1. Physical Education

    Explain the difference between muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Dyanamics

    Explain loss of kinetic energy due to oblique impact...
  3. algebra

    Can someone help me explain how factoring is used to solve quadratic equations? I can't find an explaination anywhere.
  4. maths

    Find the sum to n terms in the following series. 2.3.4 + 3.4.5 + ......... Please explain me in detail, thanQ!!
  5. HELP!

    Name and explain 3 problems of the Articles of Confederation. What is this question mean? and someone please give me some good site.
  6. HIS 135

    Explain how Johnson’s “Great Society” was similar and/or different from Kennedy’s vision.
  7. math B-logarithms

    im having a quiz on this tom and i don't understand it at all! Can sum1 explain it to me?
  8. Math

    Explain how you could write 35% as the sum of two benchmark prevents or as a multiple of a percent.
  9. Math

    Umm, guys, hi. Lauren says that -3.36 (36 is repeating) is greater than -3 1/3. Do you agree? Explain
  10. algebra 2

    log x= 2.4 i have tried but i just cant get it i missed class that day and my teacher wont explain.
  11. che 130

    explain what happen to the color of FeCl^-4 if we add Ag, thnx
  12. che 130

    explain what happen to the color of FeSCN^2 if we add Ag, thnx
  13. Math

    Simplify the expression. Write your answer using only positive exponents. Explain as well. 1. (8x)^3*8^-4 2. 2x^-5*y^-3 3. (4x^4y^-3)^-2 4. 1/(3x)^-2
  14. physical science

    Explain how the snowboarder can have both kinetic and potential energy at point B.
  15. Chemistry

    Find the limiting reagent. 2 NH4 (g) + 4 CuO (s) ==> N2(g) + 4 Cu(s) + 4H2O (g) Please explain, thank you!
  16. physics

    explain the input energy and out put energies of two kitchen machines
  17. Life.science

    In the moss, the sporophyte is sometimes referred to as a 'semi-parasite'. Explain why this is so.
  18. Science

    State and explain five causes of disability in children during the post natal period.
  19. cjemistry

    how many buffer solutions can be made using NaOH and H3PO4.Explain pls....
  20. math

    Explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten.
  21. US history

    explain The British mercantile system and its purpose and significant consequences
  22. History

    Explain any three aspects highlighted by Charles Dickens in his novel 'hard times'.
  23. Chemistry

    Please explain the acitivty series of metals. How can i determine if one element displaces another?
  24. pre-cal

    can anyone please explain to me how to simplify this exponential expression??I got no idea...THANKS A LOT! [(-8x^6)/(y^-6)]^2/3
  25. Physics

    explain the input energy and out put energies of two kitchen machines
  26. economics

    explain how a us citizen whose income is in the top one percent would talk about scarcity
  27. Math

    Quadrilateral ABCD has vertices at A(6,3), B(3,9), C(6,6) and D(12,3).It is reflected across the y axis. What are the new coordinates. Explain
  28. Socials

    Can someone please explain why a transformation system can help or hinder industrialization? I am having trouble on this, thanks in advance
  29. Chemistry

    Find the limiting reagent. 2 NH4 (g) + 4 CuO (s) ==> N2(g) + 4 Cu(s) + 4H2O (g) Please explain, thank you!
  30. Pre-Calculus

    How is -16/(4x+6)^5 and -1/(2(2x+3)^5) equivalent? I think -1/2(2x+3)^5 is the more simplified version of the two, but I just can't figure out how -16/(4x+6)^5 simplifies to -1/(2(2x+3)^5). please explain

    why does the water in a swimming pool look more shallow from the outside than when you step in? Explain this phenomenon
  32. Algebra

    I do not understand multioplying binomials + factoring (x+9) (x-9) can you show and explain the steps
  33. Trigonometry

    Can someone please help me explain in words how to what each piece of the equation modifies the whole thing in this: f(x)=-3csc(2x)+1
  34. Government

    Explain the primary/caucus system for nominating presidential candidates
  35. World History

    Explain the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
  36. Math

    Explain how the areas of a triangle and a parallelogram with the same base and height are related.
  37. Geography

    explain way in which urban landscapes can modify city climates. please could someone help me with this question? thanks
  38. Baking

    Explain how a pan's surface affects the outcome of the baked product?
  39. chemistry

    explain how you would develop a scheme to separate and identify ag, pb, fe,and al in a solution that might contain all four as ions
  40. math

    y=-7/10x-10/7 find the slope and y-intercept can someone please hlp, and explain how you came up with the answer
  41. Math Help Please

    Would someone please be kind enough to explain steps for this one. Thank you. If m and n are positive integers and m is 250% of n, what percent of m is 2n?
  42. Science

    Explain if quadruplets-four babies born at one birth are always identical or always fraternal, or if they can be either.
  43. Math

    write the following equation in slope intercept form 3x+4y=12 Could someone explain how to do this problem?
  44. algebra

    determine the equation of the line through the points (8,2) and (-4,-1) Please explain and show work
  45. language arts

    what it the complete ssubject in this sentence... Can you explain last night's homework to me?
  46. Culinary Arts

    Explain the procedure for portioning muffins and preparing them for baking?
  47. calculus

    the equation cosx=x has a solution in what interval?...the answer is given as [0,pi/2] can someone please explain why?? thnks
  48. life orientation

    identify 3 human right violation an explain in an introductory paragraph
  49. math

