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i cant Ms. sue

i cant get no world history book ms. sue because my teacher didn't send me one and I'm not near a library its 2 hours away from my house


Any One know the answers the the Social Studies 8 A Unit 6: The Early Republic test? Ms. Sue, Please, if you can :( You are really a great person for helping so much :)

ms.sue check

hi ms.sue please check my world history answer :) from a couple of minutes ago

history ( Ms. Sue)

How did the U.S decideto enter the war? Ms. Sue will want to know which war you are talking about.

math-Ms. Sue

ms Sue I was not sure how to do a response to you but my prior question was the following and you had answered to take the total number of students and make this the denominator and the history majors the numerator which I did and makes this 300/1225 so then to get the ratio I...


Thanks for answering miss sue.Has also world war revolutionised world history?



to ms.sue

thank you ms.sue.i will remember you forever! here's a special poem for you! ms.sue, she's my favorite teacher too. she gives me ideas, mama-mia. sometimes I ask her questions twice, she is super nice. give a hip hip hooray, today, for the best volunteer, here, Ms.sue...

Ms. Sue (History)



Ms. Sue, Thanks for the help. Sandy


who is ms.sue? i've seen her a lot on the answers and she's EVERYWHERE!! is there only 1 ms.sue?


3 reasons why ms.sue is illuminati confirmed 1. sue has 3 letters, the illuminati has 3 sides 2. sue likes to go in the english questions, english has books, the illuminati also has books 3. sue has 2 eyes, the illuminati has 1 eye, 2-1 is 1 MS.SUE IS ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!111


Thanks Ms. Sue, very helpful

help History Ms.sue

OR trail what is it about HELP

History, Ms. Sue Please.. Or Damon

According to the Adams-Onís treaty, Spain gave up claims to the __________ Territory. Texas? Ms. SUe, I asked this question earlier and it was said Florida.. My dilemma, and what is confusing most to me, Florida is not an option.. Oregon, Colorado, Texas, or OKlahoma are my ...

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of emigrants?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of immigrants?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of steerage?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of famine?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of prejudice?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of nativists?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of romanticism?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of transcendentalism?

World History- (Ms. Sue)

What is the significance of revival?

World History- (Ms. Sue)

What are the effects of abolitionism?


Which one?? Which three empires competed for influence in the Balkans? 1. Austria-Hungary 2. Russia 3. ? History - Sierra, Monday, September 15, 2014 at 4:32pm The third one would be Serbia. History - Ms. Sue, Monday, September 15, 2014 at 4:37pm You're wrong, Sierra. The ...

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of civil disobedience?

History Help Please!!!

Ms. Sue, I don't think that is what he wants. He seems to be asking for a particular document.

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of the push-pull factor?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

What is the significance of the Hudson River school?

World History- (Ms. Sue)

What are the effects of California's application for statehood?

World History (Ms. Sue)

when did camo start being used?

History Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue can you help me to understand what author is trying to argue in this paragraph. While it is true, as Linda Colley has argued, that war contributed to the development of British identity during the eighteenth century, in this case, the experience of war and disease ...

Ms. Sue

I've looked at a lot of these questions and I'm disappointed that people don't appreciate Ms. Sue at all. She takes a lot of time out of her day to help students get better grades. Thanks Ms. Sue, for being a great tutor.

History Ms. Sue

What is one positive benefit of global peace and economics?


Who invented the modern day alphabet? Phoenicans Thanks Mrs. Sue


What god ruled the city Ur? Nonna or Gilgamesh. Thanks Again Sue

World History (Ms. Sue)

How did Giuseppe Garibaldi contribute to Italian unification? A: ?

World History (Ms. Sue)

What are the changes that resulted from the Second Industrial Revolution?

history Ms.sue

did George W. bush have kids? help it's a bio for my teacher

U.S. History (Ms.Sue)

Why did Southern Democrats walk out of the Democratic Convention?

AP World History Please Help Me Mrs.Sue

4.What was the nature and extent of the Umayyad Empire?


What were Rosa Parks Shortcomings? I'm struggling trying to find something. Thank you

World History- (Ms. Sue)

In what ways was racism common in both the North and the South?

