Explain three economic sources for each of the four regions of texas

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Produce the algorithm for the problem above [this will include five “get” statements to input item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4 and item 5; three math statements to process the subtotal, tax and total; and three “display” statements to output the subtotal, tax and total]:


The Haber-Bosch process, devised in the early 20th century, revolutionized global industry. It provides a way of “fixing” atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, allowing for the production of fertilizers and the many nitrogen-based chemicals we use today. The reaction is ...


I have almost completed my assignment, but am stuck on this question. I researched my text and other outside sources and can't seem to find the answer. Can anyone provide any guidance on this for me? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of accounting? (...

Honors Chemistry

Can someone please explain to me how to use the stock naming system when naming chemical/ionic compounds? I reeeeaaaally do not get it. Here's some examples: 1. CaCO3 ==> I know the answer is calcium carbonate, but how is it that answer? 2. FeSO4 ==> The answer is ...

Physics: Three Identical Masses

Three identical masses of 640 each are placed on the x axis. One mass is at = -100 , one is at the origin, and one is at = 400 . What is the magnitude of the net gravitational force on the mass at the origin due to the other two masses? Take the gravitational constant to be = ...

Physical science

An object is on a horizontal surface,three force act horizontal on the object.3N to the left,12N to the right,in to the left.at the same time,another three force act vertically on the object,4N upwards,10N downward,2N downwards determine the resultant horizontal and vertical ...

Physical science

An object is on a horizontal surface,three force act horizontal on the object.3N to the left,12N to the right,in to the left.at the same time,another three force act vertically on the object,4N upwards,10N downward,2N downwards determine the resultant horizontal and vertical ...

world history

I need help in the Yom kippur war 1973. In one-two paragraphs, explain the event that you chose. Be sure to mention those directly involved in the event, its causes, what happened, and its final outcome. and it says stay away from online study guides and encyclopedias. So I ...

Technical wrtiting

Internet Source Distortion/Misrepresentation From media,or the Internet, identify an example of each of the following sources of distortion (faulty causal and/or statistical inference) a. A study with questionable sponsorship or motives b. Reliance on insufficient evidence/...


When factoring a trinomial, why is it necessary to write the trinomials in four terms?" You keep posting this without any thinking. Can this be factored in four terms? 10x^5 + 2x + 17 Perhaps you are meaning factoring the "quadratic" (a polynomial of degree 2) equation. Often ...

Chemistry (Re-post)

The distribution co-efficient of butanoic acid (pKa = 4.8) between water and two organic solvents are given below; Benzene D= 3.0 Octanol D= 6.2 a) which organic solvent is expected to extract the acid most efficiently from the water? explain your answer. So you expect that ...

Managerial Economic

Mr. Smith has the following demand equation for a certain product: Q = 30 - 2P. a. At price of $7, what is point elasticity? b. Between prices of 5$ and 6$, what is the arc elasticity? c. If the market is mark up of 100 individuals with demand curve identical to Mr. Smith's, ...

World history

Which of the following describes the emergence of social classes in early civilization? A. people were ranked based on their family size B. people ranked based on their religious beliefs C. people were ranked according to their jobs and economic standing D. people were ranked ...


a) Different types of storage devices are optimal for different situations. Explain what situations are appropriate for the following devices and explain why: Hard disk Floppy disk RAM CD ROM Tape b) Explain the role of each of the following in determining the speed of a ...


Mrs. Cason gives her class a spelling quiz every Monday,and a history quiz every third Monday . Sally smarty is in Mrs. Carson's class. She received a grade of 100% on all three quizzes today. How long will it be before she again has to take all three quizzes in on day?


2,000,000 shares of capital stocks at $3 par value were issued the company issued half of the stock for cash at $8 per share, and earnded $90,000 during the first three months of operation , and declared a cash dividend of $15,000 what would be the total paid in capital after ...


Eliza Savage received a statement from her bank showing a checking account balance of $324.18 as of January 18. Her own checkbook shows a balance of $487.38 as of January 29. The bank returned all of the cancelled checks but three. The amounts of these three checks are $15.00...


Could someone please help me with this word problem? The City Zoo has different admission prices for adults and children. When three adults and two children went to the zoo, the bill was $80.88. If two adults and three children got in for $76.47, then what is the price of an ...


After World War II, farming, fishing, and other food production activities became large scale enterprises which caused Question 5 answers a decrease in economic development. American diets to become less diverse. the over producing and over consuming of food. a decrease of ...

