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  1. Geometry

    The slope of lien b is 1/3. What is the slope of a line perpendicular to line b? -1/3 -3 1/3 3 My answer: -1/3 Note: there is no graph for this
  2. Chemistry

    What will the graph look like when the relationship of the number of grams of solute that a soluution is 50grams of H2O at varying temp, if the solubility begins at a small quantity and increases in direct proportion the increase in temp? Thank you!
  3. calculus

    Consider the following shaded region. Find the area S of this region if a = 6, b = 3. (Give an exact answer.) The two graphs intercept at 0 and the other limit is not given. The integral is int(ax-x^2)-(bx. So y=ax+x^2 is the graph on top and y=bx is at the bottom.
  4. pre-calculus

    Also with calculator, graph f(x), and determine all the possible maxima/minima coordinates to within two decimal points. f(x)=x^3+2x^2-x-2/x^2+x-6 i did this and got my answers but i doubt they are right, can anyone get the answers if you have a TI-83-84 please? thank you.
  5. Physics for life scince

    II.You are standing on the edge of a 50m high cliff and throw a ball vertically up with initial speed of 20m/s: 1.After how long will the ball hit the ground below? 2.Draw the v vs.t graph
  6. math/calculus

    You are given the four points in the plane A(-3,6),B(0,-6),C(5,7),D(8/-7) . The graph of the function f(x) consists of the three line segments AB ,BC and CD . Find the integral f(x)from -3 to by interpreting the integral in terms of sums and/or differences of areas of ...
  7. math/calculus

    You are given the four points in the plane A(-3,6),B(0,-6),C(5,7),D(8/-7) . The graph of the function f(x) consists of the three line segments AB ,BC and CD . Find the integral f(x)from -3 to by interpreting the integral in terms of sums and/or differences of areas of ...
  8. Math: Calculus

    You are given the four points in the plane A = (5,-6), B = (9,1), C = (14,-6), and D = (19,2). The graph of the function f(x) consists of the three line segments AB, BC and CD. Find the integral f(x)dx from 5 to 19 by interpreting the integral in terms of sums and/or ...
  9. Please Help! Calculus

    We have to find out which of these statements are true. I narrowed it down to 2 answers. a) if f"(0)=0, the the graph of f changes concavity at x=0 b) If the function f is continuous on the interval [a,b] and the integral from a to b of f(x)dx=0, then f must have at least on ...
  10. Trig

    I need help solving the two problems below. Thanks For each equation, determine whether its graph is symmetric with respect to the -axis, the -axis, and the origin. Check all symmetries that apply. 1. y=-sqrt(4-x^(2)) 2. 34x^(2)+12y^(2)=18
  11. Calculus derivative

    Find the slope and an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the function f at the specified point. f(x)=-1/3x^2+5x+5: (-1, -1/3) Answer: f’(x)=-2/3x + 5 y=-2/3x -1 I re-worked the problem and got f'(x)=5, y=5x+ 14/3 This is from a multiple choice test and this is not ...
  12. calculus

    consider the function f(x)=(36-x^2)^(1/2) whose graph describes the upper semi circle with radius 6 centered at the origin.let a be any number in the open interval (-6,6).for a not equal to 0 determine the slope of the line through the origin and the point (a,f(a))
  13. Algebra II

    Evaluate: ƒ(2) + 5 It says to use this graph to solve the equation: h t t p://i55 . t i n y p i c . com/2qdvfur.jpg Right now we're on Algebra and Composition with Functions. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, and there are no instructions for any of these problems in ...
  14. algebra

    Participants in a psychology experiment were able to memorize an average of M words in t minutes, where M = −0.001t3 + 0.1t2. Use the following graph.Estimate the number of words memorized after 14 min. m 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2/02468101214161820t
  15. Polar equations - Help?

    i need to graph the polar equation 2 = r cos (theta + 180) on one of the graphs that looks like a flattened globe. So far I have 2=r cos180 costheta + r sin180 sintheta what do i do now?
  16. algebra 2 help please

