Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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US history

What did England and the English settlers really want from colonization? National Glory? Wealth? Adventure? A solution to social tensions? New sources of goods and trade? Did they get what they wanted?

career management

When considering a post-secondary option, you should consult which of the following sources? A. your internal motivation B. family and friends C. reference materials D. all of the above


Journals differ from magazines in that they're A. available by subscription. B. sources of academic research not intended for the general public. C. published only periodically. D. printed with volume numbers.


I was assigned a topic nature vs nurture: are children born gay or evolved into,,,,i would appreciate if anyone knows of any book sources that can help me and any secondary source because i don't know where to start thank you in advance

Political Science/Media

which of the following news sources typically provides the LEAST depth while covering topics? a) television b) magazines c) radio d) the Internet e) newpapers

life orientation

in 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which human or environment problems impacts on the community in south africa.provide relevant sources to support the answer

Life orientation

In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community .provide relevant sources to support your claims.(teenage pregnancy).

Life orientation

In 10 -15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human factor or problem impacts on the community .Provide a relevant sources to support your claims help please with answers

life orientation

In 10-15 lines critically(in details) discuss 5 ways in which the environmental problem(earthquake) impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims. (10 marks)

geography 10th grade

Major sources of income for the Mexican economy include all of the following except; a. agriculture. b. tourism. c.the technology industry. d.petroleum extraction

social studies hurry

Which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? a. oil resources b. mountainous terrain c. coastal lands d. fresh water sources


DOING A 20 QUESTION MATH TEST AND GOT STUCK ON THESE PROBLEMS!!:( 1.find the three terms in the sequence 30,22,14,6,.... 2.write a rule for the sequence 4,8,16,32 3.find the first-four terms of the sequence represented by the expressed sequence 3n + 5. 4.a gas station charges ...


A shoe company wants to gauge opinions of a new shoe design. They send out 100 pairs to people in four different cities, but because of cost constraints they can interview only 40 people total. They randomly choose 10 people from each city to interview. The table shows how ...


x^3 + 4x^2 + 14x + 20 use the root or zero feature of a graphing utility to approximate the zeros of the function accurate to three decimal places. I do not know how to use the root or zero feature on my calculator. If someone could just explain how to do it that would be great.

math 156

If Ellen works overtime on Sunday or Wednesday night and Thursday night, she will earn enough money to buy a tennis racket. Does this give her two or three chances to earn enough money? Explain your reasoning.

MAth 10 (probability

Each spinner is divided into four equal sectors (1-4). The pointer in each spinner, when spun, is equally likely to rest in any one of the four sectors. The pointer in each spinner is spun once. What is the probability that the sum of both scores is less than five

MAth 10 (probability)

Each spinner is divided into four equal sectors (1-4). The pointer in each spinner, when spun, is equally likely to rest in any one of the four sectors. The pointer in each spinner is spun once. What is the probability that the sum of both scores is less than five

Quantitative Methods

The reorder point [see equation 14.6] is defined as the lead-time demand for an item. In cases of long lead times, the lead tie demand and thus the reorder point may exceed the economic order quantity Q*. In such cases, the inventory position will not equal the inventory on ...


Please help me to create a priority list for the heart transplant for the following four potential organ recipients and explain your decision 1. A 72 year old woman, whose family depend on her help 2. A 32 year old man, who is currently in prison for violent crimes 3. A 43 ...

Actuarial Math

The sum of the accumulated value of 1 at the end of four years at a certain effective rate of interest, and the present value of 1 to be paid at the end of four years at an effective rate of discount numerically equal to I is 2.0098 Find the rate


Quadrilateral RUBY is a rectangle. Which of the following statements MUST be true? Check all that apply: [] All four of the sides of RUBY are equal. []All four of the angles of RUBY are equal. []RUBY has two pairs of parallel opposite sides.

Math, algebra!! Please help!!!!!!

Using the numbers 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number. Explain why the result of your operations is an ...


