1. Statistics

    Can you show me how to figure out a sample size of N=60? What would the equation look like and how would I explain it to a class?
  2. Entrepreneurial

    explain why a lazy demotivated person would not be a suitable candidate to become an entrepreneur?
  3. Chemistry

    5. A student has the following data: V1 = 822 mL, T1 = 75°C and T2 = -25°C. He calculates V2 and gets -274 mL is this value correct? Explain why or why not.
  4. biology

    Which macromolecules were present in your saliva and food choices? Explain why you think you got the results you did.
  5. Chemistry

    How do halogens (Cl2, Br2, I2) react with halides (Cl-, Br-, I-)? Can we explain this reactivity?
  6. 4th grade math

    Is 1,725+346 more or less than 2,000? Explain how you can tell without actually adding.
  7. Pre cal 11

    What the r the factors of this expression. 4(5b-3)^2+10(5b-3)-6. plz explain all steps to this answer and thanks :)
  8. Grade 8 math

    What is the greatest possible product of any two numbers in this list? Explain your answer. -3,-7,-15,6
  9. social studies

    Does apartheid still exist in some ways in South Africa? Explain.
  10. Pre CALCULUS

    How many real solutions does the equation x+5=x have? Please explain your answer to the best of your abilities thanks :)
  11. Crump Elmentary

    When you put together unequal groups, you can only add."is he correct?explain
  12. us history

    Explain the pragmatic, political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy.

    How many real solutions does the equation ãx+5=x have? Please explain your answer to the best of your abilities thanks :)
  14. Advanced functions

    if a car is moving at some speed and then goes twice as far, would the braking distance be twice as far? yes or no? explain
  15. chemistry

    explain briefly why CuSo4 is more soluble in water than in organic solvent
  16. Chemistry

    Explain the effect each of the following has on the rate of a reaction. reactivity of reactants inhibitors
  17. Math 11u

    There are two values for "a" and "b", if any, that would make (-4)^a(divided by)b Undifined? Explain reasoning.
  18. World History

    Do you support the colonization of the Philippines by the United States? Explain.
  19. speech

    Describe a scenario in which one would expect an opposed audience. Explain context
  20. World History

    Do you support the colonization of the Philippines by the United States? Explain.
  21. ALgebra 2

    Okay Im super confused about how to do this Give three points that lie on the line 3x + 2y = 6 can some one please explain it to me? thank you
  22. social help

    can anyone explain me this question. i don't understand it C/C Rome and Greece it is saying to differenciate?
  23. c++

    The first character of a(n)__ must be a letter or an undeerscore(_). a.class b.identifier c.module d.program please explain
  24. chemistry

    Explain why Na2CO3 (stop solution) inhibits -galactosidase activity.
  25. math

    plz explain how to figure out decimals and round off numbers. what is the formula?
  26. Science

    Explain how an increase in agricultural activity might affect a local fishery.
  27. Algebra II

    Hi, can someone please explain how to graph piece wise functions to me? I am extremely confused. Ex.: -x+3, if x<2
  28. Geometry

    Is a triangle with vertices G(3,2), H(8,5) and K(0,10) a right angle. explain plss, pls. very imp.
  29. History

    Do You Think It Was Right Or Wrong For The United States To Declare War On Spain ? Explain.
  30. history/chem

    can someone briefly explain what did aristotle and what did plato contribute to chemistry?
  31. Science

    Real population change much slowly than these toothpick fish. Explain why?
  32. Algerbra Fixed

    A teacher did this problem with us in class but I dontn get it please explain. 2xy + 6 ------- 3y + 4x
  33. asomaning

    Aluminum has specific heat capacity of 900j/kg explain this statement?
  34. Math

    Explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten.
  35. physics

    Explain how the pitch of the roaring sound relates to the length of the tube.
  36. Chemistry

    What happens to the current flow with time in an electrolytic cell ? explain. thank for helping~
  37. Science

    Use the terms atom and element to explain what makes silver and gold different
  38. history

    If you were forced to live far away from your homeland, how would you react to your situation? Explain your reaction.
  39. History

    The core periphery model is not limited to a global scale Explain What does that mean
  40. english

    these are idioms i need to know what they are explain 1.Burning the candle on both ends. 2.by the skin of your teeth
  41. math

    Could you please explain why, when increasing something, you put a 1 in front of it? For example, if something is increased by 5%, why do you multiply by 1.05? What exactly does that 1 mean or represent? Thank you.
  42. math

    1/2|6y-9| +5 is < or = 2 i solved it and got two fractions but the answer is 0 can anyone explain? btw this is absolute value inequality.
  43. algebra help

    Please help me with this and if you can explain please, okay so i have x-y=0 and x-2y=6 i have to solve by using substitution, at first i though i can replace x-2y=6 with x but then i notice that i can't can i put one of the equations into y=? Please help me with this thank you
  44. Life.science

    In the moss, the sporophyte is sometimes referred to as a 'semi-parasite'. Explain why this is so.
  45. math

    If #(w,x,y,z)means you square the product of all the terms, for all positive value of w,x,y, and z and #(1,2,3,z)=144, then z = ? please explain how to do that
  46. Algebra II

    Can somebody explain to me on how I can do this problem? Find all real solutions to this equation. x^2+x+ radical x^2+x-2=0.
  47. Geometry

    how do you solve for endpinnts??? My teacher dosn't explain it good and I doon't get it. Help Please!
  48. Science

    Explain the difference between conduction and convection heat transfer,and give an example of each.

