I am a 3-digit number. My first digit is thrice my last digit. The sum of my last two digit is one less than my last digit

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  1. Chemistry

    Last ones: 32. There could be eight electrons in the first energy level.- F? 33. The first energy level can have only one sublevel.- F? 34. When electrons move from a high energy excited state to a low energy ground state, energy is absorbed by the atom.- F? 35. An atom that ...
  2. Math

    The game Upright is played by two players on an m×n square board and has the following rules: At the start of the game, a kangaroo game piece is placed on the bottom left square of the board. Players alternate turns moving the kangaroo, and the first player moves first. On ...
  3. Help?

    1. What does it mean to calculate frequencies within a dataset? to count the number of times a dataset is used by a student to calculate the product of two variables to make a third variable to count the number of cases that fall into different subgroups within a dataset to ...
  4. Algebra

    It does, thanks. I'm currently working on solving algebraic equations with two variables (Example: 3x+4y=9). The computer lesson has taught me nothing but to solve the equation by trial and error -- selecting the proper ordered pair from a multiple choice list after plugging ...
  5. Math

    The sum of the length, width, and height of a box is 80 cm. The length is 10 cm less than twice the sum of the width and the height, and twice the width exceeds the height by 6 cm. Find the height of the box.
  6. Algebra

    Bob and Ray are describing the same number. bob says the number is a positive even integer less than or equal to 20. Ray says the number is divisible by 4. If bobs statement is true, and Rays statement is false what are all the possible numbers? PLEASE HELP I need the answer ...
  7. Algebra II

    Please help me out with this The numbers 1 through 50 are written with red marker on slips of paper while the numbers 51 through 100 are written with blue marker on slips of paper. All the papers are put into a bag and shuffled. One card is randomly selected. a. Find the ...
  8. algebra.

    problems about angles: Hi. I needed help on some problems for the math section that we are doing in class. I am trying out some problems in my math book, but they prove quite difficult. 1. In a certain parallelogram, if the measure of one angle is 30 degrees more than the ...
  9. programming

    a) Define a Cat class. A Cat has name. Define two constructors, one with no argument and another with the name as its argument. Initialize the name to a default value Unknown for the zero-argument constructor. b) Create a main class. In main class, create two objects as an ...
  10. statistics

    Two cards are drawn from a well-shuffled ordinary pack of 52 cards. The first card is replaced before selecting the second card. Find the following probabilities. (iii) One is King and one is queen (iv) Both are faced cards
  11. Creative Writing

    This is my last assignment in Creative Writing: Choose ONE of the following topics for the Writing Project: For Process Analysis: (Note: Process Analysis is not recommended for developing a short story): "How I Learned Responsibility" "How to Make the Most of Your Home ...
  12. math

    find 3 consecutive integers such that the sum of the twice the first and the third is 748.
  13. Math

    The first term of geometric is 124.the sum of infinity is 64.find the common ratio
  14. Maths

    The sum of n numbers of geometric progression is GP=(2^n+1)-1. Find the first term and the common difference.
  15. Cht Ningi

    The 9th And 22nd Term Of An A.P Are 29 And 55 Respectively. Find The Sum Of It's First 60 Terms
  16. math

    in a geometric sequence T6=-243 & T3=72 determine the constant ratio and the sum of the first 10 terms
  17. Maths

    If sum of three consecutive term of A.P. is 48 and product of first and third is 252 then find d?
  18. Maths

    If sum of three consecutive term of A.P. is 48 and product of first and third is 252 then find d?
  19. math(A.P)

    the least vaue of 'n' for which the sum of the first n-odd natural numbers exceeds 5000 is?
  20. math

    The sum of the first 5 terms of a GP is 61. If the 5th term is 81 solve the value of the common ratio.
  21. math

    the sum to infinity of a gp is four times the first term. find the common ratio
  22. math

    The combinations on the lockers at the high school consist of three numbers, each ranging from 0-39. If a combination is chosen at random, what is the probability that the first two numbers are multiples of 9 and the third number is a multiple of 4?
  23. Alegebra

    Help me! a food manufactorer donates moneys to schools based on the number of its product labels the school collects. The students at one school collected 2,100 product labels in 3 months. the number of labels collected in the first 2 months was 3 times the number of labells ...
  24. Maths

    The 3rd term of an AP is 10 more than the first term while the fifth term is 15 more than the second term.find the sum of the 8th and 15 term of AP.if the 7th term is seven times the first term.
  25. math

