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  1. Calculus

    When given the f graph, how do you determine extrema of F(x)? Concavity of F(x)?
  2. Algebra 2

    solve the equation x^2 - 3x^2-22x+24=0 do you use a graph?
  3. Algebra 2

    Solve the equation x^3 - 3x^2-22x+24=0 do you use a graph?
  4. algebra

    will medal and fan graph the following table x y 1 8 2 35 3 62 4 89 help?
  5. algebra

    Solve the inequality. Graph the solution set. 2r-9>-6
  6. algebra

    Graph the relation. Find the domain and range. {(-1,1/2),(-1/2,-1),(3/2,0),(2,3/2)}
  7. Math

    There are 2 points on the graph V(4,12) U(a,0) The line has a slope of 2. What is the value of a?
  8. math

    Graph the linear function y=-2x+3 How do I work this out?
  9. Algebra 2

    Graph the inequality y < –|x – 4|. Which point is NOT part of the solution?
  10. Math

    Do the following points represent a point on the graph of y=x 4? (0.-4) (5,-1)
  11. Algebra

    "if a is not equal to 0, find the intercepts of the graph of y=ax+b in terms of a and b?"
  12. Math

    choose the correct solution and graph for the inequality. 3y-4<-19 or 3y+5>11 Y > - 5 or y < 2 Y < 5 or y > - 2*** Y < - 5 or y > 2 Y < - 5 or y > - 2 Thanks
  13. Physics

    Why would a graph of force vs position not be uniform??
  14. Science

    Calculate the speed of each runner from the graph in figure 3.14
  15. algebra

    graph the following and find the point of intersection 2x+y=-4 y+2x=3
  16. Algebra 1

    which graph represents the solution to the given system y=-x+2 and y=3x-1 ??
  17. Algebra 1

    which graph represents the solution to the given system -4x+ 2y = -11 and -2x + 2y = -15.
  18. Algebra 1

    which graph represents the solution of the given system? y= -3x-4 y+4=-3x
  19. Algebra

    If (3,-5) is a point on the graph for the equation in the form y=mx+7, then m=? Answer: -5=m(3)=7 m=-4
  20. algebra

    I need an example how to graph for an inequality solution. eq. 5<x+31
  21. Calculus

    Calculate the slope of the graph of f(x)=4-x^2 if x<1 and 2x+1 if x>1 at each of the following points: a.P(-1,3) b.P(2,5)
  22. Math

    Graph the inequality w ≥ -1/4 on a number line
  23. Algebra

    11. What are the x-intercepts of the graph of the quadratic function f(x) = 5x2 + 4x – 1?
  24. Algebra

    For which k will the graph of f(x)=x^2−kx+k^2 cross the x-axis twice?
  25. algebra

    graph and show solution for y = Ix+2I and translated y =- IxI
  26. math

    Can your x-axis values be percents in a bar graph?
  27. math

    (-3, -1) , m = 1/5 graph this using given point and slope
  28. Math

    If f(x) = x^2 - 1, which of the following three choices are on the graph of f(x)? A:(0,1) B:(1,0) C:(3,5) D:(5,24) E:(-2,3) F:(-4,-17) I think it is A, C, and D.
  29. math

    Write a compound inequality that each graph could represent
  30. math

    Solve and graph the inequality 5 less than and equal to m/-3+18
  31. science

    what does the slope of a electric force vs. 1/R^2 graph represent?
  32. math

    determine the equation of the graph in the form y=acos(bx)
  33. Math

    What is the slope of the tangent line to the graph at f(x)=x^2-5 at the point (2,-1)?
  34. Math

    I'm not sure how to find the function for this graph. X|Y 0|5 1|8 2|11 3|14 Can this be explained?
  35. Trig

    what are the intercepts of the graph of f(x)=4cos^2 -3 on the interval [0, 2pi]?
  36. Math Graphing

    what graph represents the linear function y= 1/5x - 2
  37. math

    Graph the following set on a number line : {x|≤----1
  38. MATH

    Graph the inequality 2X - 4Y < 8 Use the intercepts of graphs
  39. Algebra

    Which graph represents the solution to the given system? -2x + 5y = -10 and -3x + 5y = -20
  40. Algebra

    How do I know if a graph is a function? I have no equation or anything.
  41. Algebra

    Graph the elevation of the java trench in miles
  42. Algebra

    Graph the elevation of the java trench in miles
  43. Science

    Draw picture graph of the above question?
  44. Math

    Graph the solution set for the linear inequalities. y<4x+2 2x−y≥2
  45. Maths

    In what way is the bar graph is better than the pictographs
  46. Algebra

    Use integer values of x from –3 to 3 to graph the equation y = –|–x|.
  47. calc

    y= -cot (3x-2pi/3) + 2 graph and find assymptotes
  48. Calculus help

    Find the area under the graph of f(x) = e-ln(x) on the interval [1, 2].
  49. Algebra

    Solve the compound inequality. Graph the solution. -6<2x-4<12
  50. Algebra

    What is the graph of the system? y ≤ −x − 1 y ≥ 2x + 4 Would I use elimination for this?
  51. math

    Please Help state the slope and the y-intercept for the graph of y = -4x
  52. Statistics

    In hypothesis testing, if the population standard deviation is KNOWN, your graph should be labeled a T or Z line? In hypothesis testing, if the population standard deviation is NOT KNOWN, your graph should be labeled a T or Z line?
  53. Calculus HELP!!!

