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  1. English: Vocab

    would it make sense to write: he stimulated his friend
  2. English

    what is the character porter in Act II Scene 3 trying to say with his puns?
  3. english

    sentenece Frangments The great horned owl, an endangered species.
  4. english

    What does opportunity mean in today's current social and academic contexts
  5. english

    write an essay about failures are the stepping stones to success
  6. english

    The novel followed the drama as a major form in England. true?
  7. English

    In the play "Galileo" by Bertolt Brecht, what happens in scene 5 and what does it mean?
  8. english

    supplicate means appeal convert subjoin anoy borrow
  9. english

    When the theaters reopened, the age of Restoration drama began. true?
  10. english

    In the story of pygmalion and galatea what mortals are involved? Can you explain what they mean . ?
  11. english

    in the miracle worker what does it mean when helen touches her own cheeks
  12. English, 10th grade

    What are 2 complications in the novel, The Plague by Albert Camus?
  13. college english 2

    can you please do a commentary on this article. the title is whose class are you in.
  14. english 10th

    what is a metaphor and hyperbole for the book the Bar Code Rebllion
  15. english

    We have a worksheet that says classify eash sentence.. What does that mean?
  16. english

    need a thesis for the play trifles my title is We Got Your Back
  17. english

    i need three strong reason to convince people to go bowling
  18. english (Frederick Douglass)

    Whatis the most important description of Mr. Gore?
  19. English Wording

    is this right: ... "sent through the mail" or does that sound awkward
  20. English

    What are some main points of rising action in the Scarlet Ibis?
  21. english

    how guidance and supervision from parents helps in a child's academic excellence?

    in the modest proposal by Jonathon swift what is the actual solution he wants to implement

    Second, write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
  24. english

    I need help on analyzing the poem, "you are reading this too fast" by Ken Norris
  25. english

    what are some ways to save and store your personal financial information
  26. english

    how many types of verbs are there, like there is action verb, any other kind?
  27. english

    How does " an occurence at owl creek bridge" a reflection of the period of time?
  28. english

    the trees are long and their branches are tall. sentence fragment anywhere?
  29. English

    Do i need a comma? Do you still have relatives living there Kate?
  30. English 101

    Do you like better Roger Ebert or Elvis Mitchell ? why?
  31. English

    What influences did Clara Bow have on the people back in the 1920s.
  32. english

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.

    What can i say at the start and at the end of a recorded interview? i will be interviewing an agriculturist.
  34. english

    What are the differences between the schoolmaster and guest in terms of characterization? why is this important?
  35. english

    That question was related toa short story called 'the guest'.
  36. english

    can u find the climatic sentences in the poem Africa by David Diop
  37. english 105

    Why Should one know the difference between prejudice and racism?
  38. english 101

    i need help on healthy eating what 3 credible sources from the internet
  39. english 101

    Identify the topic and three subtopics for healthy eating
  40. english

    what is the participal phrase?"The trainer, armed with a whip, entered the cage."
  41. english

    what is the adverb in this sentence? "Soon people became very fearful."
  42. english

    can someone give me 2 cons for being a game designer please help and thank you
  43. English

    Finsh the sentence. The teenager spoke with the URBANE refinement of a person who..
  44. 12th grade English

    arguments and counterarguments in "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman"
  45. english

    clutced her notebook in the other hand as though it were a flyswatter is this a similie?
  46. english

    How long did the journey to Virginia actually take Smith and the colonists?
  47. english

    In the story "pecos bill: the cyclone" how were the great plains formed?
  48. English

    why diversity is or is not an important element of our Canadian culture in your opinion?
  49. English

    Is that correct to say: If he were she (or in her place) , h'd get a racer? Thank you very much fr your help and information!
  50. english

    HELP!!!!!!! i need a primary and secondary source about Maria Lock.
  51. English

    How is the accessory to murder charge processed in the Italian court system?
  52. english