    Use structure What property of addition is shown in the following number sentence. Explain
  50. Buisness Ethics

    Identify and explain a situation where you have seen Machiavelli's framework at work
  51. social studies

    explain how home,community,school all work together for children?
  52. life sciences

    In the moss the sporophyte is sometimes referred as a smi-parasite , explain why
  53. Algebra

    4x^2 - 13x + 3 How do you break this into groups? So far I'm having trouble with this type of concept. Please explain it, thanks!
  54. Algebra

    Using complete sentences, explain how to graph y = x - 2 using the slope-intercept method.
  55. Chemistry

    Explain why ethanol is not soluble in cyclohexane. Also, how do you figure out whether something is polar or nonpolar?
  56. Solving Two Step Equations

    -2p - 4 = 2 What is p? I don't get how to solve this but if anyone could explain, it would make my day♡ Thank you!
  57. math

    Can somebody explain to how to solve this problem. -3 divided by 6 show in a reduced form)
  58. education MA

    What two major concerns do you have about being a reflective decision maker? what does tis mean? need explain
  59. Math

    Can you please explain this to me. The problem is 7/16 - 3/20 First I have to find the common denominator which would be 80 How does the 7/16 become 35/80 (where does the 35 come from) How does the 3/20 become a 12/80 (Where does the 12 come from) 35/80 minus 12/80 answer 23/80
  60. Physics

    If you are viewing a hologram and you close one eye, will you still perceive depth? Explain.
  61. math

    explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten
  62. human resources

    Identify and explain a situation where you have seen Machiavelli's framework at work
  63. Buisness Ethics

    In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain
  64. Buisness Ethics

    In all of the accounting scandals of the past decade, where were the auditors? Explain
  65. Math

    Input, 0,1,2,3 output: 5,7,15,44 What is the Domain and What is the Range? How would I figure this out? Can anyone explain on how they found them?
  66. Helathcare Marketing

    2. Explain the vertical integration options and directions for the following providers:
  67. math

    Explain why and when we would need to use LCM and GCD? Share, describe and summarize 4 examples of both.
  68. Math

    Explain why the perimeter:Area ratio value can be used to understand cost effectiveness

  70. biology

    Can someone explain at what point during cellular respiration glucose is completely oxidized? Thanks.
  71. Health and Nutrition

    Explain the role of amino acids in building protein.
  72. Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai)

    Is the linear equation 3x - 2 = y in standard form? Explain.
  73. science

    Where in nature could you find a source of the same energy as that provided by batteries? explain
  74. science help!!!

    Explain how your respiratory system could help guard your body against pathogens that are in the air.
  75. math

    Please help me...this problem... Draw and explain an angle of elevation of a window is 40 degrees.
  76. Zion Chapel

    explain how to find 40x50 usine mental math?
  77. Calculus

    How would I go about finding the limit of this sequence: (e^(2n)+6n)^(1/n) Please explain the steps, it'd be super helpful! Thanks!
  78. environmental science

    Explain the significance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in an ecosystem?
  79. Math (just need some help)

    Solve the system using an augmented matrix. -x-3y=-17 2x-6y=-26 Can someone please explain what I am supposed to do in this problem?
  80. Bio

    If two different people use the same dichotomous key to identify the same organism, should they have different results? Explain why or why not.
  81. Chemistry

    You mix HCl with Na2CO3; the result is not exactly a precipitation, but it is related. Explain.
  82. Logarithms

    Express y as a function of x. What is the domain? Explain your answer. log4y = x + log4
  83. chemistry

    For each of the following explain how you would prepare 1.0 L of a solution that is 0.10 M in K+. Repeat for concentrations of 1.0 × 102 ppm K+ and 1.0% w/v K+.
  84. Science

    Use the terms atom and element to explain what makes silver and gold different
  85. Sheridan Road stem

    Write 16/40 in simplest form explain your work???
  86. science

    can a solution be made by mixing a solid, liquid, and a gas? explain.
  87. science

    Explain what is meant by source to sink flow in phloem transport.
  88. Math

    Can you explain why the scatter plot shows a negative Z value when the Histogram starts at zero.
  89. social studies

    explain briefly factors which lead to enclosures in england
  90. science

    must all tpopgraphic maps have a contour line that represents 0m of elevation explain
  91. Biology

    How is male circumstation reduces the risk of HIV? Explain briefly
  92. values and ethics

    is anyone can help me to get an explainationthe question below. please help me for my homework. 1. Explain the standards in choosing a value.
  93. geography-please help!!

    Identify and explain two responsibilities that you think governments have with respect to population growth.
  94. IGCSE chemistry

    ice on a windscreen would dissapear as you drive along even without the heater on.Explain why this happens
  95. life orientation

    Explain clearly,the similarities and differences between funza lushaka and nsfas (8)
  96. world culture

    Explain how so many languages spoken in south asia are related? PLEASE HELP
  97. Biology

    Explain what is meant by source to sink flow in phloem transport.
  98. Algebra 1 (Reiny or Kuai)

    Is the linear equation 3x - 2 = y in standard form? Explain.
  99. Information Technology

    Explain the following: 1)Video Graphic Card 2)Output of Sound
  100. Grammar

    How do I explain the verbs: (Have, Do, and Be) in the Past and Present form to a 3rd grader?
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