For this project for school we have to represent the noble eightfold path ( right view) to canadian society , but i am so stuck , i don't really know anything that would make sense, any help would be great

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  1. World religions

    For this project for school we have to represent the noble eightfold path ( right view) to canadian society , but i am so stuck , i don't really know anything that would make sense, any help would be great
  2. english/help please

    I have a project in Brave new world. I have to make a flag that represent the society .Can you give ideas or symbols to represent the different aspects of their society and what color to use too. please and thank you very much.
  3. Opinions needed pls.

    Which types of body art do you believe would be acceptable in mainstream Canadian society? Does this make it "good"? Explain your opinion. Thnks. Without question, cosmetic surgery is acceptable in Canadian society. It comes in many forms. Face, torso, arms, buttocks, thighs, ...
  4. English

    I left out two important things. Hopefully, you can have a look at them. First, the sentence you asked me to vary; 1) The following items will be assessed: the pupils’ attitude towards the European Union, their disposition to mobility and their knowledge of both English and ...
  5. Socials

    For socials, we have to do a project on an invention during the industrial revolution time period. I chose the Airplane and I know that it was invented by the Wright brothers etc. But what I don't know what to write a paragraph on is "Describe the social impact the invention ...
  6. Math, rates

    Which rates are equivalent? 6 U.S. dollars = 18 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 20 Canadian dollars 6 U.S. dollars = 9 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 12 Canadian Dollars 6 U.S. dollars = 9 U.S. dollars 8 Canadian dollars 16 Canadian dollars 6 U.S. dollars = 15 U.S. Dollars 8 ...
  7. Art Project

    I have to do an art project for my art class and I am having trouble thinking of an idea. My art project has to be "shock art" its almost like DaDa but its got to be shocking. I can paint it, draw it, make a collage, or just put pictures together...anything really
  8. HISTORY!!

    im sopposed to write a letter to the Canadian government and its 1872 about how i feel about the dominion lands act. id ont really know anything about it, or what i should put. something about the canadian mounted police as well. sorry this is all i know.
  9. Science Fair

    I just wanted to ask if this project written below is a High School Project... (Up,up,away in your own hot air ballon) This is the project name and also I don't need a link to this project, I have it already... Just tell me whether it is a high school project or not..
  10. Grade 9 Chemistry (2)

    What is one way in which Noble Gases are different from other elements? a. Noble Gases have low boiling points b. Noble gases have high melting points c. Noble gases have extremely high densities d. Noble gases have unusually high atomic masses Also, what is a 'valence energy ...
  11. Personal

    I have a question about like life... it relates to school as well. Like I have a huge project due THIS Thursday and I helped take care of my friends dogs and I have to take pictures of them and my friend says I can take them now and when I ask her she always says she can't.. I...
  12. algebra

    on one day the value of $1.00 was equal to 0.77 euro or $1.24 Canadian. Write a function to represent the value of Canadian dollars in euros. What is the value of th efunctoin for an input of 5 rounded to the nearest cent, and what does it represent
  13. Cultural Anthropology 101

    Ethnocentrism refers to: (Points : 1) the need to focus on another society’s problems. the judging of another culture in terms of your own. ***the view that your own society is inferior to others. the view that people’s ideal behavior is better than their real behavior...
  14. photography

    i have to take a roll of film for photography on things that represent me or a "self portrait" project. the problem is, it gets dark outside really soon after i get out of school so it is dark and i am moving in two days so most of my house is packed up. any ideas on what i ...
  15. English

    Some readers view Beowulf as a boastful glory seeker. Other readers view Beowulf as a noble, selfless man. Based on your reading of the excerpts, discuss each point of view in a well structured paragraph. You will have two separate paragraphs -- one for Beowulf as a boastful ...
  16. socials Canadian history

    During the early 1860s, what economic and social problems might have existed in Barkerville? People who had money could go off and afford more, and those that didn't get anything. have i got it right?
  17. Reading

    Some readers suggest that the "weak" character in Of Mice and Men represent groups of people who were outcasts in 1930s society(for example. Lennie would represent the mentally challenged). For each of the following characters, explain how each could represent an outcast group...
  18. english essay, please help me to correct.

    can you help to correct my answer and english grammar. thank you so much. question below: 1. How does money is importance in our society right now? answer: The importance of money in our society right is more than anything else because everything is needed of money. money is ...
  19. English

    I urgenlty need you to chekc these sentences. Thank you. 1) As you are a scholar with an in-depth knowledge of Clil within a Comenius project, I would like to have your opinion about the objectives we should include in the project. 2) Could you let us have a look at your ...
  20. World History

    in what ways are the ideas of the buddhist eightfold path similar to and different from the ideas, beliefs, and practices, of other religions or philosophies you may know about?
  21. Math (7th grade)

