Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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  1. Personal Finance

    Which of the following is not one of the situations that can defer student loan payments? A. Peace Corps service B. change in citizenship C. postsecondary study D. economic hardship
  2. Social studies

    Without our two great political parties cutting across economic and geographic interests,democracy as,we,know it could never been made to function
  3. ap us history

    how much more was the conflict between great Britain and her North american colonies economic origin rather than rooted in political and social controversies and differences.
  4. Economics

    Which aspects of the Great Depression are echoed in the ongoing economic crisis that began in 2008? What is different about the two periods? Do they have similar theoretical explanations?
  5. Finance

    an economic contraction (recession) is now well under way, and the Fed plans to use all facilities at its command to halt the decline. Describe the measures that it may take.
  6. History

    What did not contribute to the economic growth in the 1950s? A. Baby Boom B. Cold War Spending C. Agricultural Expansion D. Increased Consumer Goods Manufacturing Im stuck between C and D
  7. US History

    what intellectual, economic, philosophical, and racial factors helped create a new national mood more receptive to overseas expansion, during World War II?
  8. elim high school

    assess the extent to which bad road users has a direct impact on the physical, emotinal, social and economic aspects to the family, the community and the country
  9. Milton mpfumedzeni life orientation grade 11

    To wich bad road use has a direct impact on the physica,l social and economic aspects to the family the community and the country
  10. hudson ntsan'wisi

    assess the extent to which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical,emotional, social and economic aspects to the family,the community and the country.
  11. mohlatlego machaba secondary school ,life orientation

    which bad road use has a direct impact on the physical, emotional, social, and economic aspects to the family, the country
  12. Social studies PLEASE HELP!

    which is one way that economics in Southern and Eastern Africa are overcoming economic challenges Mortgage lending Fishing **** Ecotourism Car manufacturing
  13. Social Studies

    In the late 18th to mid–19th centuries, Europeans sought economic gain from the Pacific from the trade of... A. petroleum. B. whales and seals. C. wheat.*** D. diamonds.
  14. Social Studies

    In the late 18th to mid–19th centuries, Europeans sought economic gain from the Pacific from the trade of... A. petroleum.*** B. whales and seals. C. wheat. D. diamonds.
  15. life orientation

    Evaluate the physical,social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender.how did this corruption and fruad impact negatively in the country For example service delivery, tax etc
  16. Statistics

    A bag of marbles has 5 Green, 4 Red, and 3 yellow marbles. Three marbles are randomly drawn from the bag, without replacement: What is the probability that at least one of the three marbles drawn are red? What is the probability that only one of the three marbles drawn is red...
  17. economic

    10. Suppose, unfortunately , your mathematics and economics professors have decide to give tests 2 day from now and you can spend only a total of 12 hours studying for exams .After some thought, you conclude that dividend your study time equally between each subject will give ...
  18. economic

    Suppose, unfortunately , your mathematics and economics professors have decide to give tests 2 day from now and you can spend only a total of 12 hours studying for exams .After some thought, you conclude that dividend your study time equally between each subject will give you ...
  19. Math

    Sam is four years younger than Jason. In four years, Jason will be twice as old as Sam is now. How old is Sam?
  20. Math

    f(x)=x64-4x^2+k. Find the values of k so thath the zeros of f satisfy the specified charachteristics. a.four real zeros b.two real zeros, each of multiplicity of two c.two real zeros and two complex zeros d.four complez zeros a.I don't know if this range goes for this or b. 1&...
  21. french

    k, here it goes Mme! Helen, thy beauty is to me Like those Nicean barks of yore, That gently, o'er a perfumed sea, The weary, wayworn wanderer bore To his own native shore. On desperate seas long wont to roam, Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face, Thy Naiad airs have brought me...
  22. Algebra