Current Events

Hey! Kayz, so regarding the stance 'that the US should remove political, social and economic support from dictatorships'. So far I'm thinking of adapting the sanctions on South Africa during apartheid for this. I'm also thinking of looking at current dictatorships and why bad...


Which of the following led to the reunification of germany in 1989? 1. the european union's euro currency brought economic success to france, a staunch ally of west germany 2. communism declined in the soviet union 3. the us divided its military support between east and w ...

Need Homework Help

In the space provided, write a paragraph of cause and effect. You may use one of the topics below or one of your own choosing. Mention at least three causes and their three effects. - friendship as a two-way street - television and preschoolers - vitamin deficiency in ...

Louisiana History

1. Which was not a reason for the King of Spain to be cautious when siding with rebelling British colonists? A) The colonists were rebelling against a monarch B) Spain could acquire more land in the New World. C) The British colonists were not well-funded and not as powerful ...


Hi, I really need help in how to approach this question: A species of tiny antelope, known as the zephyr, has an XY system of sex determination, similar to mammals. Zephyr males have small antlers and females do not. The antlers can be two pronged (2-pr) or three pronged (3-pr...


Divide... 1. x^3+2x^2+x+12/x+3 2. 45a^6b^10/5a^3b^2 Note that x^3+2x^2+x+12 is zero for x = -3, therefore (x^3+2x^2+x+12)/(x+3) has no remainder. You can divide using long division, but this is not the preferred method if you are doing the calculation by hand. If you make an ...


Is each biconditional statement true or false? Select True or False for each statement. A polygon is a square if and only if the polygon has exactly four sides. true or false A polygon has exactly five sides if and only if the polygon is a pentagon. true or false A polygon has...


in the United States more than 50 firms produce textile, bur only 3 produce automobiles. This statistic shows that government antimonopoly policy has been applied more harshly to the textile industry than to the automobile industry. Can you give an alternative explanation for ...


Thomas economic forecasting, Inc. and Harmon econometrics have the same mean error in forecasting the stock market over the last ten years. However, the standard deviation for Thomas is 30 points and 60 points for harmon.At the .05 signifcance level can we conclude that there ...


Why did Ho Chi Minh lead a resistance against France? a) He sought Vietnam’s independence. b) He wanted to control the country. c) He wanted more foreign influence and control other than France. d) He desired to keep French rulers in the Vietnam but demanded more economic ...

help asap please

Part II Choose three of your favorite television characters; past or present. Complete the following matrix describing the characters’ personalities from the point of view of the three theorists, Jung, Freud, and Rogers. TV Character Jung Rogers Freud 1. Tim the Toolman ...

Social psycology

Prepare at minimum a 1,400 word paper (no maximum) in which you examine the discipline of social psychology. As a part of your examination, be sure to address the following items: o Define social psychology. o Discuss how social psychology differs from other related ...


three boxes are in a room. You know that one contains apples, one centains oranges, and one contains a mixture of apples and oranges, but you don't know the contents of the specific boxes. The boxes are labeled "apples","oranges", and "apples and oranges", but each box has the...


The Business School Dean wants to determine if the future plans are significantly different for the three majors at a level of confidence of at least 90%. What test(s) would you recommend? 2. A company hired 20 salespeople and gave them an initial sales skills examination; ...


I am completing a table for my psychology class right now. It lists a couple situations and asked for the sources of stress, why they were unhealthy, how could they be changed to healthy, and the last part asks for two possible moderators for stress. I have finished the whole ...


Which element of Thoreau's style is shown in these passages from Walden? Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand …. Simplify, simplify. Instead of three meals a day, if it be necessary eat but one; ...

Language Arts

In the third wish the king of the forest claims that he has yet to hear of the human being who made any good use of his three wishes in a paragraph consider whether mr peters proves the king wrong do mr peters wishes bring him happiness does he put his wishes cite two or three...

Social Studies

Could you help me with these questions? 1. Which statement best explains the significance of the signing of the Mayflower Compact? * 2. What was a major reason for the colonization of the Americas by Europeans? * 3. Which reason led to the establishment of colonies in both ...