    Here is the graph. h t t p : / / (spaces added at the beginning so it could be added as a website) 1. Let g be the function given by g(x)=integrate from -4 to x f(t)dt. For each of g(-1), g'(-1), and g''(-1), find the value of state that it does not exist. 2. For ...
  54. algebra

    There are many measurements of the human body that are positively correlated. For example, the length of one's forearm (measured from elbow to wrist) is approximately the same length as the foot (measured from heel to toe). They are positively correlated because, as one ...
  55. Biology

    Please answer this question: EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON MEMBRANE PERMEABILITY (BEETROOT) EXPERMIENT -My graph shows: Higher temperature=higher absorption rate for each temperature (best fit line) Fluid mosaic model theory: -Membrane composed of phospholipid bilayer -Protein ...
  56. math

    triangle ABC has vertices A(3,4), B(4,-3) and C(-4,-1). a. draw a sketch of the triangle b. draw the altitude from vertex A c. find the slope of side BC which is =-1/4 d. find the slope of the altitude from A which is 4 e. find the equation of the line that contains this ...

    A simple pendulum consits of a 3.0 kg point mass hanging at the end of a 2.0 long light string that is connected to a pivot point. a. Calculate the magnitude of the torque (due to the force of gravity) around this pivot point when the string makes a 5 degree angle with the ...
  58. College Algebra

    f(x)=3.1ã(x+19 1.Decribe the graph be obtained using transformations of the square root function. First, vertically stretch the graph of f (x) = by the factor 3.1; then shift the results up 19 units. 2.Determine how to tell the model describes the actual height of a four ...
  59. Algebra 1

    A design calls for a rectangular garden with an area of 180 square feet. If the length is to be 3 feet more than the width, set up an equation and solve that equation to find the dimensions of the garden. I drew a sketch and labeled the width "w" and the length "w+3" my ...
  60. Math

    Bottom part of the greenhouse has a length of 350 cm, width of 220 cm, angle at the peak of the roof measures 90 degrees. Sketch the frame and label it with actual dimensions. Use trigonometry to find length of the roof pieces. Use a scale of 1:25 to calculate measurements for...
  61. 5th Grade Math

    HELP PLEASE Bar Graph information is as follows: Aquariums At a museum On the left side of graph it shows the name of animals in the aquarium and on the bottom is shows capacity (in thousands of gallons) On the left the animals are as follows: 1.Shark - 300,000 2.Sea Turtle- ...
  62. Calculus please help!!! double integral

    Combine the following two integrals into one by sketching the region, then switching the order of integration. (sketch the region) im gonna use the S for integral sign..because idk what else to use. SS6ycos(x^3-3x)dxdy+SS6ycos(x^3-3x) And the first integration limits for x are...
  63. math

    The cruising speed of a Boeing 767 in still air is 530 mph. Suppose that a 767 is cruising directly east when it encounters an 80 mph wind blowing 40 degrees south of west. Sketch the vectors for the velocities of the airplane and the wind. Express both vectors in ordered pair...
  64. Math

    Find a linear equation whose graph is the straight line with the given property. Through (2, −7) and (1, 1) I got -8x-23, I know it doesn't match, maybe its the wrong formula Find a linear equation whose graph is the straight line with the given property. Through (1/4...
  65. Math

    1. Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the given equation. (2,-2);y=-x-2 A. y=-2x B. y=2x C. y=1/2x D. y=-x*** 2. Write an equation in slope- intercept form of the line that passes through ...
  66. Algebra

    Write an equation for the translation so the graph has the given vertex. 1. y=-|x| vertex (-5,0) 2. y=2|x| vertex (-4,3) 3. y=-|x| vertex (p,q) I really have no idea how to even begin these, but I do know the answer to # 2 is y=2|x|+11 and #3 is y=-|x-p|+q Thanks in advance. ...
  67. math

    Susan has 50ft of fencing to use to build a garden in her backyard. A: The shape must be a rectangle/square. B: Sketch at least five different examples that Susan could use for her backyard and state what the perimeter of each one is. C: The most important part, what is the ...
  68. Math

    Tropical Pools sells an aboveground model for p dllars each. The monthly revenue for this model is given by the formula R(p)+ -0.08p^2 + 300p. Revenue is the produce of the price p and the demand(quality sold). a0 Factor out the price on the right-hand side of the forula b) ...
  69. Math connexus Help

