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  1. English

    What is the main purpose of a humorous essay? A. to inform B. to explain C. to persuade D. to entertain D?
  2. English

    Leaping upstream, we fished most of the day salmon. Avoid dangling
  3. English

    help I need a book report on Anastasia. It needs six sentences pls help.
  4. english

    The of broken glass followed the of the bullet as the rifle . The soldiers were awakened by the of the bugle
  5. english

    what is the subject,verb and object in this sentenceParalegals must have good ethics.
  6. English

    ''Thank you so much for you're patiently waiting.'' 1. Is the statement grammatically correct? 2. What is its sentence patterns? ;)
  7. english

    what are the different options of hotel to stay in khaplu?list 5 hotal and the tariff?
  8. English

    Change into passive - I have been registering scores like that.
  9. English Novel

    Catcher and The Rye To what extent is Holden responsible for his own loneliness?
  10. English-Grammar

    Is the following correct? "The abysmal absence of food deprived me of energy."

  12. english

    Need to find the subject and verb and object in 2. We made too many wrong mistakes.
  13. english

    1.Music is to _____ as____ is to watch 2.zebra is to ___as giraffe is to_____.
  14. Math, science,English and social studies

    Hi, do you help with homework? Do you help with reading? Paying money?
  15. English

    Find out the figure of speech "I weep like child for the past"
  16. English

    What are the action and be verbs in this sentence ? In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation.
  17. English grammar

    Sun was very hot.it was still summer. Correct conjunction for it.
  18. English

    What symbols are present in the poem, Salt Water Moon, by David French?
  19. English

    What symbols are present in the poem Did I Miss Anything by Tom Wayman and what do they represent?
  20. English

    Duane feel he d too many years in inactivity, so now he welcomes the of a exercise program.
  21. English

    Is post structuralism theory applied on the novel A fare well arms by Hemmingway?
  22. English

    Error correction in we sentence "My friend house us big red and expensive"
  23. English

    Which type of dictionary is limited to a particular field? abridged specialized unabridged
  24. English

    What is the one prediction for the upcoming pages of the novel becoming naomi leon
  25. English

    What is one important events that happened from the novel becoming naomi leon
  26. English

    What does the author achieve by mixing exact and approximate numbers in "A Contribution to Statistics?"
  27. English

    What does this mean? "The world abounds with masterpieces, and yet they do not fill my two hands"
  28. English

    What is the purpose of the author using flashbacks in the short story 'penny in the dust'?
  29. english

    What does the author achieve by mixing exact and approximate numbers in "A Contribution to Statistics?"
  30. English

    What do you mean by accurate? I'm confused. I have been out of school since the 70's. Thank you!
  31. english

    Pinocchio's lies cause his nose to grow, but when he ___ it returns to its usual size.
  32. english

    That container of fried rice has spent six weeks in the back of the refrigerator.
  33. English

    Please help me to write a narrative essay about the new boy at school
  34. english

    _____ provided constitutional justification for segregation for almost sixty years.
  35. english

    "Plants may be ploughed _______ the soil." Would the blank space be 'the', or 'underneath'?
  36. English

    Names based on peoples hometowns were common too------which of the following sentence is not true
  37. English composition

    Write a debate on the against the motion men should help at the kitchen
  38. english

    what is the best paraphase of these lines. #1 A saturated meadow, #2 Than the trees around were tall:
  39. English

    there are never enough discipline on the playground;someone always is getting hurt
  40. English

    1. The idiom get inside the authors head means to 2. Base word of accusation
  41. english

    If you are very good with people, you have a high level of __________ intelligence.
  42. Math

    a consonant when 1 letter is chosen at random from among the 26 letters of the English alphabet
  43. English

    I'm quitting social media for good does this make sense it's the starter of my speech
  44. English

    Identify subordinate conjunction in the following sentence. What rakesh said was not clear.
  45. english

    The suffix -est means: A. more B. most C. alot D. many Thinking the answer b.
  46. English

    Parents want their children to go to college however they do not always have the funds to send them
  47. english

    A reader can tell that the meaning of “obnoxious” will include “having the quality of something” because of the
  48. English