Congress is considering a tax credit program for those who purchase wind or solar-powered products. Proponents of the program have said that $400 million will be given directly to taxpayers and are arguing that this will have an economic effect that is greater than the ...


two records and three tapes cost $31.three records and two tapes cost $29 .find the cost of each record and each tape


Develop and describe the packaging necessary for your product or service in a one- to two-page paper. Your description must include the market research done (or necessary) to arrive at the packaging. Identify the product concepts you used in determining the packaging. How does...

US History - need answer ASAP

For a report i'm doing i need the following two: The political, social, and economic issues of Calvin Coolidge's philosophy & programs during his time in office; and the causes and effects of his programs on the US. i don't necessarily need the answer (tho i would appreciate ...


A typical acoustic guitar has a range of three octaves. When the guitar is tuned to “concert pitch,” the range of frequencies for those three octaves is between 82.4 Hz and 659.2 Hz inclusive. Write a compound inequality to show the frequencies that are within the range of...

hard history question

hi, what was the other european nation besides france and spain that supported the american rev. by declaring war on britain? thanks in advance! http://www.authorama.com/history-of-holland-26.html I am not certain that the Dutch ever declared war on Britain, however, Britain ...


What does this question mean exactly? It says.. review what you learned about Stonehenge and the cave paintings that were found in Spain by the two boys. Which is a greater achievement of these time periods? Explain your answer. Does that mean explain achievements of that time...


Hello I have key answers for the following tasks but I would like a native speaker to explain to me the uses of tenses here.The students have to put past tenses here. I am especially confused with the sentence beginning with The vases, which.... isn't it a rule when we see a ...


Energy, q, w, Enthalpy, and StoichiometrySource(s): Consider the combustion of liquid methanol, CH3OH (l). CH3OH (l) +3/2O2 (g) = CO2 (g) + 2H2O(l) H = -726.5 kJ Part A: What is the enthalpy change for the reverse reaction? Express your answer using four significant figures. ...

Science-Bohr Model 2

is there a pattern betweent he # of electrons in the outers shell of an element and its position along the row in the Perioidic table. whats the pattern? I know that there is a pattern, but I'm unable to explain. I looked at the first group of elements which included Hydrogen...


I am having trouble with this one… Can someone please show me the steps, the pairs to plot and the asymptotic? Thank you in advance! Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 2, three values of x that are between 1 and 2, and at x=2. Show ...

Urgent... I need help please

When do you think the prosecutor's office should become involved in a case (pre-arrest or post-arrest)? Do you think involvement by a prosecutor in the original stages of an investigation is a good idea? Can a defense attorney ever become involved in a case prior to indictment...


Can somebody help me understand batteries? I'll explain what I know, then, you can tell me if I'm right or wrong. I know that a battery consists of three main parts: the anode, the cathode, and an electrolyte. The anode is electropositive and the cathode is electronegative. ...

Political Science

You learned about the Democratic Peace Theory. Define this theory. Explain its strengths and weaknesses. Tell how it has been used to inform public policymaking. Now, explain whether you think it should be used in public policymaking, and why in a 250-300 words response.


1. Why are we using more dilute cultures for the killing curve while we are using the arg selection culture at full strength? 2.How would you find the arg+ mutants on the killing curve plates? 3. when designing a protocol to produce auxotrophs for biochemical pathways, how ...

Science ( just a little bit)

Which of the following characteristics of the arctic rabbit is specifically an adaption to the living in the tundra? ( my answer) B A) Small size B) Keen eyesight ***** C) Strong legs D) White fur do you think i can get the answers? according to the continental drift theory ...


I don't really understand the whole idea of Flow Charts. Can someone explain them to me? My geometry teacher doesnt do a good job explaining it. I don't understand the book either Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "flow charts" to ...

Social Studies

Which statement is true regarding the distribution of population throughout the world? a. Three-fourths of the world population occupies half of the planet's surface because of the abundance of hospitable land. b. Three-fourths of the world population occupies 5 percent of the...


1 ) name one economic reason why the British colony wanted confederation ? 2) name 2 military reasons why the British colony wanted confederation ?


Relative to a stock, a bond provides a a.higher dividend. b.lower dividend. c.higher level of risk. d.lower level of risk. Its D right?

plz explain or translate this question!!!

How were things resolved? what does this sentence mean? how do you write your answer for this Q? The sentence means there were two or more differing opinions, measurements or explanations about something. You are supposed to find out which is correct, or explain how the ...


