Erik Erikson theory on volunteering

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Science Word

Is cell theory is 1. the mayjor theory of life science 2. the cell is the basic unit of life 3. organisms are made up of one or more cells 4. all cells come from other cells I know it's 1 Im justing sure it's more than a answer. You (Ms. Sue) said that I can put the the ...

human services

where can I find information on reinforcement affect theory? I need information on the population that it is used and the theory of helping.

PHI208: Ethics and Moral Reasoning

What other similarity can we find in Freeman’s stakeholder theory with Kant’s moral theory


I have to summarize the development of atomic theory. I think this question is talking about Dalton's atomic theory, is that right

humanistic theory

People often make career changes in their lives. How would the humanistic theory of behavior explain this phenomenon?


A description of the differences how each theory addresses ethics and morality. they are virture theory, ultilitariianism, deontological ethics.


Jason, Erik, and Jamie are friends in art class. The teacher randomly chooses 2 of the 21 students in the class to work together on a project. What is the probability that two of these three friends will be chosen? A. 1/105 B. 1/70 C. 4/50 D. 34/140


I have to write a motivation profile paper using Ella's motivation accounted for biological theory of motivation,Marcelo's motivation accounted for psychosocial theory of motivation, and Masoko's motivation accounted for the interactionist theory of motivation.and I have to ...

Communication Theory

An objective theory is good in the eyes of an interpretive researcher if the explanation of communication behavior leads to further understanding of _________?


What is the difference between a deductive and an inductive theory? Distinguish between descriptive and normative theories.

social studies

what are these people famous for? like what did they do?: Henry the navigator Bartholomeu Dias hernan cortes queen isabella Ferdinand Magellan Martin Luther Montezuma Leif erikson

French (if correct translation/grammar)

Presque toutes les grandes histoires d'horreur sont également de grands romances, et histoire de Leroux d'un compositeur déformé et masqué, hantant l'opéra de Paris de labyrinthe comme un fantôme, racheté seulement par son amour pour un chanteur assez jeune, ont des ...

Media/Social Science

What is the theory of Habermas? How would you explain the theory of communicative rationality? How do you think the thoughts of Habermas apply to the real world?


What are the positive aspects of peer groups during adolescence? Which of Erikson’s stages describes the psychological issues of adolescence? In your opinion, which stage is the most important? Why?


Identify the following: Social conflict, empowerment theory and feminist theory. How are the theories similar? How are the theories different? What are the implications for interventions and community development?


The braod theory that describes the dynamic nature of large segments of the lithosphere and the underlying mantle is called Plate-Tectonics Theory? not sure Please see the other answers I posted.


The data below shows the number of hours a week on average a group of students spend volunteering for community service projects. What is a cumulative frequency table that represents the data? 4 5 10 21 6 2 9 8 12 15 8 14 6 4 6 11 3 2 9 16 22 23

phys/ 210

I need help in answering this question personality theories disussed in text i am using learning theory and trait theory comparing and contrasting these two theories


When do we have to give up on an old theory and try to come up with a new theory? Would it be when the old theory under goes changes? Also, how would I compose my answer to this question into a paragraph? This happens when we suspect that the theory is not perfect. E.g., the ...


I have to write a reflection paper about volunteering should I just write about what happened daily.

Character Education

Can you find any information that Character Education benefits from volunteering? Also, does raising money in a school for a cause usually work?

criminal justice

Which of the following theories holds that each citizen gives up complete liberty in return for societal protection against others? A. Natural law theory C. Police as a public servant theory B. Social contract theory D. Rawls’s theory The formal law enforcement code of ...


In her lecture concerning scientific method, Dr. Smith insisted that each of the steps must be used in order to arrive at a scientific finding. She included directions to __________ in her list of necessary components. (Points: 5) form a question and design a procedure for ...


Ok..I think I know the answer, but I have not been able to find it anywhere... An electrical field is best described as A)fact B)hypothesis C)theory I think its a theory, but I would appreciate any help! Thank you.


3) Erik wants to form 4-digit integers using only the digits 1, 2, 3, and 4. He is allowed to repeat digits. What is the probability that he forms a 4-digit integer where at least one digit repeats? Express your answer as a common fraction.


Morgan is a 57-year-old man whose children are off at college. According to Erikson, in order to fully develop generativity in middle age, Morgan needs to:


So I am doing an essay and I wanted to know the lyrics to Am I Born To Die by Tim Erikson, it is in the 2003 movie Cold Mountain. I cannot follow links, so if you could copy and paste the lyrics, I would appreciate it.