These questions concern the integers 84, 126, 168 and 294. 1)Choose the option that is the lowest common multiple of the four integers. 2)Choose the option that is the highest common factor of the four integers. Options for them: A) 28 B) 42 C) 63 D) 294 E) 3528 F) 7056 G 10) ...


For all positive integers w and y, where w > y, let the operation ☺ be defined by w ☺ y = (2^(w + y))/(2^(w - y)). For how many positive integers w is w ☺ 1 equal to 4? A. More than four B. None C. One D. Two E. Four *I found only 3/5 as the answer but it ...


A triangle has angles described as followed: the first angle is four more than seven times a number, another angle is four less than the first and the third angle is twice as large as the first. What are the sizes of each angle. I got the first angle of the triangle but I am ...


A car rental company charges $24 per day plus $0.75 per mile driven. a) Let C = total cost; D = number of days and M = number of miles b) Write the equation for the total cost in terms of C, D and M c) Use the equation to determine the total cost for a customer who rented the ...


whr do cattles and sheep live like in high altitudes or middle or low altitudes? Cattle need food, water, and a temperature range that does not cook, nor freeze them. So if you choose to examine an altitude, check to see if those are available. If so, cattle and sheep can ...

Computer Programming

Professor Merlin has asked you to help him. He has 100 total students in his four classes but he is not sure that all of them took his last exam. He wants to average the grades for his last exam in all four sections of his medieval literature course and then determine how many...

Social studies

What natural resources do different regions offer? What region would benefit from job production? What region has the workforce to support a new industry? What location has access to transportation routes to move people and goods? What skills do workers have—or would they ...


The Bureau of Labor Statistics follows five steps to calculate Consumer Price Index. identify three strengths and three weaknesses of the calculation.


peppers are sold in packs of three or singly.single for .29c each.and three pack for $1.11 which is the best value and give reason and working out if possible


Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, use at least three comparatives and three superlatives. To the movie toy story 3


There are lots of ways of choosing three dots from this 4 by 4 array. How many triples of points are there when all three lie on a straight line (not necessarily equally spaced)

theory of probability

Three bottles have three different colored caps.How many ways can a cap be put on each bottle such that each one is wrong? What i did here is, 3 x 2 x 1 = 6


Three hundred people apply for three jobs. 80 of the applicants are women If three persons are selected at random, what is the probability that one is a woman? (Round the answer to six decimal places.)(d) If three persons are selected at random, what is the probability that ...

psy 230

What influences does culture have on personality? do you see a person's reaction to something as seprate from social experience or as a result of social experience? which one of the four postitions of the nature of traits do you agree with most and why? compare and contrast ...


There are 900 three-digit integers. The number of three-digit integers having at least one repeated digit is also a three-digit number. If that number is represented by abc where each letter is a digit, compute a-b+c (I came up with 252 integers so when I did the computation ...


1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantics. Choose one of the two poets. Provide at least three ways that he or she reflects Romantic thinking in his or her writing. Then give an example from one of the works that you studied in this unit that ...

Algebra 8th grade please help!!!!!!

Using the numbers 5, 8, and 24, create a problem using no more than four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square, square root, cube, cube root) where the solution will be an irrational number. Explain why the result of your operations is an ...


A standard deck of cards contains 52 cards. Of these cards there are 13 of each type of suit (hearts, spades, clubs, diamonds) and 4 of each type of rank (A – K). Four cards are pulled in order from this deck of 52 playing cards. What is the probability that the cards will ...


The following project uses the game of Guess Your Card. This is a game in which each player draws (without looking) three cards. Each card has a number between 1 and 9 on it. The players then place their cards on their heads so that everyone but themselves can see the cards. ...


Can some one please help me figure the angles out? sorry I can't copy and paste the figures... The 17in x 17in square below is given. We have chosen 4 points M, N, P, and Q one on each of its sides as shown in the figure and joint them to obtain a new four sided figure in red...