    I hope I can explain this. I can't draw the shape here, but it is a triangular prism that looks like a wedge of cheese. The height is 20 cm and the three sides are 13, 37, and 40 cm. There is also a line drawn from the corner of the two sides that are 13 and 37 cm, that makes ...
  23. investment

    dividend of $2.25 a share. In addition, the future annual rate of growth in dividends for each of the three companies has been estimated as follows: Buggies-Are-Us Steady Freddie, Inc. Gang Buster Group g 0% g 6% Year 1 $2.53 (i.e., dividends (for the 2 $2.85 are expected ...
  24. chemistry -drbob222

    I'm not sure if my 1 and 2 are correct, and I don't know how to do 3, 4, and 5. Any help is appreciated! 1) You wish to extract an organic compound from an aqueous phase into an organic layer. to minimizing the number of transfer steps, would it be better to use an organic ...
  25. Chemistry

    Samples of three different compounds were analyzed and the masses of each element were determined. Compound Mass Mass N(g) O(g) A 5.6 3.2 B 3.5 8.0 C 1.4 4.0 If you were John Dalton and had never heard of a mole, which of the following would you think were possible sets of ...
  26. English

    What elements are present in postmodernist society? Choose three elements that are present in postmodernist society and explain how these elements reflect the time.
  27. history

    Explain the politics of the consensus and explain the pragmatic political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy?
  28. history

    Explain the pragmatic, political measures Eisenhower used to manage the economy. o Explain the politics of consensus.
  29. nutrition

    What are some of the health problems associated with undernutrition? Explain the cycle of malnutrition. Who does it impact? Explain your answer.
  30. solving conics

    Explain which conic section this equation and explain how to solve it: 12x^2-18y^2-18x-12y+12=0
  31. chemistry

    For magnesium, is possible to have a relative atomic mass less than 24 or more than 26? (Yes/No) Explain. I don't think it is but I can't explain it. Thank you
  32. Science

    Explain how chemiosmosis functions in the cell. Discuss the energy transfers and explain the role of ATP in this process.
  33. math

    writing to explain explain why it is important to line up decimal numbers by their place value when you add or subtract them.
  34. Math Explain

    18x^2 + 6 + 4x - 15x^2 - 4 + 13x okay i know the answer is 3x^2 + 17x + 10 but i dont know how i got it can someone explain plz
  35. American History

    Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries the colonists underwent a gradual transformation---they became less Anglo-American and more uniquely American. Discuss four elements responsible for this slow metamorphosis. (To merely list the elements is not enough, you must show how ...
  36. Physics

    Thanks for any help :) Four 20 ohm resistors are connected in parallel and the combination is connected to a 20V emf device. The current is: A) 0.25A B) 1.0 A C) 4.0 A D) 5.0 A E) 100 E Parallel circuits: I know that the voltage is 20V and the Resistance is 20 V. So, I divided...
  37. health

    The Best and Worst of Two Systems · Compare health care delivery and management options available in the U.S with health care delivery and management options available in a different country of your choice. · Select one feature from each country’s system that, in your ...
  38. fallacies

    Need help with two questions 8. From a letter to the editor: “The counties of Michigan clearly need the ability to raise additional sources of revenue, not only to meet the demands of growth but also to maintain existing levels of service. For without these sources those ...
  39. calculus

    So I am suppose to evaulate this problem y=tan^4(2x) and I am confused. my friend did this : 3 tan ^4 (2x) d sec^ 2x (2x)= 6 tan ^4 (2x) d sec^2 (2x) She says it's right but what confuses me is she deriving the 4 and made it a three? I did the problem like this: tan^4 (2x)= 4 ...
  40. math

    still don't get it.....Our class planned a holiday party for disadvantaged kids.Some of us baked cookies for the party.On the day of the party,we found we could divide the cookies into packets of two, three, four, five, or six and have just one cookie left over in each case.If...
  41. math

    i still don't get it ...Our class planned a holiday party for disadvantaged kids.Some of us baked cookies for the party.On the day of the party,we found we could divide the cookies into packets of two, three, four, five, or six and have just one cookie left over in each case....
  42. College Math

