Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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  1. Social Studies

    What are the four main natural resources in the united states? and what does silt do to help farmland?
  2. social studies

    What were the first four European countries involved in establishing colonies in the Americas?
  3. healthcare

    list and describe the four steps necessary to establish the proper ICD-9-CM code.
  4. Business

    How has the control mechanisms impacted the four functions of management in the Coca Cola Corporation?
  5. History

    Name four of the sumerian Gods. Enli Enki Innanna Utu Thanks Ms. Sue
  6. social studies

    I need a brief summury of the four staged of transformations learning cycle
  7. art history

    name four concepts or subjects on which renaissance artists based their works
  8. History

    I need four topics to compare and contrast Machiavelli's The Prince and Castiglione's The Courtier. Thanks.
  9. algebra

    Find the volume of a cube whose side measures four x to the seventh power.
  10. Computers

    How does a search engine work? List the four main parts of an e-mail header.
  11. Math

    I invested $45,6000 at 18% to be compounded semi-annually. What will be the value of my investment in four years?
  12. Geometry

    Four golf balls with radius 1 inch each have a total of how many cubic inches?
  13. Criminal Justice

    I need help in identifying four International conflicts and the role of the United Nations.
  14. Criminal Justice

    I need help in identifying four International conflicts and the role of the United Nations.
  15. math..

    Use only four 4's along with any mathematical operators to make a total of 2348.
  16. mathssss

    Use only four 4's along with any mathematical operators to make a total of 2348.
  17. math

    Which of the following can be the average(arithmetic mean ) of four consecutive positive even integers?
  18. math

    Which of the following can be the average(arithmetic mean ) of four consecutive positive even integers? a. 2 b.3 c. 4 d. 5 e. 6
  19. Math(module 4 Calculus)

    (graphing calclator)give a four decimal approximation for the number 10^4C(25,5)/7!P(30,4)
  20. Calculus 1

    Use definition to find the area of f(x)=5x-2x^3 on interval [6, -6]with four sample right side
  21. Economics

    Divide 825,000 by 40 million then round the answer to four (4) decimal places
  22. math

  23. Chemistry

    Calculate to four significant figures, the energy of a photon emitted when an electron falls from n=5 to n=4
  24. Geometry

    Is it always possible to find a circle that passes through four noncollinear points?
  25. math

    How do you turn four times the sum of five and a number into a variable expression?
  26. biology

    In rabbits, there are four different versions of the gene for coat color. What pattern of inheritance is this?
  27. algebra

    Find the number of ways the top four can finish in a race of nine people.
  28. math

    if only digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 may be used find number of possibilites four digit numbers
  29. math

    P: Solve each to four decimal places (x real and 0 in degrees) 5 cos x - 2 = 0, 0<orequalto x < 2pi
  30. business

    what are the most difficult aspects of simultaneously balancing the four perspectives in the balanced scorecard?
  31. Science

    if the wood in the bowl contains only 1/16 of its original C-14, then its age is four half-lives of C-14.
  32. art

    In what ways does Albrecht Dürer’s "Four Apostles" serve as an expression of the Protestant faith?
  33. algebra

    Can someone please help me solve (2f^2 g^3) ----------- 4 (3fg) posed to be a fraction bar with the four on the outside of the ()
  34. Math Word Problem

    four consecutive multiples of 13 add up to 286. what is the largest number?
  35. math

    Find the solution of the exponential equation 7+(5^5x)=25 correct to at least four decimal places.
  36. Linear Equations in Two Variables

    Find four solutions for each question and graph the equation. y=2x-3
  37. cal

    Use the differential to approximate the quantity to four decimal places. √(122)
  38. Help - MATH

    The perimeter of a square is four times the length of one side. What is the graph of this relationship?
  39. Chemistry

    What are four types of interactions between liquid molecules that affect the boiling point.
  40. carver

    Bruce needed two (cupful) of sugar to make punch for four (grandchild).
  41. Math

    Use the following four coordinates to determine which one has a distance of 10 units from point C (1, 2). (3, 4) (7, 1O) (6, 7) (8, 9)
  42. Maths

    Which of the following angle measures represent the measure of each of the four angles of a square 45,60,90,100
  43. geography

    Which of the following is not a way that the Four Modernizations program led to industrial development in China?
  44. algebra

    find the age of a babysitter who is four times as old as well as 12 yrs older than baby
  45. LO

    hi I'm new plz help i need I four factors that could threaten or limit the core function of the media
  46. life orientation

    List and discuss any four factors that could threatenorlimitthe core functions ofthemedia