    I have a math question that I do not really understand how to answer is there someone who can walk me through it? In Pinecrest middle school there are 58 6th graders 76 7th graders, and 38 8th graders. The counsel is made up of 35 students who are chosen to represent all three...
  22. English

    I am having trouble coming up with a thesis statement for an essay. I need to compare and contrast how I view nature to the way Tenyson and Wordsworth view it. I have to focus on what these observations say about my culture, society,a dn religion. My idea: Three contributing ...
  23. English

    Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1) We're looking for a high school in which subjects such as biology or geography are taught in English so that in the future our students could carry out a project on a common theme in English. 2) I really hope your school is...
  24. I'm really stuck on math!

    One-half of the students at Greendale Middle School take art. Two-thirds of the students take Spanish. Deshawn uses a coin and a standard number cube as a simulation of the students at Greendale Middle School. Deshawn lets “T” represent a student taking art and “H” ...
  25. Social Studies

    I have to do a project and I can't get motivated to start!! I want a good grade, but I don't know how to convince myself to get started!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Sometimes motivation just doesn't come. You can't wait until you feel like doing it. I urge you to start your project ...
  26. English

    Writeacher, I'll follow your advice. Can you check if everything is OK? 1) As I told you last Saturday, I asked my school's science teachers several times to prepare part D but they didn’t. 2) During the preliminary meeting they haven’t helped us at all establish the ...
  27. Q&A Check Please, geo 7th grade

    Toronto reflects more of the British culture rather than the French culture. TRUE? Which of the following Canadian region is best described as undeveloped because of its harsh climate and terrain? a. Northern Territories b. British Columbia c. Yukon d. Alberta D?? he province ...
  28. English

    Can you please check my sentences together with a few more points I need to include in my project work? 1) I really hope you had a good journey back home. All our teachers have been enthusiastic about your visit and your principal's words about the project! 2) They will never ...
  29. Quantum Physics

    Has anyone done Block 7-8 for TMA 6 for s103 - discovering Science, as i am struggling big time, any help would be much appreciated yes i am like you really phased by this how much of the tma have you managed to do Me, too what r u stuck on? I have been doing really well but ...
  30. socials gr.8!!

    what contributions has the arab society made to the canadian society?!? ANSWER IN COMPLETE SENTENCES PLEASE AND EXPLAIN!!!!
  31. international economy

    Hi. My name is Niels, and i come from Denmark. i go to business school, and i am doing a project right now about North Korea. it is includes the two subjects: society, and international economy. the exact thing i am writing about is: North Koreas economy, the people in North ...
  32. Algebra 2 Honor

    On one day the value of $1.00 U.S. was equivalent to 0.77 euro. On the same day $1.00 U.S. was equivalent to $1.24 Canadian. Write the function to represent the value of Canadian dollars euros. What is the value of the function for an input of 5 rounded to nearest cent, and ...
  33. Sports and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome

    OK. I am trying to work on a project and I need help with one or two things. 1. I have come up with an idea, but can't seem to get it to fit in the fields of sports or society in the ancient world. I wanted to do a web page on Actaeon and Artemis, but I can't seem to place it ...
  34. project mgmt

    A project has an expected duration of 34 weeks with a critical path variance of 6. Suppose the project network is given and the critical path is identified on the network. Suppose the normal time, crash time, and the associated cost for each activity is given. You have been ...
  35. Ethics

    I need help in understanding what the viewpoint would be of a virtue ethicist in deciding who should receive a liver transplant. There are 5 candidates: Bob- is 40 years old unemployed, homeless with a severe drinking problem and a criminal record.He was the first to sign up ...
  36. Science

    Ok I am kinda stuck on this problem. So the question is; A measure of the average kinetic energy in an object is______________; so I really need an answer. The passage is about the solar system. Please help anything right now, even a word! Lol. Ok thank you if u answer!
  37. Statistics

    For the past week I have been trying to find Canadian statistics for the drug Clomid. I can't find anything, and I really need some sort of statistical data, either just numbers or a graph...can anyone find this and tell me where it is? Sincerely, Katey Voe
  38. Virtue Ethics-College Level

    I need help in understanding what the viewpoint would be of a virtue ethicist in deciding who should receive a liver transplant. There are 5 candidates: Bob- is 40 years old unemployed, homeless with a severe drinking problem and a criminal record.He was the first to sign up ...
  39. English

