less than twice the number of sports issues. Define the variables, and write a system of equations to find the number of issues of each magazine.
  30. Math

    Need equation form for this number problem. Theater tickets are $8 for general admission and $5 for students. During one evening 240 tickets were sold, and the receipts were $1680. How many of each type of ticket was sold? use the equations and solve g -----> number of ...
  31. Physics

    So I have worked out the 'allowed' configurations for four particles which can occupy 5 different energy levels (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) and now I need to work out the average number of particles in a particular energy level (i.e 3). 1) 9,5,1,1 2) 9,3,3,1 3) 7,7,1,1 4) 7,3,3,3 5) 7,5,3...
  32. math

    OMG I CAN NOT get this !!!! Purchase price of article = $495 Down payment = $50 Number of payments = 36 True annual interest rate = 18% Monthly payment amount = $ The formula is I= 2YC ________ M(N+1) y = the number of payments made in a year. m = the amount financed or how ...
  33. Math

    The total number of DVD videos produced and shipped in 1998 was .5 million. In 2004,the total number of units reached 29.01 million. Assuming the exponential model applies: a)Find the value of k and write the function b) Estimate the number of DVD videos produced and shipped ...
  34. Math clarification Reiny

    This is the problem you helped me with. I was curious, do I write the solution set as (1 + i3ã3)/2, (1-i3ã3)/2 change it to the standard form first x^2 - x + 7 = 0 a=1, b=-1, c = 7 x = (1 } ã(1 - 4(1)(7))/2 = (1 } ã-27)/2 Your answer is an imaginary number or ...
  35. Business

    Help find information on this The collapse of Enron, Worldcom, and other firms has raised a number of questions concerning the ethical standards of outside auditors. As a result, a number of new rules and laws were adopted i need to describe these changes
  36. Math Reiny question

    This is the problem you helped me with. I was curious, do I write the solution set as (1 + i3ã3)/2, (1-i3ã3)/2 change it to the standard form first x^2 - x + 7 = 0 a=1, b=-1, c = 7 x = (1 } ã(1 - 4(1)(7))/2 = (1 } ã-27)/2 Your answer is an imaginary number or ...
  37. graphing linear non proportional relationships usi

    the equation y=-0.04×+ 12 gives the number of gallons of gad in your car, where × is the number of miles driven. Graph the equaton. Interpret the slope and y-inercept of the line
  38. IB Math Studies

    Would it be appropriate to use a chi-square test for analysis of statistics in the following topics? •Number of Surgical Fatalities vs. U.S. State •Number of professional men’s soccer injuries vs. country of their team
  39. Math - Data Management

    It is a grade 12 course, and our current unit is Combitionations. There is on questions where there is a 4 x 4 cubic diagram, like the 1x1 squares on graphing paper but 4x4. The question is to explain how the formula 5C2 x 5C2 gives the answer to how many rectangles (or simply...
  40. VB

    Programming in Visual basic 2008 exercise 11.5 Create a project that store personal information for a little electronic “Black Book” the fields should include name, phone number, pager number, cell phone number, voice mail number and email address. Allow the user to enter ...
  41. Chemistry

    For another picnic, you want to make hamburgers with pickles, again without having any left over. You need to balance the number of packages of buns (which usually contain 8 buns) with the number of packages of hamburger patties (which usually contain 12 patties) and the ...
  42. math

    in a school,180 students play hockey or football.the number that play football is 5 more than twice the number that play hockey.if 15 students play both games and every student in the school plays at least one game,find:1) the number of students that play football.2)the number...
  43. chemistry

    Can one calculate the number of moles of air? If so, calculate the number of moles in 1 kg of air (making sure your calculation, units and assumptions are fully explained); If not, explain why it is not possible to calculate the number of moles of air.
  44. Algebra

    A jar contains red, blue and yellow marbles.The number of red marbles is ten more than the number of yellow marbles and the number of blue marbles is double the number of yellow marbles. If the probability of choosing a yellow marble is one-fifth , how many marbles are in the ...
  45. Please Help

    The subject is chemistry, okay so like The questions states are many atoms are there is 7.62g of Si? But all I am asking is if you can give me the equation to set up th eporblem then ask me to answer it, then I can give you my answer so your can see if it is right, and if it ...
  46. Discrete Mathematics

    Mathematical sequences can be used to model real life applications. Suppose you want to construct a movie theater in your town. The number of seats in each row can be modeled by the formula C_n = 16 + 4n, when n refers to the nth row, and you need 50 rows of seats. (a) Write ...
  47. chemistry

