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  1. englishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. <chicagotribune.c o m/features/health/chi-081204happiness,0,6297377.story>. is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at...
  2. Biology

    Hi all, Need help with this: What is the difference that you see on a EKG when you have non-transmural MI vs. transmural MI? a) In transmural MI the Q wave is amplified, and the R wave is depleted making the QRS complex look inverted b) In non-transmural, the T wave is absent ...
  3. english

    what does this old english mean in modern english goldsele gumena, gearwost wisse,
  4. English

    Does anyone know of a website that translates english into the shakespearean language? I can only find websites that translate shakespeare to modern english.
  5. Evaluation and Research

    I am having issues trying to understand an assignment, we are supposed to Describe the research problem of some data the topic is Baseball. We are doing the process backwards, we have all the data just no problem or issue. I have the teams, whether they are a national or ...
  6. English

    On the various types of patterns of development, choose a pattern to plan, organize, and write an essay. I have chosen Youth Violence as a cause and effect for my pattern development. In writing your essay, base your writing on your own experiences and general knowledge about ...
  7. research writing

    how do you know when sources are reliable?
  8. Research methods

    what is program theory?
  9. research

    what makes you vomit and direah?
  10. maths

    A research about Mechanisims .
  11. Research and Statistics

    What does truncated range?
  12. Science

    What are the criticisms of empirical research?
  13. 6th grade

    I want help in english grammar & to write some letter, dairynotes, comprehension or I can say the basic english sentences . Can u help me up to improve my english?
  14. English

    1) Minimize versus minimise. Which is UK English & which is US English? 2) After cleaning, all waste must be properly disposed of. Is this sentence acceptable?
  15. Psychology

    The majority of psychologists are electric, which means they draw information from different schools of thought rather than limiting themselves to information gained from only one perspective. However, most psychologists agree that it's important to: a. gather empirical ...
  16. Psychology

    The majority of psychologists are electric, which means they draw information from different schools of thought rather than limiting themselves to information gained from only one perspective. However, most psychologists agree that it's important to: a. gather empirical ...
  17. Profreading

    This is what the paper is about. Choose a recent (within the last 2 years) article written for parents, teachers, or other family members on how to optimize the development of children (any age between conception through adolescence may be used) or written for family members ...
  18. history

    Lord Selkirk implied that the French 1)were happy under English rule 2)never accepted English rule 3)should accept English rule 4)should change their language and institutions 5)were not oppressed by the English i put 4
  19. educational research

    I so overwhelm and lost at the moment. Summarize and complete an annotated bibliography of at least ten (10) scholarly sources that pertain to your research topic. This annotated bibliography should be a minimum of five pages in length, excluding title and reference pages. ...
  20. Literacy

    Please check my work. Thank YOU! 1. Journals differ from magazines in that they’re A. Printed with volume numbers. B. Published only periodically. C. Available by subscription. D. Sources of academic research not intend for the general publish. ANSWER #1 is D 2. The Atlas of...
  21. Information Literacy

    Which of the following is an article from a popular magazine? A. Carroll, Jill and VandeHei, Jim. "Mouse Cells in Stem Lines May Limit Use." Wall Street Journal 24 Aug. 2001: A3. B.Siegal, Andrew. "Neutrality and Consensus: Towards a Viable Policy on Human Stem Cell Research...
  22. Ethnics

    Choose an ethnic group to which you personally belong. If you identify with more than one group, choose the group with which you most identify or about which you would like to learn more. • Write a 700- to 1,050-word, APA-formatted essay, answering the following questions: o...
  23. Legal Research Studies

    This is my first assignment in University and in a law course. I have learning disabilities and have trouble remembering and reading/writing. This is my first assignment. I read it but I don't understand a thing. Please help me out... "While researching a legal issue for your ...
  24. English

    What is the gerund phrase and noun function of the gerund in these sentences: 1.Brett earns his income by repairing cars. 2.I enjoy playing the piano. 3.Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4.She is successful in mimicking others' voices. 5.He must like studying ...
  25. Directions help (Biology)

    I have to do a research paper for my biology class, and I'm having a hard time understanding what to exactly write about. The directions are written way different then how my teacher has ever addressed anything, I emailed her for clarification but it doesn't seem like she will...
  26. elementary statistics

    # Research the topic of Job Satisfaction using the Business Source Premier Database (EBSCO) and/or the ABI Inform Global database in the Library using the instructions linked here. # Provide a summary of the research article. Include a hypothesis null and hypothesis alternate ...
  27. English