    Here is the second part of the email. 1) We plan to involve a group of 18/20 students in year 11 who are high-achievers and are willing to devote sufficient time and energy to the project. 2) By the way, is the French school or your school acting as a coordinator of the ...
  40. pleaseee im begging you

    connections 7th graders unit 7 lesson 11 7th grade math help hello my grandmother is in the hospital suffering from leukemia and my mom is really out of it right now and my dad works a lot so the house is a mess right now my mom gets better for a moment when she sees I got ...
  41. Health

    I left out this part. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) Have you received any news about our common project? How are things getting on in England? When do school holidays start in England? 2) When do you think we will know if the Commission has approved our project? Please ...
  42. English

    How do you prove that a view of society in a book is more interesting than another book using a narratology element? How do these connect through characters? If the character personifies this view of society how does this make the book interesting?
  43. World history; Check:P

    Check please and help with #5. I have an answer but believe I'm wrong. 1.How did environmental features in Anatolia help the Hittites advance technologically? The Hattians were indigenous people who lived in Central Anatolia. As they lived in the prehistoric age before writing...
  44. reading

    what reasons might Henry V have had for calling all the soliders, both noble and common, his brother in St. Crispian's day i think because they all worked together in the war. when they have worked and defeated the enemy together they are common, noble hard workers, and ...
  45. English

    This is the second part of the letter I need to prepare. I really need your help to improve the word choice. Thank you very much in advance. 1) This two-year project will be mainly about a comparative study on biodiversity in water and other waterways in our local areas and ...
  46. MS SUE PLEASE HELP socials

  47. english

    i have to right a paper about music and identity, you just pick a song and tell a story it can be about anything im just really cant think of anything im into country music btw
  48. English

    Writeacher, thank you very much! Here is the part on the integration into ongoing activities. I wrote a number of ideas. I hope you can join them into a cohesive paragraph!! 1) High school... Pupils taken from a tenth class (or from different tenth classes) will be involved in...
  49. English

    Here is the second part of the project I urgently need to prepare on biodiversity. Please, I don't know what else to include. What impact do you expect partnership activities to have on persons and on the participating institutions? 1) The project will develop intercultural, ...
  50. chemistry

    state noble gas whose electron configuration is attained in a lewis structure for hydrogen cyanide and noble gas attained in lewis structure for cyanogen? I have answered this several times but at times it really wasn't an answer. I am not familiar with discussing MOLECULES ...
  51. English

    Yes, you are right. It's 2 pm here right now. Writeacher, I just wanted to know your personal opinion about this sentence: "By executing the whole cycle of project management in English and the two other partner languages, the pupils will have a fairly better qualification to ...
  52. History

    Hi ! Can someone give me some really really really good websites about the "Manhattan Project" (WWI/WWII).. you know.. I need ONE primary resource and ONE secondary resource. I know you guys are really good at giving good websites. I cannot use wiki, or anything bogous and ...
  53. PM

    J. Wold. project manager of the Print Software, Inc., wants you to prepare a project network; compute the early, late, and slack activity times; determine the planned project duration; and identify the critical path. His assistant has collected the following information for ...
  54. Math

    Hi, I really need help on this question, I'm stuck. Lake View Middle School is having elections for Class President. Shawn has received a certain amount of votes. April has 6 more votes than Shawn, and David has 6 times as many votes as April. Michael received 1/2 the amount ...
  55. Canadian Law

    1)How has battered-woman syndrome been used in criminal court cases in recent years? 2)Compare the Lavallee and Malott cases. How are they similar and how are they different? 3)Why do you think many abused woman drop the charges against their abusive partners? 4)Men are also ...
  56. socials

    canadian charter of rights and freedoms(misc.) right that say canadian ppl are allowed to move to any location of Canada? ( mobility?) # of official languages in canadian constitution agreeing with charter (that be french and english ?) this can dominate rights in charter by ...
  57. Tissue box project help?

    So, I have to design a tissue box. ( I already bought one) and, It has to be anything related to english, as in ( parts of speech, words, ) anything. anything related to language arts. and I need some ideas? Could somebody help me? Thank you. -Allyson
  58. History

    In a story I am writing for a project in school, the main character is a lady-in-waiting who serves Catherine de Medici. Since a lady-in-waiting is noble, what would be an appropriate job for her other family members, such as her mother, father, and younger sister? Thank you! :-)

    What did Kamloops resident Wendy Gardner do with Team Subaru in Fiji? Name the Canadian architect who designed the Experience Music Project in Seattle. Obtain an image of the building. What Canadian with the first name Daniel is a frequent producer of U2 albums? Find a website...
  60. English

    Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) My list included 27 students, including an older student from class IV F who would like to be involved in a science project to be carried out in English. 2) As you can see 17 of your students sent email ...
  61. Summer School Calculus

    I don't know how to answer this: A vector can be used to represent the path of a drill tip used to bore a deep mine shaft in Sudbury one quarter of the way to the centre of the Earth. Represent the vector using a directed line segment and Cartesian co-ordinates and describe ...
  62. Grade 10 Math

    I've missed quite alot of school because I was sick and when I get back I have a test right away. The only problem is I have a worksheet and no answers, I really would appreciate help! I can't tell if I'm in the right direction or not for this test! Thank you!! 1. 3(x-5)-2(3x+...
  63. English

    Thank you very much for suggesting me such useful sites! I still have a few more sentences to prepare for tomorrow. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. (just say "yes" if it is possible) 1 ) Another feature of the epic poem is that it contains formulas (can you say...
  64. Math

    On a design plan for a landscaping project, a straight path runs from A(11, 29) to B(53, 9). A lamp is going to be placed halfway along the path. Determine the coordinates of the lamps location. Determine the length of the path. I got 46.5 for the answer is that correct
  65. society, please help

    I have to write an essay over society's biggest problem. It says: " In our society we face a number of problems, such as crime, poverty, and pollution. What do you think is the biggest problem we face in our society today, and why is it a serious issue?Write an essay ...
  66. English

    I don't know exactly how to express these concepts. I urgently need to express them in English. Please, help me! 1) Tomorrow I will tell both our French and German partners that your school is going to cooperate with us on the project. 2) We have agreed on a common theme ...
  67. Language Arts Help!!

    10 MS. SMITH: {glossing over his misbehavior and adopting a serious tone as she hands Jason a piece of paper} Yes, ok. So, tell me your plan for the project. Have you consulted this project list yet? You really need to quit putting this off. You're the only one without ...
  68. English

    I forgot to add these few more things. They are really urgent. Thank you. 1) I told my collegues about the possibility of carrying out a Comenius project on how to write the screenplay and shoot (make) a film. 2) As a matter of fact, they would rather be involved in a project ...
  69. chemistry

    Which of the statements correctly describes the reactivity of noble gases, according to the octet rule? They have eight electrons in their valence shell, so noble gases are very unreactive. They have eight electrons in their valence shell, so noble gases are very reactive. ...

    A rectangular field is 1.5 km long and 700 m wide. An asphalt road goes around the outside of the field and a dirt path cuts across the field. A student wants to go from A to B on the field. Path x goes along the road and is shown in red; path y is shown in blue. Which path ...
  71. 6th Grade Math Help Please

    Hi, I need help because I'm really stuck on this math word. Can someone please define what rational coordinates means what? I really need help fast because this project is due today! Thank You :)
  72. Physics urgent help needed

    The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 2.5 105 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 1.0 10-3 m3. Determine the work done (including algebraic sign) in each segment of the path. a. A to b...
  73. AP Chemistry

    okay, so i'm working on a specific heat lab right now. I have one question that I am really stuck on... Here it is: Why should the metal be dry before dropping it into the calorimeter? ... is it because it affects the heat of the cube or it affects the mass of water? ... i'm ...
  74. AP Chemistry

    okay, so i'm working on a specific heat lab right now. I have one question that I am really stuck on... Here it is: Why should the metal be dry before dropping it into the calorimeter? ... is it because it affects the heat of the cube or it affects the mass of water? ... i'm ...
  75. 10th grade

    Im 16 years old im not actually really doing well in school. I cut way too many classes till this point have 5 overall credits. My guidance consuler told me that i have to take another year and this upcoming summer school i can't go cause i have way to many cuts. I really want...
  76. 10th grade

    Im 16 years old im not actually really doing well in school. I cut way too many classes till this point have 5 overall credits. My guidance consuler told me that i have to take another year and this upcoming summer school i can't go cause i have way to many cuts. I really want...
  77. English

    Writeacher, I left out an email I need to write to a school's principal. I really need to "persuade" him to start a school exchange programme. I wonder if you could help me check it. I didn't include tje presentation of the school because you have already checked it. Our ...
  78. English

    I urgently need you to help me express the following concepts. Thank you. 1) Thank you for your last email.I really hope our French partner will agree to use English as the lingua franca for our common project. 2) Since the project will last two years, I believe we should ...
  79. Socials-Ms. Sue

    I tried to make it better Ms. Sue, please tell me if I have missed anything,thanks. I am feeling really weak. I can neither walk nor crouch in this condition. I’m stuck in a chimney and will be forever. My arms and legs are badly burned. I am partly bruised and scraped ...
  80. History - School Project