    D)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+(y-50)^2=1122 Y=20 (-15,20)(15,20) E)x^2+y^2=625 X^2+y^2-200y+10000=13618 Y=18 (-20,-15)(20,-15) 1)Combine your answers from Parts D and E to pinpoint the epicenter of the earthquake 2)Graph the equations for all three stations to verify your algebraic solution.
  17. calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

    Given the following polynomial, find a. the zerros and the multiplicity of each b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c. number of turning points d. end behavior f(x)=(x-1)(x-5) **please show work**
  18. calculus

    answer the following for the given quadratic function f(x)=x^2-2x+1 a. Does the graph of f open up or down? b. What is the vertex of (h,k) of f? c. What is the axis of symmetry? D. What is the intercepts? E. What is the domain? F. What is the range? G. On what interval is f ...
  19. math

    solve the polynomial inequality and graph the solution set on a real number line. set in interval notation. x^3+2x^2-4x-8>0 I have been staring at this problem for the last 15 minutes because I just don't understand it, somebody please help me?
  20. chem

    The dibasic compound B (pKb1 = 4.00, pKb2 = 8.00) was titrated with 1.00 M HCl. The initial solution of B was 0.100 M and had a volume of 100.0 mL. Find the pH at the following volumes of acid added and make a graph of pH versus Va; Va=0, 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, and 22mL.
  21. Physics

    A uniform 160 N ladder rests against a perfectly smooth wall, making a 70 degree angle with the wall (ladder is 7 m long). (a) find the normal forces that the wall and the floor exert on the ladder. B) what is the friction force on the ladder at the floor? I tried to solve the...
  22. Physics

    A standing wave is generated in a 12.0 m wave tank using a frequency of 5.00 Hz. There are a total of four nodes in the standing wave (one on each end of the tank and two others between the ends). a) Sketch the wave in the tank. b) What is the velocity of the wave in the tank...
  23. 7th grade art

    1. The ingredients, or building blocks, of an artwork (1 point) studies of art principles of art categories of art elements of art 2. The name of a color (1 point) value intensity hue fue 3. The arrangement of hues in a circular format (1 point) color circle color sphere color...

    I am going over some math homework and need to know if I am getting the right answers. 1. Solving by elimination: 2x+3y=3, and 4x+6y=6 I say the determinant is o, there is no solution 2. y-11>2y-2 Is 1,-15,-17,-2 solutions: My answer = 1 is not, -15 is, -17 is, and -2 is ...
  25. Algebra

    What would three points on a graph be, graphing the x and y intercepts, with the equation -x + 3y = -9? The x and y intercepts are what you get when plugging in y=0 or x=0. For a third point, you can choose any other x or y value you want and compute the other coordinate
  26. Algebra 2

    I know how to graph points but I need the points to this equation. f(x)=(-x)^4+4x^2-2x solve by making a table of values. It says I also need the coordinates at which the relative maxima and minima occur.
  27. Algebra

    Find the domain of each square root function. Then use the domain to match the radical function with it’s graph. The graphs are labeled (a) through (f) and are shown in [-10,10,1] by [-10,10,1] viewing rectangles. f(x)=~(8-2x) a) b) c) d) e) f)
  28. math

    What are the slope and y-intercept of the graph of the following equation? 1/3x=1/2(y+4) So I used slope intercept formula and rearranged it to be 1/2y=-1/3x+2 then I isolated y by multiplying by the reciprocal and got y=-2/3x+4 is that right?? My friend said its +4!
  29. 8th grade

    need help thank-you translate the verbal phrase into an inequality, then solve the inequality and graph your solution, the product of 6 and the difference of 6x and 3 is less than or equal to the product of -2 and the sum of 4 and 8x
  30. AP Chemistry

    Hi! For a strong acid-weak base titration what's an example of a titrant, analyte, appropriate indicator, pH at neutralization, and a typical graph of the titration? Help is much appreciated Thank you so much
  31. Calculus