    Suzan sees a bag of marbles, she grabs a handful at random. She has seen a bag containing three red marbles, four green ones, five white ones, and one purple one. She grabs seven of them. Find the probability of the following event, expressing it as a fraction in lowest terms...
  43. Please proof read using commas

    I use a computer for producing final drafts but I can't actually write on it. I turn it on listen to it boot up put my fingers on the keyboard and the.....nothing. On the other hand writing on paper makes me feel as if I can conquer the whole world. When I see the ink on the ...
  44. Geography and History (Ms. Sue)

    1) How was the Yosemite Valley formed? A: ? 2) How did the establishment of the national park system help to conserve natural resources? A: The establishment of the national park system provided a safe haven for wildlife and put millions of acres of land under federal ...
  45. business management

    Global Reader is a 5 year old E-company that grew from $1 million in sales in the second year to $8 million in sales. They have created the industry’s first portable book reader that provides any book in four major languages. They have manufacturing operations for their hand...
  46. College probability and statistics

    The current license plates in New York State consist of three letters followed by four digits. ( i ) How many possible distinct license plates can there be? ( ii ) How many possible distinct license plates could there be if the letters O and I and the digits, 0 and 1 were ...
  47. Statistics/Probability

    In the production of a particular model of cell phones, it is found that 5% are defective. Cellular phones are selected at random and put into boxes of 10. If a box is selected at random, find the probability that it contains. (i) Exactly three defective phones (ii) Less than ...
  48. 9geography

    Lowland Regions of Canada How was the bedrock of the lowlands formed? How thick is the bedrock in the interior plains and why is it so thick? Why are the ancient coral reefs of the interior plains important today? Describe the topography of the interior plains as you would see...
  49. probability

    Listed below is the population by state for the 15 states with the largest population. Also included is whether that state's border touches the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, or the Pacific Ocean (coastline). Rank State Population Coastline 1 California 36,553,215 Yes 2 ...
  50. SCI 275

    i need help I am having trouble finding this info. Issue Sources Health/Environmental Effects Carbon dioxide (CO2) Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Ground-level ozone (O3) Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)
  51. Science

    I'm trying to figure out the ratio of floor to window space needed for passive solar heating...some sources say windows should be equivalent to 8% of the floorspace, others 80%? What do you think is the most realistic?
  52. Research Paper

    Hi all. It seems that I've run into a problem while starting to write a research paper for my drugs and behavior class. You see we were given an outline to follow and we had to choose any drug related topic. So I'm doing mine on cocaine and the problem I'm having is that I ...
  53. Discrete Mathematics

    The augmented matrix A represents a system of three real-valued equations in three unknowns. Which of the answer choices would result from the usual first step of applying Gauss-Jordan elimination?
  54. Discrete Mathematics

    15. The augmented matrix A represents a system of three real-valued equations in three unknowns. Which of the answer choices would result from the usual first step of applying Gauss-Jordan elimination? A = (1 4 2 3) A = (2 9 13 18) A = (3 10 8 15)
  55. Science

    Three statements that define all living things in terms of cells That's not even a complete sentence or question. I searched Google under the key words "living cells define" to get these possible sources: http://www.answers.com/topic/cell http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life http...
  56. government

    what is the government currently doing to help our economy? what implications foes the proposed economic stimulas package have on people of this country. US
  57. history

    Describe how capitalism, agriculture, and industrialization contributed to economics, and how it contributed to economic development, regional specialization, and social reform
  58. History

    I have a quick question. What does it mean that if global peace where to happen that there would be one economic system and one government? Thank You
  59. geogerafy

    discuss the various levels of economic activities and how they are linked to the use of natural resources. Use examples to improve your answer.
  60. SS-Writeacher

    Communism and socialism are usually found in what type of economic system? A) command*** B) traditional C) pure market D) mixed market
  61. social studies

    how did the war with mexico lead to conflict between the north and the south? Texas was pro-slavery. http://www.pinzler.com/ushistory/timeline5.html
  62. geometry