World History (Ms. Sue)

Explain how the Quran influenced the government in Islamic civilization. A: ?

World History (Ms. Sue)

What were the major beliefs or Judaism and how did they influence Western culture?

World History (Ms. Sue)

Why did some Jews feel they needed their own nation?

World History (Ms. Sue)

How was Japan's government structured under the Meiji constitution?


Ms.Sue please check this why was the Open Door Policy important to the United States? a. it gave the United States territory in China b. it gave the United States access to millions of consumers in China c. it increased Chinese investments in the United States d. it kept ...

Ms Sue -history

the treaty of versailles the league of nations . sorry i should have mentioned that.


Name four of the sumerian Gods. Enli Enki Innanna Utu Thanks Ms. Sue

social studies/ history

Oh!!!! Ms.Sue, the question said "Explain the Iroquoise pollitical system".

Social studies help ms sue

What important role did diaspora play in the history of southwest asia?

World History (Ms. Sue)

Explain how the terms "unconscious" and "repression" are used in Freud's theory.

Health Law

please check my answer thanks :) Sue says that her claim is based on the fundamental law of nation what does that mean(what source is Sue relying on) I think Sue is relying on the constiution

RE: History

Ms. Sue, Here are my reactions to the article about the survivors. Horrified, disgusted and heart-broken


sam and sue have only nickels and dimes. sue has $.35. sam has the same number of dimes as sue has nickels, and he has half as many nickels as sue has dimes. how many nickels does sue have?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

Famine is significant because it forced several immigrants to emigrant to America and flee their homelands?

PLZ Help History--@Ms. Sue or @Reed

What was the name of colonists who favored independence? Loyalists Parliamentarians Tories Patriots***


Sue is two years older than Chris. Jim is 4 years older than Sue. Their ages total 68. How old is Sue?

World History- (Ms. Sue).

Prejudice is significant because it was what immigrants had to face due to the native-born Americans' fears?

World History (Ms. Sue)

Which country do you think had a stronger democracy at the end of the nineteenth century, France or England? Why?

Law and Ethic in Med

Please check my answer thanks :) I am really not sure on this one What can a stillborn child's estate do with regqurds to lawsuits ? 1. Sue for wrongful death in most states? 2. Sue for wrongful death in only in a few states. 3. Can't sue for wrongful death in any states 4. ...

history--search for earlier post

i wrote a history question a few days back, i think Ms.Sue gave me a link for it..i need that link, so can someone find that question for me..? the question is: Discuss the several plans for reconstruction and explain one success and one failure of reconstruction thanks a lot


I asked sue a question yesterday and don't understand the answer can you explain? Here what it was I think this question has a typo because none of the multiple choice answers fit. The question is which of the following values is in the solution set of inequality 8-7x<-6? A...


johnny at 1/2 of a pizza, sue has 1/2 of another pizza, johnny said he ate more than sue, but sue says they both at the same amount, is johnny right?

Grade 12 Physics

A young woman named Sassy Sue purchases a sports utility vehicle that can accelerate at the rate of 4.88m/s^2. She decides to test the car by dragging with another speedster, McSpeedy. Both start from rest, but experienced McSpeedy leaves 1.0s before Sue. If McSpeedy moves ...

human resource management

The EEOC: a)can sue on behalf of itself or on the behalf of a discirmination claimant b)does not have the power to sue on its own behalf c)does not have the power to sue on the behalf of a discrimination claimant d)does not have the power to sue IS A CORRECT ANSWER?THANK YOU


Last month, Sue, of Sue's Sandwiches, sold $3,000 worth of product (sandwiches and sodas) from her sidewalk cart to 300 customers. She spent $600 on the sandwich ingredients and buying the sodas wholesale. Her monthly costs are the following: Utilities = $60, Salary = $1,500, ...


Sue and Sean are having a tug of war by pulling on opposite ends of a 1.43 kg rope. Sue pulls with a 46.47 N force. What is Sean's force if the rope accelerates toward Sue at 4.92 m/s2

Am. History

Ms. Sue, my question was asking which country challenged US supremacy in the 70s besides Europe? Japan, China, Russia or Israel? Sorry for the confusion.

