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  1. alg2

    for the graph: y>x^2+9 what is the range?
  2. Algebra

    Graph the inequality. 4x+3y>-3
  3. Algebra

    Graph the equations y=2|x-5|+2
  4. Algebra

    Graph the equations y=2|x-5|+2
  5. Algebra

    Graph the parabola x^2+8x-5y+21=0
  6. math

    how to graph the equations 9x+3y=15 and -6x-4y=-8
  7. algebra 2

    what is the foci of the graph x^2/36-y^2/16=1
  8. Math

    how would you graph: x=7
  9. math

    f(x)=-0.092x^2+5.3x-51.2 graph f in [ 20,40,5]by[0, 30,5]
  10. math

    If (3, b) is a point on the graph of 3x - 2y = 17, what is b? -4 4 11/3 23/3
  11. Algrbra II

    f(x)= x+5, if x>0 3, if x¡Ü0 and how would i graph this?
  12. algebra

    x+4>9 how do you solve this, and graph?
  13. Math

    How do I graph c=20t+30
  14. trig

    Graph y=-2sin(x/2-pi/2)+3
  15. Algebra 2

    What is the vertex of the graph of y = |x + 3|?
  16. integrated algebra

    Graph 2y = -1 + 2
  17. Geometry

    What is the x-intercept of the graph 4x-6y=12?
  18. algebra

    How do I graph the function f(x)+1/4x+4?
  19. trig

    Graph f(x)= second(2x+3.14/4)
  20. calculus

    graph 2.25h+5m>23
  21. Math

    how do you post 21/2 and 1 on a graph
  22. GeOmEtRy!!!

    How many x-intercepts does the graph of y=x^2-4x+4?
  23. Math

    How would you graph g(x) = -f(x-5)? Thanks!