Which of the following statements about large motor development in children is correct? A. Catching a ball is easier than throwing for two- and three-year-olds. B. Kicking a ball is difficult for preschool children because it requires balancing skills and eye-foot coordination...


Think of yourself as a newspaper reporter at the site of an earthquake. You are reporting the damage. Describe in three or four sentences the kinds of destruction you observe. Plz help. Thanks. This site reports on the recent Japan earthquake. http://news.independent.co.uk/...

Texas Government

The sunset review process has a. eliminated a few government agencies. b. dramatically reduced the number of state government agencies. c. created even more state government agencies. d. decreased the influence of interest groups on state agencies. I think it is C..

Algebra II-Please check calcs

Could someone check this matrix calculation The first matrix dimension is 1 by 3 row 1 = 1 row 2 = 7 row 3 =3 Second matrix is 1 by 3 Row 1 column one =2 row 1 column two = -5 row one column three = 5 my calculation is that it would be the dimensions of 3 by 3 Final calcs ...


Three particles, each of mass 3.0 kg, are fastened to each other and to a rotation axis by three massless strings, each 0.360 m long, as shown in the Figure. The combination rotates around the rotation axis with an angular velocity of 19.0 rad/s in such a way that the ...


drawing Lewis structure 1. NH2 || CH3-CH2-CH2-CH-CH2-CH3 2. O || CH3-CH2_C-CH2-CH2-OCH2-CH circle around the hydrophilic regions in each structure that


Nonrenewable resources include coal,oil, and natural gas, what are thre challenges with managing nonrenewable energy sources?

Business Studies

Discuss the suitability of the various sources of finance a large business might use when replacing old machinery.


What should you consider when looking for helpful sources? What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?


You hear a beat produced by 2 sources: 342.6 and 351.8 Hz. What is the period of the resulting beat tone? -- is there a formula for this? If so what is it and how do you solve the question?


What should you consider when looking for helpful sources? What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?

Political Science/Media

True or False Because of their dependence of government sources, the news media are unable to set the agenda of debate.


Two commons sources of nicotine are cigarettes and cigars. Find the probability that a randomly selected adult does not smoke cigarettes.


provide 3 possible financial sources for assistance that you can access for funding your studies and indicate the financial obligations you will have if you choose each of these options


Two noises produce sound levels of 70 and 80 dB when acting separately. Find the sound level in dB when the sources act together.


Primary sources include articles that have been evaluated, reviewed or interpreted. True False I say True


What would be some good sources to use for my nhd project? Topic: Pearl Harbor bombing P.S. I cannot use wiki

@ Sarah - econ

I deleted your 43(!) questions. Since you didn't post your answers, I assume you wanted someone else to cheat and give you the answers. No way! If you try that again, you'll be banned from posting here! If you want to post three or four questions with your answers, we'll be ...


Which of the following best explains why trade among the colonies flourished? The different regions specialized in different crops. The colonies had developed large fleets of trading ships. Existing trade routes were well-maintained by Native Americans. Colonies were founded ...


a number has four digits. the digit in the hundredth place is greater than the digit in the hundreths place of 4.361. the digit in the thousandths place is greater than the digit in the tenths place of 2.85. what are the possible four-digit numbers between 8.6 and 8.7?


My father and I have already visited several states this month.On June 20, dad's friends Helena and Franco Garabis met us in Brownsville, Texas. I had to capitalize all the errors in the above sentence but it still has one more that is capitalized and I'm not sure which one ...


Overpopulating rabbits in Australia were finally controlled by a disease spread trough the population. A higher death rate was recorded in regions with large population than small population. The disease can be considered.... A. A density-dependent factor. B. A density-...

help... probability

The Smith family has 4 children that are all girls. What is the probability that the next one will be a girl? You plan on having four children and you want all boys. If you have children, what is the probability you will get four boys?


Why would a firm wish to have knowledge concerning the income elasticity of demand for its product? Why indeed. Take a shot.

