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  1. English

    sentence pattern- Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment?
  2. english

    sentence pattern - Hybrids produce less pollution than conventional cars?
  3. English

    In the story The Necklace written by Guy de Maupassant what are the examples of similes and metaphors?
  4. english 11

    What is Henry's answer to the objection that the colonists are not ready to fight against the British?
  5. ENglish

    THree fourths of all plants and animals. Sentence run-on or fragment?
  6. English

    THe tall trees block the blue sky? Sentence run on or fragment?
  7. English

    Thirty million different kinds of insects sentence run on or fragment
  8. English

    Is there any sufix which gives the opposite of the word other than -less,i.e care-careless.
  9. english

    what is the complete and simple subject for "Valentine's day has a very interesting History."
  10. English

    Can you please help me rephrase this so there won't be any "I, Me, My, Us, We, Our, Your or You" in it? Thanks Have you ever given up something you love?
  11. english

    How would you briefly describe Poe's requirement for the short story genre?
  12. english

    What does the backdoor of Pichot’s symbolize for Grant? please write in paragraph form
  13. English

    Change the verb into the tense indicated. I am here. (past perfect)
  14. english

    Is the verb intransitive or transitive in this sentence? Jazz began in New Orleans.
  15. english

    Henry’s desire to win is obvious. Is it a: gerund infinitive prepositional participial
  16. Business English

    Which of the following sentences is the refusal implied rather than directly stated
  17. english

    what is the order of imortance? whoever answers this gets to meet my mom the mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. English

    When in the book does does Huck show care for someone elses welfare? What page?
  19. English

    In Huckleberry Finn when does Jim act as a father to Huck? What chapter or page is this on?
  20. english

    Hello! say i got 54 out of 75 points on a test... what would my grade be (A,B,C,D,or a F). thanks!
  21. History

    What do you think might happen as the size of the population in the english colonies increased
  22. English

    What are the minor affirmative claims to the gap between rich and poor widening?
  23. english

    Is this sentence correct? A sheet lied on the rug to catch paint splatters.
  24. english

    assign each word a part of speech A mistake at a pharmacy sent to the hospital.
  25. English in a local High School

    Can you help me do my Sunday assignment? I don't quite understand what it is I need to do?
  26. college english

    what is a good attention getter sentence on carpal tunnel syndrome?
  27. english

    I need to write a short story with the ending relating to "That is how I became Captain"
  28. English

    Do anyone read the story "the road" or watch the movie? i have some questions.
  29. english

    Marion claims her duty is to (1 point) a.Helen b.the children c.Lincoln d.France
  30. English

    Anyone read I am looking for the queen's dream in Aeschylus' Persians;what was interpreted as and the meaning of it
  31. english

    what is the helping verb in we will attend the party if we finish our chores in time.
  32. english

    How can the A Plan of Action help you address a current problem or challenge you are having with school?''
  33. English

    what are the advantages and disadvantages if King claudius and polopnius overhear Hamlet's "to be or not to be" speech?
  34. English

    Mr. Smith, my Spanish teacher, is going on vacation. is this correct PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMER
  35. English

    What 3 elements and introductory paragraph in an essay have? 1 hook 2 thesis statement 3????????

    I Need Someone to check my essay for me and give me some input please.
  37. 4th. grade english

    what is the rule for why "achieved' is spelled that way instaed of "achieveed"?
  38. english

    i want to know more about the who what where why and how of robert falcon scott and the terra nova expedition
  39. English

    in great expectations what is ironic about miss. jones not going to church
  40. English I

    Can someone please help me with this analogy? Joints:inflamed::_______atrophy. It is a crossword and there are 7 spaces. Thanks!
  41. english

    What is the error in the sentence? Try and find a suitable replacement for the discontinued model.
  42. english

    is when my dad asked me to get the remote from the table near the tv i said it's too far a hyperbole?
  43. english

    is when my dad asked me to get the remote from the table near the tv i said it's too far a hyperbole?
  44. English

    Whats the nouns and verbs in this sentences ? Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths
  45. English 8R - HELP!