Posting this question again Design an AC circuit with R, L, and C components so that it can achieve output voltage in a given load to be doubled in amplitude (magnitude) while achieving increase in the phase shift of the output voltage of 45 more than the phase of the input ...

honors physics

A car is traveling on an interstate highway: a) Can the car have a negative velocity and a positive acceleration at the same time? Explain. b) Can the car's velocity change signs while it is traveling with constant acceleration? Explain.


in what ways do the reasons that explain the downward slope of the aggregate demand curve differ from the reasons that explain the slope of the demand curve for a single product?

World History (Ms. Sue)

Explain how the terms "unconscious" and "repression" are used in Freud's theory. I'm still not sure how to explain how these terms are used in Freud's theory.


Explain the vascular system of a lilac flower Some sites would help me very much as i cant find any that explain the vascular system of the lilac flower.


Suppose in 2009 the united states congress passes a minimum wage law that increases the minimum wage (the lowest legal wage) to 7.25 per hour and has a provision that increases the minimum wage at the beginning of each year based on the CPI for the previous year. a.) If the ...


you buy only apples and bananas. Your budget is such that you can purchase 3 apples and 4 bananas or 9 apples and 2 bananas. Write down the equation for the budget line with bananas on the y-axis. Is that equation unique


Consider the set of northwestern states or provinces {Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta}. If a person chooses one element, show that in three yes or no questions, we can determine the element. Your Solution Hints œ I want you to choose a ...

Fins nance business

1. Find the future value of current $1,000 5 year from now when annual interest rate 8% is compounded annually 2. Find the present value of a future value (1,000) four years from now when annual interest rate 8% is compounded quarterly. 3.Find the present value of a four year...


What does it mean to have legal corporate social responsibility? Economic corporate social responsibility? Philanthropic corporate social responsibility? Confused!!


I have a project in which I design a house that runs completely on renewable energy sources. When I put in solar energy, the batteries are said to use the sun's light and store the energy for later use. My question is if those batteries have some kind of fossil fuels in them ...

World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

What sources inspired the Renaissance thinkers? A: Renaissance thinkers were inspired by a new vision of the world and the value of the individual. The Renaissance thinkers found glory in the idea that the individual had gifts that were almost divine. They were also inspired ...

International Economics

Explain why the U.S. would subsidize the short run costs of production for tobacco farmers in foreign countries. Do these practices guarantee the tobacco farmers a profit in the short run? Long run? Explain.

English Ms. Sue

How would I explain my reason fear can cause war because they might believe their is no other solution? How would I explain my reason fear can cause war because people naturally have an instinct to predict themselves with fear?


Explain the difference in bond lengths of N2, O2, and F2. Ans: I assume it's because of bond order (single, double, and triple bonds). Explain the difference in bond lengths of HF, HCl, and HBr. Ans: I'm not sure about this one???

math grade 10 math

A map shows a main gas pipeline running straight from A(45,60) to B(65,40) a) Is the point C(63,54) on the branch pipeline? Explain your reasoning b) What is the shortest route for connecting point C to the main pipeline.Explain **OMGGGG PLZZZ HELPPP, THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

Quantitative Methods

7) President’s job approval rating is frequently reported in news programs. You will hear statements such as: “Among likely voters, the President’s job approval rating is 46% with a margin of error of 6%.” a) What percent confidence interval do you think they are ...

US History

The passage is an excerpt from President Bill Clinton’s State of the Union address in January 1998. . . . As we enter the twenty-first century, the global economy requires us to seek opportunity not just at home, but in all markets of the world. We must shape this global ...


1. A corn plant over the course of a summer can weigh 500 grams (dry biomass, after removing the water), yet it starts from a seed that weighs less than 1 gram. What is the primary source of this increased mass? What process(es) are responsible for the gain in mass? Explain. 2...


I am a parent trying help my son, who has trouble understanding and remembering how to work his math. I never had this math, so it is hard for me to explain it. If I see it worked out. Then I can explain it, (I, Think) here is the problems. A ball is tossed into the air and it...


J. J. Berzelius collected the following data for three reactions: Reaction 1 – 11.56 grams of lead sulfide, PbS, were formed when 10.0 grams of lead reacted with 1.56 grams of sulfur Reaction 2 – 11.56 grams of lead sulfide were formed when 10.0 grams of lead reacted with ...

Chem Check Please!!!

Boric acid, H3 BO3, is a triprotic acid that dissociates in three reactions. The first dissociation step is: H3BO3 ⇌ H+ + H2BO3, Ka1 = 7.3 x 1010; the second dissociation step is: H2BO3 ⇌ H+ + HBO32, Ka2 = 1.8 x 1013; and the third dissociation step is: HBO3 ⇌...