    Find the area of the enclosed by the y-axis and the curves y=x^2 and y=(x^2+x+1)*e^(-x). ...I'm supposed to use tabular method to find the area. But I'm not sure where to start with this question. I drew the graph for y=x^2, but that's about it. Help! thanks
  32. Math(Please check)

    Find the slope of the graph at y=sqrt 2x^2 +1 at the point (2,3). First I plugged 2 into the equation and got 3. Then the derivative of the equation is 4x and then I multiplied that by 3 and got 12. Is this correct?
  33. math

    Minimize z = 3x + 6y subject to: 4x + y ? 20 x + y ? 20 x + y ? 10 x ? 0 y ? 0  Graph the feasibility region. Identify all applicable corner points of the feasibility region. Find the point(s) (x,y) that minimizes the objective function z = 3x + 6y.
  34. Math Question--dont understand

    Restrict the domain to the set of natural numbers. Mark the dots points on the graph which represent the function on the restricted domain. I don't understand how to do this.
  35. college alegebra

    Can someone please help me!!!!!! Find th eequation of the line containing the point P and having the slope m. Write your answer in slope intercept form. Graph this line. P= (0,0) M = 0
  36. science

    This graph represents the relationship of the pressure and volume of a given mass of a gas at constant temperature. When the pressure equals 8 millimeters of mercury (mmHg), what is the volume, in milliliters (mL)?
  37. Math

    Use a graph to find a number delta such that if abs(x-pi/4) < delta then abs(tanx-1) < 0.2. I understand that the epsilon is 0.2. But what step do I take next? How do I solve the problem?
  38. Math

    Find the equation of a sine wave that is obtained by shifting the graph of y=sin(x) to the right 6 units and downward 6 units and is vertically stretched by a factor of 5 when compared to y=sin(x)
  39. Chemistry

    Does anyone know Whats the reaction time between KIO3 & HSO3 at 50degrees C. Folks how can I find this out with a graph of time[y axis] v/s temp [x/axis]. Appreciate your insight
  40. Pre-Cal.

    find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range,and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane. f(x)=3+lnx
  41. math

    Graph the quadratic functions y = -2x2 and y = -2x2 + 4 on a separate piece of paper. Using those graphs, compare and contrast the shape and position of the graphs. (3 points)
  42. economics

    if Q = 60 − (1/2)P, and MC = 60, which means that MR = 60 how do you work out the price, which then allows you to work out the Q. does the graph still exhibit a slope at twice the rate of the demand curve? thanks for looking in
  43. Polynomial Functions

    I have to graph some graphs but I don't the main image points for the base function to make transformations. Specfically, f(x)=x^3 f(x)=x^4 f(x)=x^5 and it goes on. How do I find them to make my transformations?
  44. AP Calculus

    I asked this yesterday and someone answered. but i didn't understand the explanation.. Two circles of radius 4 are tangent to the graph of y^2=4x at the point (1,2). Find equations of these two circles. I got (x-1)^2+(y-2)^2=16 and (x-4.36)^2+(y+1.36)^2=16
  45. math

    Find the area of the shaded region. View the graph and image at: postimg.o rg/image/dg4kt89v1/ Please help me explain this one. I know the ans to this one but can not work out.
  46. Algebra, Intermediate

    How do I set up my equation for 18 wheeler with 71 fridges and 118 TVs and 51 fridges and 176 TVs with my graph showing (0,330) and (110,0)? Page 539 problem 68 Thanks!
  47. Calculus

    Find all points on the graph of the function f(x) = 2 cos x + cos^2 x at which the tangent line is horizontal. (Use n as your arbitrary integer.) smaller y-value (x,y)= larger y-value (x,y)=
  48. maths

    a)Express y = 2 (x - 1) (x - 5) in the form y = ax^2 + bx + c. b) From the above quadratic equation calculate the following: I) x and y intercepts II) Coordinate of the turning point III) Is the graph a maximum or minimum turning point?
  49. Calculus

