I'm doing a project on Medieval nights- please help! How did chivalry reflect medieval culture especially religon?

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  1. History

    I'm doing a project on Medieval nights- please help! How did chivalry reflect medieval culture especially religon? Its due on Monday and i still have HEAPS to do!!!!! Please help me! You mean Medieval knights, right? If you spell it wrong during a search on Google or any other...
  2. History

    Which accurately describes a similarity between medieval Japanese culture and medieval European culture? japan and Europe used a form of representative democracy during the middle ages Japanese samurai and European knight shared similar codes of ethical conduct medieval Europe...
  3. social studies

    Does anyone know of some good websites that I could find how to build a medieval castle for my grade four project on medieval times.
  4. medieval history

    how did renaissance and medieval hermeneutics differ, and why does it matter?
  5. history medieval europe

    I have to make some replica artifact (medieval model) eg med map, peasants hut,med village or something along those lines, whats easy and how do I do it, PLEASE....
  6. Social Studies

    I have to do an assignment for SOSE. I have to do a Medieval Webquest on Medieval women. But I have no idea how to do it, I have a sheet but I don't understand it. Please help me. Thanx, Caity.
  7. History

    How is Dante's work different from earlier Medieval literature and why do we still refer to Dante as a Medieval writer?
  8. history-renaissance/middle ages

    How were women viewed in the medieval times? What would medieval men have said about Petrarch's (poet) view on women? thanks!
  9. History

    What problems did medieval towns face? How did medieval europeans attempt to deal with those problems? How did an independant judiciary and common law in England help to protect individual rights?
  10. Social Studies (Check my work)

    What factors contributed to the weakening and decline of Medieval Europe? My answer: In the 14th century, there was a disease called the black death. It weakened Medieval Europe a lot because it killed millions of Europeans. Is this good?
  11. World History

    Which answer correctly compares the first medieval merchants to merchants of the High Middle Ages? A The first medieval merchants were higher in the social hierarchy, while merchants during the High Middle Ages were members of the lower social class. B The first medieval ...
  12. AP European History

    How did medieval Europe lay the groundwork for the rebirth of Europe (Renaissance)? What conditions existed that allowed Europe to evolve out of medieval conditions?
  13. history

    Where do I find examples of Medieval Europe and the Christian church interactions with society/culture/government???
  14. Social Studies

    I'm doing an ABC book for Medieval words, and I need to do one for the letter Z. I found the word Zupan, but I'm not entirely sure on the definition, and how I can illustrate it. So can anyone give me some help on the word Zupan, or suggest any other Medieval words that start ...
  15. 4th grade

    Does anyone know of some websites that I could use to help build a medieval castle for my project.
  16. Social Studies

    When were the middle ages? 1. before medieval times 2. between ancient and modern times 3. after modern times 4. between medieval and ancient times Who was Charlemagne? 1. king of Vikings 2. a French serf 3. a Greek emperor 4. king of franks this is the quiz from connections ...
  17. Social Studies

    When were the Middle Ages? before medieval time between ancient and modern times (my answer) after modern times between medieval times
  18. Medieval castles

    Anyone know where I can find some good info? does anyone have any info? Googling Medieval Castles, I found some wonderful sites. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=Medieval+castles&btnG=Google+Search These are pictures of castles. http://images.google.com/...
  19. Socials (help)

    Medieval Castles: what allowed a castle community to function independently for a long period of time? I have a big project to do and I did all the other questions already but I'm stuck with this one. Please Help!
  20. World history

    In comparison to medieval culture, Renaissance culture was A. More concerned with things of the earthly world B. disinterested in classical models C. Based less on urban vitality and expanding commerce D. More other-worldly and religious
  21. AP European History

    How did Medieval Europe lay the groundwork for the re-birth of Europe (Renaissance)? What conditions existed that allowed Europe to evolve out of medieval conditions? I don't even know where to start, other than that I know that monarchs began to solidify their authority. What...
  22. English

    Could you please consider the following sentences, too? Thank you 1) Death is considered from two different points of view: medieval and Renaissance. For the medieval (?) death is the liberation from the prison of the body instead the Renaissance doubted the existence of an ...
  23. social studies

    When were the middle ages? A) Before medieval times B) Between ancient and modern times** C) After modern times D) Between medieval and ancient times
  24. S+E Middle Ages

    http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=SUNA,SUNA:2006-45,SUNA:en&q=herbal+remedies+medieval I searched for herbal remedies medieval and these are the results. I hope there's something useful in here for you. =) I am doing herb lore for the Middle Ages S+E...
  25. Music

    Can anyone tell me how the basso continuo changed through the baroque to the classical period? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully the following site will help you: http://www.medieval.org/emfaq/misc/continuo.html
  26. English

    Which of these lines from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight(most) clearly exemplifies the medieval ideal of chivalry? A:"Sober and thoughtful her stood there and stroked his beard and with patience like a priest's he pulled down his collar. B:"And then, swiftly, he slashed at ...
  27. English

