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  1. Math

    Waddell mountains have a species of birds that hatches two birds each week. Currently there are 7 birds. Write a function represent this graph?
  2. math

    Waddell mountains have a species of birds that hatches two birds each week. Currently there are 7 birds. Write a function represent this graph?
  3. Math

    A quadratic function has a vertex of (3,-6) and the point (-1,10) lies on the graph of the function. Write the function in standard form. If you could help me with this question, that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  4. precalculus

    graphing y=sin(x-pie/4) what are the first 5 x values of the graph ? We will get to you when the person comes online, please be patient, and ry to do soe work on your own, just don't ask for every single answer! :) try to do it by yourself ;) ~Ms.Sue~ :)
  5. economics

    Will it be true, false, or uncertain ?if people who was laid off return back to work that according to the productive possibility graph with a shift outward/right that butter and guns would increase. Explain.
  6. calculus

    Use the bisection method or a graphing calculator to find the coordinates of the two points on the graph of that lie r = 1 unit from the origin. Give the result to the nearest hundredth, I just need a direction to go on this problem
  7. Algebra

    Use the bisection method or a graphing calculator to find the coordinates of the two points on the graph of that lie r = 1 unit from the origin. Give the result to the nearest hundredth, I just need a direction to go on this problem
  8. ITT

    The time spent (in days) waiting for a heart transplant in two states for patients with type A+ blood can be approximated by a normal distribution, as shown in the graph to the right. mean of =128 Standard deviation of=23.3
  9. Science

    If the trend in the graph continues through the summer, what would you expect the average high temperature in Louisville, Kentucky, to be in August? A. 66F B. 83F** C. 103F D. 125F I don't know how to give you think link. Any ideas?
  10. Math

    1 Constant of Proportionality A a number that has more than two factos B The distance between the numbers on a scale of a graph C polygon that has four sides D equation to represent a proportional relationship Im pretty sure its D right?
  11. physics

    Consider a wire in the shape of a semi-circle of radius R, with a total positive net charge Q distributed over the wire uniformly. Divide the wire into at least 8 equal point-like “chunks” of charge. Then, for each “chunk,” sketch (on the same diagram) the E-field ...
  12. physics

    Consider a wire in the shape of a semi-circle of radius R, with a total positive net charge Q vistributed over the wire uniformly. Divide the wire into at least 8 equal point-like “chunks” of charge. Then, for each “chunk,” sketch (on the same diagram) the E-field ...
  13. math, algebra

    My Question is that We have to sketch a floor plan of a house and make a rough estimate of the cost of building the house. We are given a 9m by 9m rectangular lot. I would like to build a one-storey house with 49-square-meter floor area so that there is adequate outdoor space ...
  14. math,algebra

    Can someone help me with this problem I don't understand what to really do or even how to graph them I show what i have so far. Directions: Solve each of the following systems of linear inequalities graphically. Problem:
  15. Statitistics, last try

    The graph and table below give the monthly principal and interest payments for a mortgage from 1999 to 2004. Use this information to predict the payment for 2005. 1999
  16. Math

    I have to graph the following: 2 = rcos(theta-20 degrees). I put it in the form r = 2/cos(theta-20degrees). Is this correct? I am having trouble with my table of values. I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
  17. algebra

    I need to find the intercepts and then use them to graph the equation. 4y - 12 = 4x I started out 4y - 12 + 12 = 4x +12 getting 4y = 16x but I do not think I am on the right path..something does not look right..please guide :)
  18. 9th grade math (algebra 1)

    Fine the solution set of each system of linear equations or inequalities below by graphing. Show all work under the graph of each system. 1. x + y = 3 2x - 2y = 6
  19. Algebra 2

    How do I draw the diagram/graph for this problem? Find the exact values of the six trigonometric functions of theta if the terminal side of theta in standard position contains the point (0,-4)
  20. Physics

    A helicopter is lifting off from the ground and is moving vertically upward. The graph shows its vertical velocity vy versus time. How high is the helicopter after 7 s have elapsed?
  21. math

    While on his way to school, Norman saw that the cost of gasoline was $2.50 per gallon. Write a direct variation equation to describe the cost y of x gallons of gas. Then graph.
  22. 5th grade math

    Can you show a data with the following landmarks mode 15 minimum 5 median 10 maximum 20 use at least 10 numbers please show a bar graph with answer
  23. Calculus

    let d2y/dx2= 6x. Find a solution to the differential equation that is continuous for negative infinity to positive infinity and whose graph passes through the point (0,1) and has a horizontal tangent there.
  24. Calculus

