Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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  1. geometry

    A classroom has a floor area of 600 square feet. What is the floor area of the classroom in square meters? describe three different correct ways to solve this area problem. Each way of solving should use the fact that 1 inch = 2.54cm. Explain your reasoning.
  2. information literacy

    .Why do we need information? What sources do you already use to obtain personal information
  3. Math

    3. A study shows that 72% of graduates from local high school attended college. What fraction of the graduates attended college? A.18/25 B.17/25 C.13/25 D.1/2 E.3/8 A 6. The model below represents the equation x+4=4x+2 The first box shows one x and has four 1's then shows four...
  4. maths investigation

    how many different numbers can you make with exactly three beads on a three spike abacus? what if you change the number of beads?
  5. Math

    The sum of three consecutive integers is 417. Let n be the first one. Write and solve an equation that will determine the three integers.
  6. Communication Theory

    Aristotle divided persuasion into three kinds of strategies called________.? These three where ___ ___ ____???
  7. Algebra

    Please help...Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 1, three values of x that are between 0 and 1, and at x=1. Show your work. y=log7 x
  8. us history

    True or False: The three-fifths compromise called for three fifths of a states LANDLESS CITIZENS to be counted as population.
  9. math

    A standard die is rolled three times. What is the probability that a prime number is rolled on exactly one of the three rolls?
  10. English

    1. He has studied math for three hours. 2. He has been studying for three hours. ---------------- Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used?
  11. History

    What were three significant events related to ww1, I know there was the assassination but can someone help me find three to link to the main idea (WW1)
  12. Calculus Partial Derivatives

    Verify that the sum of three quantities x, y, and z, whose product is a constant k, is maximum when these three quantities are equal.
  13. Math

    How many even, three-digit positive integers have the property that two of the digits are equal, but not all three are equal?
  14. Math

    If three sides of a triangle are represented by three consecutive odd numbers and the perimeter is 75cm.Find the length of the sides.
  15. math

    Divide ₹1545 between three people A,B and C such that A gets three- fifths of what B gets and the ratio of the share of B to C is 6:11.
  16. math

    the sum of three consecutive numbers is eighteen. Write an expression describing the equation and solve the state of the three numbers
  17. math

    the sum of three consecutive numbers is eighteen. Write an expression describing the equation and solve the state of the three numbers
  18. maths

    Of three numbers, second is twice the first and is also thrice the third. If the average of three numbers is 44, find the largest.
  19. Algebra

    The product of the smallest and largest of three consecutive even integers is three times the middle integer. Find the integers
  20. Math

    The state of texas covers approxmiately 268,581 squared mi. During a hail storm the entire state is covered in 1billion meters of hail.(average radius of 1.4292cm)assume the hail falls so that the gaps of air are limited to 26% of the volume. As the state begins to warm, the ...
  21. Energy&Society

    How do i find the fuel cost per energy unit (different energy sources). I don't have to calculate it. I just want to know from where I can get it.
  22. English

    I need help finding articles, sources about racial discrimination, racial superiority and racial hate due to color.
  23. Business

    Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent OR which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace?

  25. Physics

    What three things are required to produce voltage? These three things are the fundamentals of how an electrical generator works.
  26. college algebra

    eveluate the exponential equation fro three positive values of x, three negative values of x, and at x=0
  27. Maths B

    given three points: (0,30) (30,45) (60,30) and need to find a parabola (ie. ax^2+bx+c function) from these three points for a curve. Please help! :)
  28. business

    Which three areas do you believe to be most prevalent, or which three areas have the greatest consequence in the workplace?
  29. math

    three consecutive primes are summed. when the sum is squared, the result is 72,361. what is the largest of the three primes?
  30. Calculus

    Which of the following is the Taylor series of ln(1−2x) about x=0 up to and including the terms of order three? What is order three?
  31. calculus

    which number should be subtracted from each of the three numbers 5, 15, and 50 so that the resulting three numbers form a geometric progression?
  32. Math

