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  1. english

    compare and contrasrt natty bumppo in the prarie and john in the Hospital SKetches.
  2. social studies

    do you think that the english bill of rights guaranteed freedom of religion? why or why not?
  3. english

    150 children in our program need expensive dental treatment
  4. english

    why is the book "flipped" by wendelin van draanen considered a romance novel?
  5. English

    is this a run-on sentence? Niabi play both the oboe and the piano and plays them well.
  6. English

    how do i cite a quote from the internet said by an author on a works cited page?
  7. English

    how do i cite a quote from the internet said by an author on a works cited page?
  8. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  9. english

    When the monarchy was restored in England, the theaters were almost immediately closed. False?
  10. english

    How/Why is this a metaphor? Once more in her bed beside the warm cocoon of her sister
  11. english

    contemporary:fashionable ::ancient : normal correct formal natural obsolute
  12. english

    When the monarchy was restored in England, the theaters were almost immediately closed. true?
  13. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  14. english

    Make a noun by adding a suffix to the word priest. write a sentence.
  15. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The "middling class" include a towns shopkeepers.
  16. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The wealthier peoples class was called the gentry.
  17. English

    what are two important influences on langston hughes. how did these things affect his work?
  18. english

    In the story Call of the Wild.Why did "Black" Burton punch John Thorton?
  19. English

    Discuss how you see the theme of creating art developing in stories and poems.
  20. English

    If the king fails to QUASH the rebel forces, they will... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  21. English

    Ske[tics argued that the noss's UNORTHODOX management style would...
  22. English

    In Life of Pi, which is the true story? To me, I think the answer can go either way... Can someone help me? :S
  23. english

    What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?
  24. english

    I have to write an expository essay on Second Hand Lions. How would i do that?
  25. english-propaganda

    is "Big Brother is watching you" a type of glittering generalities? please help and thank you
  26. english communication

    the following words each contain the letters c, i, and e. which word is spelled correcly?
  27. english

    What does my paper suppose to look like when I put my references in APA format
  28. English

    Are the following sentences figurative language: "With lies well steel'd with weighty arguments."
  29. English

    How is the gerund used in this sentence?- His least favorite activity is playing scales
  30. english

    What are similarities and differences between Roman writers and media of today essay?
  31. English 101

    how will you use critical thinking to deal fairly with opposing views?
  32. English

    what was the rising action(the problem present) in the story before we were free please?
  33. English

    What was the climax or the highest piont of interestt in the story Before We were Free if you could help I will be so greatfulp ?
  34. english

    Where does this semicolon go... All states have flags some are quite beautiful.
  35. english

    I am writing a exploratory essay about the washington monument and I need help with the conclusion
  36. english

    Christina and Christopher worked together and completed a project about astronomy.

    can i begin with. hi ..hello? how are you? and end with thank you very much sir. IN INTERVIEWING(RECORDED)
  38. English

    for "Children of the River" I have to come up with a thesis statement for chapter 1 I don't know what it is.....please help
  39. english (poetry)

    i have to write an acrostic poem on the word black...help me please and thank you.
  40. english

    Please help me...I need activities about Transitional Devices or Words or Phrases... Thanks...
  41. english

    What are the images asssociated with the types of characterization in the short story"The sniper''? pls help me.
  42. English

    How can Clara Bows influence be measured (both during the period and currently)?
  43. english

    can you please tell me a bit about mamma mia the musical /movie?
  44. 6th grade english

    Can you recommend a site where I can get some examples of prepositional prases?
  45. english

    write a passage using rhetorical devices on aperson, idea or ideology
  46. english

    "it gives them the benefits of having authority" Do i need to take out the word "of"
  47. English

    In Emily Dickinson poems she has some of the first letters of words capitalized. Why so?
  48. english

    How to write an essay topic is based on the 2010 fifa world cup in s.a
  49. English

    Why did King want a integrated community instead of blacks forming a separate nation?
  50. English

    Short story about African politician and underline the topic sentence.
  51. english

    Janet left fingerprints on the glass, the detectives were able to solve the crime
  52. english - Contrast Advertising

