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  1. chem

    for solutions of a weak acid, a graph of pH versus the logarithm of the initial acid concentration should be a straight line. What is the magnitude of the slope of that line?
  2. Math

    Write the standard form of the quadratic function that has the indicated vertex and whose graph passes through the given point. Vertex: (-2, 5) Point: (0, 9)
  3. math

    show graph how a factory can work its employess no more than 6 and and no less than 2 days per week if the work day is 6.5 hours what is the range in hours
  4. math

    HI im Homework mahde.Im having trouble with my homework. Do you or anyone know what a interval is? In when your like using Graph or of course math terms. Please anwser quickly! Thankyou.
  5. algebra URGENT HELP

    analyze the graph of the following function solve R(x)=x(x-16)^2 /(x+11) solve the following inequality write solution in interval notation x+14/x-8 less than or equal to 1
  6. Grade 12 Calculus

    Determine the absolute extrema of each function on the given interval. Illustrate your results by sketching the graph of each function. f(x) = (x − 1)^2 , 0 ≤ x ≤ 2
  7. adanced algebra

    how long will it take to make $9944. dollars at 1.25 interest when i already have $7500. I have to make line graph of each year.
  8. algebra 1

    parallel and perpendicular lines write the slope-intercept for an equation of the line that passes through the given point and is perpendicular to the graph of each equation (4-2) y=1/2 +1, ( 2,-3) y= -2/3+4 (-8,-7) y=-x-8 (6,-2) y=-3x-6
  9. Math: Linear Equation

    I have not learned this yet in class and I am stuck on this homework problem. Graph the linear equation by using a table of solutions. 3x-4y=12
  10. Math

    How do I graph a slope of 2/3 passing through the point of (-3,-4). Please help. I was given this answer, but I am unsure if it is correct **Since the slope is 2/3, go right up 3 and up 2 and plot another point.
  11. Math

    5. A system of linear inequalities is shown below: x + y ≥ 4 y < 2x – 3 Describe the steps to graph the solution set to the system of inequalities. Be specific. (10 points)
  12. Calculus check

    Let f(x) be a polynomial function such that f(3)=3, f'(3)=0 and f"(3)=-3. What is the point (3,3) on the graph y=f(x)? A. Relative maximum B. Relative minimum C. Intercept D. Inflection point E. None of these I got C
  13. ALGEBRA help

    What is the graph of one cycle of a sine curve with the given characteristics? Using the form y = a sin bθ, what is an equation for the sine curve? amplitude = 4, period =1/4 pi , and a < 0.
  14. Physics

    A particle moving with uniform acceleration has initial velocity u. With the aid of a velocity time graph, show that the displacement s after time t is given by: s=ut+1/2*gt^2
  15. Math

    The graph of a linear relation goes through the point (6, 4) and is parallel to the line y = 5x + 10. Write the equation of the linear relation in slope- intercept form.
  16. MATH

    Write the equation of the line in slope-intercept and standard form whose graph passes through the given point and has the given slope: (3,-2), m = -3/2 THANK YOU :)
  17. Math

    A cheese pizza costs $5. Additional toppings cost $1.50 each. Write and graph an equation in two variables that represents the total cost of a pizza.
  18. Math

    Find the minimum value of C = 4x - 3y using the following constraints. constraints to get the vertices. Plug the vertices into the objective function. Remember graph the
  19. Trigonometery

    What is the graph of one cycle of a sine curve with the given characteristics? Using the form y = a sin bθ, what is an equation for the sine curve? amplitude = 4, period =1/4 pi , and a < 0
  20. physics

    Use the data below to draw a velocity-time graph. (5) NB: Consider Acceleration, constant speed, deceleration of the object. Time 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Velocity 15 17 19 21 21 21 31 41 51 50 49 48 47 46 45
  21. Algebra 2

    The function f(x) = -5x. The graph of g(x) is f(x) vertically compressed by a factor of 1/4 and reflected in the x axis. What is the function rule for g(x)? g(x) = -20x g(x) = -5/4x g(x) = 20x g(x) = 5/4x I think it's B, but I'm really not sure... please help, thanks.
  22. Math

