Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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How many ODD three digit numbers is it possible to make using the numbers 4, 5 and 7 if you are allowed to use each of the numbers more than once in a particular three digit number?

programming in basic

1 If four statements are entered with the same statement number, the computer will accept the ______ statement with the duplicate statement number first second third fourth 2 ______ is a valid BASIC number? 567890100 200,000 $65 1.05E+09 3 Data provided using the ______ ...

social studies

do you think the U.S had legitimate reason to go to war with Mexico , explain your answer. If you explain YOUR answer, we'll be glad to help you with it.


Explain the Political and Social results of the reformation. Ms Sue could you please explain this question more clearly to me:-)


Could you please explain how you got the answer instead of just the answer to the question 1.45-7.3. Can you explain the steps to this because I don't quite get it. Thanks so much.


Can you please explain to me what are the qualifications for a function to be continuous? Please explain your response in easy to understand wording. thank you in advanced!


Explain the impact of the Balfour Declaration on the Middle East. Explain the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


Explain the impact of the Balfour Declaration on the Middle East. Explain the impact of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.


explain the progress of the reaction in terms of kinetic energy explain how various factor affect the rate of reaction


explain the progress of the reaction in terms of kinetic energy. explain how various factor affect the rate of reaction. any help thanks


I am confused about this question. Is it true or False? The Era of good feelings was a period of sustained economic prosperity, even though two political parties were bitterly divided. I think its false....

College History

HOw did the Scopes trial mirror treds in American society during the 1920s? How did government spending during World war two affect the economic development of the West and SOuth. Please help. Thanks

The United States Until 1877

Compare and Contrast the development of the New England, Middle, Chesapeake, and Southern Colonies. Discuss the economic, religious, and social development of each from first settlement by the British to 1750.

World History

One cause of the Peloponnesian War was a. invasion of Athens by the Persians. b. invasion of Crete by the Mycenaens. c. conflict over control of the Delian League. d. economic and commercial rivalries among the city-states. D?

Political Science

What are the factors that keep an ideology alive? How does an ideology survive through decades? Is it because of the people, economic structure of a state or simply that once an ideological concept has been developed that it cannot truly disappear?

Political Science

What are the factors that keep an ideology alive? How does an ideology survive through decades? Is it because of the people, economic structure of a state or simply that once an ideological concept has been developed that it cannot truly disappear?


The average Northerner lost interest in reconstruction once it became reasonably certain that the former slaves: a) had economic decurity b)were guaranteed the vote c) would not be re-enslaved d)were guaranteed social equality


what is the basis for the economic theory of mercantilism that drove the exploration and settlement of north america by Europeans? my answer is mercantilism is roosted in the idea that a nation's power stems from authority of absolute monarch. Is this right?

Grade 5 Math

Carlette named three movies and asked students which movies they had seen. How could she best display this data so you can tell how many students saw all three movies?


Speed reading is concerned with: A. how fast you read. B. the number of words read in a minute. C. reading rate as well as comprehension of what was read. D. recalling three main points in three minutes. is it C

la sallle

There are 3 consecutive even integers such that the quotient obtained by dividing twice the largest integer by the smallest integer is three less than three-fifths of the second integer. What are the integers?


I'm having a hard time writing a thesis statement on three points that surrounding characters' traits in Arthur Miller's, The Crucible. Can anyone help me with three points. I have read it in class and reviewed it, but I still don't comprehend. I would really appreciate it if ...

AP Geography

I need a comparison of Europe's economy versus Russia and the Near Abroad's. I've done like five other topics, writing two or three pages for each, can I just get some quick help? I need three or more idea's I can toss together in words. Websites are welcome.


Victore French mad a deposit of 5000 at the end of ech quarter to book bank, which pays 8% intrest compounded quarterly. After 3 years, Victor made no more depostis. What will be the banance in the account 2 years after the last deposit. I have not a clue on how to figure this...


the endpoints of AB are A(9,4) and B(5,-4) the endpoints of its image after a dilation are A1(6,3) and B1(3,-3) explain how to find the scale factor. Is there someone that can help me with this problem and explain foe me?

Can someone Explain this(math)

34, 36, 43, 46, 47, 48, 48, 52, 53, 54 Box And whisker Plot I Don't Understand these at all can someone Explain without totally giving me the answer?


Does the solar powered calculator work when there is no bright light falling on the solar panel? Explain. I think it does but I don't know why please help explain this. Thank you


Does weight + height affect force? Please explain!! I am doing this to explain for mg science essay! I will furthermore add on to the current info.


suppose February has 29 days. Explain how you can find how many days there are in the year without counting or adding. explain an example please....