    Use a graphing calculator to graph f(x)=x^4-6x^3+11x^2-6x. Then use upper sums to approximate the area of the region in the first quadrant bounded by f and the x-axis using four subintervals.
  25. Physics

    A helicopter is lifting off from the ground and is moving vertically upward. The graph shows its vertical velocity vy versus time. How high is the helicopter after 12.0 s have elapsed?
  26. Physics

    I am given two points on an acceleration vs time graph: (-2,13),(4,0). When t = -2s, v = 10 m\s. What velocity at t = 6s? I believe acceleration average is (-13/6), but how do I solve the rest get the correct answer, which is 44.7 m/s? Any help or hints would be greatly ...
  27. pre-calc.

    Answers for Determine The Minimum Distance From The Point (18,20) To The Line 5x+8y=120 Include: Graph, Algebra Of Any Equations, Algebra Of System, Set-up & Steps Of Final Calculations.
  28. alg2 check?

    Graph the system of inequalities then substitute the (x,y)order pair into both inequalities. y>3x+1 y<-2/3x+4 (second one has a line under the arrow) I don't get what they are asking for? if they want me to solve it how am I suppose to set it up?
  29. Math

    The attendace at the harmony school carnival has shown a range of 200 people during the years 2008 through 2011.Which graph could show the carnival attendance correctly?
  30. Physics

    A renegade watermelon starts at x = 0 m and rolls at a constant velocity to x = −3.0 m at time t = 5.0 seconds. Then, it bumps into a wall and stops. Draw its position versus time graph from t = 0 s to t = 10 s.
  31. Precalculus

    How can I find out how this graph and these sets of numbers are one-to-one compatible? I have no clue.. Here is a screenshot of the questions. Just replace the 0 with an O. Thank you! prntscr.c0m/4rnu45
  32. U.S Government

    1. This graph illustrates the fact that there is a ________________ turnout for general elections than for primaries. 2. When the will of the people is translated into public policy directly by the people themselves, ____________ exists.
  33. Calculus

    What are the coordinates of the point on the graph of f(x)=(x+1)(x+2) at which the tangent is parallel to the line with equation 3x-y-1=0? a)(-3,2) b)(-1,0) c)(0,2) d)(1,6) To answer this, I put f(x)=(x+1)(x+2) into the form f(x)=x^2+3x+2 and found the derivative which is f'(x...
  34. agebra

    The graph represents the normal distribution of recorded weights, in pounds, of cats at a veterinary clinic. Which weights are within 2 standard deviations of the mean? Check all that apply.
  35. math

    What inequality those this graph show: file:///C:/Users/751017272/Desktop/y%20ilt%202x%20plus%202.png (Copy and paste it) Can you show me how you get your answer also?
  36. science

    Force is exerted to move a body of mass 50kg from 2 m/s to 5m/s over a period of 10 seconds.draw a velocity time graph regarding the same and calculate the value of force.
  37. precalculus

    .(a)Determine the number of degrees the axis must be rotated to eliminate the xy term of the conic x2+6xy+y2-6=0. (b)Graph the conic in part a and use a graphing utility to confirm your result.
  38. Algebra

    Graph the solution set of the system of inequalities and give the exact coordinates of the intersection points of the related equations: y>x^2 -8 X+y≤1, The closest points I'm getting is (-2.5,-1.8) and (2.5,-1.5) but I feel like they're incorrect
  39. math

    The Burbank Buy More store is going to make an order which will include at most 60 refrigerators. What is the maximum number of TVs which could also be delivered on the same 18-wheeler? Describe the restrictions this would add to the existing graph. The next day, the Burbank ...
  40. Calculus

    Consider the function f(x)=(5^x−1)/x. A) Fill in the table values for f(x): x= -0.1, -0.01, -0.001, -0.0001, 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 f(x)= 1.4866, 1.5866, 1.6081, 1.6093, 1.6096, 1.6107, 1.6225, 1.7462 B) Based on the table values, what would you expect the limit of f(x...
  41. algebra.math

    i need serious help, I'm trying to plot table of values for sketching graph (parabola)for y=x^2-5x+3 xy values are 0,3 1,-1 2.5,-3.25 3,-3 4,-1 5,3 6,9 are these values correct, I'm having problems graphing.
  42. physics

    A girl delivering newspapers travels 3 blocks west, 4 blocks north, then 6 blocks east. What is her resultant displacement? what is the total distance that she travelled? and how do I graph this??
  43. math calculus