    Three dimes to five nickels ratio if three to five total 120 coins how many are fimes
  33. Music

    Try to find examples of three pieces of music that use three different types of texture....Thank You for help...
  34. Algebra

    There are three real numbers x that are not in the domain of f(x)=1/ 1+ (1+1/x). What is the sum of those three numbers. 0 is one of them,I don't know the other ones.Thank you!
  35. algebra

    There are three real numbers x that are not in the domain of f(x)=1/ 1+ (1+1/x). What is the sum of those three numbers. I think one number is 0. Thank you!
  36. Arithmetic

    The sum of three consecutive terms of a geometric progression is 42, and their product is 512. Find the three terms.
  37. Physics

    As you travel through space, you find yourself moving into regions of ever-higher voltage. You are traveling . . . A) perpendicularly to the electric field. B) in exactly the same direction as the electric field. C) in a region with no electric field. D) in a direction exactly...
  38. Physics

    As you travel through space, you find yourself moving into regions of ever-higher voltage. You are traveling . . . A) perpendicularly to the electric field. B) in exactly the same direction as the electric field. C) in a region with no electric field. D) in a direction exactly...
  39. statistics

    Nownes (2000) surveyed representatives of interest groups who were registered as lobbyists of three U.S. state legislatures. One of the issues he studied was whether interest groups are in competition with each other. Table 1?10 shows the results for one such question. (a) ...
  40. English (Poetry)

    "Epigram on Milton" by John Dryden Three Poets, in three distant Ages born, Greece, Italy, and England did adorn. The First in loftiness of thought surpassed; The Next in Majesty; in both the Last. The force of Nature could no farther go: To make a third she joined the former ...

    3. In 1966, Mexican American farm workers demanded all of these EXCEPT a minimum wage. decent housing. health benefits. toilets and drinking water.* 4. All these organizations encouraged women to run for office EXCEPT MALDEF.* Mujeres por la Raza. the Texas Women’s Political...
  42. hhisttorry

    Which "act of Mexico herself," referred to by President Polk in this passage, was the cause of war between the United States and Mexico? (1 point) Mexico’s refusal to discuss the U.S. offer to buy California and New Mexico Mexico’s massacre of the Alamo defenders Mexican ...
  43. Advanced Placement World History

    i need to answer these essays any information will be helpful!!! Change Over Time choose TWO areas listed below and analyze how each area's relationship to global trade patterns changed from 1740 to 1914. Be sure to describe each areas involvement in global patterns around ...

    Give the numbers of elements in the regions marked I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII in the figure. |U| = 220, |A| = 20, |B| = 14, |C| = 12 |A∩B| = 2, |A∩C| = 2, |B∩C| = 6, |A∩B∩C| = 1 | I | = | II | = | III | = | IV | = | V | = | VI | = | VII...
  45. Algebra

    A golf resort offers the following two special packages. The Par 3 Package includes four nights of lodging and three rounds of golf for $443.50. The Par 5 Package includes seven night of lodging and five rounds of golf for $765.50. The rate for each night of lodging and for ...
  46. Chemistry

    If you have a properly adjusted hot flame, which is pale blue with three distinct comes, what is observed if the GAS CONTROL valve is slightly closed versus what's observed if the AIR CONTROL valve is slightly closed? Please Explain.
  47. MIcroeconomics

    Hi. THis is due Tuesday. I am working on it but can use some help. Peggy-Sue has been offered a job by Cookie monster inc for a salary of $125,000 per year. Currently she is producing her own cookies and she has revenues of $260,000 per year. Her costs are $40,000 for labor, $...
  48. Health (Ms. Sue)

    1. Why should all types of sexual activity be included when talking about abstinence? A: All types of sexual activity should be included when talking about abstinence because the mistaken idea that one can participate in other forms of sexual activity and still be considered ...
  49. Calc 2, Series/Sequences

