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  1. English

    Could you check this sentence for me, please? Thank you. She offered/agreed/promised to drive me to the airport.
  2. english

    mrs. sally johnson lives in dallas texass whats the capitalization?
  3. English Literature

    How do these words set the mood for the story? (The Tell-Tale Heart)
  4. English Literature

    What pictures did the author leave in your mind? (Tell-Tale Heart)
  5. English (Journal Entry)

    Is Emma Amos is the first African-American Painter ?
  6. English

    Why was poetry anthology named after O'Hara's poem "Sleeping On The Wing"
  7. English

    Whitman's poetry reflects a romantic view of nature. A.True B. False
  8. English

    Should Americans compaines refuse to do business in countries that do not pratice democracy?
  9. English

    Can you help me write an essay of 450 words on the topic " Substance Abuse in schools"
  10. English

    I have to write a Haiku related to science, not sure what I need to do. Please help.
  11. Social Studies

    how did the representatives became independent from the english parliament? And i tried wikipedia
  12. english

    come up with a thesis statement and have two resources or references to support it
  13. English

    What are the differences between the characters Johnny and dally, in the story The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?
  14. English

    He wondered __________ he should see about his abdominal pain. who or whom
  15. english

    How is the theme death portrayed in the poisonwood bible and a prayer for Owen meany?
  16. English

    John Caldwell my son's teacher moved here from New York
  17. English

    What argument does frank use to persuade artie not to back out of the evening?
  18. english

    how to write a formal letter about declining population of animals in the hills
  19. english

    can anyone help me with explicationg act 3 scene 1 (setting) (charcater) (plot) (theme) of macbeth?
  20. english

    Explain how a word can be a morphemic noun and a syntactic adverb in the same sentence
  21. English

    Is it "'un-acknowledged" or "unacknowledged" or neither of these and there is no such word? (I'm trying to write an essay.) Thanks!
  22. English

    Can you give me the link of my journal entry i ask you guys to look over from last week.
  23. English

    What does frair laurence hope will be the result when he agrees to marry romeo and julet?
  24. English

    Is it correct to say,"Meetings will be held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month"?
  25. english

    most people think of bamboo as a tree or a bush transitive or intransitiv
  26. English

    What is the adverb in this sentence? The seeds were planted at about four inch intervals.
  27. english

    The sea was like a fierce, black dragon. Is this an example of personification or simile?
  28. English

    Can you suggest a website to me where I can listen to the various chapters of Defoe's Robinson Crusoe? Thank you.
  29. english

    how can i fix this sentence: “Swimming at the lake, a rock cut Sue’s foot.”
  30. english

    what are some examples of ethos that Frederick Douglass usedd in his narrative book? thank you!
  31. english

    I read what you sent and I appreicate it but i have to write these sentences by tomorrow and i don't understand
  32. English

    Please tell me where I can find Articles about Energy Resource and issues. Thanks!
  33. english

    because reverend hale and parris pressured tituba to confess about the devil, then
  34. English

    could someone tell me an awesome thesis on the Prohibition era (cause and effect)for a paper
  35. english literature

    discuss maurya's character in ''riders to the sea''as a mother and a priest....thanks ! :)
  36. English

    Explain relationships between two or more seemingly unrelated things.
  37. english project

    please help me to find 5 adjectives,5 verbs,5 nouns for the topic of drought.
  38. english

    Need help with writing an allegorical timeline of high school life (4 yrs.)
  39. english

    i need to chose at least 8 songs and how they relate to romeo and juliet acts
  40. english

    i need to create a eight song soundtrack and how they relate to romeo and juliet play.
  41. english

    is this sentence correct What did the philosopher Aristotle mean when he said "To perceive is to suffer"?
  42. English

    Are "Once upon a greek stage" and "Oedipus the King" the same story"?
  43. English

    Life would best be symbolized by what? A. darkness B. island C. tree D. stone
  44. English

    Does Victor have an obligation to the monster? Use evidence from Chapters 9-14 of Volume 2.
  45. English

    Hello How to explain to students the difference between may, might and could when it comes to possibility?
  46. english

    how would I start a formal outline on early childhood education/ intervention
  47. English

    In the book "Here lies Arthur", what does the lady of the lake give to Peredeur?
  48. English

    What are some of the major themes in the book "writing on my forehead" by Nafisa Haji?
  49. English

    What was not considered a part of the Harlem Renaissance? a.literature b.art c.music d.architecture
  50. english

    what is the personification of this sentence The wind whispered through the dark and gloomy forest.
  51. English

