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  1. English

    Can I say We alarmed the stingy (mean), the servants and the priests with our forays. Thanks
  2. English!!!

    Copying and pasting information from the Internet is ok because it's in the public domain. True OR false?
  3. help

    What is the percentage of words in an english dictionary that have latin or greek as their source? A} 50% B} 60% C} 70% D} 80% .i choose a.
  4. English 1

    What rhyme scheme does Robert Frost use in his poem "The Road Not Taken".
  5. English

    How do text and word help me understand the meaning of words while I read and write?
  6. english

    Im writing my essay on Onomania but i cant come up with the important points to talk about
  7. english

    They plan/planned to leave for the woods at 2 o clock in the afternoon. which one is correct?
  8. english

    so his instructors suggested him to stay with water sports. sentence is good or bad?
  9. English

    What rhetorical device would be using the term Creator instead of God?
  10. English

    What is the coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma ?
  11. English

    Can you please answer my last questions. I need them for tomorrow. Thank you very much in advance.
  12. english

    what is the adverb in the sentence Women bought out gardening tools and baskets.
  13. English

    Why would Judy Brady use the letter I 67 times in her essay," I want a Wife" ?
  14. english

    What is the predict in the sentence The naval aviators were physically abused in horrible ways.
  15. English

    In the princess bride, how are the characters altered to fit the parody style of the movie.
  16. english

    after the rain ended, the sky became blue --is this a complex sentence?
  17. english

    please give me a good thesis statement on the topic "Aids in Africa"
  18. English

    1. You know what 2. Guess what 3. By the way (Are the three expressions the same in meaning and in usage in a sentence?)
  19. theatre/english

    Hey! Where can I find a COMPLETE listing of 1950's scripts/screenplays? Thanks!
  20. English

    The case of a pronoun is determined by how it is used in a sentence. A)true B)false i think it is (b)
  21. English

    I have to present a visual aid on A Streetcar Named Desire. Any ideas? Thanks!
  22. English

    True or False? An adverb is a word used to modify a verb. Ture???
  23. English

    I have a standard 5 paragraph in class essay tomorrow. Any tips, friends?
  24. English

    Name five of the six points you should check in practicing your speech.
  25. english writing

    what is a word or phrase- thus,therefore that shows conclusion up a head?
  26. english

    In the book, When the Legends Die, what does it mean when Tom draws the deer in the dirt?
  27. english

    how do i cite Stephen Kings online essay "Why We Crave Horror Movies"
  28. english

    do i use and apostrophe when writing about someone (a noun) that has possession of something?
  29. English

    What is meant by defy convention? The two definitions do not make any sense together.
  30. English

    Is the following grammar correct: The table with four chairs are discounted today.
  31. English

    Can you help me improve my last questions? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. Anna answered one of them.
  32. english

    compare the twp wives , portia and calpurnia in the tragedy of julius caesar?
  33. English

    What are the important differences between telling a story as a novel or staging it as a play?
  34. English Essay Topic

    What are the biggest factors affecting wealth and success in America?
  35. English

    What are some good key quotes (about 6-8) for Reverend Hale in The Crucible?
  36. english

    In romeo and juliet what is the theme in the first prologue of the play/ story or book
  37. english

  38. english 3

    In olaudah equiano's "The Middle passage" what was his greatest fear when he boarded the ship
  39. english

    do you think the conclusion to the movie romeo and juliet by franco zeffirreli appropriate?
  40. english

    why did the mayor decide not to teach his wife how to drive in the novel the color purple?
  41. english

    I need 5 sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning
  42. English. Plz ans this

    What is the one word meaning of an expirience that will never be forgotten
  43. English

    Can someone tell me what they are asking? Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
  44. English

    A despot would be enraptured at the thought of providing a pageant of the people's pleasure T/F
  45. English

    What do you think was Lance Armstrongs purpose in writing his book Its Not About The Bike?
  46. English?