    What are some companies that sell produtcs to the average consumer?
  53. english

    which latin word means to join? JUNCT-? CRE-? LEG-? OR MON-?
  54. english

    what is the meaning of the quote"Lord protect me from my friends i can take care of my enemies"
  55. MathMate

    Are you just a math tutor? Cause you could provide great help in English to jiskha students.
  56. english

    need help with fill in the blanks-- Our fram will p________much p______ this season
  57. english

    how does ruby become experience in honey, baby, sweetheart? i really need help
  58. english

    based on his poetry, what can you infer about whitman's attitude toward nature?
  59. English

    Describe the confrontation between Ralph and Jack in Chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies.
  60. english

    Can someone give me some example on indefinite pronouns. Like in sentences!! thanks!!!
  61. English

    Which word has a vowel team in it's second syllable? A. Gentle B. Enjoy C. Formal
  62. Mcdonalds - English

    Can someone also please help me below, and Ive added my answers as well.
  63. spanish

    what does cosas o articulos que lleva uno a la playa mean in english
  64. english

    is liberty has been to them the greates of calamities, the heaviest of curses a metaphor/simile?
  65. english

    which figurative language does the peom evening star by edgar allan poe?
  66. English

    In the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck, what did you learn in the first section?
  67. English 12

    I need a 12th grade level complex sentence using a metaphor
  68. english

    is it ethical to demphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea
  69. English

    Death is a commonplace in the novel. Do Hal, Mercedes, and Charles deserve their fate? Why or Why not?
  70. english

    how is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms
  71. English

    Is this sentence grammatical? The ship is caught in a violent storm, then by mist and snow. Thank you
  72. english

    Explain the quote, "In order to survive fact must become fiction."
  73. english

    The colorful paper decorations were ruined by the sudden storm? what are all the adjectives
  74. English-Native speakers

    What is the passive of the following sentence? We expected him to bring the drinks
  75. english

    How to write a passage using rhetorical devices on a person, idea or ideology
  76. english

    make the spelling from these word delinquent we pitched the blank and prepared to sleep there
  77. english

    write the character sketch of phyllis from the novel "the railway children"by E-nesbit
  78. english 204

    the dog is quiet, but the cat is missing. I want to know the voice and structure of this sentence
  79. english

    what is a good thesis statment for a descriptive essay about a horror film?
  80. english

    How can I write scientific reports in third person (without saying I for example)
  81. english

    Hawaii is one of the most beatiful places on earht. what are the verbs in the sentence
  82. english

    Crossword puzzle Substitute lively__________ for boring, "tired" words. Has 7 letters
  83. english

    Crossword puzzle Try to have_________ in length and form of your sentences. 7 letters
  84. English

    Ironic statement Don'trust your heart because it's not on the right side. Answer: true
  85. english

    after the play_________, several critics made scathing comments about it
  86. English

    Can Anyone Unscramble These 13 Letters (NOSOREGGTIACN. The correct word will mean "A Whole Bunch"
  87. english

    compare the island in the opening and closing chapters of the novel lord of the flies.
  88. English Book

    Does anyone know where I can read The Perfect Picture by James Thom online? for free of course.
  89. english

    The meanings of blow up,account for,call off,talk into and drag on.
  90. English

    I have to write a 700 word essay on what my name means ????????????? And I need help!!!!
  91. english

    can u help me with this rhyme? small parts of wild plants it's dealing with possessive nouns
  92. English

    What is the indirect object? When you come back to the table, please bring me the mustard.
  93. english 30-1

    explain how a thankless expereince is a satire. support with direct reference to the essay.
  94. English

    Steve refused to write a term paper; therefore, he failed the course. Is this incorrect?
  95. English-Commas.

    This sentence is so confusing. For the life of me I couldn't find the thermos. Is it incorrect or correct?
  96. English Literature

    In Macbeth there are 3 main themes: Gender, The Supernatural, and Ambition. What are 5 examples of each?
  97. Business english

    Which is an effective strategy for ending an informative letter to a new client?
  98. english

    in the poem the tortoise in eternity,what does the poet refer to writing patterned horn?
  99. english

    Please tell me the anthropological perspective. Is the culture, the cross-disciplinary discipline etc? Thanks!
  100. english

    He suffered an injury to his knee, and this is causing him pain and discomfort. Help find the verbs
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