    Does everybody have a dark side? I need to write 4 paragraphs and I don't know how to start.
  52. English 4

    people who attract a lot of friends are neither negative nor needy.
  53. english

    What elements of the Restoration comedy are seen in The Importance of Being Earnest? (5 points)
  54. english

    What effect do drugs, bullying and dangerous weapons have on schooling and education?
  55. English

    What effect do drugs, dangerous weapons and bullying have on schooling and education?
  56. English

    What effect do drugs,dangerous weapons and bullying have on schooling and education
  57. Chatam County

    Jerry posted his grades in English as 85, 87, 96, 100, 85, 99, 93 and 85. What is his median grade?
  58. english

    a sign warned drivers about falling rocks along the street.
  59. english-Please help me i'm stuck

    What solutions are offered by "An enemy of the people" By Henrik Ibsen?
  60. English 12 grade

    which pilgrim had the false holy relics? The caterbury Tales.
  61. English

    How is the story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London a good example of Naturalism?
  62. English

    do anyone see movie "the notebook"? i not get what in the opening scene the sunset and water represent.
  63. english

    On the moors the hare is running races in her mirth whats the figure of speech and where is it
  64. english

    it is sad that she could not arrive. could you pl explain the position and parts of speech of 'IT' in the given sentence
  65. busines english

    which of the following is not a question you need to answer to choose a persuasive strategy?
  66. English

    What is a good topic sentence for Louise Mallard's death in the story of an hour?
  67. english

    he the attention of a mathematician {frame a wh-type question to get the underlined part as answer}
  68. English

    How do I write a comparative essay utilizing the assigned theme for two books?
  69. English

    Katherine said, "Are you coming home today?" The "are" isn't suppose to be capitalized right?
  70. english

    antennae, involuntary , vesus Does any of those words mean opposite or contrasted with??
  71. english

    I have a persuasive essay due by Friday topic your surrounding create who you are
  72. english

    2. The complete predicate of the sentence begins with the word A. great. B. met. C. the. D. sailed
  73. English

    What literature do you consider to be part of the United States' current literary canon? Why?
  74. English

    What is the simple subject of ,Many stories about the first Valentine's Day exist?
  75. english

    is the sentence a daily newspaper has something for almost everyone a adjective phrase
  76. English

    What are some poetic devices used in Miley Cyrus' The Climb" and explain.
  77. English

    sentence pattern- Traditional gas-powered cars are harmful to the environment?
  78. english

    sentence pattern - Hybrids produce less pollution than conventional cars?
  79. English

    In the story The Necklace written by Guy de Maupassant what are the examples of similes and metaphors?
  80. english 11

    What is Henry's answer to the objection that the colonists are not ready to fight against the British?
  81. ENglish

    THree fourths of all plants and animals. Sentence run-on or fragment?
  82. English

    THe tall trees block the blue sky? Sentence run on or fragment?
  83. English

    Thirty million different kinds of insects sentence run on or fragment
  84. English

    Is there any sufix which gives the opposite of the word other than -less,i.e care-careless.
  85. english

    what is the complete and simple subject for "Valentine's day has a very interesting History."
  86. English

    Can you please help me rephrase this so there won't be any "I, Me, My, Us, We, Our, Your or You" in it? Thanks Have you ever given up something you love?
  87. english

    How would you briefly describe Poe's requirement for the short story genre?
  88. english

    What does the backdoor of Pichot’s symbolize for Grant? please write in paragraph form
  89. English

    Change the verb into the tense indicated. I am here. (past perfect)
  90. english

    Is the verb intransitive or transitive in this sentence? Jazz began in New Orleans.
  91. english

    Henry’s desire to win is obvious. Is it a: gerund infinitive prepositional participial
  92. Business English

    Which of the following sentences is the refusal implied rather than directly stated
  93. english

    what is the order of imortance? whoever answers this gets to meet my mom the mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  94. English

    When in the book does does Huck show care for someone elses welfare? What page?
  95. English

    In Huckleberry Finn when does Jim act as a father to Huck? What chapter or page is this on?
  96. english

    Hello! say i got 54 out of 75 points on a test... what would my grade be (A,B,C,D,or a F). thanks!
  97. History

    What do you think might happen as the size of the population in the english colonies increased
  98. English

    What are the minor affirmative claims to the gap between rich and poor widening?
  99. english

    Is this sentence correct? A sheet lied on the rug to catch paint splatters.
  100. english

    assign each word a part of speech A mistake at a pharmacy sent to the hospital.
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