    In the book Andromeda Strain, where is Vandenberg Air Force Base located?
  47. english

    What are the nouns in this sentence? In 1999, John went to Disney World for vacation.
  48. english

    when writing an essay about a nonfiction book what tense should i use
  49. english

    I'm not sure how to write an appendix for a project that I'm working on. Can anyone give me some guidance?
  50. English

    What must you do to convert the annotated bibliography to an APA-formatted reference page
  51. english

    i need a "baptism" scene in literature and how the character was changed after. thank you so much
  52. English

    What is the proper name used when using improper words. ie rootin' tootin'?
  53. 6th grade English

    Need help writing a sentence using the word lateral in it.
  54. English

    Why should children be taught about child abuse and foster care?
  55. gr 10 english

    can someone help me find an article on "power" in the newspaper, particulary somewhere in Ontario?
  56. english

    could somebody help me unscramble these letters? aicjam it's a product found in the grocery store.
  57. english

    could somebody help me unscramble these letters? aicjam it's a product found in the grocery store.
  58. english

    I need help writing a speech about saving energy to 6th graders
  59. english

    wht is the verb in this sentence: She exposes insurance cheats and lying spouses.
  60. English III

    who are the two bidding on the monkey music box in the phantom of the oprea?
  61. English

    In what ways do APA format and style make academic communication hard?
  62. English

    What is the subject covered in the encyclopedia with the call number 150 ENC? Please Help :P Thanks!! :))
  63. english

    Give 5 similaralities between spoken language and text/instant messaging
  64. English

    Who is the speaker in Journey by Mary Oliver.Is it your conscious directing you, telling you what you must do?
  65. english

    Is this phrase correct? Regardless of which patients whom I will get for my first clinical day
  66. English

    what is the proper verb tense? With an education i will be able to find a better job?
  67. english

    Explain why it is necessary to have the following literary elements in a piece of literature.
  68. english

    design is to labyrinth as create is to 1.case 2.news 3.picture 4.music 5.puzzle
  69. English\

    Find three examples from his poetry of Taylor's adherence to Puritan beliefs.
  70. english\

    Find three examples from her poetry of Bradstreet's adherence to Puritan beliefs.
  71. English

    What do each set of words have in common? swallows root penned slops
  72. English

    Is the following sentence correct? Please provide us with the requisite information on the product.
  73. english

    what other ideas does Tom Corbett have in place to save money in PA?
  74. English

    In Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" What were the job rights, or Willy Loman?
  75. english

    compare and contrasrt natty bumppo in the prarie and john in the Hospital SKetches.
  76. social studies

    do you think that the english bill of rights guaranteed freedom of religion? why or why not?
  77. english

    150 children in our program need expensive dental treatment
  78. english

    why is the book "flipped" by wendelin van draanen considered a romance novel?
  79. English

    is this a run-on sentence? Niabi play both the oboe and the piano and plays them well.
  80. English

    how do i cite a quote from the internet said by an author on a works cited page?
  81. English

    how do i cite a quote from the internet said by an author on a works cited page?
  82. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  83. english

    When the monarchy was restored in England, the theaters were almost immediately closed. False?
  84. english

    How/Why is this a metaphor? Once more in her bed beside the warm cocoon of her sister
  85. english

    contemporary:fashionable ::ancient : normal correct formal natural obsolute
  86. english

    When the monarchy was restored in England, the theaters were almost immediately closed. true?
  87. english

    A novel of manners deals with the customs of a specific social class. true?
  88. english

    Make a noun by adding a suffix to the word priest. write a sentence.
  89. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The "middling class" include a towns shopkeepers.
  90. English

    Apostrophe's Possessive Nouns The wealthier peoples class was called the gentry.
  91. English

    what are two important influences on langston hughes. how did these things affect his work?
  92. english

    In the story Call of the Wild.Why did "Black" Burton punch John Thorton?
  93. English

    Discuss how you see the theme of creating art developing in stories and poems.
  94. English

    If the king fails to QUASH the rebel forces, they will... what could i write to finish the sentence?
  95. English

    Ske[tics argued that the noss's UNORTHODOX management style would...
  96. English

    In Life of Pi, which is the true story? To me, I think the answer can go either way... Can someone help me? :S
  97. english

    What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?
  98. english

    I have to write an expository essay on Second Hand Lions. How would i do that?
  99. english-propaganda

    is "Big Brother is watching you" a type of glittering generalities? please help and thank you
  100. english communication

    the following words each contain the letters c, i, and e. which word is spelled correcly?
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