    Use the four-step process to find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the function at the given point and determine an equation of the tangent line. f(x) = -2x2-2x+1 (-1, -2)
  50. Math - Please help

    (Write an equation in slope intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the equation.) (1, -3); y + 2 = 4(x – 1) Please show steps
  51. Calc 1

    Use a graph to give a rough estimate of the area of the region that lies beneath the given curve. Then find the exact area. y = x^−3, 1 ≤ x ≤ 5
  52. Physics

    A rookie quarterback throws a football with an initial upward velocity component of 15.4m/s and a horizontal velocity component of 19.5m/s . Ignore air resistance. What is the equation for this graph and how do I find it?
  53. please help!!

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of f(x) = 2x − 6/x + 1 at the point at which x = 0. (Let x be the independent variable and y be the dependent variable.) I don't know how to find the derivative, i Keep getting it wrong. But I know where to go after that.
  54. 8th grade geometry

    How do I find the answer to the following question without knowing the 3rd vertices? Graph a triangle with vertices (3,-2), (-3,2) and height of 3 units. The answer is supposed to be (3, -2), (0,1) and (-3, -2).
  55. Calculus 1

    Use a graph to give a rough estimate of the area of the region that lies beneath the given curve. Then find the exact area. y = x^−3, 2 ≤ x ≤ 5
  56. sinusoidal functions

    State an equation of a sinusoidal graph with the following properties. The central axis is at y = 5 Two consecutive minimums are found at (3, −1) and (13, −1 find values for a,b,c and d
  57. Math/Calculus

    Use the Shell Method to calculate the volume of rotation, V, about the x-axis for the region underneath the graph of y=(x-2)^(1/3)-2 where 10 less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 218.
  58. Pre algebra

    A fair charge an admission fee of $6 for each person. Let C be the cost of admission (in dollars) for P people. Write an equation relating C to P. Then graph your equation using axes
  59. Math

    The graph shows the progress of a car which traveled 300 km in 5 hrs. Assuming that its speed remained constant, how far had the car gone after 2 hrs?
  60. International Economics

    Please use one graph per country and show both the autarky and the free trade equilibrium on each graph. Consider the following data on the factor endowments of two countries A and B: Countries Factor Endowments A B Labor force: L 100 workers 50 workers Capital Stock: K 60 ...
  61. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the x-axis. Use the method of cylindrical shells. y=4x^2 2x+y=6 I drew the picture and the intersection points are at x=-1.5 and x=1. I'm not sure how to identify the "shell" with this ...
  62. POLL - everyone is welcome to answer

    So I am home schooled but it says to ask classmates, which I don't have so I am resorting to the internet. The question is: What do you trust and mistrust about the federal government ? I am also suppose to put the results into a bar graph. How would I set that up? Thanks!
  63. physics

    This graph in the figure (Figure 1) shows how the temperature of an initially solid sample changes as time goes by when it is placed above a flame that delivers a constant heating power (that is, a fixed amount of energy input in the form of heat each second). The process ...
  64. Math

    The graph of x2 −6x+9+y2 +2y+1 = 25 is a circle. Where is the center of the circle? What is the radius of the circle?
  65. pre cal

    f(x) = two divided by quantity x squared minus two x minus three Graph A coordinate axis scaled by one. Domain and Range : _____________________ x and y Intercept(s) : _____________________ Horizontal Asymptote(s) : ___________________ Vertical Asymptote(s) : ...
  66. statistics

    Practice Problem #16 pg. 307: A researcher theorized that people can hear better when they have just eaten a large meal. Six individuals were randomly assigned to eat either a large meal or a small meal. After eating the meal, their hearing was tested. The hearing ability ...
  67. Algebra