    Two trains are on the same track a distance 100 km apart heading towards one another, each at a speed of 50 km/h. A fly starting out at the front of one train, flies towards the other at a speed of 75 km/h. Upon reaching the other train, the fly turns around and continues ...
  26. math

    Lucy is supposed to subtract a certain number from 48 and divide the result by the same number. However, she divided 48 by the same number and subtracted the number from the quotient giving an answer of two. What should be the correct answer?
  27. math

    For a person of height h (in inches), a healthy weight W (in pounds) is one that satisfies this system of inequalities: W is greater than or equal to (19h^2)/703 and W is less than or equal to (25h^2)/703 Graph the system for 0 is less than or equal to h which is less than or ...
  28. Business Mathematics

    During the 2011 student's orientation at Unam, it was reported that number of male students who attended the orientation was nine hundred and forty less than four times the number of female students. a) From the statement above, formulate a mathematical equation expressing the...
  29. Maths

    1) In the arithmetic progression, the 8th term is twice the 4th term and the 20th term is 40. Find the common difference and the sum of the terms from the 8th to the 20th term inclusive. 2) Find the least number of terms of the AP, 1+3+5...that are required to make a sum ...
  30. Math

    a building with 143 windows has more than two floors; each floor has the same number of windows as every other floor. If there are less than a dozen floors how many windows are on each floor.
  31. Math

    a building with 143 windows has more than two floors; each floor has the same number of windows as every other floor. If there are less than a dozen floors how many windows are on each floor.
  32. math

    How would I do this? A sum of money is divided among three persons, X,Y,Z, kn the ratio 10:7:5. If Y gets $14 more than Z, how much will X get and what is the total sum of money? There is no total sum so how do I find it?
  33. Math

    n a survey, one out of three people named blue as their favorite color. Two out of seven named red. If 1,092 people were included in the survey how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color? 416 432 540 512 2. The triangles below are similar find the value of X ...
  34. statistics

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 0.10 significance level. What is the P-value required to reject the null hypothesis? A. Greater than or equal to .010 B. Greater than or equal to 0.05 C. Less than or equal to 0.10 D. Less than or equal to 0.05 Is it C?
  35. Math

    An unknown distribution has a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 12. A sample size of 95 is drawn randomly from the population. Find the probability that the sum of the 95 values is less than 7,300. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)
  36. math

    c=2*pi*R Solve for pi. help. and... twice the sum of a number and 10 is 24. what would the equation be. thanks
  37. math

    best number sentence to use to estimate the sum of 27 and 52
  38. 9th grade MATH

    The sum of 14 and twice a number y is equal to 78 ?
  39. math

    use a number line to find the sum of the numbers. 1. 3 and 5 2. -6 and 3 i don't get this
  40. Algebra

    algebraic expression for the sum of twice a number squared and 7
  41. Math

    Odd number between 411 and 423 with sum of 12
  42. math

    the product of twenty-five and the sum of a number and four
  43. math

    the sum of a number and four is -8 write this in algebraic expression
  44. math

    the sum of a number and four is -8 write in algebraic equation
  45. math

    write an algebraic expression: the sum of a number and 9 ans: x+x+9
  46. math

    Write an algebraic expression the sum of a number and 9 ans: x+9
  47. math

    The sum of a number divided by 5 and 7 is 2. i need help writing this as an equation thank you
  48. Pre-Algebra

    Three times the sum of a number and is 5 at least 26.
  49. Math

    Five times the sum of a number and 17 is at most 25 translate ?
  50. Maths

    Find a number between 20 and 30 that is half the sum of its factors
  51. Math

    When added the square root of 25 and -9 which type of number is the sum?
  52. math

    A certain sum is deposited in a bank which gives compound intrest at certain rate. The intrest on the amount is rs.440. In the first 2 years and rs.728 in the first 3 years what is the rate of interest per annum.
  53. Math 141

    A pair of fair 6-sided dice is rolled. What is the probability that a 3 is rolled if it is known that the sum of the numbers landing uppermost is less than or equal to 7? (Enter your answer as an exact fraction.)
  54. mathematics

    Key: logx= log base x 1. Prove that: (logx64 +logx4 -logx8)/(logx1024) =1/2 2.factorize by grouping r^2s^2+3t^2+r^2t^2+3s^2 3.factorize the following expression 49p^2-1/25 4.simplify i.(ax+bx+ay+by)/(cx+cy+dx+dy) ii.(3/4+1/2) / (1/3+1/2) 5.two thirds of a number together with ...
  55. 5th grade math

    A girl bought a card and then returned it. The second card cost $1.50 less than the first card. She got 75 cents in change. How much did the first card cost?
  56. science grade 11