Trigonometry- ??????

If vector a= (10,10) and vector b= (4,5) then ||a+b|| ≠ ||a|| + ||b||. Explain. I don't understand what this question is exactly asking, and I'm not sure how to answer it. Please explain. Thank you very much!!!


which three statements are true? a) if x= -10^4 then log 10 = -4 b)if x= 2^8 then log 2x = 8 c) log2 2= 4 d) if x= 3 then log10 3=x e) log 10 256-2log 10 a/log 10 b f)log 10 (a-b)= log 10 a/log 10 b g) the gradient of the graph of y= 2x^x at x= 2 is 2e^e h) the gradient of the...


can you please explain how you sketch a plane curve given by parametric equations? and explain what the orientation of a curve is?


Compare the graphs of the logarithmic functions f(x)= log(7)x and g(x) = log(4)x. For what values of x is f=g, f>g, and f<g? Explain how you know. I already know what x is for f=g and f>g, but what is f<g? And how do I explain all this?

Pre Calc

To determine the height of the Louisiana-Pacific (LP) Tower, the tallest building in Conroe, Texas, a surveyor stands at a point on the ground, level with the base of the LP building. She measures the point to be 320ft from the building's base and the angle of elevation to the...


Write the following as a number: forty three billion, eight hundred forty thousand, three hundred forty dollars. 43000840340 is right answer?


the sum of three numbers is 60. One number is ten more than a second number. It is also twice the third. Find the numbers. The three numbers are


there are three beaker of 20liter,13liter,7literand 20liter is full and u hav to divide 20liter in 10-10liter . then how u will do these ther r no other option without three beaker....


The second of three numbers is three times the first. The third is 5 more than the second. if the second is decreased by twice the third number, the result is five? x 3x 3x-2(3X)=5 x= 3/5 ?


While cleaning her dorm room, Monica mistakenly pushed three coins off the desk. When they land on the chair below, find the odds (a) in favor of getting exactly three heads (b) in favor of getting exactly three tails (c) against getting exactly two heads (d) against getting ...


An apple orchard charges a fixed amount for the first four bushels of apples purchased and an extra amount for each additional bushel purchased. If the cost of 11 bushels of apples is $33 and the cost of 19 bushels is $55, what is the fixed charge for the first four bushels of...


Please help me answer this question for my ecology class. Consider the following three populations. Population A has a type-1 survivorship curve, population B has a type-2 survivorship curve, and population C has a type-3 survivorship curve. All else being equal, which ...


1) Choose invertebrate to research. Explain how body plan and anatomy enables invertebrate to perform the essential functions it needs to survive. Explain how your chosen invertebrate fits into the cladogram of invertebrates. 2) Chordates (not a primate) Explain how body plan ...

Problem solving

I was watching the street, there were mopeds(2 wheels) bikes(2 wheels), tricycles(3 wheels), taxis(4 wheels) and big trucks(6 wheels). I counted as they went past a total of 60 in 5 minutes. I notice the following about the vehicle. Every second was a taxi. Every odd prime ...


Three circles are externally tangent to one another. The radius of each of the circles is 2 cm. A belt fits tightly around the three circles. Find the length of the belt. Express your answer in terms of pi with an explanation.


A metal tank contains three gases: oxygen, helium, and nitrogen. If the partial pressu of the three gases in the tank are 5 atm of O2, 900 mm Hg of N2, and 1.4 kPa of He what total pressure inside of the tank?

home ec.

how do you tie off when you get done sewing? If you're using a sewing machine, you reverse and take three or four stitches backward. If you're hand sewing, bring the needle to the back and run the thread through a few stitches and then back again. you cut the string and it has...


A committee, which consists of two mathematicians and three scientists, will be formed from four mathematicians and six scientists. How many possible committees can be formed if : a. any of the mathematicians and scientists are included? b. one particular scientist must be in ...


Under the Soviet system the government.. controlled all forms of communication. allowed newspapers to print whatever they wanted. controlled editorials but not the reporting of news. encouraged access to a wide variety of news sources. I think it is either 3 or 4


A typical multivitamin tablet can contain 2.00mg of vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and the RDA is 0.0030 g/day. How many such tablets should a person take each day to get the proper amount of this vitamin, assuming that he gets none from any other sources?

US History

what are some examples of each Core Democratic Value What do you consider the core democratic values? Please post these values and what you think are examples of them. Then we'll be glad to help you. Core Democratic Values are the ideals and qualities fundamental to democratic...

CRT 205

The core of the argument against anti-abortion laws is that every woman has a fundamental right to decide what happens to her own body, at least until after the quickening of the fetus. In recent years a few courts have given a sympathetic hearing to this argument, but legal ...

