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  1. English

    Thank you for your answers. Please help me with one more question. Is it "behind" or "behind me" in the context "I heard steps behind / behind me"? Maybe, both? Thanks a lot
  2. English

    In Emily Dickinson poems she has some of the first letters of words capitalized. Why so?
  3. English

    rose asked katie do you know how to change a flat tire
  4. English

    What is an example in "Antony and Cleopatra" of Casear displaying a disposition to not want to go to war? Thank you!
  5. english

    If you’re asked to list for things can the way of your listing be vertical or horizon.
  6. English

    The traditional African marriage is an advantage for man only ,not women
  7. English

    She hasn't said (anything, nothing) about her accident. I think anything Hardly (anything,nothing) pleases him. I think anything There aren't (any,no) pears in the supermarket. I think any
  8. english

    is this correct: A street and a school were named after Sophie Germain. is it were or was?
  9. English

    During what time period does the book a Farewell to Arms take place?
  10. english

    which word is correct I don't want (any,no) cereal for breakfast this morning.
  11. English

    Prepositional phrase (In the distance,) we saw the top(of the snowcapped peak.)
  12. english

    What is the use of the words "as" and " like" The prisoner returned to jail that night ______ he said he would. (as, like)
  13. English

    Errol is looking forward to excavating those. which word is the pro noun.
  14. English

    What quotations in FDR's first inaugural speech emphasize perseverance?
  15. english

    How can doctor and teacher can be independent, have achievement, recognition and affection?
  16. English

    Grapes of Wrath chapter 16 What does the "raggerly old man" say about California?
  17. English Lit

    How to interpret the poem, Lady of Shallot by Tennyson??
  18. English

    What is an example of a quote in The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger that shows what the tone of the novel is?
  19. english

    what photographe is famous for images of Dust Bowl victims
  20. English

    What type of writing dominated the American Age of Reason?
  21. English

    What is the setting in the book the bad begging by lemony snicket
  22. english

    which are nouns? This experienced adventurer loved to climb mountains.
  23. english

    Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about water scarcity
  24. english

    a sign warned drivers about falling rocks along the street.
  25. English 2

    I need a Summary of Fault Line by Janet Tashjian. PLEASE HELP SOMBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. English

    What is the simple subject of ,Many stories about the first Valentine's Day exist?
  28. english

    "Panda Monium" I heard this from news could you please explain the meaning of this?
  29. English

    If I were to interview the curling team captain, what types of questions would I ask?
  30. english

    "All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players." metaphor?
  31. english

    What are the themes in the short story Clothes by Chitra Divakaruni?
  32. English

    I have one sentence that has to be made into a paragraph. "Using Agencies in your Area" HOw in the world can I do that?
  33. English

    What are some issues that many Hispanic poets used in his poems ? Appoints two or more subjects, at least.
  34. english communication

    the following words each contain the letters c, i, and e. which word is spelled correcly?
  35. English:Language Arts 1

    1999,I went to Disney World for vacation
  36. English 4

    Mcbeth ActII page .373 quesztions and answers
  37. english

    What does it mean when someone says "Ads talk to...our subonscious fears and desires." ?? Give an example of an ad that does this..Please help :)
  38. english

    Describe how to accommodate WritePoint submission and feedback time
  39. english

    what other ideas does Tom Corbett have in place to save money in PA?
  40. english 4

    Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. noun function
  41. english

    what is gay? www.answers.com happy, joyous, colorful
  42. english

    what are some background information on the Aeniad and society at the time of its popularity
  43. English

    Comparison of the Satirical quality in the novels of Rushdie and Roy
  44. english

    What term describes the vantage point from which the story is told?
  45. English

    Why is it that Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 during the 1950s?
  46. English

    Traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only not women
  47. English

    Please expedite in providing all necessary documents. Is this sentence grammatically correct?
  48. English

    If it rains tomorrow, I'll buy and umberella. Is this future tense?
  49. English

    Is the following sentence correct? Please provide us with the requisite information on the product.
  50. English