    Graph the equation. x = -6
  25. math

    how do you graph f(x)=sin(x)-5
  26. Math

    Graph the equation X = 1/2 y2
  27. Math

    Graph the line Y = 5x + 6
  28. MAWTH

  29. College Algebra

    What do I do to graph: (x-2)^2+(y-4)^2=9
  30. precalc

    how to graph y=5sin[3[2-pi/6]]+2
  31. Precalc

    how do I graph this function? x^2-xy+2x-1=0
  32. Math

    How do you graph the line y = 3x + 2.
  33. Math

    How do you graph the line, y=3x+8.
  34. calculus

    If (a,-12)is a point on the graph of y=x^2+7, what is a?
  35. calucus

    Draw the graph of y=-2f(x+1)-3
  36. equation inequality and graph

  37. trigonometry

    What is the graph of y= 5sin1/2(x+pi)-1
  38. trigonometry

    what is the graph of y= cos2(x-pi)+2
  39. trigonometry

    what is the graph of y= tan(2x-pi)
  40. trigonometry

    what is the graph of y=sec(x+pi/2)
  41. trigonometry

    what is the graph of y= arccos(x-2)
  42. Calculus

    What is the graph of the sequence An = (-1)^n?
  43. math

    graph the line 3x-4y=-8
  44. Math

    How do u graph an inequality
  45. math

    solve and graph 4x+3y=6
  46. math

    what is the graph of y=-16t^2+8t+70
  47. Algebra

    How do you graph the equation of -1.2x + 2y= -4 and y = 0.6x + 8
  48. Algebra

    Graph inequalities -2x>18
  49. Algebra

    how do you find -4/5 on a graph?
  50. Algebra 1 Question

    How do I graph x + y = 0?
  51. algebra

    what is the graph of the equation? y=x^2 -4x + 3
  52. Algebra 1

    Can anyone explain how to graph x < 3?
  53. Algebra 1

    Can anyone explain how to graph y > x - 2?
  54. algebra

    graph the line y-1=3(x-1)
  55. Algebra 1010

    Graph y=3x
  56. math

    47. (-3,0),(1,4),(-1,6),(2,0) can some help me graph this
  57. maths

    graph of a function
  58. Algebra 1

    How do u graph inequalities?!?
  59. math

    if (3,21) lies on the graph of f, then f()= what?
  60. algebra 2

    How do I graph 3x+y<5.if u can help it'd be appreciated
  61. Algebra 2

    How am I supposed to graph g(x) = |x|/2 - 3/4?
  62. algebra

    graph f(x) = 2 − 1/4x
  63. algebra

    what is the graph of the system ?y<-x-1 y>x+4
  64. Algebra 1

    Graph y= absolute x -2
  65. Alg II/Trig

    Graph 2x^3 + 9x^2 + 4x - 15 = 0
  66. algebra

    graph inequality k<-1
  67. Economics

    Calculate and graph MC and MR
  68. Precalculus

    graph each equation Y=5 (let x= -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3)
  69. Algebra

    Graph the equation: x-5y=8 Thank you!
  70. Algebra

    graph the inequality y<-|x - 5|
  71. Math

    Y-2x=4 solve for x and y with graph
  72. Pre-Calculus 12

    how to graph y= (x^2-3x-10)/(x-2)
  73. Math

    Graph the inequality: x <-2 -
  74. calculus

    y= x / (x^2+x) what are the discontinuities on this graph ?
  75. Math quick question

    I was given a graph of an adult riding a bike. So I believe the period represents how long the wheels take to turn (is that correct?) now they want me to make a graph of a child riding a bike. Do you think the period would be bigger or smaller? I was thinking it might take ...
  76. economics

    I really have to figure out the answers to these questions and i don't know where to start. I don't know how to draw the marginal benefit and marginal cost curves for this question. a.Sketch a marginal benefit and marginal cost diagram, with “billions of units of security ...
  77. Math

    B is in the interior of <AOC. C is in the interior of <BOD. D is in the interior of <COE. m<AOE=162, m<COE=68, and m<AOB=m<COD=m<DOE. Find m<DOA. I have a sketch of the angles, and this is what I have so far as for work: 162=68+3x 94=3x x=31.3 x is ...
  78. Math-Precalculus-Parametric Equations - Ellipses

    The graph of the equation (x-h)^2/(a^2) + (y-k)^2/b^2 = 1 is an ellipse with center (h,k), horizontal axis length 2a, and vertical axis length 2b. Find parametric equations whose graph is an ellipse with center (h,k), horizontal axis length 2a, and vertical axis length 2b, and...
  79. pre-cal

    a page that x inches wide & y inches high contains 26 square inches of print. the margins on the top & bottom are 1.5 inches deep and the margins in the sides are 1 inches wide. a. sketch the situation above b. find the total area of the page c. find the domain based on the ...
  80. Biotechnology

    Consider the titration of 25.0 mL of 0.050 0 M Sn2+ with 0.100 M Fe3+ in 1 M HCl to give Fe2+ and Sn4+, using Pt and calomel electrodes. (a) Write a balanced titration reaction. (b) Write two half-reactions for the indicator electrode. (c) Write two Nernst equations for the ...
  81. Seven step method

    Use the seven step method described in the book to graph the following rational function f(x)=(2x^2+x-3)/(2x^2-7x) 1) Determine the symmetry of the function 2) Find the y-intercept 3) Find the x-intercept 4) Find the vertical asymptotes 5) Find the horizontal asymptotes 6) ...
  82. Graph problems!!!

    Ok. so i'm supposed to find the coordinates of a line using the slope intercept method but i don't understand it!!! can some one PLEEAASE help me? also i'm supposed to graph a line using the same method and they give me the coordinates oly its in an equation form that i need ...
  83. Geometry

    Let ABC be any triangle. Equilateral triangles BCX, ACY, and BAZ are constructed such that none of these triangles overlaps triangle ABC. a) Draw a triangle ABC and then sketch the remainder of the figure. It will help if (triangle) ABC is not isosceles (or equilateral). b) ...
  84. Physics

    The velocity graph of a particle moving along the x-axis is shown. The particle has zero velocity at t=0.00s and reaches a maximum velocity, vmax, after a total elapsed time, t total. If the initial position of the particle is x0 =6.22m, the maximum velocity of the particle is...
  85. ecology

