Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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Math (Calculus)

The prompt for this question is f(x) =sin(x^2) A)Write the first four terms of the Maclaurin series for f(x) B)Use the Maclaurin series found in Part A to approximate the integral from 0 to 1 of sin(x^2) dx C)How many terms are needed to find the value of the integral given in...


A stretched string fixed at both ends is 2.0 m long. What are the three wavelengths that will produce standing waves on this string? Name at least one wavelength that would not produce a standing wave pattern, and explain your answer. I REALLY NEED HELP I DON'T UNDERSTAND


Evaluate the Riemann sum for (x) = x3 − 6x, for 0 ≤ x ≤ 3 with six subintervals, taking the sample points, xi, to be the right endpoint of each interval. Give three decimal places in your answer and explain, using a graph of f(x), what the Riemann sum in ...


When asked a question about age 17, Galixia replied "in three years y age will equal to the sum of my birthday year" what year did it take place answer chhoices a.1970 b.2000 c.1993 d/1990 Ps. Heres the answer (D) Explain please

US History

I have written a small essay on this question: Compare the ways in which religion shaped the development of colonial society in the New England and Chesapeake regions. Here is what I wrote. Could someone read it and tell me if it is correct, and maybe add some comments? please...

CIS 105

Here is the assignment: Use information and data obtained from at least four reliable internet sources to produce a 12- to 15-slide PowerPoint® presentation about multimedia tools that aid classroom instruction. Include details about how each might influence learning. ...


Store a has a promotion if you Bryce three shirts you get 25% off the total price of the three shirts store be has the same shirts on sale with a promotion that if you buy three shirts you get the third shirt on a 50% discount store see has the same shirts on sale with a ...


the class president plans to randomly select a committee of three people from three boys and five girls. How many committees are possible?


Three black and three white beads are arranged on a string forming a circular bracelet. How many different color combinations are possible?

Math (Algebra)

The ratio of three positive integers is 2:4:5 and their least common multiple is 300. What is the sum of the smallest and the largest of the three numbers?

6th grade advanced math

1) -/-3/____ -3 //= what's the absulute value of. In the blank either put < or >! 2) In three plays, a football team gains 11 yd, loses 18 yd, and gamins 3 yd. Write and evaluate an addition expression to model the situation. [please explain how you got each question ...


there are three proposed triangular courses for the beginner sailors. The lengths of each leg of the race and the distance from the starting line to the finish line for each proposed course are listed below. Which course would be appropriate for the right triangle regatta? ...


Okay so i have this titration question and I don't really know the steps because everyone explains it differently. IF someone could explain me the steps of how i could solve this questions and other like this. Thanks In three runs of titration 22.8mL, 221.mL, 22.2mL of 0.200 ...

Algebra I

The sum of three numbers is 147. The second number is 4 more than two times the first number. The third number is five less than three times the first number. Find the three numbers. Can you please solve it? I have no idea how to do this. Thanks a lot for any help!


Can you please tell me what a teen's life was like durin WWII? Please include sources


The library is an excellent sources and option. What are some other public option? examples & explanation.


What makes citing and referencing electronic sources difficult? What can one do to ensure one has done so correctly?

Life orientation

Name five sources of the environmental health hazard that can contribute to ill health insidehome

P.E. help

Wastes from household, industrial, and agricultural sources can cause water pollution True False Is the answer true?


Hello I to write a paper and part of the paper is asking for information I am not sure which way to go if some one can please help me with this I would appreciate it the section I am having a problem with is Explain the criticism of artificiality in the discipline of ...


Six years ago, DJ’s mother was 8 less than twice the age of DJ then. Four years from now, twice her age will be four more than thrice his age. How old is DJ now?


List sources of internal pressure and external pressure


Three boxes each contain a number of billiard balls. One box contains only even-numbered balls, one box contains only odd numbered billiard balls, and the third box contains a mixture of odd and even numbered balls. All the boxes are mislabeled. By selecting one ball from only...


Three cards are drawn from a deck of 52 playing cards and not replaced. Find the probability of the following: a). Getting three jacks b). Getting an ace, a king, and a spade in that order. c). Getting a club, a spade and a heart in that order. d). Getting three clubs. HELP! a...


A committee of three people is to be formed. The three people will be selected from a list of five possible committee members. A simple random sample of three people is taken, without replacement, from the group of five people. Using the letters A, B, C, D, E to represent the ...


