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what are the next three terms in the sequence -6, 5, 16, 27? A)38,49,60 B)37,47,57 C)36,45,54 D)36,46,57 i think its a Am i right Somebody help me please DAMON,MS.SUE, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME

11th grade

A monitor displays the graph y = 3 sin 5x. What will be the amplitude after a dilation of 2? I am so confused.....can somebody please help me.... please??? I know the graoh of sin x but what is dilation? can somebody please explain????

Algebra 2

Can somebody please give me a short explanation (like, a very simple sentence) on how exponents and algorithms are related? I know what they are (for example:) Exponents are the inverse of logarithms and vice versa. 6^2 = 36 Log6(36) = 2 But can somebody please help me explain...

need creative picture

-A picture symbolizing somebody who worries a lot.. I was thinking of a scope like a sniper rifle -A picture symbolizing somebody who helps somebody find their identity -A picture symbolizing somebody who blames themself for another's death


does hawaii have waterways? If yes, please name the waterways of hawaii and how it can help to shape the lives of people living in Hawaii. Please somebody help me because I looked all over my online civics book and i did research on waterways of Hawaii and I still cant even ...

Academic Writing II

Please, somebody help me. I need 3 traits on Robert Frost's writing and I'm clueless. I don't even like his poems, and I'm supposed to write a 3-paragraph paper on him. So far, I'm thinking 'He likes to write with humor' and 'He likes to use metaphors'. I don't have a third ...


Hi! Can somebody help me? I'm an austrian student, and i have a big problem! We have to write a definition essay with the title : tourism/ travel. and we have to write it until tomorrow, but i'm very busy, i have a mathe test tomorrow too, and i am not able to write my essay. ...

College Essay

Hi, I need somebody to review my college essay but I would like to send an email to that person. Can somebody please help me?

Math...Algebra :S

Hi, okay um. I'm trying to get his math question (Algebra :o) and i'm not quite sure what i'm doing---but everything i do, i get the wrong answer. The Question is 2m+n M= 2/5 and n= 1/2 (Fractions) Everytime i do the question, i get 9/10 as a answer...but i check the textbook ...


Could somebody please explain how to compute the "relative sales value at split-off"? I am given the amount of products a & b, as well as their sales prices at split off. I would also appreciate if somebody could explain how to find joint costs. Thanks in advance.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Find the value of the following expression: (2^8 ⋅ 5−5 ⋅ 19^0)−2 ⋅ (5-2/2^3)^4 ⋅ 2^28 (5 points) Write your answer in simplified form. Show all of your steps. (5 points) Please somebody help me I'm so confused. I know I'm supposed to use ...

algebra II

please, somebody help me Divide. x^2+7x-37/x+9. Please help me. I need all the help I can get. Thank you so much.


what is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence? the food and the extra water were kept in the storage cabinet A)the food B)and extra water C)were kept D)in the storage cabinet I think its D. Somebody pls help me WriteTeacher or Ms Sue or just somebody help me please


Hy everyone! I really need some help! I should compare Jane Austen's Sanditon with two other Austen novel: Lady Susan , and Emma. Can somebody give me some tips, how to do this? or can somebody find me some infos about the books? I should compare such things like: main ...


x+y=670 7x+5y=3740 __________ -7x-7y=4690 -2y=-900 y=450 i don't get this at all, can somebody please explain? thanks(:


Okay I'm DESPERATE. Can somebody please tell me what n^3-64 divided by n-4 is? And for x/x+2 - 4/x-2 - 1 is the answer 2(-3x+2)/(x-2)(x+2) see above. helpppppppppppppp me i am failing your fat


x.y=30 and x+y=10.3 ,what is x & Y. final answer is x=5.15+1.86i and y=5.15-186i, this way is by try and error (logic). but can somebody please show me how you do it by aljebra, please, thank you.

algebra 1

can somebody help me please!


please could somebody point me in the right direction here... i need to find out why xylem is described as a tissue... please could someone help me!


What differences became matters of life and death during the Holocaust? There are no choices in the question. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. MS. SUE, WRITETEACHER,SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE


Could somebody help me,please? 4+5+2=? thirds

4th grade-music

In the song, "Somebody" by Reba M cEntire, I have to retell the story bein told in the song. Is the song about finding somebody special to fall in love with?


can somebody please solve these inequalitys 3w>30 4n+8<24 6y+1<19 2r-8>6 b-5>-2 2y+1<-5 4x-6>-10 Thanks



8th grade

-5+15n-20-12=13 Can somebody please help?


(3/s+4) / (4/5s) Can somebody please help me divide this problem? Thanks!!