    Can someone please help me think of some ideas for an invention project? We just learned about some famous inventors in history and we have to now come up with our own invention. This can be something totally new, or it can be an improvement on a previous idea (but must have 3...
  81. English

    I realized I sent you the wrong sentences. Can you please have a look at them? 1) Our history teacher has included a new email address to be used only by the students participating in the project:...... All the post your 17 students have sent so far has been transferred to the...
  82. Math. Proportions

    Can u check these. ? What percent of 230 is 23? I got : 28.75% is this. Right? 80% of what number is 15? I got : 18.75% is that right? Word problem A school holds classes from 8a to 2p For what percent of a 24hr day does this School hold class? I got 25% BasedEd on the census ...
  83. English

    Three very last questions for you. Thank you very much. (I made a few changes) 1) Outline the main values on which Victorian society was based. Then explain briefly the role of women and the Victorian view of the family. 2) Focus on the kind of technique adopted by 20th ...
  84. physics

    The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 4.50 X 10^5 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 3.00 X10^-3 m3. Determine the work done (including algebraic sign) in each segment of the path. (a...
  85. English Grade 11

    "The Unknown Citizen" by W. H. Auden Write a statement of Auden's view of society with three quotations to support it. Then write another statement on his view of society with three examples to support that. Any help would be great, please and thank you!
  86. HIstory

    We have to do a project where we have to write the diary for a fictional person. I chose to do a canadian western farmer. I was wondering if anyone know a site where they have the kind of words or language that western farmers in canada would use in the 1900s
  87. Social Studies

    1. Identify and explain three examples of individualist principles in contemporary society. For this, I wrote about Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the Individual rights and freedom principle. I can't think of two more examples, relating to rule of law, private ...
  88. AED 201

    Many U.S. citizens believe that parents and students must have the right to school choice. Others, however, believe school choice creates greater stratification and segregation among public schools. For example, some argue strong schools have better equipped students and ...
  89. Social Studies PLEASE HELP!

    How does the US regulate the gathering/use of wood? I am working on a school project, I am supposed to research, I looked everywhere in my textbook and online and couldn't find anything. Can anyone help me?
  90. ethics

    o According to research and news reports within the past 2 years, what are some of the changes the United States has made to policies concerning the treatment of Muslim and Arabic members of society? CAN SOMEONE POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO START MY SEARCH FOR ...
  91. Project Management

    I need a Gantt Chet and a Critical Path Method chart for any project.
  92. Language Arts

    In The Importance of Being Earnest, Jack and Algernon clearly have a preoccupation with food. Discuss how food serves as a symbol for obedience to impulse and the pursuit of pleasure. How does this symbol help Oscar Wilde to comment on and satirize society? Any clues? I'm ...
  93. Canadian history

    1)Canadians have been called “hewers of wood and drawers of water.” What does this phrase mean when applied to the Canadian economy? How valid is the comment for today’s Canadian industries? (Section 1-3) 2)In the last 5 years Canada's currency has risen from $.63 US to...
  94. Canadian

    What is the history of french school in alberta? what is the canadian charte of rights? Why are there French schools in ALberta?
  95. Math

    Parkview Middle School has 3 boys to every 4 girls. Cypress Elementary School has 3 boys to every 7 total students. Both schools have 567 students. Which of the following statements is true. a. Parkview has more boys than Cypress. b. Cypress and Parkview have the same amount ...
  96. lighthouses

    Hi my son has to do a lighthouse for a school project and it has to really light, I'm not really sure how to go about this project or what materials he will need. Can anyone offer any help Believe it or not here is a site on how to build a model lighthouse...simple ...
  97. Science space

    I am doing a project on the planet uranus and I need a map showiong the path to my planet that i have chosen. The picture of the path must include asteroids, comets or other interesting objects. I am having so much trouble looking for such a picture. I have tried looking on ...
  98. speech

    So Im going to be doing an informative speech on dog-human communication. The visual aid I can use is a powerpoint. I really need help kind of outlining/ deciding what to talk about. I got a couple of books and have some research on it and there seems to be a whole lot of ...
  99. Social Studies

    What form of government does Ireland have? Is it stable? Do they have any allies? I've been surfing the web for a really long time now, searching for the answers to these questions. I'm really stuck...

    [Consider] that educational goals and standards reflect the goals and standards of the society in which schools exist [Provide] examples of the similar as well as the differing roles that home, society, and school play in today’s educational system [Determine] how—as an ...
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