What caused states to demand a constitutional Convention and explain why? What three issues caused the most conflict during the Constitutional Convention and why? How did the COnstitutional delegates solve these problems? Plese tell me good site and teach me what these ...


In a mayor's race of three candidates, Isaac received 4,000 votes, Benoit received 6000 votes and Rene received 1/3 of the votes. What was the total number of votes cast in the election? Can anyone explain this. It seems like info is missing!

Math (Combinatorics)

A lottery ball drawing machine has 50 balls, each labeled with a distinct integer from 1 to 50. Every Sunday, four different balls are drawn to determine the winning numbers. You have last Sunday's ticket with the numbers {3,7,12,15}. You missed the drawing, but heard that 15 ...


Ok, so in a game of Texas Hold 'Em you have two hearts in your hand. The next two cards places are both hearts, but the third one is a spade. What are the odds that by the end of the round you will have a Flush (5 of same suit). I've asked someone else and they said it would ...

What does this mean

In art, I was given a painting, and im suppose to include four points in my analysis of why it is considered realistic, also i have to qualify my analysis with reasoning fitting the historical period of the art. What does all this exactly mean? For the analysis what do they ...

Math Help

Hi! I need help with these two questions. Thanks! 1.) Look for the first four terms for the following sequence below. an=n(n^2-6) 2.) For this question, remember that your answer has to begin with the second term of the following sequence. Look for the next four terms of the ...

7th Grade Language Arts

1. Read these two short sentences: There was a blizzard. Nearly 20,000 homes in the metro area lost power. Choose the correct subordinating conjunction to combine them into this sentence: ____ the blizzard, nearly 20,000 homes in the metro area lost power. (1 point) Although ...


Among the first settlers of the Oregon country, after trappers, were the ____ . A.Missionaries B. Merchants C. Schoolteachers D. farmers I think its A 2.What north american territories did Russia control in the early 1800s? A. California and Nevada B. the territories from ...


Why is an extra day added to February every four years? It is nice to have the calendar year the same as the Earth's orbit around the Sun. It takes 365 1/4 days to go around the sun...so, each four years, we add a day to correct the calendar. Thanks Bob!


Use Lewis diagrams to show how electrons are shared to form covalent bonds in compounds with the following atoms. Write the formulas a) one carbon atom and four chlorine atoms i think i would share each of the four electrons of carbon with the chlorine atom

Probability Help

In ''The Numbers Game,'' a state lottery, four numbers are drawn with replacement from an urn containing the digits 0-9, inclusive. Find the probability of a ticket holder having the indicated winning ticket. ​ All four digits in any order(including the other winning tickets)


If the radius of this cylinder is doubled, its volume will be twice as much four times as much eight times as much is it four times as much?


Your friend runs up to you, scared that he is not ready for the upcoming quadratics test. To help him study, you will create four different quadratic functions. Then demonstrate to him how to rewrite each function as a group of factors, if possible. The function f(x) is a ...

Homework help plz( Steve or Reiny)

Determine if the number is written in scientific notation. If not, explain 32 * 10^4. (1 point) No; it is not written as a power of 10. No; the first factor is not a number between 1 and 10. Yes; the number is written in scientific notation. Determine if the number is written ...

network neutrality

1. Explain what Net Neutrality is 2. Explain who wants and who doesn’t want Net Neutrality 3. Explain the Obama administrations stance on the issue 4. Why didn’t the FCC’s ruling cover wireless providers can you please help me find a link/websites that will help me ...

English expression

A. Looking at the capital letters in Italic script carefully, trace each letter in the alphabet. There are two four lines in A, and the alphabet are written on the four line dimly. <~~I don't understand this at all! They<~~Who are "they"? should practice writing the ...


Hello, I have no idea how to do the following question. Any help would be appreciated: An energy of at least 13.6 electron-volts is required to ionise a hydrogen atom. What is the longest wavelength of electromagnetic wave capable of ionising hydrogen? And which regions of the...


Roosevelt launched the second New Deal because of the failure of his initial policies to pull the country out of the Depression and because of the growing popular clamor for greater economic equality. True False *I think true The Great Depression had its roots in the 1920s. In...


Tom played five rounds of golf and shot an average score of 72. If he excluded the lowest score, however, his average for the other four rounds was 74. what was Tom's lowest score in the five rounds? PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW


Beginning in 1995, three digit area codes could begin with any number except 0 or 1. The middle and last number were not limited. How many area codes became available. I know the answer is 640 but I don't know how to explain that answer.