Analysis: Suppose a new law stated that individuals could print their own currency. Consider this and answer the following: - What kind of changes would come about in daily commercial transactions as a result of such a law? - What forms could this private money assume? - What ...


Do you think the civil war was a religious war, a political war, or both? Write two short notes to the king. In the first, explain why, as a puritan, you think civil war is probable for religious reasons. In the second, explain why civil war is likely for political reasons. ...

World History

what is the main reason locals of the rainforests in latin america choose destruction over conservation? A. Governments offer incentives to clearers and logging companies B. The short-term economic gains are high for those struck with proverty C. There is a lack of education ...


An independent-measures research study computes three treatment conditions with a sample of n=10 in each conditions. The sample means are M1=2, m2=3, and m3=7. a. Compute SS for the set of 3 treatment means. (Use the three means as a set of n=3) scores and compute SS.)


Particle A has a mass of 2 and a charge of -1. Particle B has a mass of 2 and a charge of +1. Are particle A and B necessarily antiparticles? Explain your answer. I don't think so, but I'm not sure how I can explain why.

world history

During the fourteenth century, Japanese women of aristocratic rank A. saw marriage customs change to their detriment. B. were transformed because of their ability to hold their own property separately from their husbands. C. became freer due to the stability of the times. D. ...

Improving Your Writing

Ten years ago, I started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted me to office manager. I manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. My office provides secretarial support for the four members...

US history

Ulysses S. Grant was not considered a popular president, even though he had been a popular war hero. Which statement describes why? A. He refused to work with Radical Republicans in Congress. B. His ability to lead was marred by scandal. C. He took a strong stand against ...


an investment of 72,000 was made by a business club. the investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. the first part of the investment earned 8% interest. the second 6% and the third 9%. total interest from the investments was $5640. the interest from the ...


An investment of $37,000 was made by a business club. The investment was split into three parts and lasted for one year. The first part of the investment earned 8% interest, the second 6%, and the the third 9%. Total interest from the investments was $3030. The interest from ...


twenty light bulbs are tested to see if they claims last long as the manufacturers claims they do. three light bulbs failed the test. two light bulbs are selected at random without replacement from this collection of bulbs find the probability that both light bulbs failed the ...


Fascist leader in Italy and Germany came to power in the 1920s and 1930s because they : a) maintained political traditions b) supported the League of Nations c) resisted all forms of extreme nationalism d) exploited economic hardships to gain popular support. Is the correct ...


Few people in Europe diet. So the same soft drink that PepsiCo sells in the U.S. under the brand name of Diet Pepsi is sold in England under the brand name of Pepsi MAX. This is an example of which part of the external market environment? a. Competitive b. Legal c. Cultural ...

on the lines below, explain how you found how many

on the lines below, explain how you found how many long Amy's garden fence will be.

Catering(Gourmet Essentials)

1. In the dining room brigade system, the positions of maitre d’hôtel and/or captain may be combined under the title of A. communard. C. chef de salle. B. boulanger. D. sommelier. 2. Rachel and Mark are discussing the requirements of a healthy diet. Rachel says that ...

Pos/110 american government

Can someone help please??? 1. Assignment: American Government Concepts • Resources: Chapter 1 of the text lists several key concepts in American government. Among these are government, politics, policymaking system, public policy, democracy, majority rule, minority rights, ...


These are questions from Stephen King's collection  "different seasons", particularly the novel "Rita Hayworth and the shawshank redemption": 1. From all the appearances the trial against Andy was pretty much "opens & shut". Identify the details that point directly to andys ...


Considering militry Keynesianism and the politics that are involved in military base closures, discuss the efficiency of the decision making process (not the end result) that is used when Congress considers closing military bases. Be sure to include basic economic principles ...

us history

Which of the following economic activities flourished in the Middle colonies? Mining, because the mountains in the region had many gold deposits Shipbuilding, because abundant forests offered good timber supplies ** Tobacco farming, because slave labor made large-scale ...


Okay, how do you factor a polynomial when there is a number in front of the highest x term. For example: how would you factor 2x^2-11x+15 i know the answer is (2x-5)(x-3), right? So you put the 2x on one side and then you put an x on the other. And then you know that 15*2=30, ...


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