    List and discuss any four factors that could limit the core functions of the media
  48. sikhethuxolo high school

    any four factors that could threaten or limit the core functions of the media
  49. algebra

    two more than four times a number whats the expression using x as the variable? thank you!
  50. programing in basic

    the computer will accept what statement, if four statements are entered with the same number?
  51. statistics

    if a die is tossed four times what is the probability of getting at least one six
  52. Stats please help

    if a die is tossed four times what is the probability of getting one six
  53. math

    What is the difference between the mean and median of the first four prime numbers that are more than 4?
  54. Science

    how do flowering plant that do mot have all four parts can make seeds?
  55. math

    four positive number are in a.p. If 5,6,9 and 15 are added respectively to these no.,we get a g.p. ,then common ratio of g.p. And commo difference of a.p. Is
  56. Arithmetic progression

    Divinde 24 into four parts which are in A.P. such that the sum of their squares is 164.
  57. algebra

    The segment joining p1(-4,-7)and p2(6,9)is divided in to four equal parts find the points of division
  58. Math

    The segment joining p1(-4,-7)and p2(6,9)is divided in to four equal parts find the points of division
  59. Geometry

    The segment joining p1(-4,-7)and p2(6,9)is divided in to four equal parts find the points of division
  60. Math: Geometry

    2. Name four line. Segments that have point B as an endpoint. A. AF, CH, AE, BE B. BA, BF, BC, BH 3. AF, CH, AE, BE 4. BA , BF, BC, BH Please help!
  61. Math

    Six neighbors share four pies equally how much of pie does each neighbor get
  62. sociology

    identify and describe the methods employed in four types of sociological research design
  63. Math

    The endpoints of four line segments are given below. Which segment has the greatest length? A(2,2) and B(2,-4) D(-3,-1) and E(2,-1) M(-1,4) and N(-1,-2) P(-5,-3) and Q(2,-3)
  64. Algebra

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n - 1) - 4? A.) -2, 2, 6, 10 B.) -3, 0, 3, 6 C.) -4, -2, 2, 8 D.) -5, -4, -2, 6 I don't get this question, can someone help please?

    Determine which of the four levels of measurement is most appropriate. Heights of survey respondents.
  66. Math

    At what rate of simple interest will a sum of money double itself in four years
  67. math

    Write an expression to represent: Four more than the product of one and a number xxx.
  68. math

    the sum to infinity of a gp is four times the first term. find the common ratio
  69. Math

    The measure of one angle is described as twelve more than four time a number .
  70. Economic

    1. Keogh and IRA plans allow people to do all of the following except A.save money each year for retirement. B.withdraw money from their accounts at the end of every year without penalty. C.establish their own pension plans. D.defer taxation of the interest they earn on their ...
  71. Economics

    Which of the following statements would come from someone classified as unemployed? A. I'm not working. I had three interviews this week, and I'm trying to find a job. B. I haven't had a job in a year, and I stopped looking for a job nine months ago. C. I'm not working because...
  72. Calculus Answer Check

    A particle moves along a line so that its position at any time t >= 0 is given by the function -t^3 + t^2 + 5t + 3, where p is measured in feet and t is measured in seconds. 1. Find the displacement during the first four seconds. My answer: 75 ft 2. Find the average ...
  73. English Grade 11

    "The Unknown Citizen" by W. H. Auden Write a statement of Auden's view of society with three quotations to support it. Then write another statement on his view of society with three examples to support that. Any help would be great, please and thank you!
  74. AIS

    2. DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS Sawicki Music Supply is a mail-order business that accepts merchandise orders by telephone and mail. All payments must be prepaid with a major credit card. Once an order is received, either the item is found in inventory and shipped immediately, the item ...
  75. English

    Is it self plagerism if I take the same argument or main idea from a paper that I wrote last semester and use that same principle/argument/main idea/thesis in another paper for the next semester if it's is completely rewritten with different words and stuff but is trying to ...
  76. english - Ms. Sue - Please revise

    o In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you: · Read? · Write? · Process information? o Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following: · Articles · Advertising · Media · Conversations Here is my answer: ...
  77. statistics

    please help me on this; In the mass production of bolts it is found that 5% are defective. Bolts are selected at random and put into packets of ten. A packet is selected at random. Find the probability that it contains: A. no defective bolts, B. three defective bolts, and C. ...
  78. Geography

    Need Help! 14. How has Italy's economy changed since 1950? a. Italy has withdrawn from the European Union b. Farming and tourism have become Italy's most important economic activities c. More people are working in manufacturing and service industries d. Small factories are ...
  79. psychology

    Exhibit a behaviour that you do every day that you think is influenced by heredity and environment. Describe how three of the seven modern perspectives/approaches of psychology would be used to explain your behavior. Make sure that your discussion is not too personal in nature...
  80. History

    Who were the English Monarchs during the War of the Roses? And the Hundred Years War? During the wars of the roses, was it just Edward IV, Edward V, and Richard III? My teacher said there were four or five of them. And for the hundred years war was it just Richard III, Henry ...
  81. Algebra 1--Three Word Problems (Reiny or Kuai)