    Two people, one of mass 51.4KG and the other mass of 78.0 KG, sit a distance between of 2.3 metres apart on a low friction sleds with the same friction coefficients. A)what is the strength of the gravitational force between them? B) suppose the friction is slowly reduced until...
  57. Algebra II

    Solve: 3+2(1-x) >6 or 2x+14 <=8. Graph the solution set on a number line. When I solved the equations for the first one I got x<-1/2 and for the second one I got x<= -3. How do I graph the solution set for these????
  58. Physics (2)

    The two particles are both moving to the right. Particle 1 catches up with particle 2 and collides with it. The particles stick together and continue on with velocity vf. Which of these statements is true? A. vf=v2. B. vf is less than v2. C. vf is greater than v2, but less ...
  59. Math

    Working with simple addition and multiplication of positive and negative numbers. Have completed 59 of 60 problems on a worksheet, I am stumped by one of them. For example Two numbers are given 30 and 13, You must find two number multiplied together equal -30 and when added ...
  60. 6th grade

    the sum of two decimal numbers is 5.3. their difference is 1.7 and there product is 6.3 what are the two numbers?
  61. 6th grade

    the sum of two decimals numbers is 3.9. Their diffrence is 0.9, and their product is 3.9. What are the two numbers
  62. math

    Two numbers are such that their difference, their sum, and their product are in the ratio 1 : 4 : 15. What are the two numbers?
  63. Math

    The ratio of two numbers is 7:9. The difference between the two numbers is 10. Find their sum
  64. precal

    The product of two numbers is 48 and the sum of their reciprocal a is 1/3. Determine the value of the two numbers.
  65. Algebra

    If n is the larger of the two consecutive numbers, write an expression for the sum of these two numbers.
  66. math

    the difference between two fractions is 1/10. the smaller fraction is 4/7. what is the sum of the two fractions?
  67. Algebra

    The value of a new car decreases by 35% in the first year. If a car costs $9,800 when new, how much less would it be worth at the end of the first year?
  68. Algebra

    Of two-car families in a small city, 88% remain two-car families in the following year and 12% become one-car families in the following year. Of one-car families, 72% remain one-car families and 28% become two-car families. Suppose these trends continue for a few years. At ...
  69. math

    An equation is not a function if even one x value produces ____ corresponding y value(s). one less than one more than one zero for a my guess is more
  70. Chemistry

    Can somebody check my answers? I Failed this test one time already. I do not want to fail it again. 1. When a pair of electrons is shared between two atoms, a covalent bond is said to have formed. Most often, the pair is formed A. by excess valence electrons. B. as one atom ...
  71. Computer Science

    Babbling Brooks A series of streams run down the side of a mountain. The mountainside is very rocky so the streams split and rejoin many times. At the foot of the mountain, several streams emerge as rivers. Your job is to compute how much water flows in each river. At any ...
  72. Physics

    Two hikers are climbing up a mountain and one throws a first aid kit up to another at an initial velocity of 11 m/s and at an angle of 62 deg above the horizontal. At the moment it is caught, the vertical speed is zero. What is the difference in height between the two climbers...
  73. math

    with the world population just over 7,000,000,000 people, prove that in less than a month one vampire could have the ability to infect the entire planet if they bit only two each day
  74. Math

    Responding back as requested: This is all I was provided Solve the folowing system of linear inequalities by graphing. x + 2y is less than or equal to 3 2x - 3y is less than or equal to 6 I would change the inequality into slope intercept form and treat it like an equation. y...
  75. Math statistics

    For a certain computer program a password must be exactly 5 characters long. The first character must be a mnber 0-8, the second, third and fourth character can either be one of the 26 letters or a number 0-5, the fifth character has to be exactly the same as the second ...
  76. Physics

    Two children are playing on two trampolines. The first child can bounce 1.6 times higher than the second child. The initial speed up of the second child is 5.2 m/s. (a) Find the maximum height the second child reaches. (b) What is the initial speed of the first child? (c) How ...