    I just need to know if the sentences are correct though they are not complete. Thank you. 1) Imagine a school in which both German, French, English are studied... The school has got 130 students,45 of whom study only English whereas ..... study both English and French. None of...
  28. English 2

    'Use the resources of the internet to find out about one African kingdom of your choice. Focus on the period from about A.D. 300 to A.D. 1600. After you've decided on a kingdom to research, write about the history, religion, art, music, daily life, economics, the political ...
  29. commposition

    How do I make an outline for a research paper?
  30. Health

    AIDS/HIV funding and Research
  31. research

    where can i find the information on this so i can write my paper
  32. research

    what strategies formulated a nation apart
  33. school of social science

    what is quantitative research?
  34. writing

    What is the easiest format for a research paper
  35. School drop out

    How to write research?
  36. sciene

    how do u research speeches on the internet {worldbiomes}.
  37. career research in decision making

    A resume is
  38. research

    What are the pros and cons of disguised observation?
  39. research

    how did Epperson et al determine the validation of the MnSOST-R
  40. Leshikishiki

    Research on processes of campaigns and protests
  41. psych

    What is the Importance of Research in Behavioral Science?
  42. Science

    What are the important steps in empirical research?
  43. Gen 105

    Objective of Exercise: Conduct research online regarding the strongest of your multiple intelligences. Find three Web sites which accurately describe that intelligence. If you identified more than one dominant intelligence, choose only one for your research. Note that your ...
  44. English

    I have to research Sopocles and I'm stuck on a few of these statements about him: 1.I think he won more first place prizes for his plays than any other playwright in history, correct? 2.I think he was a priest, correct? 3.This one I'm stumped on and I've researched it-Did ...
  45. reading articles in english

    could you give me some advice how to read academic articles in english?? english is my second language and also I have to read sociological and philosophical texts in english for my master thesis. do you have any idea??
  46. e-buisness

    1. Research “two” examples of companies that have implemented the extended enterprise model. (Hint: the Information Builders site link above has a “customers” section which might help you in reading and using some examples to address this deliverable)! 2. Discuss the ...
  47. English

    1. Which of the following is a specific goal? A. I will pass as many of my courses as possible. B. I will finish my college degree. C. I will devote Wednesday this week to work on my English research paper. D. To become a doctor is my goal. is it C 2. Which goal is realistic? ...
  48. Music

    I am doing research on Gackt's psychic powers for a paper... can anyone help me?
  49. research

    what is the biggest barrier for the chronically ill in the United States

    need a thesis statement on the NBA
  51. Research Writing

    What stategies do you use for revising a paper?
  52. research paper

    How do I make an MLA style citation?
  53. research writing

    What would you do differently if your were just starting this course?
  54. psychology

    how has computer technology enhanced psychologists research?
  55. psychology

    how has computer technology enhanced psychological research?
  56. Statistics

    What are some examples of why research can be interesting and exciting?
  57. Statistics

    What are some examples of why research can be boring and tedious?
  58. Antarctica

    information and diagrams of a scientific research centre
  59. science

    What is a result of scientific research in the field of genetics
  60. Quantitative Research

    What is the probability of 59 if the mean is 60 and the standard deviation is 7?
  61. psych

    when and why is correlational research method used in a study?
  62. Research writing

    What is he importance of literacy in our society?
  63. cja 334

    gathering research data paper
  64. career research&decision making

    each occupational field
  65. RES/341

    How has the Internet changed the quantity of research?
  66. business studie

    research three career paths
  67. Marketing Research

    Read Case 11, "School of Business (1
  68. social studies

    conduct research on the discovery on google
  69. Math Statistical Concepts for Research

    what is repeated sampling?
  70. health

    what are some mental or emotional problems i can research
  71. psychology

    HELP! Explain ethical issues in psychological research.
  72. Sociology

    Research on children raised in orphanages has found that?
  73. government

    when you research A politician what do u learn about politics
  74. Legal research

    The LexisNexis case abbreviation is: A. LN. B. LX. C. LE. D. LEX. is it A?
  75. life orientation

    Research on process of campaigns and protests
  76. life orientation

    research on processes of campaigns and prtests
  77. Research

    All “Factorial ANOVAs” share the characteristic of
  78. Business

    what are three reliable sources for market research
  79. Science

    How is constructivism different from the scientific approach to research
  80. marketing