    1. Modern soccer is the same as the one of Medieval England. 2. Modern soccer is the same as that of Medieval England. (Which one is grammatical? Do you have other expressions which have the same meaning?)
  28. English

    Uther Pendragons willingness to give his son Arthur to Merlin in exchange for spending just one night with Igraine reflects the idea of courtly love chivalry "contemptu mundi" NoNE OF THE ABOVE This confuses me, I don't understand why he gave his child up, I don't think it ...
  29. music

    1. When were the Middle Ages? (1 point) A. 100–500** B. 500–1500 C. 1450–1600 D. 1600–1750 2. What is music sung without instruments called? (1 point) a. Capella** b. instrumental c. polyphonic d. medieval 3. Which type of music has only one melodic line? (1 point) A. ...
  30. history

    Which accurately describes the impact of the Catholic Church on medieval politics and government? (Select all that apply.) the catholic church doctrine required a clear distinction between church and state the catholic church unified different kingdoms of Europe under the ...
  31. History

    Which options most accurately describe humanist artistic innovations during the Renaissance? (Select all that apply.) the architectural style of medieval times was called Romanesque, while the renaissance rived Greco-roman ideals renaissance artists formulated accurate ...
  32. history,college

    What was the distinction between natural and supernatural events in the medieval world? (One of the questions that I have to answer in an essay regarding Robert Bartlett's book 'The Natural and the Supernatural in the Middle Ages) My answer: Natural events can be classified as...
  33. socials question help plz!!

    What contributions did the medieval lord make for future generations? please give full answers!!!
  34. a question ms.sue plzz help!!

    How has the lord of medieval times made contributions to future generations? HELP PLEASE AND GIVE COMPLETE ANSWERS!!!
  35. English

    Need help with introduction: The Medieval Period began in 1066 and lasted until 1485. During this time period many literary works were produced. Many writers used their work to reflect the important events of that era. Most influential to literature of that period were the ...
  36. 6th grade

  37. History

    What are French renaissance/medieval traditions?
  38. History

    What was the significance of education of medieval tradition period
  39. ELA/Social Studies

    Medieval Times: Letter to the Queen of Conections Academy PLease help You will earn a 10/10 portfolio grade for correctly completing and submitting the following assignment by 10/30/2015: Please review the attached list of Medieval titles, trades, positions and classes. Use ...
  40. world history

  41. history art

    what is the rejection of medieval style and influences of byzantine
  42. social studies

    what roles did women play in medieval times?
  43. world history

    How did seamstress dress during Medieval times?
  44. Social Studies

    Does anyone know of any words from the Medieval times that starts with the letter "O"?
  45. social studies

    where did people work if they were a cook in medieval times
  46. World History

    List 4 problems / setbacks of the medieval age?
  47. history

    what was the relationship between politics and religion in medieval Europe.
  48. History

    which economic impact did the crusades have on medieval europe?
  49. global

    describe the roles that individual citizen played in the medieval system.
  50. History

    What was the influences of the Medieval age on American education, religion, and beliefs
  51. World history

    Explain the big shift after the medieval age
  52. world history

    Which economic impact did the Crusades have on medieval Europe?
  53. 4th grade

    explain how farms today are different than medieval farms . Compare the farms. list a lot of differences and same things . please help!
  54. social

    explain the duties and responsibilities that guided people live in medieval europe
  55. World History

    Describe three ways the Church shaped Medieval life.
  56. Medievalism

    Hi, I need help finding a medieval object that still exist in the modern world.
  57. 4th grade

    explain how village customs today are different than medieval times village customs.please help
  58. Humanities/Western Civilization

    Describe the conflict between church and state in the medieval period.
  59. World History

    Analyze how the growth of the market economy contributed to the decline of medieval europe
  60. social studies

    I need some websites that tell about what cooks did in the medieval times and other stuff about the cooks back then. So please help me!!
  61. English

    What are some ultranationalistic empires that lost their culture and religon through their expansion...like coverting
  62. World History

    How did Renaissance thinkers think the individual was defined? Explain how this idea can be compared with the value of an individual in ancient Roman and medieval European societies. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!
  63. 11th grade

    what were the most significant tecchnological innovations of the medieval period? need help this subject kills me!!!!!!
  64. history

    Describe the daily lives in Medieval Europeans, homes, occupations, education, and leisure activities.
  65. english

    Some ancient and medieval works have several qualities present in novels. true?
  66. history

    "medieval parents were cruel.They did not properly care for, or look after, their children" To what extent do you agree?
  67. Social Studies

    Who organized the trade in medieval cities and towns? A.Guilds B.Clergy C.Knights D.Journeymen Is it A?
  68. History

    Describe the daily lives of medieval, europeans, including their homes, occupations, education, and leisure activities
  69. english

    Do you know what this matches and why? Primate:Primeval as Coelenterate:Medieval Deliberate:Archival Ingrate:Credible Migrate:Primal Thank you!
  70. english

    Some ancient and medieval works have several qualities present in novels. true or false.
  71. social studies

    in medieval europe, the power of kings and nobles were often held back by what powerful group?