Essential Mathematics 1

Can somebody please help me Evaluate: 3 1/9 * 2 1/4 ? (=

Essential Mathematics 1

Can somebody please help me evaluate: 13 1/3 + 6 2/9 ? (=


5√3/3 Can somebody evaluate this PLEASE!!!!!!


Can somebody please answer my question.




How do you calculate market share? please will somebody help me thanks :)


3 1/3 - 1 3/4 = 3 4/12 - 1 9/12 IE. 4/12 < 9/12 2 + 1 + 1/3 - 1 3/4 = 2 + 12/12 + 4/12 - 1 9/12 = 1 7/12 Please somebody explain these steps.

language art CHECK

Will somebody please check this for me and see if i used the words correctly please? Having spent many years as political opponents, the two senators have developed a(n)MUTUAL respect for each other. Please check if it is correct. thank you


1/x^2+5/x=4 Can someone please help me with this problem by showing the steps that I would have to do to get the answer? I have no idea how to do this. Please help somebody.


insulin is formed by which type of monomer? please could somebody help me! thank you!


what are the banefits of variance analysis? please could somebody help me out!?


Can somebody please help me with rounding decimals to the nearest tenth ??


3 1/3 - 1 3/4 = 3 4/12 - 1 9/12 IE. 4/12 < 9/12 2 + 1 + 1/3 - 1 3/4 = 2 + 12/12 + 4/12 - 1 9/12 = 1 7/12 Please somebody explain these steps. Answer this Question


Gosh, can somebody help a person out?

math algebra please help!

my teacher: me: (1) x+y=670 " ? " (2) 7x+5y=3740 somebody please __________ explain this to me (1) -7x-7y=4690 step by step, thanks:) -2y=-900 y=450

Social studies

How did the argument between the eastern orthodox church and the roman catholic church end? Somebody please answer because I am dying to know how it ended! PLEASE!!


(2-x)/(2x+6)+ x/(x^2-9) Can some one please help solve this one because I stuck? I don't know how to sole this, so please somebody help!!


Will somebody please tell me the nitrogen,H20, and carbon formulas???? Thanks!


How many molecules are there in 24 grams of FeF3 ? Can somebody please show me how i can get to the answer ? Thank you


I'm not understanding write .008% as a decimal, can somebody help me on this question please.


please can somebody give me some questions asked in grade six


Can somebody please explain how do I turn decimals into fractions?

8 grade math

Can somebody please help me I don't understand this problem.? Determine whether each ordered pair is solution of y=x+3. 1. (2, 9) 2. (5, 23) can you please explain this to me step by step till you get the answer .thank you so much.


how does Amoeba engulf particles of food by endocytosis? please could somebody help me! sam

Geography AS level

what issues have risen in the uk when managing floods? please could somebody help me!? thanks


I'm having problem trying to solve this question. -18x2.4 can somebody help me please.


I can`t to find information about, who invented simultaneous equations ?Could somebody help me please.

Math Algebra

Find the Values of X 12p^2+11p-22=0 I'm having some trouble with this math question can somebody please explain it. Please I would like to know how to do it since I have a Benchmark Tomorrow. -thank you


please could somebody give me any real life examples of comapanys that lease assets... thank you!


state two roles of chorlesterol in the membrane? please could somebody help me out! sam


Will somebody please tell me the following formulas: Nitrogen Water (H20) and carbon?? Thanks


Explain the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and decentralised delivery systems. please could somebody help me with this

HELP please somebody

the differences between amino acids are in the? A: side groups B: hydrogen atoms


I don't understand how to do this. Can somebody please help me? I can't figure out how to do this, and I don't see any instructions in my lesson. Thank you in advance. (-4x) x 9x^2


Can somebody Please please help. Identify the usage of each of the following modal verbs. May I use your toilet? Mathew might come to see you later. You really should stop smoking. I must do my homework. Monkeys can’t swim


If f(x)-lnx,g(x)=e^8x, and h(x)=x^7, find the following: a. (f.g)(x). what is the domain of f.g? b.(g.f)(x). what is the domain of g.f? c. (f.h)(x). what is the domain of f.h? I have no clue how to do this. Somebody please help me?? please???


Can somebody PLEASE tell me a lot of fun places to go to in Tennessee? I need to do a project about TN. Thank you!


arguments for and against competing in a mass market. please could somebody give me some pointers?


I posted my work a few minutes ago, can somebody check it for me please. thanks a lot. Rose


Find the perimeter of a right triangle with legs of 20 cm, and 21 cm. a.882 b.82 c.70 d.47 I have no clue what to do. Can somebody help me with this please?

Factorning exponets

How would you factor 5x¯¾ +35x¼ ?? My answer is 5x¼ (x¯¹ + 7) but its wrong..can somebody please hellp!!