    Can you help me evaluate Hamlet's views on religion, mortality and justice.
  51. English

    Had they not imposed their beliefs on the Ibo, Okonkwo would not have been provoked to murder.
  52. History/English

    Could some one tell me what effects an atomic bomb could have on human rights?
  53. Ms. Sue

    Can you check my answers on basic english makeup exam please
  54. english

    What does my paper suppose to look like when I put my references in APA format
  55. English

    Do anyone read the story "the road" or watch the movie? i have some questions.
  56. english

    What are two alternative strategy for mastering a concept covered in APA?
  57. english

    Write a composition on the topic I hate(rainy season)
  58. english

    what are two higher level words for the root word: BIO
  59. English

    Does this sentence make sense? My mother's bedsheets has embroidery.
  60. english iii

    why did john choose the room in the yellow wallpaper?
  61. english 3

    Came to America to find freedom to worship and the Promised Land
  62. english

    my class room is on the ground floor of main building
  63. English

    what is wrong with the following sentence. "A glove and ball is the required gear.”
  64. english thesis

    how effective herbaka is in cring colds and cough?
  65. english

    Traditional African marriage is the advantage for man only not women
  66. English

    What is wrong with the sentence below? Not only the landlady, but also her children acts unfriendly to us.
  67. English

    Fill in the blanks The customer paid by .... f9r his new ..... suit
  68. English

    Why is Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics so disorganized and unlike his style?
  69. English

    Why was the loss of the altimeter so significant in Amelia Earhart flight
  70. english

    Can I post my brick and mortar vs online school essay here?
  71. english

    i need figuartive devices from obama's speech - can sue explain her example
  72. English: Vocab

    would it make sense to write: he stimulated his friend
  73. english

    Is this a correctc sentence. Please place all the chairs in the middle of the room.
  74. english

    The student, frowning slightly, erased the title. What are the phrases?
  75. french

    What does il ya combien de jours dans le mois de octobre mean in english
  76. english

    what is the subject and verb phrase of "Go to the snack bar before the movie"
  77. english

    Essay help, Thanks for ur help! What are the differences of unjustice and justice and how are they comparable and uncomparable? Thanks!
  78. English

    Setting goals is futile if: A. you do not stick to it. B. you are committed. C. you are only motivated by others. D. you do not do it right. i think its A right?
  79. English

    traditional Africans marriages is an advantages for man only not for women?
  80. English

    Parallel Structure?....Benjamin Franklin was both a statesman and an inventor.
  81. English

    I need another word for wake up call, something along the lines of a shocking truth. Thanks!
  82. English and Arts

    In your personal opinion are you in agreement with the auteur theory?
  83. English

    I am both a quick worker and careful. is this a correct parallel sentence
  84. English

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge. Parallel Sentencce?....
  85. English

    My sister Aliah is both a comic and smart. Parallel Sentence?....
  86. english grammar

    Ramesh generally drinks an orange juice
  87. English

    Would knowledge be considered a theme in Anthem by Ayn Rand?
  88. english

    the wrinkled surface of a tiny lake Is it a metaphor or personification?
  89. English

    I need help understanding this topic question - "The banality of horror is what is truly frightening".
  90. English

    (This homework question has been removed because it was copied directly from a test.)
  91. English/ Social studies

    I have to rewrite my DBQ and what is a double citation?
  92. English

    I left out the following sentences on the third conditional. 4) She was angry with me. I didn't tell her the truth.
  93. english

    explain the process by which Hrothgar wins power and fame.
  94. english

    i need a one page pitch to a producer about why or why not it would make a good movie
  95. 7th grade

    Formulas for changing metric into English measurements
  96. English

    What argument does frank use to persuade artie not to back out of the evening?
  97. english

    traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women
  98. english

    How do I fix this sentence? My patient replied back to me, “I am good now and Thank You very much.”
  99. english

    cavernous means a-small b-huge c-elegant d-confined 1-b
  100. English pls help

    what lesson does milo learn in the phantom tollbooth?!? please help as soon as possible.
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