How does the kinetic molecular theory help explain the difference between solids, liquids, and gases? Would the answer be basically stating how the theory states the difference of their atom structure? Or is it something else?


A Russian mathematician named Christian Goldbach came up with a theory that every even number greater than 4 can be written as the sum of two primes. Test Goldbach's theory with the numbers 6 and 50


A girl tells her mother she is volunteering at an animal shelter because it makes her feel good, but the truth is that she has been offered extra credit in one of her classes to do so. Her motivation is 1.)a lie 2.)external 3.)idiomatic 4.)idiomatic


Derek Parfit believed that the split brain experiments provided evidence in favor of which of the following? Select one: a. Determinism b. Free will c. Hume's bundle theory d. The human soul e. Locke's memory theory I think b


Many Christians seem to accept modern cosmology - Galileo's view that the earth is not the center of the Universe - while at the same time disagreeing with the theory of evolution. For this discussion, we will focus on the following questions (in 250 words total): 1. Why do ...

Leadership and ethical decision making

I need to review normative ethical theory and another theory and get an understanding of the relevance of ethical theories to current organizational situations

Science (theory of evolution)

How has the genetic code support the theory of evolution?

Science (theory of evolution)

How has the fossil record support the theory of evolution?

Social studies

Social studies, 7th Grade. I need: 4 important facts on leif erikson. Do you know any? Do you know any sites i could use? Please help.


I need to show work for this but I don't know how. Erik wants to form 4-digit integers using only the digits 1, 2, 3, and 4. He is allowed to repeat digits. What is the probability that he forms a 4-digit integer where at least one digit repeats? Express your answer as a ...


Nah! Many of us are volunteering in food banks, churches, synagogues, community organizations, political parties, schools, and on the Jiskha board. We're also taking care of grandchildren, flying off to foreign countries, and driving to favorite places here in the U.S.

math: set theory

{X|X E N and x greater than or equal to 4} This is a set theory problem: | = means such that is E = is a symbol used to replace the words "is an element of" N= represents all natural numbers answer choices are: a) {5,6,7,...,100} b) {5,6,7,...} c) {4,5,6} d) {4,5,6,...} please...


check my anwsers please. How do we detect black holes? I think you observe their gravitational influence on things around them Is that correct? Respectively, Einstein's special theory of relativity and his general theory of relativity replace Newton's theory whenever...? I ...


Can you check this sentence, please? I know a little about helping injured and sick animals from volunteering at the social shelter. I look forward to learning more in school about how to treat animals.

Simple Biology

A majority of scientists worldwide agree with a new theory of evolution proposed by a group of students. The theory will most likely be (2 points) rejected. accepted. non-testable. non-observable. *I think it is B, but I am not sure

finance 3 questions

Some analysts believe that the term structure of interest rates is determined by the behavior of various types of financial institutions. This theory is called the A. ANSWER Expectations hypothesis B. Segmentation theory C. Liquidity premium theory D. Theory of industry supply...

Social science

Social conflict, empowerment theory and feminist theory. How are the theories similar? How are the theories different? What are the implications for interventions and community development?


When enough experimental data support a hypothesis, the hypothesis then becomes a fact theory inference conclusion I am torn between theory and conclusion


Modified Arrhenius theory question? using the modified Arrhenius theory, write a chemical reaction equation to explain the acidity of glycolic acid.

Grade 12 english

I have to write a reader response theory on a story, and I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly reader response theory is, could anyone explain? Thanks!

Social science

Social conflict, empowerment theory and feminist theory. How are the theories similar? How are the theories different? What are the implications for interventions and community development? Thank you, Ms. Sue


According to James Rachels, personal identity in the qualitative sense refers mainly to: Select one: a. Important parts of your personality b. Parfit's split brain theory c. Family background d. Hume's bundle theory e. All of the listed I think e or a


how is criminal behavior explicable according to rational choice theory? It would be helpful if you phrased your questions in regular English and explained your terms. explicable ??? rational choice theory ??? ?? question pertains to the rational choice theory of crime. ...

Principle of Ethics

What are the similarities and differences of the Consequentialist theories(ends based theory) and the Deontological theories(Rules based theory).


Discuss social learning theory and how the criminal justice responses may be formed based on the assumptions of social learning theory?


When you see lightning strike, you probably wil see thunder soon. Is this theory or law? I think its theory, what do you think


Why do you think the "Seven Commentaries on the Gallic War" was written? Suggest one theory cocnerning the book and to support your theory through examples from the book should be used. PLEASE HELP! i've tried other websites and I cant get a lot of information! HELP!

child development part 1

whichpoint of view concerning growth and development does the definition describe.behavior changes as a result of observing people in various situations a.behaviorism learning theory c.humanism d.psychoanalytic theory my answer is b

child psychology in general

in conducting experiments to test scientific theories,exceptions? a.can be triggered if they are few in number b.tend to be disproved or substantially weaken the theory and must be reported c.are included to increase the power of the theory d.suggest that the research method ...