Chemistry(Please help)

For a carbon atom that is sp2 hybridized, I understand that the electron configuration would be Yes, 1s2 2s1 2p3 which is a 2s up arrow,and 3 orbtials that are 2p up arrows but then since the four bonds hybridize to form four sp3 hybrid bonds how do I write this? Also for an ...


Appendix E Store Operations Messages Iam not sure how to write a message using this: You are a public relations manager called upon to present information regarding changes in retail store operations to three sets of stakeholders of a clothing store chain. The stakeholders ...


Using the motor principle explain why a motor is rotating in the direction indicated. I seriuosly have no idea, please help explain this theory to me.

Environmental Science

Can someone please explain to me what SEMASS stands for? I googled SEMASS acronym but no site was able to explain what it means and why it's significant.


When the balloon has deflated, is there any difference between the air pressure inside and outside of the balloon? Explain. Please explain i don't understand it ASAP


The digits of a three digit number A are written in the reverse order to form another three digit number B. If B > A and B – A is perfectly divisible by 7, then which of the following is necessarily true? 1. 100 < A < 299 2. 106 < A < 305 3. 112 < A < ...

health administration

Research at least three various methodologies for integrating QI strategies into performance measurements. Research at least three information technology applications—clinical decision support systems—as components of QI management. What am i supposed to do?


If you have three waves corresponding to to the lowest three frequencies of vibrations of a 30 cm air column, what is the wavelength of the standing wave in each case? What frequency is heard in each pipe? The only information I have is that the speed of sound in air is 331 m/s

solid mensuration

let a and b be opposite vertices of a unit cube (i.e. , the distance between a and b is the square root of 3). find the radius of a sphere, whose center is in the interior of the cube, that is tangent to the three faces that at a and also tangent to the three edges that meet ...


writ a program that ask a user to inter three integer number and type them to the screen and also print them in different lines .the out put should look like this one . enter a three integer number:123 1 2 3

Math Help! ASAP!

2. Write a ratio for the situation in three ways comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. In union City, about one in every three homes has two cars A. 5 to 2, 5:2, 5/2 B. 1 to 3, 1:3, 1/3 C. 5 to 3, 5:3, 5/3 D. 3 to 2, 3:2, 3/2 I picked D. I don't know if its ...


A local animal shelter had four more than six times as many adult cats as kittens. After eight of the kittens were adopted, the shelter had four fewer than eight times as many adult cats as kittens. How many adult cats are at the shelter?


A four by four grid of unit squares contains squares of various sizes (1 by 1 through 4 by 4), each of which are formed entirely from squares in the grid. In each of the 16 unit squares, write the number of squares that contain it. For instance, the middle numbers in the top ...


i need some finding a website for this assignment. I have to do a presentation on these points. Explain how the U.S became involved in the politics of Southeasr Asia. Explain how this involvement impacted the U.S political climate of the 1950s.

History Ms. Sue

War causes death and disablement to the most vulnerable taking away their freedoms. Can you please explain to me what this means. Are teacher gave us this example today but didn't explain it to us. I really don't understand.


Please can someone help me to explain or find me some material where i can study related to these 2 questions: 1.Analyse the spectrum of 1-methylstyrene. 2.Explain the formation of gaseous and solid state PCl5 from its IR and Raman spectra.


2 Packets of crisps from a production line have a weight distribution that is normal with a mean of 50.0 grams and a standard deviation of 2.0 grams. Samples are taken of size 36. 1. What is the probability that a sample mean is less than 49.0 grams? (Give answer to four ...

internationl business

Investigate the ecomonomy the Philippines and its neighbors. In what economic sectors is each country strong? Do the stengths of each country really complement one another, or do the compete directly with one another?

Statistics and Probability

The Tri-State Pick 3 lottery game offers a choice of several bets. You choosea three-digit number. The lottery commision announces the winning three-digit number, chosen at random, at the end of each day. The "box" pays $83.33 if the number you choose has the same digits as ...

social studies

The fall of the Alamo occurred on March 6, 1836, where and when did the first battle leading to the Alamo occur??? Thanks! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Here is the site giving the background of the battle: http://hotx.com/alamo/background.html Thanks for...


Explain whether C2H3Cl is polar or non-polar and why? Explain how electronegativity is applied to the answer.

Chemistry. help please

Could a Bronsted-Lowry acid not be an Arrhenius acid? Explain. Could someone explain the answer to me?


A teacher did this problem with us in class but I dontn get it please explain. 2xy + 6 ------- 3y + 4x x = 2 y = 6 answer 3 please explain!