    Can anyone thoroughly explain how to solve these problems as well as how to graph them? 1. Linda works at a pharmacy for $15 an hour. She also baby-sits for $10 an hour. Linda needs to earn at least $90 per week, but she does not want to work more than 20 hours per week. Show ...
  82. Bright Line Spectra

    Do different line sources emit different line spectra?
  83. chemistry

    three student chemists measured 50.0 mL of 1.00 M NaOH in separate Styrofoam "coffee cup" calorimeters ( Part B). Brett added 50.0 mL of 1.10 M HCI to his solution of NaOH; Dale added 45.5 mL of 1.10 m HCL 9 eqaul moles) to his NaOH solution. Lyndsay added 50.0 mL of 1.00 m ...
  84. physics

    If there are three forces acting on an object, one straight up, one up at an angle to the left (angle unknown) and one up at an angle to the right what direction is the combined force? Is it possible for the combined force of those three forces to be down?
  85. Ethnics

    I am a little confused on how to research the following: • Select 1 racial group from the list below: o African American o Asian American o Arab American o Hispanic American/Latino o White/Caucasian •Write a 250- to 350-word summary of the economic, social, and political ...
  86. world history

    How did the social structure develop in settled farming villages during the Neolithic Revolution? A)Women formed and supervised a council of elders. B)Men taught young children survival skills. C)Women gained prestige as warriors and leaders. D)Men began to dominate social, ...
  87. english

    This is the 1st paragraph to my essay: Social awkwardness Ever since I can remember people have always commented on my height, this made me very uncomfortable and awkward about it around my peers. I recall a time when my mother got into an argument with a woman at an Easter ...
  88. History8

    As southerners moved inland to the area that became known as the Deep South, how did their culture and economy become different from other southern states? a.They no longer existed as an agrarian society. b.Their economy became almost entirely dependent on cotton. c.They ...
  89. SS

    How have geographic conditions in South Asia most impacted economic activities. A.Lack of arable land has made farming impossible. B.Difficult terrain has led people to rely on forest resources. C. Inadequate rainfall has encouraged people to develop irrigation methods. D....
  90. history

    Discuss the issues facing African-Americans from the 1870s to the Great De pression. Be certain to discuss demographic factors (i.e. - where they lived, economic standards, life expectancy, access to education), and political and civil rights issues. Finally, identify the ...
  91. ancient history

    I had an exam last week and I couldn't answer this question: What was economic and social status of poets in Ancient Greece in different time periods (under aristocratic, tyrannic and democratic government). I was searching the internet and mostly studied from Whithmarsh book ...
  92. English History

    Ok so I need to explain in class tomorrow for my History of England Class in college Gregory King's "A Scheme of the Income and Expenses of the Several Families of England." Can anyone explain the significance of this and what all those numbers tell us about England in 1688?

    The graph shows the functions f(x), p(x), and g(x): Graph of function g of x is y is equal to 1 plus the quantity 1.5 raised to the power of x. The straight line f of x joins ordered pairs negative 5, 3 and negative 3, negative 1 and is extended on both sides. The straight ...

    Hi! I have some questions from a study guide in my physics class, and they give me the answer, but I have to show how to get the answer. I did most of them, but need help with these. Here is problem #4: What is the increase in thermal energy to a 2000 kg bus and its ...
  95. Health (Ms. Sue)

    Describe three problems that can occur when taking a medicine. A: Three problems that can occur when taking a medicine are allergic reactions, such as itching, swelling, wheezing or difficulty in breathing, a pounding heart, or fainting and unconsciousness; side effects, such ...
  96. math

    The batting averages of the first three batters in the Eureka College women’s softball team lineup are .310, .301, and .277. If the first three batters are considered as the “lead-off group”, what is the batting average of the group? A. .301 B. .296 C. There is ...
  97. World History

    Which of the following was the major reason Philip II and Louis XIV patronizing the arts? a. They desired to show their great power through the splendor of their royal courts.*** b. They sought to distract their subjects from continuing economic problems. c. They aimed to help...
  98. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    Jake has decided upon three business ventures to invest in. The total cost of investing in all three ventures will be $15,000. Investing in the first venture will cost $3,000 more than investing in both the second and the third venture. According to Jake’s research, his ...
  99. Math

    Ok so in class this is what our teacher had us do.... 1.Pick a number to represent the number of times you would like to have chocolate in a week (more than once, but less than 10 times). 2.Double this amount (just to be bold). 3.Add 5. 4.Multiply the result by 50. 5.If you ...
  100. algebra

    two records and three tapes cost $31.three records and two tapes cost $29.find the total cost of each record and each tape
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