World History

short essay decribing the economic, political,social, and cultural problems, faced by the new nations of Africa.


Would the war in Iraq be considered an economic even that is affecting our lives because the prices of everything are being increased?

Social Studies

How did various inventions impact the economic development of differing areas of the country (North, South, and West)? Please help :)


6th grader needs to answer question listing the benefits of the Hamiltonian economic plan in one paragraph. Help please!

social science

True or False Economic liberalism hlods that global interdependence is a logical consequence of the international expansion of capitalism.


what are the major differences and similarities between the early northern and southern colonies at either the political,cocial, or the economic level.


describe the effect of cost structure on profitability, including recommendations for each company given the current economic environment, as you understand it

12th grade Textiles

discuss how economic and technological factors have influenced the success or failure of the designer collette Dinnigan.

Global History

How was trade important to the economic development of Western Europe, the United States, and Japan during the postwar decades?


A prime minister is the leader of what type of region? climate cultural economic political I thought it was a nation but its not a answer choice.

human resources

What economic, social, and political forces have made employee training more important today than it was in the past?

7th grade

What is a good definition of mercantilism? I don't understand when all the definitions talk about economic systems of national wealth. Thank you!


what economic, social , and political forces have made employee traininng even mor eimportant today than in the past?


Identify and define the two other items (in addition to supply-side economics) that were a part of Reagan’s economic agenda.

Principle of economic

The quantities of orange supplied by a producer in a week is shown below 12,6,7,3,15,10,18,9 calculate the variance deviation for groupdata and ungroupdata.

Canadian Pacific Railway

How did the CPR & other railroads serve to increase economic growth in BC? All i can come up with is that they gathered tourists.


What do you think is the most significant thing to learn about the differences between social, political and economic systems in the world?

Western Civilization

How did the Greek encounters with the Near and Middle East shape political, economic, and cultural developments of the Hellenistic world?


Analyze the appeal of the Omaha Platform to people who felt that industrialism was too dominant in the economic and social foundation of the United states.


1. What economic, social, and political forces have made employee training even more important today than it was in the past?


Who has an unlimited checking account with the US Treasurer that enables them to write all the checks they want without regard to having funds in the bank?

us hist

All of the following components represent major objectives of Reconstruction except A) political B) social C) economic D) cultural is D right.

check my science hw please.

24. can provide an economic benefit to A. drug companies B. tourists C.hikers D.endangered species I got A for my answer.


A detailed explanation with graphs of how the price of milk would have been determine in the abstance of government involvement in the market?

Living Waters private school

Can I choose Human resource or safety officer when am doing maths literacy, economic,business and tourism

Magoni secondary school

accounting. economic. business studies n maths literacy if am doing those subject wch career can l get plz help me


A detailed explanation, with graphs of how the price of milk would have been determined in the absence of government involvement in market

Life orientation

Evaluate the physical,social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender.how did this corruption and fraud impact negatively in the country

Life orientation

Evaluate the physical,social and economic consequences of this crime to the offender and how did this corruption and fraud impact negatively in the country?

US History

Roosevelt asserted that the expanded reach of the federal government to solve economic problems was not an essential change to the Constitution. Do you agree? Why or why not?

social studies

In what type of economic system do individuals own most of the businesses? A democracy B communism C capitalism D socialism c is my answer


Problem 1. Three supermarket chains in the Denver area each claim to have the lowest overall prices. As part of an investigative study on supermarket advertising, the Denver Daily News conducted a study. First, a random sample of nine grocery items was selected. Next, the ...


The probability that a person has blue eyes is 16%. Three unrelated people are selected at random. a. Find the probability that all three have blue eyes: b. Find the probability that none of the three have blue eyes c. Find the probability that one of the three has blue eyes


I'm writing a personal essay for an internship. Is everything in this essay clarified? Where can I expand? I don't know about you but I like living. And in order for me (and those who proceed me) to live a nice, long and happy life, we have to do something about the still ...


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