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If the fourth base in the original DNA strand (AAT-GCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC) where changed from G to C, would it be... AAT-GCC-AGT-CGT-TCG-CAC or AAT-CCC-AGT-GGT-TCG-CAC



help C program

I keep getting an error that says "no new endline at the end of file" but i pressed enter and it still won't work. i am compiling with gcc are there anything else i should look at? I'm also compiling with other files together. and All the files have a new line at the end so ...


I have just started C programming after a semester of Java. I am very new to this and the teacher has not really given much instruction so I am completely lost on what to do for this. I need to determine the decimal value f the following constants: 034, 0xA, 0xBA, and 12.3xE+3...


I need to summerize a research paper that is mainly made up of quotes. How do I summerize it when is consist of quoting a quote. How do I structure my paper when the person that wrote the paper has so many quote. I hope this makes sense? Is there a way to summerize a quote ...

C code

Write a .c file named calc that: - Takes arguments from the command line - Solves a simple math problem - Returns the result as an exit status calc.c: //this is the function that gets called when the executable is run. int main(int argc, char * argv[]){ //I've given you the ...

Computer (C)

I need help with c programming, i need to fill in the code and I got these (need help with question 4), I run the grader and I only got question 1 right. grader code: gcc worksheet.c; ./a.out 0; if [ $? -eq 0 ] then echo 'Question 0 Correct'; else echo $? 'is not correct for ...


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