  50. Chemistry

    Explain why ethanol is not soluble in cyclohexane. Also, how do you figure out whether something is polar or nonpolar?
  51. Physical Education

    Explain the difference between muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
  52. science

    must all tpopgraphic maps have a contour line that represents 0m of elevation explain
  53. Natural science

    What happens to the level of the salt solution in the distilling flask ? Explain why this happens
  54. Algebra

    We were asked to determine whether the equation defines y as a function of x. Could you explain this problem? y = x^2
  55. history

    explain any 3 aspects highlighted by charles dickens in novel "hard times"
  56. Algebra

    Explicitly explain how to tell an answer is correct when solvingi systems of equations. -thanks so much!
  57. math

    juan says,"When you put together unequal groups, you can only add." is he correct? Explain
  58. Macro Economics

    Explain carefully the meaning and importance of the term “productivity”
  59. life orientation

    identify 3 human right violation an explain in an introductory paragraph
  60. Science - neurons

    Can someone please explain what a synaptic potential is? Is it whether or not the synapse would be excitatory or inhibitory? Thanks
  61. STAT

    Explain what each of the three most widely used measures of central tendency indicate to a psychological researcher.
  62. MATH

    Series converges? or diverges? Which test? explain? (n^10) * (3^n) ------------(fraction) (4^n) from n=1 to infinity
  63. algebra

    how would you explain how to do Inequalities? With negative numbers, and how to add and subtract ex: a+7<10+? how would that be solved .
  64. Physics

    Explain how the photoelectric effect is used to open automatic dooes when someone approaches.
  65. physical science

    Explain how the snowboarder can have both kinetic and potential energy at point B.
  66. college math

    Explain permutations and combinations and the differences between the two. Use examples to illustrate.
  67. Science

    Use the terms atom and element to explain what makes silver and gold different.
  68. Math

    True or False square root of 41 is a rational number. Explain
  69. Chemistry

    how does one go about finding the Tf of this equation 100Hf+100cw(Tf-0) + 300w(Tf-25) =0 and can you also explain what cw and Hf mean? i have no idea.
  70. Geometry

    Does SSSS postulate work as a congruence theorem for quadrilaterals? Explain.
  71. Math

    Explain how u can write 35% as a sum of 2 benchmarks percents or as multiple of a percent? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  72. French

    Can someone please explain when to use depuis, ca fait, and il y a? I know they're time expressions but I'm so confused about when to put what. Thanks!
  73. science- need help quickly!

    reflections are used in many places. explain how it works and where it is used in a kaleidoscope. pls help thanks =]
  74. science help!!!

    Explain how your respiratory system could help guard your body against pathogens that are in the air.
  75. 9th garde math

    Write an equation for the line with points (4,5) and (6,9). Please explain.
  76. math

    explain how you would use a number line to round 148 to the nearest ten
  77. algebra

    a student writes 5y.3 to model the relationship the sum of 5y and 3.explain the error
  78. Health

    explain how heredity and lifestyle can both influence the onset of genetic disease.
  79. year 7 music

    explain ternary form what have played/sound in this structure thanks for your help!
  80. science

    explain why the surface tension of water is greater than that of methylated spirit?
  81. History

    Can someone explain how the term regime relates to LAPD SWAT because i am getting confused. Thank you :)
  82. Chemistry

    Determine which is larger member of each pair A) Mg2+ or Al3+ B) N3- or O2-? Explain
  83. math

  84. Dyanamics

    Explain loss of kinetic energy due to oblique impact...
  85. college

    Explain the logical distinction between valid and true and deduction and induction
  86. psy - Ms. Sue

    what are some of the ways that psychologists attempt to explain human behavior?
  87. Chemistry

    Desribe differences and similarities of monosaccharides (ie. explain different forms of isomerism)
  88. math

    Would you measure the length of a stapler in inches or in feet? Explain your answer
  89. Statistics

    Explain how the error term in a repeated measures ANOVA is actually an interaction
  90. Math

    Input, 0,1,2,3 output: 5,7,15,44 What is the Domain and What is the Range? How would I figure this out? Can anyone explain on how they found them?
  91. American Government

    Please explain what conditions cause new democracies to survive and thrive or to fail ?
  92. Into to Ethics in Policing

    I need to explain the ethcial frameworks used in the movie "A Time to Kill."
  93. Mathematics

    Does a trend line always pass through every point on a scatter box? Explain.
  94. Math

    Is it possible to have a circular cross section in the right rectangular prism shown? Explain.
  95. Science

    Explain 2 reasons why salad dressing is not a solution I think one is it separates after a while of sitting is that right and I can't think of another
  96. math

    What is the value of y if y=cos(Arc sin 1/2)? How can I solve this problem? Please help and explain! THANKS A LOT!
  97. philosophy

    explain necessary and sufficient conditions and how providing these is one approach to defining a term
  98. Math Domains

    I need help with finding out the domain of f(x)= sqrt(x(x-2)). I keep getting the wrong answer. Please help me out and explain.
  99. Maths

    Write 2x to the power of -2 without negative indices. How is the answer 2/x squared? Please explain
  100. science

    Can someone help me with this question please? explain how earth naturally recycles carbon dioxide.
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