    Write a translation rule that maps point D(7,-3) onto point D(2,5) Please help I don't understand how to do translation I graph the number down but didn't know the next step.
  23. Math

    Use the table of values. x y -2 -5 0 -1 1 1 2 3 A. Graph the ordered pairs. B. Is the function linear? Explain. C. Write a rule for the ordered pairs in terms of x and y. D. What is the value of y when x = 10?
  24. Math

    For what values of x is the tangent line of the graph of f(x)=2x^3−12x^2+19x+0 parallel to the line y=1x+0.7 ? Enter the x values in order, smallest first, to 4 places of accuracy:
  25. algebra

    What is the graph of one cycle of a sine curve with the given characteristics? Using the form y = a sin bθ, what is an equation for the sine curve? amplitude = 2, period =2 pi , and a < 0.
  26. Algebra 2

    The graph of f(x)=cos(x) is transformed to a new function, g(x) , by stretching it horizontally by a factor of 4 and shifting it 1 unit up. What is the equation of the new function g(x) ? im so confused :/ please help
  27. Physics

    What would the slope represent in a torque vs force graph, and what would its units be. I graphed the points and got a slope of .4778, but am not sure what it represents.
  28. Graphing Linear Equations! Quiz! HELP ASAP

    I just need many examples and tips on how you solve, find, graph, and answer linear equations. I'm so confused!
  29. physics ASAP

    Can someone give me an example of how to use this formula: Obtain three half-life (T0.5) times from the graph. Average them.(T0.5)av. Or is there a web site i can go to that shows all steps to using pennies for radioactive decay experiment? .
  30. pre calc

    Take out the spaces: h t t p : //img 151. imageshack. us/my.p hp?image=graph bb0. png 1)I need to find the intervals on which it is increasing, decreasing, or constant 2) whether it is even odd or neither 3) domain and range
  31. Economics

    The chapter is on Production and costs in thelong run, we are given a long run expansion path graph, all through out the book we are given labor cost and capital cost, ie. price of labor $5 dollars per unit(w), price of capital $10 per unit (r). Then I get the following ...
  32. Econmics - Marginal Utility

    total utility of total utility of cheeseburgers french fries 0 0 20 8 36 14 48 18 56 20 60 20 What is the utility-maximizing combination of cheeseburgers and french fries if cheeseburgers are $2 and french fries are $1 and you have $7 to spend (and you can spend all of it). ...
  33. algebra

    1) The maintenance crew is doing some work on the arch. The work will be done on the right side of the arch. In order to bring the equipment up the maintenance crew has constructed a temporary ramp from the ground on left side of the arch to the level where the work will be ...
  34. algebra

    1)the gateway arch, which can be closely approximated by a parabola, is 630 feet high and 630 feet across at the base. The Gateway arch is the tallest man-made monument found in the United States in St. Louis Missouri. The maintenance crew is doing some work on the arch. The ...
  35. Calculus

    This problem set is ridiculously hard. I know how to find the volume of a solid (integrate using the limits of integration), but these questions seem more advanced than usual. Please help and thanks in advance! 1. Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating around the x-...
  36. Physics URGENT

    Object 1 (mass=6.4 kg) traveling in the +x direction at a speed of 14.01m/s undergoes an inelastic collision with Object 2 (mass=5.10kg) which is at rest. Object two flies off at a speed of 11.94m/s and an angle θ2=49.8 °. The diagram below is just a sketch and is not ...
  37. double integral

    1. Sketch the region of integration & reverse the order of integration. Double integral y dydz... 1st (top=1, bottom =0)... 2nd(inner) integral (top=cos(piex), bottom=(x-2)... 2. Evaluate the integral by reversing the order of integration. double integral sqrt(2+x^3) dxdy... ...
  38. chemistry

    Use this article to answer questions about mass spectrometry and how it was used to identify lead isotopes in the air around Mexico City. Determination of Particulate Lead Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometry: MILAGRO/MCMA-2006 Observations (Ok I read the article and I just can't ...
  39. Algebra 1--Please, help me!