    Explain clearly in detail the difference of the summation of n=1 to infinity of 1/n^2; and the integral of 1/x^2dx with the limit of 1 to infinity, as well. Part 2: Explain the natures of the two expressions and explain why the summation is greater than the integral test. The ...
  50. business

    Writeaprogramthataskstheusertoenterastudent’sgradesonfourexams.The program should display the four grades and the average of the four grades, round- ed to the nearest tenth. To add the grades, use a variable called total_grade, which you should initialize to zero. As the ...
  51. systems analysis task

    1.Jesse wants to see a context diagram and a diagram 0 DFD for TIMS. Be sure to include at least four processes in the diagram 0 DFD. 2.Jesse would also like to see a lower-level diagram for each of the four processes that you identify in diagram 0. You can label the data ...
  52. Math

    This needs to be worked backwards. Four classmates are comparing the number of pages that they have read in a novel assigned for their language-arts class. Ken has read twice as many pages as Jenny. Alicia has read 18 pages more than Jenny and 11 pages more than Mark. Mark has...
  53. Math

    Can someone please help me to answer the following question? The question below has four choices, but only one correct answer. Could you please help me with the correct answer for this question? Thank you in advance. Question # 1. Find the slope of the line passing through the...
  54. U.S. History

    Explain why President Wilson proposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve System. A: President Wilson proposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve System to restore public confidence in the banking system. The United States had not had a central bank since the 1830s...
  55. CHEM Help please Thanks

    8) Explain exactly how you would perform the following laboratory instructions: -a) “Wash the organic layer with 5.0 mL of 1 M aqueous sodium bicarbonate.” -b) “Extract the aqueous layer three times with 2 mL portions of methylene chloride.” 10) What should you do if ...
  56. psy

    need help finding two peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health. please help me find those two sources. thanks
  57. English

    I'm writing a persuasive essay about how women with HIV should not be allowed to have children. Can you please help me find some reliable sources about my topic? Thank you.
  58. Chemistry

    What would be the sources of error for the lab of physical properties of two types of solids. Solids used:sodium chloride and camphor With: water and 6 ml isopropyl alcohol.
  59. Ms.sue

    Is there anyway i can possibly be allowed to post links? I think it would help me out a lot, i could also cite my sources a lot better. Please delete this when were done conversing.
  60. Life Oriantation

    Topic: poverty in the community /in schools, five ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.
  61. Science Help!!!!

    Which of the following energy sources is relativelyexpensive to set up, but has a low cost once it is in place? A. Natural gas B. Coal C. Nuclear power D. Solar power Is the answer D?
  62. English

    There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation write a paragraph about the difference between the four types of writing. The difference between the four writing are that the summary is a condensed version of a piece if...
  63. measurements

    Which is the following is the best deal? A: six small grapefruits for a $1 B: four medium grapefruits for a $1 C: Three large grapefruits for a $1 Assume that all the grapefruits are spherical, that the small grapefruits have a diameter of 3inches, the medium grapefruits have ...
  64. to annonymus can you help me with math

    How do i solve inequalitites with three variables. I still can't figure it outplease help. x+y=1 y-z=-3 2x+3y+z=1 the answers are 3,-2,1 how do get there by solving linear equations with three variables. 5x-2y-z=2 -y+2z=11 x+y+z=-3
  65. math

    Clayton has three fair coins. Find the probablitlity that he gets two tails and one head when he flips the three coins.
  66. math plz

    Write the following as a number: three billion, fifty three thousand, twenty one dollars. (plz answer this)
  67. probability

    If you were to spin a spinner that had eight equal parts labled 1-8 three times what is the probability that all three numbers are (3 or greater than five)?
  68. Algebra

    How many three symbol codes using the digits 3 through 9 are possible if repetitions are allowed? (243 is an example of a three symbol code).
  69. algebra

    Christine found three pieces of cable in her tool drawer. Here are their lengths (in meters). What is the total length of the three pieces?
  70. health

    6. There are three major health care concerns: access, cost and quality. Is it possible to correct all three problems simultaneously?
  71. Probability(math)