    What type of poem is this : Mary Muddles likes splashing in puddles
  53. English

    Describe something that has been carefully observed. A flower please.
  54. english

    write the possessive nouns that could replace each group of word below
  55. english

    poem of nature thha have mataphor,simile,persinofi
  56. English

    what is the simple predicate in the sentence, I could hear the wind blow through.
  57. english

    using appropriate punctuation, including plurals and possessives in writing.
  58. english

    what is the pro noun in this sentence... I like baseball most of all.
  59. English

    Which word has a vowel in it's second syllable? A. away B. Handle C. Cancel
  60. english

    does anyone know a poem about foolish friend please write it down thank you
  61. English

    What would you say this line ment: I am the chosen no hand saves?
  62. English

    What is the author in "am i a conformist" by ebtisam abusamak trying to communicate to his audience
  63. english

    How do we write 26 may 2011 in five letters without using numbers
  64. english

    The report was thorough.It saved the department several hundred dollars
  65. english

    What is the epigrammatical style in poetry? And what could be the examples of it in the work of Emily Dickinson?
  66. English/ Social studies

    I have to rewrite my DBQ and what is a double citation?
  67. English/ Social studies

    I have to rewrite my DBQ and what is a double citation?

    what ia the dramatic importance of the passage ACT 1 SCENE 3 WHEN POLONIUS ENTERS?
  69. English

    Would I say the Chicago White Sox rules or rule? Why?
  70. English - Native speakers

    "I hope you'll all get what you want" How does it sound in reported speech?

    In the essay A Modest Proposal Characterization (What is your opinion of the Irish poor?)
  72. english

    Could you check these sentences for me and see if this is correct. The pronouns are in bold. Thanks so much
  73. English 12

    Does anyone know what book will we be using for poems,short stories and literature in Grade 12?
  74. english

    write a letter to your grandparents asking them to you come and stay with you for a few days.
  75. english

    explain the importance of 5 sentence starters that you can use in a professional presentation
  76. english

    In 1999, I went to Disney World for vacation. What are the verbs in this sentence
  77. english

    explain one reason that teaching fables to children is positive
  78. English

    guidelines on how to write a letter to your teacher inviting her for your birthday party.
  79. business english

    which of the following is not recommended when considering or acceptin a job offer
  80. English

    What is the meaning of validity, truth, and soundness as they relate to logical syllogisms
  81. english[proffesional writting]

    what benefits do students get from being fit and healthy?
  82. English

    The lecture was boring, but they took notes anyway. a. Correct b. Faulty
  83. english

    Imagine being an explorer who leaves his country to seach the world.
  84. english

    could any one please explain the grammatical term : ERGATIVE verb
  85. english

    No one has ever returned from that desert. (is the verb transite or intransitive and why)
  86. english

    can you please correct the following sentence : i have no information on the subject
  87. english literature

    can anyone tell me a good example of poem which uses connotation. thanks

    Is this question grammatic correct.Set the alarm,and i will study in the morning.
  89. English

    What is the predicate in this sentence? The wiskers on my kitten twitch when I rub its back.
  90. English

    The horse ran down the hill and through the meadow. Is this correct?
  91. English

    How can I write a one paragraph introduction essay on a thesis statement? Thank you
  92. english

    would anyone please explain simple compound and complex sentences
  93. english

    romeo and juliet compare and contrast essay for love vs infatuation
  94. English

    Identify and describe Huck’s opinions of “sivilization,” education, and religion.
  95. English

    What is the verb in this sentence I was dehydrated after my long jog in the park.
  96. english

    Is The economy in Nevada has faltered into a situation. a proper sentence? If not why not.
  97. english

    where do i put commas in this sentence?many children were absent on moanday and Friday
  98. english

    what is the significance of Athena turning into birds throughout the Odyssey?
  99. World History

    How were the rights of individuals regarded in the English and Spanish colonies?
  100. english 2

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