    Find the equation of the function f whose graph passes through the given point. (Remember to use ln |u| where appropriate.) f'(x) = x^3 − 4x^2 + 3/ x − 3 ; (4, −5) f(x) =
  44. Math

    The graph of a rational function has a local maxima at (-1,0) and (8,0). The complex number 2+3i Is a zero of the function. What is the least possible degree of the function Answer is 6 But i need help with an explanation.
  45. Algebra

    Take a real-life situation and create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making. Then, draw a graph to depict the variables in your situation Use your graph and what you know about linear inequalities to discuss the significance ...
  46. statistics

    A nutritionist studying weight gain for college freshmen obtains a sample of n = 20 first year student at the state college. Each student is weighed on the first day of school an again on the last day of the semester. The following scores measure the change in weight, in ...
  47. Math

    Water spraying from a large fountain follows a path modelled by the function h(d) = sa001-1.jpgd2 + 4d, for h ³ 0, where h is the height of the water above the fountain jet and d is the horizontal distance of the water from the fountain jet, both in Water spraying from a ...
  48. Algebra II

    Solve x^2+2x=-2 by graphing and indicate the roots.Please and thank you We can't draw graphs for you here. The roots are x = -2.73 and -0.73 I suggest you make your own graph of y = x^2 + 2x and see where it crosses the horizontal line y = -2. Choose x values of -4, -3, -2, -1...
  49. algebra

    could you help me with the following,I don't understand. Find the x-intercepts of the polynomial function. State whether the graph crosses the x-axis, or touches the x-axis and turns around, at each intercept. 1.f(x) = (x + 1)(x - 3)(x - 1)^2 5.f(x) = x4 - 16x2 7.x4 + 5x3 - ...
  50. precalculus

    i need help with homework which is due tommorow determine algebraically whether the graph of the given equation is symmetric to the y axis the x axis or the origin the equations are 5y=7x^2-2x can u show work please thanks in advance
  51. algebra

    -5x + 5y=25 -10x+5y=10 Graph the linear equation by writing both equations in the slope intercept form... I'm really struggling with this questions.. i have to fill in y=___x+_____ y=____x+_____
  52. com 220

    I have to make the graphs myself they cannot come from the internet. It has be all our own original work. So I am really stuck on this one. I have never made a graph.
  53. Math: Calculus

    Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)=x^2+2x from x = 4 to x = 10 using 3 approximating rectangles and left endpoints. I got 290.25 as my answer but it's wrong. Would someone explain to me how to answer this question.
  54. math question 2- very urgent !

    Given f (x) = √(7 + x) + 4 . Use the rectangle method to approximate the area on the interval [0, 8] using 4 rectangles. (Assume the graph goes through the midpoint of each rectangle.)
  55. College Algebra

    #3 Choose the end behavior of the graph of the polynomial function. f(x) -x(x-3)(5x+2), I think I have to foil to get -5x^3-2x^2+15x+6 So I think this one rises to the left and falls to the right. Please let me know if I did these correctly. Thanks
  56. math

    Use a graph of f or some other method to determine what, if any, value to assign to f(a) to make f continuous at x = a. HINT [See Example 2.] (If there is no such value, enter NONE.) f(x) = x 2x2 − x ; a = 0
  57. Calculus Need of Urgent Assistance

    Let f(x) = x3 − 7x2. Find the point(s) on the graph of f where the tangent line is horizontal. (x, y) = I already got the smaller value, but I'm not getting the larger value right
  58. Chem - Titration

    A 100.0-mL aliquot of 0.100 M diprotic acid H2A (pK1 = 4.00, pK2 = 8.00) was titrated with 1.00 m NaOH. Find the pH at the following volumes of base added and make a graph of pH versus Vb: Vb = 0, 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, and 22 mL
  59. Algebra

    Find a linear equation whose graph is the straight line with the given property. HINT [See Example 2.] Through (2, −3) and (1, 1) Which formula do I use? y2-y1/x2-x1 or y-y1=m(x-x1)[<--if i use this how do i plug in the numbers?] Thank you.
  60. Pre-calc

    Heres the equation: (x^2)-(4y^2)-(4x)+(24y)-(36)=0 Your supposed to find the coordinates of the center, foci, and vertices, and the equations of the asymptotes of its graph. So first you complete the square right? (x^2 -4x+4)-4(y^2 +6y+9)=36+4+36 [((x+2)^2)/76] -[(y+3)^2)/19]=...
  61. physics