    1. The number of calculators Mrs. Hopkins can buy for the classroom varies inversely as the cost of each calculator. She can buy 24 calculators that cost $60 each. How many calculators can she buy if they cost $80 each? A: ? 2. Jeffs builds model train layouts. He has $75 to ...
  40. physics2

    Charges are placed on an equilateral triangle (all angles are equal and equal to 60 degrees). The length of each side of the triangle is 5.7 meters. A charge of +7.1 micro-Coulombs is placed at the bottom corner of the triangle and another charge of +7.1 micro-Coulombs is ...
  41. Pre-calculus

    Write a function for the surface are of a cylindrical cans (12 oz) in terms of the radius. Show your work (no height in this function) Graph of the function found and label the x and y axis with an appropriate scale.
  42. Calculus

    Suppose f(x)=2x^2-x^3 and g(x)= sin(pix/2). a) What is the exact value of the integration from 0 to 2[f(x)-g(x). Find numerical approximation of this value. What does the value of this integral tell you about the areas of the regions beteen the two graph
  43. calculus

    2. Consider the function f defined by f(x)=(e^X)cosx with domain[0,2pie] . a. Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f(x) b. Find the intervals on which f is increasing. c. Find the x-coordinate of each point of inflection of the graph of f.
  44. calculus

    2. Consider the function f defined by f(x)=(e^X)cosx with domain[0,2pie] . a. Find the absolute maximum and minimum values of f(x) b. Find the intervals on which f is increasing. c. Find the x-coordinate of each point of inflection of the graph of f.
  45. Algebra

    I have a graph here. The vertex is (4,-4), then the points (3,-3) and (5,-3), then the points on the x axis are (2,0) and (6,0), then the points (1,5) and (5,5). This is a parabola that opens up. I'm asked to write a function for f(x) in standard form. I'm a little stuck. Any ...
  46. math

    Determine whether the following data should be represented on a graph as one-dimensional, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional. the average rainfall during different months of the year
  47. Math

    Members of a school boosters club want to sell at least 10 school jackets and at least  21 caps during a fundraiser to cover their regular club expenses. The club will make $14  for every jacket sold and $2 for every cap sold. The club ...
  48. pre-calc

    find real numbers a,b,c so that the graph of the function y=ax^2+bx+c contains the points (-11,4), (2,3) , and (0,1) Write three equations, with each point in one. Then solve the three equations.
  49. algebra

    how would I graph the following slope -2: y-intercept: (0, 4) Start at the y intercept, then draw a line for every one it goes to the right, it goes down two.
  50. algebra

    I am really confused!!! how do you make a table for solutions? For example y=2x The table of solutions shows 0,0; 1,2; -1,-2;2,4;-2,-4 The would than be plotted on a graph. What I can't figure out is how they got the pairs.
  51. algebra

    for the equation i just gave it also says to solve it by letting y equal each side fo the equation and graphing. there is a graph off to the side. so what does all this mean?
  52. Trig help

    How would I state the phase shift of y=cos(θ-pi/3) & then graph it? Step by step would be awesome, I was out sick and needed to do a worksheet to catch up!
  53. Math

    If I were to graph 20a+34b is greater than or equal to 240, which would be the easier way: graphing it by finding the x and y intercepts, or graphing it by finding the slope and y-intercept?
  54. algebra

    Hello, I need help answering a regents question. It is asking me to find the root of an equation. It also includes a graph which I am unable to upload.The equation is y = −x2 − 2x + 8. -Thank You
  55. math

    Dental services. The national cost C in billions of dollars for dental services can be modeled by the linear equation C = 2.85n + 30.52. how would me graph look like
  56. Maths

    I am requuired to plot a graph given the linear function: F:x maps onto 2x + 1/2 using the domain 3 is less than o equal to x, and x is less than or equal to 10. What would the x values be?
  57. Math