    Identify the vertex and the axis of symmetry for the graph of y=5(x-2)^2 + 3. a) vertex (2,3); x = -2 b) vertex (-2,-3); x = 2 c) vertex (2,3); x = 2 d) vertex (-2,-3); x = -2 I have no idea how to solve this problem! Please help. Thank you! :)
  68. math

    my 10 yr old son brought home work about stem and leaf plots. i have no idea what it is or how to sove the problem. the problem asked is what is the least number of dogs at a dog show and i don't know how to read the graph
  69. Calculus

    You are given the four points in the plane A=(7,4) ,B=(9,-3) ,C=(13,5) , and D=(16,-2 . The graph of the function consists of the three line segmentsAB ,BC and CD . Find the integral between x= 16 and x= 7 by interpreting the integral in terms of sums and/or differences of ...
  70. Re: Math

    The only inequalities where I have to check the values between the points are polynomial and rational inequalities, right? And not any other type of inequalites By Checking I mean to know which way to shade on a graph Just making sure
  71. Algebra-Pleasehelp-I'm so stuck!!

    Please help How do you graph the radical that is below negative of the sqrt(x+1) my teacher said we should set up x and y according to parent function. The endpoint of this would be (-1,0) How do I find the other points-I'm really stuck
  72. Calculus

    Consider a circle of radius 5 and a point P rotating around it, as shown in the figure to the left, below. The angle(theta) , in radians, is given as a function of time t, by the graph in the second figure. What is the value of when t=0.5? Find the coordinates of P when t=0.5
  73. math

    What type of graph is best suited for displaying the range and frequency distribution of the number of hours the students in a class spend on homework while still showing each individual amount of time spent on homework?
  74. physics

    t(s)=0.0,1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0 v(m/s)=0.0,4.6,8.9,13.4,18.0,22.9,27.6,32.0 find the area underneath the graph between t=2.0s and t=6.0s, i know i will have to break this down into two separate shapes, a rectangle and a triangle then add them together, i just don't know ...
  75. Quantitative Analysis

    The dibasic compound B (pKb1 = 4.00, pKb2 = 8.00) was titrated with 1.00 M HCl. The initial solution of B was 0.100 M and had a volume of 100.0 mL. Find the pH at the following volumes of acid added and make a graph of pH versus Va; Va=0, 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, and 22mL.
  76. calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

    Given the following polynomial f(x)=(x-1)(x-5), find A.the zeros and the multiplicity of each one b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c.the number of turning points d. the end behavior Please show work.
  77. math

    A diagram shows a straight line graph of In y against x,passing through the point (0,2) and having gradient -3/2 . The variables x and y are connected by the equation y=pq^x ,where p and q are constants Find (i)the value of p and of q ,to one decimal place (ii)the equation ...
  78. algebra 1

    and I need help on this one problem This homework question was removed due to a copyright claim submitted by the National Network of Digital Schools Management Foundation (NNDS). would a graph model this problem situation?
  79. Computer Science

    Given an undirected graph G = (V,E), does there exist a set D ⊆ V of size k such that every v ∈ V is either in D or adjacent to at least one member of D. Show that DS∈NPC. You may only assume that VC is known to be NP-Complete.
  80. Algebra

    Okay, I have a graph of a sq root function. I'm told to write the radical function for f(x). Some points on the line are (1,-2) and (5,0). I know you probably can't help me a whole lot, but if you can give me any insight into how to figure this problem out, I'd really ...
  81. algebra

    The velocity of an object fired directly upward is given by the equation V=40-18t, where t is in seconds. when will the velocity be between 22 and 31 feet per second? write and solve a compound inequality and graph the solution on a number line.
  82. tec help

    what is the purpose of a scatter plot? create a design like graph paper. help visualize the relationship between two types of data sytematically compare three datasets add and subtract data in a worksheet b or d
  83. Math

    Apply the following transformations to this parabola. Y=2(x+3)^2-1 A) reflection in the x-axis, followed by a translation 5 units down. I got : y = -2(x+3)^2-6 But the answer is y= -2(x+3)^2-4 Why is it -4 And also. How odd you do reflections in the y axis without drawing the ...
  84. Math