World History Please Help ASAP Ms. Sue?

I am doing a research paper on the opium wars in China. Any suggestions for key points for thesis statement?

Psychology Please Help!!!!

Billy Sue hated dresses, but loved dogs, horses, turtles, lizards, and frogs. Her grandmother, who knew how little girls should look, dragged her to the children's store and forced her into a lacy pink dress. Although Billy Sue scowled at her image in the mirror, grandmother ...

@Ms. Sue La

THANK YOU Ms. Sue you are a life saver all the time. I see some of the post's Jerks saying very mean things about you. I just thought someone should tell you thank's for once like you deserve.They are just mad bc you won't come right out and give them the answers You make them...


dear ms.Sue does it mean that american way of life is the one that emerge at the end of the 17th century? please explain and sorry if i did not understand. thank you for your help.


Thank you Ms. Sue for answering my question Would you please do this to this is the las one! Describe 3 causes where purtains showed their intolerance for people with other beliefs?


bob and sue are initially standing still on frictionless ice. bob weighs 500n . they push against each other and sue acquires an acceleration of 5m/s while bob acquires acceleration of 3m/s. what is sue mass

World History (Ms. Sue)

How did the Schlieffen Plan contribute to the outbreak of World War I?

Ms Sue -history

a huge thankyou to you,you are a star! you helped me alot. thankyou!!


When Clint began his pursuit, Sue was already 60 miles ahead. If Sue travels at 40 mph and Clint travels at 60 mph, how many hours will it take Clint to catch up with Sue? It is a distance problem I do know that. I am not sure what type. Either + or =. I am very unsure and ...


SORRY I only wanted some help where i could get some information to help answer the questions i know you don`t do assignments for us. thanks


sally who is sue's mother is 4 times older than sue but in 20 years sally will be older twice.how old is sally and sue

history (reed) {ms.sue}

1. Which person is NOT included in South Carolina's legislative council? a. chairman of judiciary committee** b. governor c. secretary of state d. speaker of the senate

World History (Ms. Sue)

Explain how the qualities of a "Renaissance man" reflected the political and social values of the Renaissance. A: ?

Just for "Ms.Sue"

Hey, "Ms.Sue". Ms.Sue you have been very helpful. But I keep getting stuck. 5th grade math is a challenge especially after my teachers stroked and we were out of school for almost all of September and no one in my house understands this new math either. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! ...


Julian has 10 coins. Sue has 5 coins. There is a total of 4 quarters. Sue has more than $1.00. Sue's coins are worth twice as much as Julian's coins.

US History: Ms. Sue

For Booker T. Washington v W. E. B. DuBois, I don't get DuBois' method... did he want African Americans to gain rights right away?


What god ruled the city Ur? Assyrian King ruled over Ur. Ms.Sue not really sure I have the answer.

La state history

in 3-5 sentences describe the apportionment system for state legislative districts I cant seem to think of any please help. Ms.Sue

Math, Precalc

Sue rides her bike at a rate of 15 mph to May’s house 5 miles away. Then Sue and May walk to a park 2 miles away at a rate of 3 mph. What was Sue’s average speed for the entire trip?

english - Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, How can thinking critically influence the way that you read in the future.

To Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue please take a look at my previous post, I added more to it.

To. Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue please take a look at my previous post, I still need help :-(

Math -- for Sue

Ok Sue my last problem for the night then I am done!! Yeah 2x + 3 > x + 5 2x-x+3-3<x-x+15-3 2x<12 I am sure this is wrong. I need help !!!


ms.sue im about to put my lesson 2 exam in hopefully i pass :)

ms. sue

ms. sue not look like you here today if i see you then will post my questions.

ms. sue

ms. sue you read the book the glass castle a memoir by Jeannette Walls?

ms. sue

ms. sue you know the story i write yesterday i not know what to name it, you know any cool names i give it?

ms. sue

ms. sue how do i start a thesis statement for participant observation i need to define it?

Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, can you tell me of whether my answers to the questions of Health posts are correct or not? Thank you.


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