    Use the following information to construct a suitable rational function f(x). * There is a vertical asymptote at x=2, and a horizontal asymptote at y=3. * The graph of the function must go through the points (-4/3,0) and (0,-2)
  58. Pre-calc

    1. Find the equation for a quadratic function whose vertex is (2,5) and whose graph contains the point (-8,15). 2.What are the x- and y- intercepts for y=2x^2+x-6 Plesee explai. I want to learn to learn how to do them.
  59. algebra 2

    Write the inequality in the space provided and graph it on the grid. a.I am not in the second quadrant. b.One point on my border is (-2,-1) It is not one of my solutions c. My border is a horizontal line
  60. 12th grade

    Solve & plot a graph for the following: F(X)=cos(X)-cos to second power X for the interval negative pi greater than or equal to X less than or equal to positive pi
  61. Algebra

    The ordered pairs represent values for x and y. (1,1) is x =1 and y=1. Substitute these ordered pairs in the equations and evaluate to see if are true. Then, graph the points and line to find another solution.
  62. calculus

    A rectangle with its base on the x-axis is to be inscribed under the graph of y=2-x^2. Find the height of the rectangle if the area is the largest possible area. (Round to the nearest hundreth)
  63. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent(s) to the curve at a given point. Then graph the curve and the tangent(s). x = 6sin(t), y = t^2 + t; (0,0) How do I do this without the value of t? I don't see a way to eliminate the parameter.
  64. trig

    y= sin x/2, 0 less than equal to x less than equal to 4pi... the question says state the amplitude and period for each equation and graph it over the indicated interval
  65. Math

    make a line plot or bar graph of a data distribution that fits each description. 1. 24 names, with a range os 12 letters. 2. 7 names, with a median lenght of 14 letters.
  66. geometry

    a graph shows vertices L and N of rhombus LMNO. which of the following ordered pairs represents a location for vertx M and vertex O that wiill not make rhombus LMNO? A. (-2,-2) and (-6,-2) B. (-2,-1) and (-6,-1) C. (0,-2) and (-8,-2) D. (-9,-2) and (1, -2)
  67. math

    Graph the quadratic functions y = -2x2 and y = -2x2 + 4 on a separate piece of paper. Using those graphs, compare and contrast the shape and position of the graphs.
  68. Chemistry

    A saturated solution of potassium nitrate in water is prepared at 70.0*C then cooled to 55.0*C how many grams of potassium nitrate crystallized--- how do I determine this using my graph with everyone's numbers
  69. calculus

    Find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane. f(x)=3+e^4−x
  70. Math

    Make up a data set of at least 12 numbers that have the following landmarks Maximum 18 Mode 7 Range 13 Median 12 Make a bar graph of the data
  71. Math

    state the amplitude, period, frequency, phase shift and vertical shift of each function, Then graph two periods of the function of: 1) y=3 sin(x-pie/4) 2) y=0.25cosx+3
  72. calculus

    Use the four-step process to find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the function at the given point and determine an equation of the tangent line.f(x)= x^2 - 5x +2 (1, -2)
  73. Math

    A triangular region is bound by the three lines 2x+y-12=0, y=3x-3, and y=1/7x-81/7. What is the circumcentre of this triangle? I can find the answer using a graph, but I don't know the formula to find the mid segments of the lines.
  74. Math

    ∆ABChas vertices A(–1, –2), B(–4, –4), and C(–3, –5). Graph ∆ABC and its image after a reflection over the x-axis. Name the coordinates of the vertices of the reflected it A(1,-2), B(3, -4), C(2,-5) or A(-1,2), B(-3,4), C(-2,5)
  75. Math

    The velocity vs time graph of an object is approximated by a triangle which starts at v=0 at t=0, rises to a maximum of v=6 m/s at t=6 sec, then returns to zero at t=10 sec. How far did the object travel?
  76. Calculus

