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how are united states and canida alike in terms of farming and maniufacturing?


Even after achieving such wealth, Oliver has always remained true to himself and never allowed his beliefs to waver. Correct?

Engllish Grammar

Help me to identify the sentence structure of this sentence. "Holmes is called in to help solve a mysterious problem"


What conclusion can you draw about Samuel Pepys from his account of the Great Fire of London? A. He maintained relations with all social strate. B He became the spokesperson of the aristocracy. C he felt responsible for organizing rescue issions. I think it is C but am not sure.


I need help writing a thesis for my history day project, my person is Sacagawea and this years theme is leaders and their short and long term legacies. I don't exactly know where to start. Sacagawea has played a big role in the discovery of Louisisana territory, making her one...

Middle school Engllish

My son recently had an English test where he was marked incorrectly, but I think he was correct. I just need some verification. The question: "The whole neighborhood watched him climb in his old pickup and ______ down our street at full speed." The word to use was the form of...


Could you please check these descriptions I need to prepare for tomorrow? Thank you. 1) The man in photo A is wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and a grey-and-black striped tie underneath. He is also wearing a belt. He is holding a black folder in his right hand. 2) He...


Here it is. I still haven't come up with a wow ending sentence. Do I need to change my thesis statement in the 1st paragraph? I did change it in the last. I awake very groggy, to find myself on this very remote island with not a person in sight. Attached to my shirt is a ...


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