    How does Millhouser manipulate diction in order to create a theme in " Dangerous laughter".
  49. English

    What a....! The more you look, the less you see. A. Wonder B. Miracle C. Challenges D. Paradox
  50. English

    What important transitional periods happened in my brother's keeper, by Jay Bennett?
  51. english

    how does the men's final choice lead to the end of the story two friends
  52. english

    Nobody on the Tri Rail seems to know ________ way around Miami. A) their B) his C) there D) his or her
  53. english

    Is this correct grammar? “Yes,” Lucy anxiously whispers, fingers tapping by her side. “Yes, it is.”
  54. English

    Can you give me a sentence about Halloween with the use of each relative pronouns who, what,whose, which & that?
  55. English

    Write an. Argumentative essay for the motion, boys should not work in the kitchen
  56. English

    Who knows all of Romeo and Juliet's secrets? A -The Nurse B -Balthasar C -Friar Lawrence**
  57. English grammar

    Be careful with the case, otherwise you will......... Fill the blank with appropriate homophone
  58. English

    Which letter best explains the synonym of elaborate? A Protest B Explain C Summarize
  59. English

    How would you connect new study material to areas that you’re already familiar with?
  60. English

    I was ask to write an essay about Nigeria a United Country in not less than 400.
  61. English

    What are the nouns in the sentence Reggie bought a computer today at the store for$700.
  62. ENGlish

    Can you help me rephrase this sentence so that there is no plagiarism. Some residents must relocate for a position.
  63. English

    Change this sentence into passive voice 1 we compelled the enemy to surrender
  64. English

    Please show me an agumentative essay on boys helping girls in the kitchen
  65. English

    Researchers are desperately searching for aur for many deadly diseases. What is its passive form??
  66. English

    I have some doubts concerning a few sentences. I really hope you can check them. Thank you very much in advance. 1)I did rhythmic gymnastics two years ago but I had to give it up to prepare for (?) my school-leaving exam. 2)My favourite book is "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph ...
  67. Science Fair Project

    I need a good high school level science project that I can do a lot of research on and have a control http://www.google.com/search?q=science+fair+project&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official Umpteen ideas for you in here. Happy hunting! =)
  68. english patient continued

    Okay, it's me again. can you read my next paragraph of my essay. This is analyzing one of the themes in the english patient. The English Patient is truly an inspiring piece in literature. One of the various types of themes in this novel is the pain, trouble, and suffering that...
  69. English

    1. He bought Jane a present. 2. Jane was bought a present. 3. A present was bought for Jane. According to Longman English grammar (which was published long ago, about 30 years ago.), #1 can be changed into #2. What about at present? Is this rule changed or not? When the verb ...
  70. English

    Thank you very much for your cooperation. Can you please check some more sentences? 1) His soul had gone mad as a result of his solitude in the wilderness. 2) He struggled against the madness of his soul that, however, recognized no limits and ad no faith in anything. 3)...
  71. management science

    A market research firm has three clients who have each requested that the firm conduct a sample survey. Four available statisticians can be assigned to these three projects; however, all four statisticians are busy , and can only handle one clients. The following data shows ...
  72. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 10:09pm. 1. He was based on mountains and rivers, so he painted a lot of beautiful pictures. 2. He was based on the scenery, so he could paint many pictures containing mountains. (Are they correct sentences?) English - Writeacher, ...
  73. ethnics

    here is the assingment i do not know if he wants me to answer all of those for the four groups what dose it sound like to you guys and can you help. Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity • Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups, the University Library, and the Internet • ...
  74. A comparison and contrast essay uses which of the

    1. A comparison-and-Contrast essay uses which of the following elements? (Select all that apply) A. two subjects that are similar and different B. an opinion to change the readers mind C. supporting factual details D. the relationship between cause and effect E. a main ...
  75. english

    i have a project for english that has to do with minoritys and i have penelope cruz....on the rubric it says celebrity status...can someone please tell me what that is or what penelope's is...it would help a ton!!! Penelope Cruz is a Latina actress. what the status of her ...
  76. History