    A gazelle is running in a straight line (the x-axis). The graph in the figure (Figure 1) shows this animal's velocity as a function of time. During the first 12.0 , find the total distance moved
  62. Analytic Algebra

    Verify your results of the 2 linear equations by graphing in the desired graphing program and paste the graph in your assignment document (edit/copy image). 35x + 50y = 2220 x + y = 51 y = 29 x = 22
  63. Calculus

    Find a formula for the fourth degree polynomial p(x) whose graph is symmetric about the y-axis (meaning it has no odd powers of x), and which has a y-intercept of 10, and global maxima at (3,253) and (−3,253).
  64. calculus (derivativs)

    Find the points on the graph of f where the tangent line is horizontal. original: x/x^2+25) After I did the quotient rule I got: (x^2+25)(1)-(x)(2x)/((x^2+25))^2 Then of course I know you set that equal to 0, but I do not know how to set it up or "finalize" the problem because...
  65. Economics

    he graph below shows 2 budget lines and 6 consumption points for Pepsi and Dr. Pepper (A,B,C,D,E, and F). Assume that the consumer, Fred, attempts to maximize his utility and exhausts his budget on the two goods.
  66. CSIR General Aptitude

    An ant is crawling along the x-axis such that the graph of its position on the x-axis versus time is a semi-circle (see figure). The total distance covered in the 4 s is
  67. Math

    Waddell Mountains have a species of bird that hatches two new birds each week. Currently, there are 7 birds. Write a function representing this growth? What is the domain and range of the graph?
  68. Precalculus

    Let C be a circle that passes through the origin. Show that we can find real numbers s and t such that C is the graph of r = 2s*cos(theta + t) I think that I could start by writing it like R^2=(x-h)^2+(y-k)^2 where R is the radius of the circle, but I don't what to do with ...
  69. Pre Calc

    Use a graphing utility to graph the function and approximate (to two decimal places) any relative minima or maxima. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = −x2 + 9x − 8
  70. Algebra (answer check)

    Where is the vertex of the graph of y equals negative x squared plus 2 x plus 5 located? (1,5) < it's not this one (1,6) (-1,3) <-- (-1,2) Which values best approximate the solutions of -4x^2+7x+5=0? 0.9 and 2.3 0.9 and 5 -0.5 and 2.3 <-- -0.5 and 5 What is the ...
  71. physics, help! urgent!

    A positive point charge q = +2.50 nC is located at x = 1.20 m and a negative charge of ƒ{2q = ƒ{5.00 nC is located at the origin. (a) Sketch the electric potential verses x for points on the x-axis in the range -1.50 m < x < 1.50 m. (b) Find a symbolic expression for ...
  72. fizik

    Two shuffleboard disks of equal mass, one orange and the other yellow are involved in a perfectly elastic glancing collision. The yellow disk is initially at rest and is struck by the orange disk moving initially to the right at 7.00 ms"1. After the collision, the orange disk ...
  73. Physics

    Can someone give me an example of how to use this formula: 15.Obtain three half-life (T0.5) times from the graph. Average them.(T0.5)av. Or is there a web site i can go to that shows all steps to using pennies for radioactive decay experiment? .
  74. Titrations

    How do I calcualte and what would my titration curve look like for a 25mL 0.1M H3PO4 solution titrated with 0.1M NaOh. The problem involves Ka and pKa values which i have, not sure how to use this information and make a graph out of it?
  75. Calculus

    So, I need to graph (with my calculator) this out, and then find the area, and finally the volume. y=(x-1)^1/2, y=0, x=2, x=5; about the x-axis I ended up with some crazy answer like 15π/2, and I believe that's incorrect (but it might be right, idk). Any input?
  76. Math

    When log s (as ordinate) is plotted against t (as abscissa) on linear paper, the graph is a straight line with slope of -2.1 and intercept of 1.5. Express the relationship between s and t as s = Aekt . If s represents a distance in meters and t a time in seconds, what are the ...
  77. Macroeconomics

    Graph the following aggregate supply and demand curves (be sure to draw to scale). Real GDP (in $ trillions) Price Level Supplied Demanded Increase / Decrease 100 4 16 110 10 15 140 14 12 200 15 6
  78. algebra

    Create your own quadratic equation that has an axis of symmetry of x = −1 and whose graph opens down. Then find the vertex, domain, range, and x-intercepts. Show all work to receive full credit.
  79. Math, Algebra

    choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality (3y-6)/3 +4 <= -2 OR (4y-8)/2 -1 >= 5 Someone please help me and show me how to solve this. The numbers in parentheses are over a fraction, which is the number next to the slash. I can do the graphing myself, I ...
  80. Calculus