    For another picnic, you want to make hamburgers with pickles, again without having any left over. You need to balance the number of packages of buns (which usually contain 8 buns) with the number of packages of hamburger patties (which usually contain 12 patties) and the ...
  48. Math

    Which numbers are perfect squares? A) 64 b)900 c)120 d)1000 e)100 F) 10 000 How do u know each number is a perfect square? A) 1225= 35x35 B) 484= 2 x 2 x 11 x 11 C) 2025 = 45(square) the area of this square is 289 square unit. How so u that it's perfect square? Show that each ...
  49. physics

    check which of the following modifications to a solenoid would be most likely to decrease the strength of its magnetic field? a. removing its iron rod core and increasing the number of coils b. increasing the current and reducing the number of coils c. reducing the number of ...
  50. algebra

    1. write an algebraic expression for the word phrase: the quotient of r and 12 a.r * 12 b.r/12**** c.r-12 2. write a word phrase for the algebraic expression: 2t - 9 a.nine fewer than two times a number t***** b.nine fewer than two times a number t c.nine fewer than a number t...
  51. Math

    the product of two consecutive positive even integers is 14 more than their sum .set up an equation that can be used to find the two numbers and solve it
  52. Algebra

    The variable x in the expression 3+2x is replaced in succession by 1,2,3 and 4. Find the sum of the resulting numbers. Thank you for your time and please help! I am very confused.
  53. Math

    Calculate the sum of the infinite series 72 + 60 + 50 + 125/3 + ... 489 432 360 307 Can someone please help me with this one? I can never solve these on my own:(
  54. computer programming

    given three numbers A,B,C. draw a flowchart to compute and print out the sum, average and the product of these values.
  55. Calculus

    (A) Given that P = {X0, X1, X2.......Xn} is an arbitrary partition of [a,b], find the lower and upper sum for f(x)=x+3. (B) Use your answers to part (a) to evaluate the integral of f(x) from a to b.
  56. Pre Cal

    Find the manitude of each vetcor, and write each vector as the sum of the unit vectors. Choose either one (2,6) or (4,-5) Thank you
  57. science(physics)

    the sum of three forces f1=100n, f2=80n, f3=60n acting on a particle is zero. The angle between f1 and f2 is: Please solve
  58. math

    Express the repeating decimal 0.2323 as a geometric series, and write its sum as the ratio of two integers
  59. algebra

    Find the sum of the interior angles of a nonagon. (1 point) A. 140° B. 1,620° C. 1,260° D. 1,450 °
  60. trigonometry

    Expanding the trinomial, (x+y+z)^n, gives terms X^rY^sZ^t where r+s+t=n and with a coeficient of n! over r!s!t!. a. use this pattern to expand (x+y+z)^3. b. find the sum of the coeficients in the expression of (x+y+z)^n. (LET x=y=z=1.)
  61. Math

    what is the sum of a profit 0f $8000 and a loss of $13000? I'm realy struggling and need URGENT Help! plz respond
  62. math

    When a six-sided dice numbered1,2,3,4,5and 6 is rolled many times until thesum is greater than12,what is the least likely sum?
  63. math

    Ques1- represent numberline -7/3. Ques2- divide the sum of3/8and -5/12by the reciprocal of -15/8 *16/27
  64. MATH help

    I need help with this find the sum or difference. write the answer in simplest form. question is 3 5/6 -(-2/3) If you help me i'll take you out and we can get some food and go see the movie IT!
  65. math

    x,y,z are positive real numbers such that x+y+z=9 and xy+9xz+25yz=9xyz. Find the sum of all possible values of xyz.
  66. Math

    without finding the exact answer select which of the following numbers is the best estimate of each sum or difference and justify your choices: - 2/3, 0, 2/3 1/9 + 2/5 - 1/3 - 3/4
  67. Calculus

    Determine if the series converges or diverges. Sum (n=1, infinity) (2*4*6...2n)/n! My main problem is I have no idea what to do with the numerator.
  68. pre-calculus

    use a sum or difference formula to find the exact of the trigonometric function cos(-13pi/12)
  69. Calculus

    (A) Given that P = {X0, X1, X2.......Xn} is an arbitrary partition of [a,b], find the lower and upper sum for f(x)=x+3. (B) Use your answers to part (a) to evaluate the integral of f(x) from a to b.
  70. Intermediate Algebra

    Express as a sum, difference, and product of logarithms, without using exponents.logb^3 sqrt x^8 divided by (y^2)(z^5)
  71. Chemistry

    When the equation for the following reaction in basic solution is balance, what is the sum of the coefficients? MnO2 + HO2^1-.....>MnO4^1- A=11 B=31 C=14 D=9
  72. Chem