    Ok i had to do some research and answer some questions about MLK. I did alot of them but couldn't find the rest so can someone help me please. 1.How would this speech be different if it was written from a third person point of view? Does it change the meaning?Explain 2.Who and...
  77. Some research questions

    I missed this week until today, and my science professor told me I have until tomorrow to do at least 50% of this project. Project: A 20 slide power point presentation over economy and environmental issues in Bolivia. Must include pictures, extra points for sound. Country ...
  78. Finance

    You are interested in a new Ford Taurus. After visiting your Ford dealer, doing your research on the best leases available, you have three options. (i) Purchase the car for cash and receive a $1,900 cash rebate from Dealer A. The price of the car is $19,000. (ii) Lease the car...
  79. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1)Nature is personified. 2)The humans (or people, human beings) don't have time to observe her beauty as cows an sheep do. 3) We don't have time to turn at Beauty's glance and see how her feet can dance. 4) The ...
  80. math 118

    a. Suppose a market research company finds that at a price of p = $6., they would sell x = 44 tiles each month. If they lower the price to p = $2, then more people would purchase the tile, and they can expect to sell x = 48 tiles in a month’s time. Find the equation of the ...
  81. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    HI I Like you to help me with my research on Attraction and repulsion of electrical charges If you would give me any links or websites and thank you alot thanx Check these sites. http://psych.hanover.edu/Krantz/neural/charge1anim.html http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys...
  82. strategic management

    The purpose of this activity is to develop a research taxonomy related to the Strategic Management process. With this assignment, you are to investigate scholarly theories related to Strategic Management. The object of your taxonomy is to identify at least ten separate and ...
  83. English

    Please help me understand what I should do. Below is the assignment that I am not understanding. What is a one page diary entry? What is APA format? Answer in complete sentences and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your ...
  84. Social Studoes 8R - help!!!!! (please)

    Why do you think some people called Carnegie called a Robber Baron? well... according to the wiki it says .... "....He earned most of his fortune in the steel industry. In the 1870s, he founded the Carnegie Steel Company, a step which cemented his name as one of the "Captains ...
  85. english really hard

    Ondaatje’s work in “The English Patient is so beautiful and absolute that every sentence in his book has a sense of power in its meaning. His novel gives us mysterious and memorable tales of his characters’ lives. Instead of presenting the story in present tense, he ...
  86. spanish sra JMcGuin

    1. Approximately what percentage of the world's Spanish-speaking population lives in the United States? 5 9 14 2. According to the Guinness record book, how many letters does the longest Spanish word have? 22 29 42 3. The word chocolate came to Spanish from what language? ...
  87. eth

    ‚· Prepare a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of race as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human interactions in your community have been racialized. For the community, you ...
  88. english final exam essay question

    in your opinion, is the ladies' paradise a feminist novel?
  89. English

    Can someone just look and see if I got these sentences correct? Thank you! Dangling Modifiers
  90. english

    Punctuating Sentences The goose bit the mailman on the leg. Your sentence is punctuated correctly.
  91. english

    poem is to ________ as novel is to chapter Stanza? or couplet or line ?? or verse sonnet?
  92. English IV-writeacher

    Thank you for your help! I even was able to use essential in my essay a couple of times =D! You're very welcome. Go get A's!!! =)
  93. English-(PLEASE CHECK)

    What does the main conflict of the play seem to be? My Answer- poverty + discrimination
  94. English

    I mean, what is "independence" all about? Is it concluded in freedom? Respect? Loyalty? And why is it connected to that?
  95. English

    Is the answer B. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts?
  96. english

    in uncle toms cabin why does eliza think its safe to stop for food at the farmhouse
  97. english

    What are the nouns in this sentence? And again, in the air, before it could fall to the snow, the spittle crackled.
  98. English

    searching for evidence in the novel Being There by Kosinski that the author dislikes humans and Americans
  99. english

    what is the subject of the sentence...Two lost species are the passenger pigeon and the carolina parakeet.
  100. english

    If you are writing an essay about a narrative in your textbook, do you italicize, underline, quote the title or what? Thanks!
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