5th grade

Pleasee! I have a worksheet with me and i need to know how to do range and mode, somebody please tell me!


i need to write a adventure story on the food chain, i don't know how to start it off can somebody please help me.

Cal 1

How do you find dy/dx by implicit differentiation? x^3 + y^5 = 1 Damon answer isn't right and I have no idea what he did. Somebody please help.

american goverment

What form of Federalism was most recently associated with the United States? . . can somebody help me please!! thanks


please somebody explain the product of 6, and the sum of 4 and 5?I have to show if 6x4+5 is the right answer.

computers and math PLEASE HELP

Please somebody do you know any websites that have virtual place value blocks for making decimals. Please make suer i can acctually make the decimal on the websites. Lastly make sure it s a websites that i can stay on for as longt as i want without the website saying that ...


somebody can think of a clever name for a cereal box, that associates Lincoln, please tell me. thank you. Honest O's

Geography AS

Why is the distribution of the worlds Population uneven? please could somebody point me in the right direction, it would be a big help. thank you!


how may someone assess the effectiveness of spending on advertising... i know it has to do with a quantifiable measurment of some sort. please could somebody help me!?


I do not understand this problem can somebody please help me with it? Fill in the missing digits in as many ways as possible so the number will be divisible by 6. 3 _ 2 _ Thanks for the help.


can somebody please tell me how to solve this, how can i find the saturation concentration of oxygen in water at 10'C in atmospheric pressure.?


Would somebody be so kind and help me with my homework,please?Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes. Thank you for help.


The following rational function describes blood concentration of a certain drug taken via IV over time: f(x)=x+1/x Find: a.the horizontal or oblique asymptote(s), if any, b.the vertical asymptote(s),if any, c. describe their possible meanings. Can somebody please help me solve...


describe and explain the atmospheric processes that influence global climate please could somebody point me in the right direction


can somebody tell me how to solve this inequality equation? (a-2)(a-3)<0 I know the opposite was 2 and 3..but how do i determine the greater than, less than or equal to? Explain please.

AP World History Please Help

Describe the development of the Chinese state and its political institutions. I really need help with this can somebody explain this to me.


I have starr test in the morning can somebody please explain what the difference between literary and expository writing


Would somebody be so kind and help me with my homework,please?Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes. Thank you for help.Kinga


Why might it be difficult to classify some molds as unicellular or multicellular? I'm really confused:/ Can somebody please explain this?


the population of a country is 65 millions if it grows exponentially in a rate of 1.5% annual 1.-calculate the estimate population in 12 years 2.-when the population increases 4 times could somebody please explain me this kind of problems where you need to use the log and ...


Can somebody please help me get started on this problem? In a study that was highly publicized, doctors discovered that aspirin seems to help prevent heart


how does cellulose adapt to its function!? i think it has something to do with there being a strong cell wall. however im am unsure. please could somebody help me thanks


how would i draw the structure of a dipeptide which is made up of the following; Glycine and phenylalanine? please could somebody point me in the right direction?

Language Kind of

Could Somebody please help me find out where pigment and paraffin wax are found? Like, where they are extracted as Natural Resourses. Thanks


Can somebody please point me in the general direction to the answer for this question? Thanks! How do low fuel prices affect the nation's security?


I am looking for a list that shows the worlds "richest" countries according to GDP, I'm having a bit of trouble doing so, could somebody please help me? Thanks!!

accounting HELP

I know what the 5-questions are, but what I do not understand is in what circumstances would the 5-question approach to stakeholder impact analysis be most useful? Can somebody PLEASE HELP ME?

social studoes

Why do nations form an alliance? Give examples of different kinds of alliances and explain their purposes. Can somebody please help??

Algebra help+check please?

Graph the function. Compare the graph with the graph of f(x)=x q(x)=x-1 How would I do this? Cause, I do know that f is the same thing as y and so that in the problem it'd be y=x-1 right? Could somebody please explain how to do this STEP by STEP?

geography (agriculture)

I have an A.P human geography test tomorrow and i can not figure out what some of these words mean. can somebody please help?? thank you so much. i need help on who carl saur is, mediterranean agriculture, transhumance, pastoral nomadism, and the green revolution.. please help...

can somebody help me???

My teacher told us to write a three-page of an academic essay. My topic is, "Horace as a Satirist"...but i don't know where and how to start...please help me guys...thanks a lot...


Could Somebody please help me to understand truth tables, boolean expression, and von neumann architecture? Just an explanation to help me grasp it easier.


how might the climatic changes predicted to result from global warming impact on human activity in the United Kingdom? please will somebody help me! thank you!


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