A recipe calls for three cups of cheese to make nachos for six people. How much cheese is needed to make nachos for two dozen people? Please answer and explain.


Three hundred thirty six students of school A and four hundred thirty two students of school B were to participate in a parade. For this, they had to stand in rows in such a way that no students of school A and B would get mixed up and the number of students in each row would ...


which of the following are actual pareto-efficient changes? explain. a) You buy three oranges for $1 from a street vendor.b) you sr near death from thirst in the desert and must pay a passing vagabond $10,000 for a glass of water.c) a mugger steals your wallet.d)you take a ...

Inclusive Language—Quoting from Biased Sources

The law from the 1800s mandated that men could buy alcohol and cigarettes only from a state store. What is your question here? ??


which research technique (survey, observation,experiment, existing sources) would you find most useful when you have been asiigned to do a study of homelessness


I need to know the resistivity of german silver wire. I've looked at a few Google sources and I've seen several different results. Anyone know which value I should use?


10. Use one of the sources available in the Almanacs and Yearbooks section to identify the approximate time of sunrise in Anchorage, Alaska, on December 25, 2015. A. 10:15 A.M. B. 9:45 A.M. C. 11:30 A.M. D. 8:10 A.M. ANSWER IS A

Life orintation

In HIV/AIDS criticaly discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support the claims.

life orientation



Which sources can be use wanting to search several of the library’s online databases at once? B Noodlebib Research Pro CQ Researcher SIRS Knowledge Source

Life orientation

In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in wich the human or environmental problem impact on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

dlabesuthe high school

In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community provide relavant sources to support your claims

Life oritation

In 10 _15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmetal problems impacts mn the community . Provide relevent sources to support your claims

life orientation

in10-15 lines critically discu 5 ways in which the water polluion problem impacts on the community.provide relevant sources to support your claims.

Life orintation

In 10-15 lines critically discuss five ways in which crisis and disasters impacts on the community.and also provide relavant sources to support your claims

Social Studies

Which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? a. oil resources b. mountainous terrain c. coastal lands d. fresh water sources


Object A and B both start at rest. They both accelerate at the same rate. However , object A accelerates for twice the time as object B. What is the distance traveled by object A compared to that of object B? a) the same distance B) twice as far c) three times as far d) four ...


Jabari is thinking of three numbers. The greatest number is twice as big as the least number. The middle number is three more than the least number. The sum of the three numbers is 75. Find the numbers.


Linear Approximation Function is y=x2 . Take three points, x=2, x=3, x=4. Approximate this function at these three points for a deviation Δx =0.1. Which of the three points does the approximation works best? Which point does it works worst?


Four members of a club decide to buy shares in a company. They will divide the cost equally. Two new members join the club and agree to contribute to the shares. Their contribution results in a savings of $200 for each of the original four members. How much do the shares cost?

Please check Statistic

Is this correct four of the volunteer will receive the new medication, while the other four will receive a placebo as part of a double blind experiment. Starting at the left of the list of random numbers below and reading from left to right, assign four people to be given ...


The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is eleven. If the digits are reversed, the new number is sixty-three less than the original number. Find the original number. Help? &explain how you got the answer please.


Consider the protagonist in the novel that you read this semester. In a response of no fewer than three paragraphs, explain how this character changes over the course of the novel. Include examples of these changes in your response. its over sence and senseability


A flower garden has three times as many red roses as pink roses. Twice the number of red roses is equal to four times the number of pink roses increased by ten. How many red roses are there? How many pink roses are there?


A flower garden has three times as many red roses as pink roses. Twice the number of red roses is equal to four times the number of pink roses increased by ten. How many red roses are there? How many pink roses are there?

statistics 2

A football team consists of 20 each freshmen and sophomores, 15 juniors and 10 seniors. Four players are selected at random to serve as captains. Find the probability that: a) all four are seniors b) There is one each: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. c) There are 2 ...


Tara was out selling girl scout cookies. She noticed that the caramel cookies were the most popular, with lemon cookies being the next most favored. She actually sold three boxes lemons cookies for every four boxes of caramel cookies. If she sold 63 boxes of caramel cookies ...

pre calculus

Question 1: Explain why the equation of the line y=5 has a slope that is undefined. Explain in words or mathematically. Question 2: Given any circle, the coordinates of one endpoint of a diameter is (3,-2). If the coordinates of the center are (2,-4), find the coordinates for ...


three number form an arithmetric sequence. Their sum is 24. A)If 'a' is the first number and 'd' the common difference, show that a+d=8 B)If the first number is decreased by 1 and the second number by 2, the three numbers then form a geometric sequence. Find the three terms.