    1£©sketch six points a b c d e and f, no three of which are collinear. name the lines defined by these points. how many lines are there¡£¡£ 2£©describe a way to find points that divide a segment into fourths¡£ 3£©a classmate tells you " finding the coordinates of a...
  63. Chemistry

    40 Ca2+ 20 79 Br- 35 58 Ni2+ 28 For the three ions written above give the correct number of each of the following: a) the maximum number of electrons in the first shell b)the unpaired electrons in an oxygen atom c)the full orbitals in a chlorine atom d)the number of types of f...
  64. algebra1/McDougal Littell

    evaluate the expression for the given values of the variables. (a+b)3 when a=3 and b= 5 Just plug in the variables. so the equation would be 3(3+5) then distribute(multiply both 5 and three by three) 9+15, you can do the rest (3+5)3 --> (8)3=24
  65. Economics

    In running a regression model with three variables, two of the three come back as statistically significant at the 95% level of confidence. The one that doesn't is the intercept - so is my model still valid?
  66. 8th Grade Math

    Write an equation and show all work. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 111. What is the smallest of the three numbers? (I don't understand the question >.<)
  67. Math. I really don't get this question

    three circles are manually tangent externally. their centers form a triangle whose sides are of length 8, 9, 13. find the total area of the three circles
  68. English

    The only acceptable way to divide words at the end of a line is: A. to let the computer decide. B. before the last three letters. C. between syllables. D. after the first three letters. C
  69. physics

    three equal charges each of 2.0×10^-6 are fixed at three corner of an equilateral triangle of side 5cm .find the coulomb force experience due to other two charges
  70. Math please help

    Three consecutive odd intergers are such that the sum of the squares of the first two integers is 54 more than 20 times the third integer. Determine the three integers.
  71. individuals and societies

    How is Russia preserving its Eastern Culture while adapting to Western Influences? I need to write an essay and need three answers for three paragraphs to this question.
  72. ETH 125

    Can you help me with finding sources for information on whether Chinese Americans faced discrimination through redlining, institutional discrimination, reverse discrimination, and glass ceiling? Thank You!
  73. Earth's Heat Sources

    most of earth's landmass is in the northern hemisphere. how might this influence Earth's overall albedo during a)June b)January I really don't get this question.
  74. US Legal system and branches of government

    consider the definition of private law and public law. Discuss the difference between these two sources of law. support with example.
  75. world history// suggestions for essay

    Please provide me suggestions for the Change over Time Essay, or Changes and Continuities Essay. Below is a rubric. Provide me tips on what to improve, expand, etc. Feel free to provide me some examples or give me topics/subjects to elaborate on. The prompt is: From 600-1450, ...
  76. Statistics PLEASE HELP ME!

    Collina’s Italian Café in Houston, Texas, advertises that carryout orders take about 25 minutes (Collina’s website, February 27, 2008). Assume that the time required for a carryout order to be ready for customer pickup has an exponential distribution with a mean of 25 ...
  77. math

    ann wrote a three digit number. the digit inthe hendreds place is 4 less than the digit in the ones place. the digit in the tens place is two more than the digit in the ones place.the sum of the three digits is 16. what is the three digit number?
  78. Check Math Answers!!

    1.Find the mean: 12, 8, 7, 10, 8, 8, 10 A)63 B)12.6 C)9** D)7 2.The sixth-grade classes have 28, 20, 30, and 25 students. What is the mean number of students in a class? A)25.75** B)26.25 C)25 D)27 3.The mean of four numbers is 30. If three of the numbers are 12, 50, and 48, ...
  79. Management Accounting

    Victoria Kite Company, a small Melbourne firm that sells kites on the Web wants a master budget for the next three months, beginning January 1, 2005. It desires an ending minimum cash balance of $5,000 each month. Sales are forecasted at an average wholesale selling price of $...
  80. Geography

    I have to write a short essay for this topic: Compare and contrast the various sources of energy. This is what I have, but the only problem is I don't think this is comparing and contrasting. I'm just giving the facts out. Can someone please help me by letting me know how I ...
  81. Finance Management