    A two-tailed test is conducted at the 0.10 significance level. What is the P-value required to reject the null hypothesis? A. Greater than or equal to .010 B. Greater than or equal to 0.05 C. Less than or equal to 0.10 D. Less than or equal to 0.05 MY ANSWER IS B ,HELP PLEASEE
  78. Math

    Lindsay draws a right triangle and adds the measure of the right angle and one acute angle. Which is a possible sum of the two angles? A) 180 B) 45 C) 90 D) 120 Answer is D) 120. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you for your help.
  79. algebra 2

    The red spinner has six equal sectors labeled with numbers 1 through 6. The blue spinner has four equal sectors labeled with letters A, B, C, and D. Find the probability of spinning the two spinners and getting a number less than three with a B or D.
  80. Moanalua Middle School

    One box contains six color cards: two blue, three yellow, and one orange. Another box contains four number cards, numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4. One card is picked at random from each box with replacement. find the probability of blue, then 1.
  81. arithmetic

    An arithmetic n geometric sequence have the same first term 2.with the 2nd term x. the sum of the 3rd term of the AS is equal to the 3rd term of the GS. Give the first 3 terms of both sequences.
  82. math

    Jan Maya and Sara ran a total of 64 miles. two ran the same and one ran 8 less. how many miles did they run?
  83. Math

    Ray makes an array that has 4 rows of 4 counters. He wants to make two more arreys using the same number of counters. He wants more than one counter in each row. What two arrays can he make? Please help!
  84. Maths

    An arithmetic and a geometric sequence have the same first terms.(2)....and the same second term say X..The sum of the first 3 terms of the arithmetic sequence equals to the third term of the geometric sequence.Calculate the first 3 terms of each sequences
  85. Art Question

    Can someone please help with this question? The Arts and Crafts Materials Institute's seal(AMCI)means that the product: 1. has been evaluated and is safe for physically or mentally handicapped children. 2. has been evaluated by a qualified toxicologist for both acute and ...
  86. Algebra

    Charlie's wallet contains 3 ones, 2 fives, 2 tens, and 4 twenty dollar bills. ?Charlie randomly grabs a bill from his wallet, replaces it, and grabs another bill. What is the probability that the sum of the two bills is $25? Maybe 6/25 or 6/110. I am confusing myself now and I...
  87. science

    Im a word of five letters People eat me If you remove my first letter i will be form of energy if you remove my first two letters i will be needed for living if you remove my first three letters i will be a preposition if you remove my first four letters i will be a drink for you
  88. math

    A typical Social Security number is 555-47-5593. How many Social Security numbers are possible if the first two digits cannot be 0? 1 0
  89. arithmetic

    the sum of the 3rd and the 4th term is 44 and the sum of the 10th and the 15th term is 203. what is the sum up to the 20th term?
  90. Word Problem

    A UPS employee, Davis, packs and labels three types of packages: basic packages, business packages, and oversized packages. Business packages take a priority over basic packages, and oversized packages because those customers paid a premium to have guaranteed two-day delivery...
  91. Math

    An appliance repair shop has 5 vacuum cleaners, 12 TV sets, and 18 VCRs to be repaired. The store employs two part time repairmen. One repairman can repair at least one vacuum cleaner, three TV sets and three VCRs in 1 week, while the second repairman can repair at least one ...
  92. Math

    5 less than a number
  93. Math

    6 less than a number is 18
  94. Science 8th grade

    There are two clouds of material: one with widely spaced objects with small masses and one with closely packed objects with larger masses. What is more likely to form a solar system, the first or second? Use gravity to explain your answer.
  95. algebra

    Money Mixtures. Elaine has $194, consisting of $20, $5, and $1 bills. The number of $1 bills is 1 less than the total number of $20 and $5 bills. If she has 39 bills in her purse, how many of each denomination does she have?
  96. math

    trying to help the kid with hw but not smart enough. please help. Thank You! -(5/7) ^ -2/5 can be written as -(a)^b where "a" is a positive rational number that is greater than 1 and "b" is a positive rational number that is less than 1. Find 'a' and 'b'
  97. math

    Mario rolled a number cube labeled 1-6 sixty times. In what percent of the rolls did Mario roll a number less than 4?a.5%,b.33%,c.50%,d.55% # #of x rolled 1 16 2 12 33/60 x/100 3 5 3300/60=55? 4 8 5 12 6 7
  98. statistics

    A researcher was interested in assessing the effectiveness of the Statistics Diet as compared to a regular low calorie diet on weight loss. In the study, obese participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups: (1) the Statistics Diet, which required participants to ...

    Three consecutive odd intergers are such that the sum of the squares of the first two integers is 54 more than 20 times the third integer. Determine the three integers. Please help and show all work thank you SHOW WORK SO I UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT THANK YOU
  100. Physics

    Two students each hit a golf ball at the same speed, but the first student hits his ball at an angle of 60.34o with the horizontal, and the second student hits his at (30-0.34)o with the horizontal. Which ball goes further? Which one hits the ground first? (Neglect air ...
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