    How did Active Reading lend itself to the ELA Short Response Questions?
  46. English

    Which of the following words is different from the others? A. Sell B. Trade C. Barter D. Bargain
  47. General English Part 11

    Describe how the poem is structured, or arranged in lines and stanzas.
  48. English

    What can I do to fix this sentence? Fred said the distributor cap on my car is cracked
  49. English

    The a in the word saving sounds like A. Ape B. pat C. Heated D. Naughty Is it a
  50. English

    What is the most important reason to consider typography when creating a procedural text?
  51. ela, english

    TRUE OR FALSE: It is imperative that you pace yourslef because of a test is timed?
  52. English

    What are some connections* to Rip Van Winkle? *Connection to... -Self -World
  53. english

    should religious phares be taken out of money for a reasearch paper
  54. English

    What are the shifts in the meaning of the word "CONQUER"? How can they be characterized and what might account for these changes? Thank you
  55. English

    Ms. Sue can i please have your email address I really need your help with my essay
  56. English

    I need help understanding this topic question - "The banality of horror is what is truly frightening".
  57. History/English

    what does anti colonialist movements outside of america have to do with segregation?
  58. English

    Tom is refined but is brother is rather -------- (a) arrogant (b) crude (c) unskillful (d) foolish
  59. 4th grade english

    i need help diagramming subjects,predicates,adjectives and adverbs
  60. english

    You could not----- the enemy destroyer in the foy 1,maroon 2,circumvent 3,overlook 4,discern 5,reveal
  61. English 8R - HELP1

    Should the story of Anne Frank be taught in middle school?
  62. english

    When writing a short story should a pronoun be given in the first person
  63. English

    Is The dog followed the rabbit when it jumped into the bushes. a compound sentence?
  64. english

    write a letter of apology and reconcilation to a friend with whom you have quarrelled.
  65. english

    you are a speaker in a school debate write for or gainst,boys should not help in the kitchen
  66. English

    Informational text includes which of the following: a. a setting c. a plot b. a conflict d. an explanation
  67. english

    could you fill in the blank with a suitable preposition : The boat will carry you ___ the river
  68. english , reading & writing process

    One of the benefist to highlighting key pounts is that .
  69. english , reading & writing process

    One of the benefist to highlighting key pounts is that .
  70. english , reading & writing process

    One of the benefist to highlighting key pounts is that .
  71. english , reading & writing process

    One of the benefits to highlighting key points is that
  72. english

    may i know who is sir charles father in baskerville ? are john and rodger his cousins or brothers
  73. english

    Clear communication in a government memorandum would most likely be hindered by
  74. english 2

    One of the neighborhood cats Trina loves to play outside in the garden.
  75. English

    Use the characteristics of bias to find examples in Columbus' Journal Excerpt.
  76. english

    What technique of defining terms is used to reduce vagueness and eliminate ambiguity?
  77. english

    you had no right to call me a clumsy just because i spilled some water on you
  78. grammar

    what is the simple and complete predicate in this sentence: She and her classmates practice their English with each other.
  79. English

    The President sent the ambassador an invitation to the meeting. What is the correct sentence pattern?
  80. English Grammar

    Fill in the blank using suitable preposition:- (1)He is sitting____the room.
  81. English

    I'm writing a 5 paragraph about The Odyssey . I really need an attention graber ..
  82. English

    Benjamin Franklin was both a statesman and an inventor. How do i make this sentence parallel
  83. English

    We have to write a myth for class. Any good myths to help me come up with one?
  84. english

    how to write solving problems scene of three characters which started with prologue
  85. English

    What attitudes toward Catholicism, the religion Donne abandoned, are apparent in his poetry?
  86. Revision

    Can you please give me advice and tips on revising for a formal English essay?
  87. English

    How did your understanding of the power of language expand through your engagement with this artifact? What does that mean
  88. English

    1. You need to take a warm jacket. 2. - I know. 3. - I see. (What is the difference between #2 and #3 in answer?)
  89. english

    can somebody give me ten facts about Hades, keeper of the underworld?
  90. English

    does anyone know of a website where i can get info on why vampires attract the interest of human beings? thank you its for a essay
  91. English

    How do I change this into present tense? When Crooks and Lennie was talking in his room.
  92. English 12

    Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence.
  93. english

    state the distinguishing features of literary writing by citing examples and discussing them
  94. mathematics in english

    What time wen car driving 90km/h in the distance of 11 700km?
  95. english literature

    what does this mean. the city now doth like a garment wear
  96. English

    Why does Shakespeare not tell us what started the family feud? Answer in complete sentences.
  97. English

    Standard time was adopted (in the United States) (in 1884.) prepositional phrases
  98. English

    what is the relevance of Cloak and Girdle in Nibelungenlied ? if you can give me a link of it, i'm very thankful. thank you :)
  99. English

    using dashes It was part of the play--imagine that meant--to add suspense.
  100. english

    How is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms?
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