    A Ferris wheel has a radius of 35m and starts at 2m above the ground. It rotates once every 53 second. a) determine the cosine equation of the graph, if the rider gets on at the lowest point. b) what is the height of the rider at 81 seconds?
  85. Trigonometry

    Use a graph of the function to approximate the solution of the equation on the interval [−2π, 2π]. (List the solutions in increasing order from left to right on the x-axis. Round your answers to three decimal places.)
  86. Polar, Cylindrical, and Spherical Coordinates

    Let C be a circle that passes through the origin. Show that we can find real numbers s and t such that C is the graph of r = 2s*cos(theta + t) I think that I could start by writing it like R^2=(x-h)^2+(y-k)^2 where R is the radius of the circle, but I don't what to do with ...
  87. Algebra

    The table shows how much an air-conditioning repair company charges for different numbers of hours of work.graph the data and find the and y-intercept from the. then write the equation for the grap intercept formh in slope
  88. Algebra

    Need some help with a few question. 1. Determine whether the relation is a function. Find the domain and range. {(10,2),∙(-10,2),(6,4),(5,3),(-6,7)} 2. What is f(4) if f(x) = |3x + 4| - 2 3. Write an equation that defines the graph of y = x2 after it is shifted vertically 2 ...
  89. science (physics)

    State gauss's theorem draw a graph showing the variation of electric field, as one moves from the centre of charge metal ball to a point on its surface and then to a far off outside point
  90. pre-calculus

    What is the base of the function F(x) = b to the power of x if the graph has points of (1/3, 2)and another off the subject one if g(x)= log 7 x what is g(1/49)? If F(x) = 2 when x = 1/3, and if the fucntio is of the form F(x) = b^x, then 2 = b^(1/3) Cube both sides of the ...
  91. Economics-Repost of Question

    I am not getting any of the answers that are provided for this question: Price $16--------|---....| $14........|----...| $12-----TAX|-----..| $10........|----...| $8...
  92. statistics

    I am working on setting a formula equal to another-the first formula is A=1.2P and the 2nd the least squares regression line y=-2.433x +950.5. How can I set this equal to obtain a graph of the information
  93. Algebra

    Does anyone have a Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator, or any other Texas Instruments Graphing Calculators? I am unsure how to graph inequalities with it. Could someone give me a basic guide of what buttons to press? Thanks!!!
  94. solubility graph

    What temperature is necessary in order to dissolve twice as much fo these solids in 100cm3 of water as can be dissoved at 20gC. a. sodium nitrate b. potassium nitrate c. sodium choride
  95. biology

    i really need some help!! i understand the parts of the heart and their names, but i am really confused on the cardiac cycle graph that shows the pressure of the heart at certains stages HELP ME PLEASE!
  96. Economics quick question

    Could you check these please thanks. A --------- is a graph showing the quantities supplied at each possible price. A. Supply Schedule B. Law of supply C. Supply Curve D. Market Supply Is the answer C??
  97. algebra

    Find the value of y so that the line passing through the two points has the given slope? 1. (12,y), (-6,9/7), m= -1/6 _____________ write an equation in slope-intercept form. (then graph the equation). 2. 18y+2x-9=0 3. 3x-4y=-8
  98. 8th grade math

    The equation d=3.5t + 50 represents the distance in meters,d, that a cyclist is from his home after t seconds. Which pair of values represents a points on the graph of this equation? Explain your answer. (10,85) (0,0) (3,60.5)
  99. Science

    5 Grade class with 20 students collected snack-survey data.The class made the circle graph. Cookies:5,Granola Bar:4,Candy Bar:7 Fruit:3,Other:1
  100. calculus

    Let R be the region in the first quadrant that is enclosed by the graph of y = tanx, the x-axis, and the line x = π/3 h. Find the area of R i. Find the volume of the solid formed by revolving R about the x-axis
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