    The graph of the equation is x^2+xy+y^2=9 a) What is the equation of the right most vertical tangent? b) That tangent touches the ellipse where y= what? I've calculated the derivative to y'=(-y-2x)/(2y+x) and I found the horizontal tangents. How do I do this part?
  77. Algebra 2 f(x) transformation

    the graph of f(x)=sin (x) is transformed into a new function g(x) by stretching it vertically by a factor of 4 shifting it 3 units to the right. what is the equation of the new function g(x)?
  78. Math/Algebra

    The graph of f(x)=sin(x) is transformed into a new function, g(x) , by compressing it vertically by a factor of 1/2 and shifting it 3 units down. What is the equation of the new function g(x) ?
  79. Calculus

    If a graph of a function is given and they tell you to draw the derivative, how do you find it if the function is not given.
  80. Algebra- functions

    How do I know how many possible zeroes of a function there are? I have a graph and i have to find how many zeroes there are.
  81. Quadratic Functions

    I need help solving this equation: y=-2x^+3 And you do need to graph this equation so can someone please help me?
  82. math

    what would be a good window for the graph of f(x) = -x^5 + 5x^3 - 3x + 15 I think that -10< x<10: -10<y<25 would be good. Does this seem right?
  83. algebra

    how do you graph the function... f(x)=2^x over the interval -2 is less than or equal to x is less than or equal to 3. Help please! THANKS!
  84. calculus

    Find k such that the line is tangent to the graph of the function. Function Line f(x) = k√x y = 4x + 36
  85. algebra

    need help bad if one line as a slope of -3 and another has a slope of 2,which line is steeper and why? want to know to graph
  86. Functions, domain,range etc

    Determine the domain,range and horizontal asymptote of f(x)=(3/2)^(4-x). Graph the function
  87. math

    If there are 75 animals in a pet store and a pie graph shows 16% are cats how many of the animals are cats
  88. calculus

    find the center (h,k) and radius r of the circle and then use these to (a)graph circle, (b) find intercepts if any
  89. algebra

    The function f(x)=x^2. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the right 3 units and down 3 units. What is the function rule for g(x)
  90. algebra

    Find the horizontal asymptote of the graph of y=-4x^6+6x+3 / 8x^6+9x+3 please explain i think there is no horizontal asymptote
  91. *math*

    The graph of 5x-2y=10 intersects the x-axis and the y-axis what are the ordered pairs for these two pairs of intersection A.(2,0) and (0,5) B. (2,0) and (0,-5) C.(-2,0) and (0,5) D. (-2,0) and (0,-5)
  92. math

    the problem is 0 < less then or equal to 2x-4<8 I got the answer which is 2< less then or equal to x <6 how do i write this on a graph
  93. Quadratic function

    Determine the quadratic function f whose graph is given. The vertex is (-3,-13) and the y-intercept is -4 f(x)=
  94. Science

    Compare and contrast a positive slope and a negative slope on a positive time graph.
  95. MATH

    Please help graph rational numbers on the number line: point A -.60, point B- 1/4, point C -.4 point d -7/8
  96. Geometry

    The slope of lien b is 1/3. What is the slope of a line perpendicular to line b? -1/3 -3 1/3 3 My answer: -1/3 Note: there is no graph for this
  97. Chemistry

    What will the graph look like when the relationship of the number of grams of solute that a soluution is 50grams of H2O at varying temp, if the solubility begins at a small quantity and increases in direct proportion the increase in temp? Thank you!
  98. calculus

    Consider the following shaded region. Find the area S of this region if a = 6, b = 3. (Give an exact answer.) The two graphs intercept at 0 and the other limit is not given. The integral is int(ax-x^2)-(bx. So y=ax+x^2 is the graph on top and y=bx is at the bottom.
  99. pre-calculus

    Also with calculator, graph f(x), and determine all the possible maxima/minima coordinates to within two decimal points. f(x)=x^3+2x^2-x-2/x^2+x-6 i did this and got my answers but i doubt they are right, can anyone get the answers if you have a TI-83-84 please? thank you.
  100. Physics for life scince

    II.You are standing on the edge of a 50m high cliff and throw a ball vertically up with initial speed of 20m/s: 1.After how long will the ball hit the ground below? 2.Draw the v vs.t graph
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