Please explain:Simplify by removing factors of 1 explain process and exponents steps please.


Explain how water of hydration is related to measurement. Then explain how it is related to the law of definite composition


Explain It Emily said the larger an object is, the more it weighs. Is Emily correct? Explain why or why not.


explain the importance of making proteins fluoresce. Explain the importance of animal studies on GAN.


Write three sentences using plurals correctly and three sentences using possessives correctly on the topic of how to store personal financial information effectively and efficiently. using plurals here are my three sentences. 1.to store financial papers, you will need a filing...


2. Which of the following is the best reason to use visuals in a research presentation? A)) to illustrate your main point in an engaging manner B)) to illustrate any topic with data in percentages C)) to show different ways of looking at the same information D)) to show the ...


1)Which of the following does NOT concern dividing up the earth into smaller sections? A. Parallels B. Meridian C. Cardinal Directions**** D. Hemispheres 2)Which of the five themes includes human and physical features at a specific location? A. Locations B. Place**** C. ...


During the end of James Madison's presidency, the Republican Party a. began to embrace economic nationalism. b. opposed tariffs as destructive to agrarian interests. c. led the fight to stop the Second Bank of the United States. d. was dismantled.


400 is a three-digit square number that makes a one-digit square number when its digits are reversed.How many three-digit squares are there which make three -digit squares when their digits are reversed

Calc. Based Physics

10.1 Three uniform spheres with masses m1 = 6.0 kg, m2 = 2.0 kg , and m3 = 4.0 kg are fixed at the positions shown in the diagram. Assume they are completely isolated and there are no other masses nearby. m_1 | | 3cm | m_2-- P ^ | 1cm |2cm m_3 (a) What is the magnitude of the ...

college physics

three carts of masses 4.0kg, 10kg, and 3.0kg move on a frictionless horizontal track with speeds of 5.0m/s, 3.0m/s, and 4.0m/s. The carts stick together after colliding. find the velocity of the three carts.


There are nine points on a piece of paper. No three of the points are collinear. How many different triangles can be formed by using three of the nine points as vertices?


Three times the difference of two numbers is 3 more than the larger and three times their sum is less than 8 Times the smaller by 2 .find the numbers


If a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, then how much time is needed for three hens to lay three eggs?


Leila ran three times last week. Here are the distances she ran (in kilometers). 16.1 ,5,8.92 What is the total distance Leila ran on these three days?


Three numbers are in the ratio 2:3:5. The first number, second number reduced by 5 and the third number form an arithmetic sequence. Then the three numbers are


One thousand people stood in a very large circle. Each starting with the Jennifer Lopez look alike, wore a sign on his or her back with a numeral from 1 to 1000 in a clockwise sequence. They began counting off. The Jennifer Lopez look alike said one in and remained in the ...


One thousand people stood in a very large circle. Each starting with the Jennifer Lopez look alike, wore a sign on his or her back with a numeral from 1 to 1000 in a clockwise sequence. They began counting off. The Jennifer Lopez look alike said one in and remained in the ...


One thousand people stood in a very large circle. Each starting with the Jennifer Lopez look alike, wore a sign on his or her back with a numeral from 1 to 1000 in a clockwise sequence. They began counting off. The Jennifer Lopez look alike said one in and remained in the ...

Social studies help please

"We want no manufacturers; we desire no trading, no mechanical or manufacturing classes. As long as we have rice, or sugar, our tobacco and our cotton, we can command wealth to purchase all we want." As stated by a Texas politician in this passage, some Southerners opposed ...


• Conduct online research regarding the strongest of your multiple intelligences. Find three Web sites that accurately describe that intelligence. If you identified more than one intelligence, choose one. • Compile the following information: o Links to the three Web sites ...

English/Social Studies

I'm writing an essay and need help coming up with economic reasons to to be against Caps on Punitive Damages. Google is not turning up what I need. I need how will implementing this program be bad economically?

soc stu

which of these states a basic economic question? a) what job is best? b) how much should this item cost? c) what goods should be produced d) why should people learn about economics? I think C or A

Social studies

Word for illegal or immoral behavior by officials Word for experts working together to problem solve Word for economic pressure to change a nation's actions. Thanks for your help❤️

As physics

change in mass___total charge_____no of elect for each of______delivered by_______rons pass objects_________circuit(eachtest)_(thrcathod) _____________________________________________0.14____________144__________9 x 10^20___ 0.57_____________132__________8.25 x 10^20_ 0....


How should I start my reaction essay off? I looked up examples online and most sources say to state the title and the author but I'm not sure how to "form" the first paragraph. This is what I have so far.. After reading the article Survivors, I felt horrified, disgusted and ...


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