  73. western history

    Identify, by number, the medieval individuals who were known by the following names: 1. Unraed. 2. Forkbeard. 3. Bloodaxe. 4. the Boneless. 5. Ironside.
  74. World history

    compare matrilineal and patrilineal cultures. Decribe three ways the church shaped medieval life
  75. History

    What religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution?
  76. World History

    how did the second great schism affect church authority and power and contribute to the end of medieval europe ?
  77. geography

    How did late medieval governments shape life in a positive and in a negative way? help, how would I be able to do an ESSAY on this one sentence
  78. INS 205

    Imagine that you immigrated to a foreign county with a culture vastly different from yours. While the economic opportunity in the country is great, there is a strong push to assimilate into the new culture. What are the positive and negative aspects of assimilating into the ...
  79. Social Studies

    I'm doing an ABC book with words from the Medieval Ages, and I can't find any word that starts with X. I've been searching online, but I haven't found any.. Help?
  80. History

    What religious movement prompted people to challenge medieval practices of the Catholic Church and inspired the Scientific Revolution? counter reformation?
  81. world history

    Select the Japanese figure of the feudal warrior society whose role was similar to that of the knight in Medieval Europe. I say emperor
  82. Social Studies

    what is the name of the medieval political and social system, based on agriculture?
  83. history (Declaration)

    How do you see the ideas in the Declaration compared to typical Medieval European?
  84. knights-european studies

    What were knights social class in medieval times?
  85. Social Studies

    What continent is located south of Europe in Medieval Europe?
  86. project on glasses!

    hey. does anybody have any suggestions on a good way to interestingly present a project on spectacles and their impact on the middle ages??? I think it would be a cool idea to bring in a pair of glasses and to show the very important people that wore them and who do you think ...
  87. society

    I searched Google under the key words "middle ages culture" to get these possible sources: http://www.medieval-life.net/life_main.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_Ages (Broken Link Removed) http://library.thinkquest.org/19662/high/eng/middle.html http://dir.yahoo.com/...
  88. Social Studies

    I'm doing a Medieval ABC book, and I need to draw an illustration for each word. How can I illustrate "zeal"? Also I hope I picked the correct school subject..?
  89. social studies

    Which of these was NOT a major contributing factor to the Scientific Revolution? A) Greek philosophers B) Enlightenment thinkers C) Medieval Islamic scientists D) Roman and Byzantine scholars
  90. Social Studies

    What roles did most women fill during the medieval period a. monks and nuns b. teachers and scholars c. writers and artists d. wives and mothers***
  91. World History

    In what ways did Islam create the first “world civilization?” How was Islam changed by contact with indigenous faiths in Africa & Asia? How did Byzantium preserve & perpetuate the traditions of Rome? What roles did commerce play in the transmission of faiths in the ...
  92. Social Studies

    I'm doing an ABC book for Medieval terms, and I have to draw a picture for each term. What could I draw for the Orthodox Church?
  93. English

    Wild Nights -- Wild Nights! Were I with thee Wild Nights should be Our luxury! Futile -- the Winds -- To a Heart in port -- Done with the Compass -- Done with the Chart! Rowing in Eden -- Ah, the Sea! Might I but moor -- Tonight --In Thee! Which best describes the meter of the...
  94. Social Studies

    Which roles did most women feel during the medieval period? A.monks and nuns B.teachers and scholars C.writers and artist D.wives and mothers** Help Please I picked wives and mothers because women didn't have much rights back then.
  95. LA/Lit.

    Word withing the word analogies. primate is to primeval as coelenterate is to medieval deliberate is to archival ingrate is to credible migrate is to primal
  96. HIS 103

    What factors explain medieval Islam's relatively high level of tolerance for non-believers, and did regions controlled by the Roman Catholic Church share that broad acceptance?
  97. Anthropology

    I need some serious Assisting. PLEASE!!!!I am doing a project on gender and gender roles including identities and the equality and inequality. The Culture is Native American. I need help a.s.a.p. This is my last week in this class. Please, please help me. Thank you so much. I ...
  98. History Check Please!

    Please check! Thanks! 1. How did the development of universities in medieval Europe strengthen the Church and unify society? a. Universities grew up around cathedrals, and courses of study helped educate clergy.*** b. Universities started cathedrals, which were important ...
  99. HIS 103

    hat factors explain medieval Islam's relatively high level of tolerance for non-believers, and did regions controlled by the Roman Catholic Church share that broad acceptance?
  100. English

    A masterpiece in medieval Europe, as well as today, is a product that _______________________________ . is produced by most talented craftsman demonstrates the artist's mastery of the art exceeds all similar products of beauty A?
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