    What is the sum of geometric and optical isomers that the complex ion Co(en)2Cl2+ exhibits? How do I begin to figure this out?
  73. Math

    I need to find the sum of 1/6 and 1/2. I found the LCD to be 2 so I multiplied that by the numerator and got 2/2+2/2=4/2 and simplified that to 1/2. But the answers that I get to choose from are 1/3, 1/4, 2/3 and 3/4. What did I do wrong?
  74. algebra

    what is the probability of getting a sum of 16 in tossing three standard cubical dice? answer as a common fraction. i don't get this how do i do it?
  75. English

    When we make a speech, which expressions do we have to use? 1. First, Second, Third, Fourth,(Last,) In short, 2. Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly,(Lastly,) To sum up,
  76. 3rd math homework

    I need help on one more question please write a fact family with a sum of 17. explain how you picked the addends. thanks so much
  77. Math

    The 3rd and 7th terms of an A.P are -1 and 11 respectively. Fine the nth term and the numbers of which must be added to get a sum of 430
  78. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the average force required to stop an 1500 kg car in 8.0 s if the care is traveling at 95 km/h? Sum of F = ma?
  79. MATH

  80. Geometry

    Please help me. What is the radius of a circle whose area is equal to sum of the ares of the circles with radii which are 14cm and 18cm?
  81. algebra

    true or false, Distributive property says that you can give out a factor to both numbers in a sum then add them together afterward
  82. math

    Suppose that a sum of money at simple interest becomes $840 in 1 year and $960 in 4 years. What is the principal?
  83. maths

    IF the sum of areas of two squares is 610msquare and the difference of their perimeters is 32m,then find the lengths of their sides?
  84. geometry

    In a cyclic quadrilateral show that the sum of the products of the opposite sides is equalto the productof the diagnals. please help me
  85. math help!!!!

    determine the sum of the following geometric series. round your answer to 4 decimal places if necessary. a. -1/32+1/16-...+256 b. 50 over sigma n=1 8(.5)^n-2
  86. chemistry

    what is the sum coefficient and balanced equation of : Co(OH)3+Na2CO3 my answer is 3Co(OH)3+ 3Na2CO3---> 3CoCO3+ 3Na2OH
  87. Algebra

    what is the sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral? 720 540 360*** 180 Please Check my answers.
  88. math

    Is it possible to have a triangle that the sum of the measures of the small and medium sides is equal to the measure of the large side?
  89. math test review

    7. Given that w=7r+6r+5r+4r+3r. Which of the terms listed below may be added to w to the resulting sum will be divisible by 7 for every positive integer r? A.7r B.6r C.5r D.4r E.3r
  90. ah trig help

    use an apropriate sum or difference indentity to prove the double-angle identity cos2u=1-2sin2u
  91. Algebra

    Find the sum of the first four terms of the geometric sequence with a = -3 and r = 3. I have NO idea how to attempt to solve this. I do not want an answer just instuctions. Thanks
  92. maths - statistics

    find the mode of the fdllowing data class - 0-20 20-40 40-60 60-80 frequency -15 6 18 10 plz explain this sum thank you
  93. Polynomials check my answer please

    I need help bad i been doing this homework since i got home at 4:00 and am stuck on this problem. X -1 : X-2 =sum (x+1)+(x-2)=(x+x+1-2) diff (x+1)-(x-2)=(x-x-1-2) Product (x-1)(x-2)=(x^2-1)
  94. human resources

    In what situations are the following compensation methods most effective: a) Merit pay? b) Incentives? c) Lump sum?
  95. math

    Express the infinite series below using sigma notation and then find the sum. 64 + 40 + 25 + 15.625... Any explanation would be excellent. Thank you so much.
  96. College Physics

    When I graphically find a vector sum and then analytically solve for the resultant, I am getting two completely different answers. Why might this be?
  97. statistics

    n=16 M=46 Sum of Squares=6000 Make a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean. I got 35.345 TO 56.655
  98. calculus

    Find the values of p for which the following series is convergent. The sum from n=2 to infinity of 1/(n(ln(n))^p). I tried the integral test using u-substitution, and I know the answer is p>1, but I'm not quite sure how to get there. Thanks for the help.
  99. Math

    The sum of the first 10 terms of a geometric series is 699 050. The common ratio is 4. Determine the first term.
  100. calculus

    test the series for convergence or divergence. the sum from n=1 to infinity of ((-1)^n*e^n)/(n^3) I said it converges because the derivative of (1/n^3) is decreasing is this true?
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