What is neurological psychological theory? How did neurological psychological theory get established? I am doing a paperand can not find anything to explain this to me am i searching the wrong thing can some please help I need information to write this paper Thank you

Child Care

Samuel is beginning to realize that he has a talent for art,and he feels good about it. Which of Erikson's stages may he reached? A.Autonomy vs.shame B.Initiative vs. guilt C. Industry vs. inferiority D. Identity vs. confusion I pick the letter D can someone check my answer.

Written Analysis

I am in desperate need of some help with these questions? Can you identify which theory of life's origin is "true"? By what basis do you make your decision. Should one theory or the other or both be taught in acts that are left school? If so, should they be examined in science...


What are the similarities and differences of the Consequentialist theories(ends based theory) and the Deontological theories(Rules based theory).


In each of the following sentences, insert correct capitalization and marks of punctuation whenever they are needed. Are these sentences correct. 1. On a recent blustery February afternoon, students were tearing down a sagging porch. 2. They are part of a program, trying to ...


Can you please explain this? It's kind of hard to understand... Activity Theory - This theory proposes the continuation of a moderately active lifestyle and will maintain a sense of well-being. Lost roles - worker, mother, spouse, must be replaced by other roles

Physical Science Concepts

1) the industrial revolution occurred at about the same time as the growth of the theory of electromagnetism. a)What were some of the causes of the industrial revolution? b)What technology and industry can be assciated with the emergence of the electromagnetic theory?


I can't find any other risks of volunteering other than: abuse and accidents at the work site... If anyone knows anything else... thanks! Also, if anyone knows where to find what kind of accidents occur.. Thanks!!! So MUCH!


3 different drugs are under consideration for trating a given ailment. in the past 10,000 applications, drug A was sed 2500 times, drug B 4000 times, and drug C 3500 times. when an expert was asked to rank the effectiveness of the 3 drugs, he replied: "drugs A is twice as ...

creative play

Which theorist believed children individually create their own knowledge about the world through different types of play? A. Piaget B. Erikson C. Freud D. Vygotsky I think its piaget... A?


What does tenure track, part time instructor of computer science does? To be computer science where can you do volunteering?

Child Psychology

As a student of Erikson, you realize that your search for independence is a challenge of a. mistrust versus trust b. autonomy verses shame or doybt. c. initiative versus guilt. d. industry versus inferiority I think it's "B" not 100% sure

Human Geography

I'm doing a research essay that has to prove how the Malthus theory can be applied to the modern world. I need around 5 countries as examples. They can include contradictions and examples of the theory. What are some countries? I can't use India or China, though.

child psychology in general

in conducting experiments the test scientific theories exceptions? a.can be ignored if they are few in number b.tend to disprove or substantially weaken the theory and must be reported c.are included in order to increase the power theory d.suggest that the research method aree...

Communication Theory

How does the metaphor of “media ecology” enhance or detract from your understanding of media effects on individuals, social groups, and democracy? Can “media ecology” be tested as a theory?


Im in the middle of a research paper discussing development of personality, specifically Freud and Erikson. I have googled many sites and been to my library at college. I'm struggling with how their two theories are similiar. I understand how they differ! Any direction you can...

Adult Development and life Assessment

Speding time volunteering at the local food bank and agreeing to be part of the office group-walk for caharity are examle of 1. prosocial behavior 2. peer review 3. conformity 4. emotional intelligence Is it emotional intelligence


Why is it important to consider inversely the nexus between theory and policy? It is far more important to consider writing skills and clarity of communication. Can you possibly explain the meaning of consider inversely the nexus? Hmmm. "... consider inverseley the nexus...


What are the repercussions of a bruised ego? Would it be correct to say that there is not much difference in the theories of Freud and Erikson on ego? Are there any consequences to a bruised ego? I don't think there are but I am having such trouble with this assignment.


what is the relationship between a scientific law and scientific theory? what is the difference between a hypothesis and a theory?


I need to choose a woman who i could write a research paper on. It would be good if it is a topic i liked. For me that would be humanitarians, environmentalists, and animal rights leaders or anything to do with volunteering. And they have to be from the 19th-21st century ...

The continental drift theory

Explain how the following pieces of evidence supported the continental drift theory. a) matching continental margins b) similar animal fossils in South America and Africa c) similar rock types and structures in North America and northern Europe d) magnetic striping in rocks ...


Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: In your own words, summarize each of the major theories of biology. • Choose one theory and provide an example of how this theory relates to the news today. • Use at least one outside reference in addition to your text.


I need helping finding information for my homework assignment please. Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Describe personality. Discuss the main tenets of each theory, how they apply to personality and behavior, and the ...


Newton’s law of gravity is used with great success in most everyday situations, and indeed, in planning planetary space missions such as the Rosetta probe. However, Einstein’s theory of general relativity and a theory of quantum gravity are needed to describe the observed ...

Physics - Aristotle and his theory

Aristotle beleived that wood was a combination of fire, water, and earth. Use his 4 element theory to explain why a wooden boat floats on water. His theory is hard for me to understand. The only thing I know is that the boat floats on the water because the water is more dense ...


I do not want answers! The question is: Evaluate the effectiveness of self-determination theory in explaining various behaviors. My question is: Exactly what is this asking for and how would I start the response? Is it asking for the behaviors themselves or how the behaviors ...


Need help with a research topic for a paper on conservation of fresh water. I have to include two disciplines of classes - history and human and family development. Also, I need to integrate a theory - Bandura's theory of modeling? Can anyone help me? Throw me a bone to get ...


I had to compare and contrast two personality theories and would like if someone could give me some constructional feedback. When compared Psychodynamic theory and Humanistic theory they both try to define why we do what we do as humans, and why we choose what we do. ...


Danette knows she is not at all like her parents. She could never be like them. She is her own unique person. Her style of dress, mannerisms, and language emphasize her uniqueness. According to Erikson, Danette is attempting to establish: a. permanence. b. generativity. c. ...


Tiffany feels a sense of fulfillment when she volunteers at the school down the street. She has no specific goals other than to improve her neighborhood school and enrich the lives of the children who attend it. What would Erikson say about Tiffany’s development? (Points : 1)

science (theory of evolution)

1.What is two pieces of evidence used to support theory of evolution? Do you guys think it would be alright if I said that they observed nature. And also if you guys could help me come up with another example I would REALLY appreciate it!!


which comes first in general? Theory or Experiment? Theory comes first. Correct?

social studies

plzz HELP me with my social studies i need to get this one done within 10 min plzz 1. Which word most closely means civility? (1 point) respect discipline patriotism liberty 2. Civic-mindedness most encourages people to (1 point) speak their minds about issues honestly. treat ...

Communication and Gender Studies

In relation to Standpoint Theory in Gender Communication please provide a specific example of how a well-known political figure has standpoints consistent with their supporters in some major ways and explain it from the perspective of standpoint theory. Thank you for the help ...


I have to respond to this question in 200 words or more. What might happen when a boy plays with action figure dolls? How does this behavior fit into theories of development? I am studying Jean Piaget's theory of development so I am assuming I am supposed to answer this ...

Introduction to Psychology

Joaquin has been assigned a primary research project in his psychology class. He is to observe student behavior during a learning task andattempt to for a(an) ________. In order to do this, he must be able to describe principlesand events, and how they may be related. Would it...


Hunger Games:Which of the following was a more caring act, Katniss providing food for her family, volunteering as tribute, or helping out Peeta, when he was injured?ThankYou ! In my opinion,caring for peetas leg was pretty caring, when she couldve cared for herself, mkaing her...


4 The big Five in personality theories refers to which of the following? a. a set of functional traits such as neuroticism and openness to experiences. b. the group of personality theorists who criticized Freud's theory as too sexual. c. The effect of positive reinforcement on...

Communication and Gender Studies

In relation to Standpoint Theory in Gender Communication Theory, how can knowing the standpoint of someone else bring understanding to a particular communication situation or event?


Asthenosphere can act like a viscous liquid right? Is lithosphere part of the crust, or just part of the mantle? The core is the most solid part within the earth right? P-waves can travel through all the layers, except for S-waves right? Also What really is the plate tectonic ...


Describe two scientific theory (atomic,kinetic,cell theory) and non scientic (moral, ethical, religious theories ).Differentiate between the scientific and non scientific theories explaining why there are some questions that science cnnot answer.

program planning

Children who attend a program that has some theoretical basis for planning have A. more positive experiences than those who attend a program with no theory to guide the practices of staff.B. less positive experiences than those who attend a program with no theory to guide the ...


Ok...this is a super dumb question, but is an electric field best described as fact, hypothesis, theory or all of these? I think that it is fact, since there are means of measuring the electric field of something, but I could be wrong. They have found fossils of our ancestors...


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