    7. Yvonne put $4,000 in a savings account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $960 in simple interest a. How much does she have in her account at the end of 3 years? b. At what annual simple interest rate did the account grow? Show your work. c. How many more ...
  70. Math

    I'm having problems with this question, to tell you the truth I don't understand the problem. Andrew is considering building a clubhouse in the shape of a rectangle. His sketch of the clubhouse is.... (its a drawing of a rectangle with 8 ft at the top and 4 ft on the left end)...
  71. algebra

    A research scientist measures the outside temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, at various times throughout a 24-hour period and records her findings in the graph below. In this real-world function, the hours represent the input values, and the temperature represents the output ...
  72. Stats

    A few years ago, researchers investigated how many clubs students were involved in at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast. The results of their interviews of 92 students are tabulated below: number of clubs students 0 18 1 12 2 15 3 16 4 17 5 9 6 3 7 0 8 0 9 2 a. ...
  73. double integrals

    Combine the following two integrals into one by sketching the region, then switching the order of integration. (sketch the region) im gonna use the S for integral SS6ycos(x^3-3x)dxdy+SS6ycos(x^3-3x) And the first integration limits for x are between -1 and y, for y ...
  74. math

    in a graph, why might the data be represented in horizontal line segments? Lots of reasons. It depends upon what is plotted in the graph. You can get horizontal line segments in cases of (1) distance vs. time during a peiod when a vehicle is not moving (2) velocity vs. time ...
  75. Chemistry

    1. How would you sketch the probable products of the reaction of the cis and trans with each reagent other than AgNO3? _____ with en _____ with NH3 ____ with KSCN cis: trans: (NOTE: What are the differences between cis and trans and its formation?) 2. How exactly would you ...
  76. Math

    A study of motor vehicle rates in the 50 states reveals that traffic death rates (deaths per 100 million motor vehicle miles driven) can be modeled by the normal curve. The data suggest that the distribution has a mean of 5.3 and a standard deviation of 1.3. Sketch the normal ...
  77. Algebra II

    Hello. I'm in Algebra II and I'm having trouble with this "math project." The idea was to make a piece of "art" and you have to write the equation for each line. I made a rocket because it looked like something and has all the functions we had to use. The problem is I don't ...
  78. Pre-Cal

    A Ferris wheel is 50 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 5 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes one full revolution every 9 minutes. You make two complete revolutions on...

    Vector A⃗ points in the negative x direction and has a magnitude of 22 units. The vector B⃗ points in the positive y direction. partA:Find the magnitude of B⃗ if A⃗ +B⃗ has a magnitude of 37 units. partB: Sketch A⃗ and B⃗ . Draw the vectors with their tails at ...
  80. graphs

    x = -3 y = 2 how about this?how do i graph it? x = -3. This means, no matter what y is, x is -3. So, it's a vertical line at x = -3.
  81. College Algebra

    Could you please help me with this problem? We are to graph each compound inequality. x ¡Ý -2y and x - 3y < 6
  82. Algebra

    Graph the absolute value inequalities. I just can not get this. Please help! x + 2y ¡Ý 6
  83. MAT116 Algebera 1 a

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like.
  84. Economics

    Graph the supply and demand curves of Qd=500 - 2P and Qs = -100 + 3P
  85. Economics

    Graph the supply and demand curves of Qd=500 - 2P and Qs = -100 + 3P
  86. Math

    How do you know if it makes sense to connect the dots on a plot graph
  87. calculus urgent

    If you are given a graph of a function, how do you draw the derivative?
  88. Physics

    In a P-T graph, does time always have to be on the x-axis(bottom)?
  89. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the inequality -2 <3x -5 < 7. Graph the solution set.
  90. College Algebra

    How would I find two points on a graph?
  91. Maths

    How do you work out the IQR off of a scatter graph? Thanks !
  92. Algebra 2

    What does it mean if you have an open circle on the graph of an inequality?
  93. math

    can someone check my answer Graph by first solving for y. x + 2y = 8 x-x+2y=8-x 2y=8-x 2y/2=8/2-x y=4-x y=4-x/2 y=4-1/2x
  94. Algerbra I

    Help! I don't get this. solve each inequality. Graph the solution set, if there is one. 1. n-4>11 2. 4q<12 3. 2v+1>7 4. a+3<11 5. 36<x/-9 6. -y/2>4 7. -6>s/3 8. x/2-4>-6
  95. algebra

    graph and check to solve the linear system. problem: 2x-3y=-3 x+6y=6
  96. Math Problem

    Find equation of graph y=ln(x)3 right and then 7 up y=ln(x) y=7+ln(x^-4)answer
  97. trig

    Describe the changes in the graph of the following funciton h(t) = sin(4/3 - 2t)
  98. trig

    Describe the changes in the graph of the following funciton t(h) = -2/3sin(h) + 1
  99. Math

    Describe what the graph of interval [-4,10] looks like. What does this mean?
  100. algebra

    I am trying to figure out how to graph 3y-9=3x What would the intercepts be?
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