    I am struggling with how to outline this paper....a little guidance please. It is only 2-3 pages, so not too long. Create an online focus group study using the framework you prepared in your first Research project on the company that your are interested OR you may choose to ...
  81. materials engineering, essay topics

    I have to write a research paper and here is the topic. The paper should be on the use of a new or existing material in a new or unique way. It could also llok at a new or unique way of forming or processing a material. Basically, when i say material, it means metals, polymers...
  82. English

    I forgot to include the following sentences. I included my doubts in brackets. Thank you. 1) Do you think we could possibly talk through Skype? 2)Let me know when you are available for talking (?) through Skypr. 3) Samantha tried to use a translation programme on the net. She ...
  83. History

    I have a question. Are teacher wanted us to write our entire paper first before we found the research. Now we have to go back and plug in the research back into are paper that we found. After we plug it in we have to put a sentence or two after it about it. I have never done ...
  84. English

    Animals have been used in medical research for centuries. Most of the animals used for research are rodents such as rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. Some dogs, cats and a variety of goats, ferrets, pigeons, monkeys and rabbits are also used .The struggle against this tyranny ...
  85. English

    Question 21 Select the most effective sentence. Baxter worried about his English exam when he thought about it. Baxter felt a pang of existential anxiety when he comtemplated his English exam. When Baxter thought of his English test, he freaked out. Thinking about the English ...
  86. math

    A student’s final grade in chemistry is determined by the following weights: Quizzes 5% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Lab Reports 15% Research Paper 15% Final Exam 25% The student received the following grades: Lab reports: 75 80 70 75 85 69 90 75 Quizzes: 85 60 70 0 75 80 80 80 ...
  87. business management & leadership

    Select an organization that you have worked for or one that you are familiar with and find the goals the organization has set. Many times this information can be found on the company's website. Search the Library and the Internet and research goal setting. Compare the ...
  88. Business Management and Leadership

    Select an organization that you have worked for or one that you are familiar with and find the goals the organization has set. Many times this information can be found on the company's website. Search the Library and the Internet and research goal setting. Compare the ...
  89. st.louse

    My task is to research the application of centrifuges for medical, forensic, and industrial purposes, and for testing and training humans. As an extension, im supposed to research and compare the use of centrifuges in space with Earth-bound centrifuges." I'm supposed to use ...
  90. English

    I'd like you to check these few sentences for me. Thank you very much. 1) I'd hate to lose (and not losing) my ring because it was my grandmother's. 2) I use the internet to do school research and to look up information I need for school. 3) I'm a Tim subscriber. I subscribed ...
  91. Environmental Science

    Research Paper I need to write a research paper on coral reefs. i need to compose a research paper that deals with coral reefs and addresses enough of the questions below in order to meet the minimum page requirements for the paper (3-4 double spaced pages) Explain what a ...
  92. Psychology

    Dr. Allen is trying to determine the best method by which to draw a comparison between the amount of time his students spend in the library to the grade point average of his students across the spectrum. Which research design should Dr. Allen follow, and why? Answer ...
  93. english

    some help needed...i have to write research paper..paper topic is to choose one of these poets and analyze one or more of hus poems:Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell, Crashaw But i can only use page- well i am not allowed to write the adress but it is luminarium...I have to ...
  94. applied statistics

    Discuss how the General Linear Model assigns the optimal “weights” to predictor variables that allow us to maximize prediction accuracy. How are discriminant functions the optimal weighted linear composites for predicting “membership” regarding the categorical outcome ...
  95. English

    I have done some extensive research on the various "-nyms", but I am still a bit unsure about the difference between EPONYM and TOPONYM. Am I correct, that an eponym is a person whom a place is named after, and a toponym a place named after a person or another place? Would ...
  96. Statistics

    What does it mean when a researcher chooses the cutoff in a comparison distribution to be .01? a. It means that to reject the null hypothesis, the result must be higher than a z score of .01 b. It means that to reject the null hypothesis there must be less than a 1% chance ...
  97. To Kill a Mockingbird

    I'm supposed to do a Mini Chapter Presentation for Chapter 4. I need to include a piece of research to explain historical/political/cultural information but I need some suggestions to research on. Also I need to pose an important/controversial/intelligent/pertinent question ...
  98. critical thinking

    Why is Wikipedia acceptable as a quick reference but not for research?
  99. Research Paper

    Does anyone know the year women where allowed to join the army?
  100. globe school for environmental Research

    How are igneous rocks form
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