Three Children – A couple are planning to have 3 children. What is the sample space for three children? (What are all the possible outcomes for three children? Assume that boys and girls are equally likely, so that the sample events are equally likely.


If the variance of the four numbers a,b,c and d is 9, then the variance of the four numbers 14-a, 14-b, 14-c and 14-d is _? A. 5 B. 9 C. 23 D. 121

financial management

Part I: Compute the worth of Arcadia Hospital in 2005 using rules of thumb, adjusted book value, and discounted cash flow valuation (for this final method, use the table provided). Assume the cash flow for 2005 is the same as 2006. 1) Rules of thumb: 2) Adjusted book value: 3...

U.S/history AP

----------After TX achieved independence they wanted to be brought into U.S.Because it would upset the balance of free and slave states that not happen until 1845. In 9 years between independence and entering the U.S.they were a socerign nation called this_ Bitter toward the U...

English: Ms. Sue

Hi Ms. Sue, Where can I find information determining which sources are reliable for example a web site. Please let me know..


because of their dependence on government sources, the news media are unable to set the agenda of debate. true or false


In a research proposal, your sources should not have the potential to answer research questions. True or False.


When did the US pull out of the Vietnam War? Some sources say 1973 and then others say 1969..?

eng 122

Academic sources should be used as evidence. (Points : 1) True False ANSWER false

Computer Science

Given three Strings, str1, str2 and str3, return the longest String. If all three Strings have the same length, return "same". There will not be a tie between two longest Strings. longestString("apple", "banana", "pear") → "banana" longestString("one", "two", "three") &#...

Grade 8 math

the hypotenuse of a right triangle is d. Find the sums of squares of the distances from the point of intersections of medians to the three vertices of the triangle. What? What does even mean? Why are they talking abou finding sums of squares if it's a triangle? I don't get it...

life orientation

Identify your three human rights violation or discrimination and explain in am introductory paragraph why you choose the specific human rights violation or discrimination

Life orientation

Identify three human rights violation or discrimination and in introductory paragraph explain why you choose specific human rights violation or discrimination

Language Arts

Which of the following sentences contains parallelism? A. We sold two bikes at the garage sale, and we also sold four chairs, as well as receiving offers for three lamps. B. I perfer new things, but some people like to buy things that other people have owned. C. A garage sale ...

Math-Exponential functions

An investment of $5,000 is made with three options:6% coumpounded annually, quarterly, and continuously. 1.) Create three functions 2.)What will be the value of each investment after 40 years? 3.)Which of the three investments will grow to a value of $30,000? 4.)What will be ...


Suppose you have a coin that lands on Heads with probability 0.6 There are three coin flips defined as X. Heads count 1 and tails count 0 – e.g., if three heads then X= 3; if a head and two tails then X = 1; if three tails the X = 0. What is the expected value of X? I'm ...

research writing

CheckPoint: Annotated Bibliography As part of the writing process, you will refine your premise several times. Before you eliminate any potential sources, you should create a record of your research in case you decide to revisit an idea. An annotated bibliography tracks your ...


Four coins fall onto the floor. Find the probability that (a) exactly three coins land heads up (b) all coins land tails up (c) two or more coins land heads up (d) no more than two coins land tails up (e) at least one coin lands tails up


I am supposed to "write each expression with a rational denominator" 1/thesqrootof 3. I follow the book's explanation, until it suggests dividing the sq. root of 3 by the square root of 3 times the square root of three. I do not understand how that reduces to the square root ...


Problem #1: If the economy is self-regulating, wouldn’t these scenarios represent correct and sequentially accurate economic explanation? a)


Problem #1: If the economy is self-regulating, wouldn’t these scenarios represent correct and sequentially accurate economic explanation? 1)

Social studies

What develops as a result of a surplus of gods allowing people to specializw in a particular trade or economic activity?

economic theory

How would you accomplish exposure netting with currencies to two countries that tend to go up and down together in value

Us History

How did the action of Daniel Shays and his followers relate to the economic problem of the Confederation period?What was the significance of the movement he led?

eth 125

hat are some way Japanese Americans have maintained levels of economic success since WW II


True or False, South Africa was technologically developed country because of its policy of Apartheid and the international economic sanctions.


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