    Sketch the vector field F⃗ (r⃗ )=2r⃗ in the plane, where r⃗ =⟨x,y⟩. Select all that apply. A.All the vectors point away from the origin. B. The vectors increase in length as you move away from the origin. C. All the vectors point toward ...
  81. Math

    The graph of x2 −6x+9+y2 +2y+1 = 25 is a circle. Where would the center of the circle be? What is the radius of the circle?
  82. Algebra

    I NEED HELP A$AP, PLEASE! I don't understand how to do this :( I have to draw a short roller coaster on graph paper Directions: 1. Draw the side view of your roller coaster on graph paper. For the sake of simplicity, assume that your roller coaster track never turns left or ...
  83. Precalc

    In this function, f(x)= [2/(x-3)]+1: I know it is a rational function and the graph moves 1 unit up and 3 units right. I also see that the 2 makes the function move closer, but I don't understand why it does that in mathematical terms.
  84. Math

    if a polynomial function is of degree n, then the graph will have n-1 relative maximum and minimum points. Is this: Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True? It's really confusing me.
  85. geometry

    A drawing on a sheet of graph paper shows a kite 8 cm wide and 10 cm long. The width of the kite is labeled 2ft. write and solve a problem about the kite.
  86. Math

    What is the: - vertical asymptote -horizontal asymptote -non permissible value of y=(x^2+x-12)/(x+4) ? So this simplifies to a linear function y=x-3. BUT the oblique asymptote is also y=x-3. So does this graph not exist? I am really confused.
  87. Precalculus

    I'm studying for my precalc exam and have completed 42 practice problems. I have 3 I need to answer that I can't. Please help. What is the base of the function G(x) = log subscript b x if it's graph has points (16,4)? Using the properties of logarithms how do I rewrite log ...
  88. math

    Can someone please help me/ Sal's Sandwich Shop sells wraps and sandwiches as part of its lunch specials. The profit on every sandwich is $2 and the profit on every wrap is $3. Sal made a profit of $1,470 from lunch specials last month. The equation 2x + 3y = 1,470 represents ...
  89. math

    in the backyard there are two trees located at grid points A(-2,3) and B(4,-6) a) The family dog is walking through the backyard so that it is at all times twice as far from A as it is from B. Find the equation of the locus of the dog. Draw a graph that shows the two trees, ...
  90. Algebra

    trying to graph 2x-5y=8 and 5<2x-8 and then trying to find out what the difference is between them The equation 2x-5y=8 is a line y=2/5 x - 8/5. If you look at y<2/5 x - 8/5, that is below the line. 2/5x - 8/8
  91. math

    determine vertex, focus and directrix of parabola. then graph the parabola. first equation: y^2 -2x-8=0 second equation: y^2 -4y -12x= 8
  92. Algebra

    Solve and graph. I send this problem last night could someone please help me I have trouble with it. x+12<-8 or x+12>2 The solution is { x | x< or X > } please help me with this problem.
  93. math- graphing

    r=4sin9(thetha) How would I find values for this graph do I do 4*Sin 9 *a degree or 4 *sin (9* a degree) I don't understand
  94. math graphing

    r=4sin9(thetha) How would I find values for this graph do I do 4*Sin 9 *a degree or 4 *sin (9* a degree) I don't understand
  95. Math

    Find the linear-to-linear function who graph passes through the points (1,1) (5,2) and (20,3). I know the function is y=ax+b/x+d. I need help getting it to that form.
  96. math

    Can someone help me find the two order pairs of this problem.. 5x+6y<30 I have to graph but I am unsure how to find the ordered pairs
  97. chemistry

    so if my graph is absorbance vs time in minute, then my half life formula should give me time in minute right?
  98. Math

    Hi, any help with this question would be appreciated . The graph of y = −3x2 +6x + 9 is a parabola. Is the parabola u-shaped or n-shaped? How can I tell this from the equation?
  99. Math

    Find the slope m of the tangent line to the graph of the function at the given point and determine an equation of the tangent line. f(x) = 9/(5 x) ( at ) \(1,(9/5)) m = y=
  100. math

    In standard (x,y )coordinate plane,the graph of (x-2)^2 + (y+4)^2=9 is a circle.What is the area enclosed by this circle,expressed in square coordinate units?
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