    I have a Data Analysis Lab that has a graph attached to it. It talks about how temperature affects the growth rates of the two species'. It says that researchers studied the effect and they hypothesized that increasing temperature would increase the growth rate. However, in ...
  86. Physics

    One of the holes on a golf course lies due east of the tee. A novice golfer flubs his tee shots so that the ball lands only 64 m directly northeast of the tee. He then slices the ball 30 degrees south of east so that the ball lands in a sand trap 127 m away. Frustrated, the ...
  87. math

    a circular opaque disk, 25 cm in diameter, is set up 30 cm from a circular source of light of diameter 40 cm. Ascreen is placed 30 cm beyond the opaque disk. Describe, giving dimensions, the nature of the shadow on the screen. Ok, I have drawn a sketch and can say that the ...
  88. AP Physics

    So my question is about projectile motion. We just learned in class about the equation for finding the range: R=v^2sin(2theta)/g I understand that and I think I see where it comes from. My question is, if someone were to collect data on the projectile range for different ...
  89. algebra

    Explain the words relation and function. Include in your explanation how the meanings of the two words differ. Give a real-word example of a relation that is not a function. Is it possible to give an example of a function that is not a relation? If so, give one. If not, ...
  90. Math

    A car is traveling south at a speed of 68 mi/h from Dallas toward San Antonio. Dallas is about 272 miles north of San Antonio. A truck is traveling north from San Antonio to Dallas at a speed of 71 mi/h. When and where will they pass each other? 1. Create a table to record the...
  91. Physics

    A cylinder shaped buoy is stationary out on a lake. The height of the buoy is 1 m and the diameter is 30 cm and it‘s mass is 50 kg. Now a whale swims under the buoy and hit it. The buoy raises up and begins to oscillate. a) Find the total force on the buoy if the ...
  92. algebra

    creat a graph for the function that models the percentage of adulat height attained by a boy who is years old. then creat a graph for the function that models the percentage of adulat height attained by a girl who is years old.
  93. Math, Please help.

    1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own. 2. Design a fair race in which the two animals have an equal chance of winning if they race at their top speed. Here are a few ...
  94. Calculus

    I am doing the AP calculus review, these are the questions I have no Idea on how to do: 1. if 0<= k <=pi/2 and the area under the curve y-cosx from x=k to x=pi/2 is 0.2, then k= 2. let F(x) be an antiderivative of (ln x)^4/x If F(1)=0, then F(9)= 3. What is the equation ...
  95. math help please

    Consider the function g(x)=x/x-7. a) Determine an equation for the vertical asymptote. b) State the domain. c) Determine an equation for the horizontal asymptote. d) State the range. e) Sketch the function. ( i will do it) f) Summarize the increasing and decreasing intervals. ...
  96. equation

    if the gas prices was say was .90 a gallon in 1950 and the prices now are 3.00 a gallon how would you write an equation to show the increase I am needing to graph this so i need a slope i think can anyone explain this please There is no need to plot a graph for the slope. You ...
  97. math

    sketch the image of f(x) after: a) a horizontal compression by a factor of 1/2 b) a veritcal expansion by a factor of 3 c) both transformations in parts a and c have been applied d) write the equations of the three image for a b and c i think i graphed a b and c right but i ...
  98. Type Sketch - Cynic

    I have to do a type sketch of a cynic...but i really am running out of ideas...this is what I wrote so far but i need a couple more points. Any ideas please? ************************************* The cynic is a person who is skeptical of life. They are weary of the motives of ...
  99. Math

    Water spraying from a large fountain follows a path modeled by the function h(d) = -2/3d^2+ 4d, for h > 0, where h is the height of the water above the fountain jet and d is the horizontal distance of the water from the fountain jet, both in metres. a) Graph the function (...
  100. college math

    given the bar graph below create a grouped frequency distribution. the graph is numbered up the side by twos to 22, along the bottom there are countries that go up to a number. united states up to 10 argentina up to 22 united kingdom up to just under the ten phillipines is ...
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