    How many computer passwords can be created with three digits followed by three letters if the first number cannot be 0 or no number or letter can be repeated?
  72. Culler middle school

    A football team loses 4 yards on each of three plays.what is the change in yardage after those three plays?
  73. Math

    A three-digit integer has been divided by 9. As a result, the sum of the digits decrease by 9. How many three-digit numbers possess this property?
  74. physic

    A 2.26 kg object is subjected to three forces that give it an acceleration a= −(8m/s^2)i + (6m/s^2)j. If two of the three forces are F1 = (36.2 N)i + (18N)j and F2 = −(12N)i + (8N)j,find the third force.
  75. math

    Three students are arguing over who can run the fastest. Student A says that she can run mile in six minutes. Student B says that he can run mile in four minutes. Student C says that he can run mile in eight minutes.What fraction of a mile can Student A run in one minute?
  76. math: probabilities

    Three regular six-sided dice are tossed in succession. What is the probability that all three outcomes are different? Choose from the following Answers: 5/9 25/36 2/3 1/192 How do I even begin with this problem?
  77. math

    a three digit number is chosen at random. what is the probability that the sum of the digits is less than 6? i got 3.78% but im not sure if that is correct. I assumed that there were three possible outcomes because 012 would just be considered 12
  78. Charts

    I have to construct a 2-column comparison chart that lists three similarities and three differences between the Ojibwa Vision Quest and the Outward Bound Solo Experience. I'm not sure of what to do with it.(ex. what belongs where)
  79. algebra

    The table lists average monthly temperature and electricity cost for a Texas home in 2008 the table displays the values rounded to the nearest whole number make a scatter plot how would you describes the correlation? January 57 A.T. 150 E.B. February 55A.T. 152 E.B March. 60 A...
  80. economics

    Decreasing the money supply involves which type of economic policy? I think it is Monetary policy.
  81. Microeconomics

    how do I calculate total revenue and total economic profit for a pizza shop at each rate output
  82. social sciences

    what is the importance of social capital in achieving sustainable economic development in Caribbean economies.
  83. Macroeconomics

    What are the key elements of the scientific method and how dose this method relate to economic principles and laws?
  84. 10th grade

    Describe the geography of Southern South America and how this geography influences economic activity?
  85. Canadian Government

    This Canadian Political party believes in more economic equality. Would this be Liberal?
  86. Socials

    If I were to write an essay on the economic problems of developing countries, what should I write about? Please help. thanks.
  87. economics?

    If you were president, would you be more interested in your economic advisors' positive views or their normative views ? Why ?
  88. social justice

    what are some of the social and economic consequences globally due to the shift to lifestyle branding?
  89. economic

    what is south african government providing for whom ? what are the cost and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare?
  90. life orientation

    The physical,social and economic consequences of Nkandla to the offenders and how did Nkandla impact negatively in SA
  91. social studies

    which economic practice helps to keep prices low and keep good quality
  92. Math

    There are 2015 people from universities across the country, all sitting around a massive table. Each person belongs to one of four groups: students, professors, deans and presidents. Students hate professors, and will never sit next to them. Likewise for presidents and deans. ...
  93. Physical Education

    Explain how sprinters use flexibility. Explain how javelin throwers use flexibility. Explain how gymnasts in floor routines use flexibility.
  94. phys

    the 300-series shinkansen train of japan has aluminum cars, so that it can reach high speeds more easily. ten of the sixteen cars of a 300-series train have their own 300.0 kW motors, one for each of their four axles. What is the work done by one car's four motors during 25s?
  95. home economics

    name 12 careers in home economic management
  96. government

    what is the correlation between a form of government and its economic system?
  97. us history

    How radical, in economic and political terms, were the Radical Republicans?
  98. art

    10point on social and economic value of Ife art
  99. home economics

    list and discuss the branches of home economic
  100. economic environment

    Discuss the variables which included the external environment
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