    How do I solve this problem using net present value and internal rate of return methods? Julie Kowalis, an investment analyst, wants to know if her investments during the past four years have earned at least a 12% return. Four years ago, she had the following investments:She ...
  82. Math

    cameron is playing 9 holes of golf. He needs to score a total of at most 15 over par on the last four holes to beat his best golf score. On the last four holes, he scores 5 over par, 1 under par, 6 over par and 1 under par. a. write an find the value of an expression that ...
  83. Physics

    1.Can an object reverse its direction of travel while maintaining a constant acceleration? If so, give an example. If not, explain why not. 2. If you were standing in a bus moving at constant velocity, would you have to lean in some special way to compensate for the bus's ...
  84. algebra

    Baking Cookies-Word Problem Our class planned a party for disadvantaged kids. Some of us baked cookies for the party. On the day of the party, we found we could divide the cookies into packets of two,three, four, five or six and have one cookie left over in each case. If we ...
  85. math

    i have a three in the ones place,a 5 in the hundreths place.what are three numbers i can get
  86. math

    The three terms x+12, 3x+5 and 2x+25 are the first three terms of an arithmetic progression. What is the value of x?
  87. MATHs

    The three terms x+12, 3x+5 and 2x+25 are the first three terms of an arithmetic progression. What is the value of x?
  88. math

    Write the base-three numeral for the base-three representation shown...
  89. Algebra

    There are three real numbers x that are not in the domain of f(x)=1/ 1+ (1+1/x). What is the sum of those three numbers. Thank you!?
  90. College Algebra

    The sum of three consecutive integers is −99. Find the three integers.
  91. math

    Write a system of equations, three equations/three unknowns, that has (1, 2, 3) as the solution.
  92. American History

    1. All of the following played a major role in causing the depression of 1837 except a. pet and wildcat banks. b. land speculators. c. Van Buren's 1840 reelection. d. the Specie Circular order. 2. Which of the following was not one of the three convictions underlying Jackson's...
  93. physics

    Three capacitors are connected to a battery of unknown voltage as shown in the circuit diagram above. The voltage drop across capacitor C 1 is V 1 = 11 . volts. a) What is the effective capacitance of the three capacitors? c) What is the voltage of the battery? d) Which ...
  94. math

    Four boxes of cereal are to be selected at random from a continuous process that fills boxes labeled "Contents: 340 g." The contents of the first three boxes are found to weigh 339.0g, 337.7 g, and 338.9 g. (a) What minimum weight of cereal must the fourth box contain so that ...
  95. math

    A father can do a job as fast as two sons working together. If one sone does the job alone in three hours and the other does it alone in six hours, how many hours does it take the father to do the job alone? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 4 1/2 please answer and explain
  96. Algebra

    You have two types of bread, three types of meat, and four types of cheese. How many different sandwiches can you make if each sandwich has one type of bread, one type of meat, and one type of cheese? 9 sandwiches *My answer* 16 sandwiches 24 sandwiches 27 sandwiches
  97. Maths

    Sue and Mary agree to play the best of three games of badminton. They stop if either of them have won two games. Over a long period of time, Sue wins 4 games out of every 5 games they play. Find the probability that Sue will win the best of three. I have that the chance of ...
  98. math

    Roberto's scout troop is making some birdhouses for the park district. The basic birdhouse uses one half-sheet of plywood and the deluxe bridhouse uses three half-sheets of plywood. They plan to build a total of 24 birdhouses, and the scoutmaster has 40 half-sheet of plywood. ...
  99. statistics/probability

    in testing a new drug. researchers found that 20% of all patients using it will have a mild side effect. a random sample of 14 patients using the drug is selected. find the probability that: a) exactly three will have mild side effects. b) at least four will have this mild ...
  100. Physics

    The body of a 1290 kg car is supported on a frame by four springs. The spring constant of a single spring is 2.59 × 104 N/m. Four peo- ple riding in the car have a combined mass of 246 kg. When driven over a pothole in the road, the frame vibrates and for the first few ...
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