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  1. english

    i need an 8 letter word with only the consonant N and it is used 4 times
  2. English

    I need help writing my introduction... I have to write an argument paper...
  3. 7th grade

    Formulas for changing metric into English measurements
  4. vocabulary

    Whats an word for everyday language? not english. a vocab term
  5. English

    What is a better of way of saying : for that reason in a more academic tone.
  6. English

    Old age is the verdict of life. (Amelia E. Barr) What does this mean?
  7. English

    In Romeo and Juliet, How does Capulet feel about young marriages?
  8. english

    what accomplishments did Mary Pickford make in the world during the 1920's?
  9. english

    Can anyone explain this quote: "our culture values knowledge, not ignorance.”
  10. English

    Where is the schwa sound in both the words comfortable and fashionable if it present?
  11. english

    Thanks for your reply. What does prem/prim mean? bi(two), tri(three). Thanks.
  12. English

    There's this one term that means that a person has seen something in the future.
  13. English

    Would it be a bad idea to start a concluding paragraph with hence?
  14. English

    Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box. (Is this sentence grammatical?)
  15. English

    Would 'back uu plan' be considered slang in a formal essay?
  16. english

    i need shaekspear translation for Romeo&Juliet act 3 scene 1
  17. English

    What grammar is the "Yes" in this senence: Yes, we can go to the store, but Bobby will need to stay home.
  18. english

    my garden is full of water,because of yesterday's rain . correct punctuation
  19. english

    Mr. smith, my spanish teacher, is going on vacation. correct punctuation
  20. english

    My garden is full of water, because of yesterday's rain. correct punctuation
  21. english

    okay i need a metaphor for confusion, excitement, happiness and hopefulness please help me.
  22. English

    i need to find a link to: A "Girl's" Story by David Arnason
  23. english

    If you’re asked to list for things can the way of your listing be vertical or horizon.
  24. english

    What is the word Capitalized in the sentence: He is very ENTHUSIASTIC about photography.
  25. english

    I need an example of a summary paragraph so I can understand how to write one.
  26. english

    i must (fetter) the fact we do not have comfortable shuttles from the lot
  27. english

    choose an antonym of these words relish purge cowering infamous
  28. english

    whose job is it to interpret the law in light constitutional safeguards
  29. english

    how can i formally start and essay about a certain interest? Any suggestions?
  30. english

    does anyone know where i can find book notes on old jules by mari sandoz?
  31. english

    is there a website for summary notes for old jules by mari sandoz?
  32. english

    The students are looking forward to seeing some real artifacts.
  33. English

    Can anyone help me find a website that explains the likes & dislikes of the Anglo Saxons?
  34. english

    how do I start out writing a essay on the advantages of being in a relationship
  35. ENGLISH higschool

    Does knowledge acquired in highschool liberate or hinder studnets?
  36. english

    John and I are going to the store. Would you like to come along with A. me and him? B. him and I? C. I and him? D. him and me? don't know if it's b or d
  37. english

    can you give me an 4square on "what is the best day i ever spent with my family
  38. math

    Which other country besides the U.S. uses the English metric system?
  39. English

    How do you right an article about a school recieving computers as a reward?
  40. English

    If I post a few essays on here will someone please check them for me?
  41. English

    the role of censorship in schools..?? and need help with thesis statement..plzz help me!!!
  42. english

    what is a example of a extended metaphor that compares a person to a interesting object??
  43. english

    chaucer sounds like a modern day buisnessman. explain why
  44. english

    chaucer sounds like a modern day buisnessman. explain why
  45. english

    antonym of the word mode meaning a current fashion or style
  46. english

    what kind of grammatical construction is "whom he had previously enjoyed'?
  47. spanish

    Dónde están las señoras calientes? what does this mean in english?
  48. 3rd grade english

    I need to find syllables with an a at the end please help
  49. english

    do you agree with what the writer has said in "the story of an hour" by kate chopin. why or why not.
  50. english pronouns

    Using correct pronoun in compound sentence. Were you and (they, them)the winners?
  51. english

    i need a really quick summary of chapter 2 in lord of the flies.
  52. english

    i need help on a timeline of changes in technology in schools from 1980 to present
  53. English Lit

    What's the Ideological conflict in the eighteenth century of United States?
  54. english 30-1

    why does the poet use italics in grammar poem by rita wong
  55. English

    is this a simile? "A man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society"
  56. english

    when reading a fable the reflection of human strenths and weaknesses descibes the??
  57. English

    What are some allegorys for the book Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution?? Thanks YOu :P
  58. english

    what are the sound words for rifles,propellers,toasters,crockery and keys?
  59. english

    i'm having trouble with coming up with a topic sentence about death.
  60. english

    what tense is the verb in the following sentence? What are you wearing to school tomorrow?
  61. English

    In "Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day", what is an example of personification?
  62. social

    according the the english bill of rights, how is freedom of speech protected?
  63. english

    what is the stylistic device in "he sang a solitary song that whistled in the wind"
  64. English

    Do these words mean the exact same thing? Sexism, Chauvinism
  65. English

    how did sir gawain & the green knight convey 2 senses of supernatural?
  66. English

    What does the term "Sometimes you have to serve in order to lead" mean?
  67. english

    com 150 week 8 I am doing a peer review and I need some help
  68. English III

    Paine beleives that god will suport the colonies' cause because the colonists?
  69. english

    • Identify two arguments in the article. Complete the matrix below.
  70. english

    can you tell me meaning of this words. 1.Embarked 2.reins 3.turmoil 4.retrieved
  71. english

    what is and alternate ending for finding laura buggs that is one page
  72. English Lit.

    How do you correctly add source card info to your report?
  73. English

    Type the prepositional phrase. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona. ______
  74. English Lit

    Need help on writing a prose satire and how it changes the behavior?
  75. english

    distinguish between the prejudicial and nonprejudicial use of rhetorical devices?
  76. English

    Hi Does anyone have ideas for creating images for shakespeare's play 'the tempest'? thanks
  77. English Question

    Is there always a type of hero in literature? Just curiousity.
  78. english

    what's a good comparative essay title for catch-22 and slaughterhouse-five?
  79. English Language

    Essay on "My Worst Holiday" about 450 words.
  80. Social Studies

    How did Squanto, the interpreter for Massasoit and the Pilgrims, learn English?
  81. English

    How would you express leaderships importance and relevance in todas society?
  82. english 4

    At the opening of A Separate Peace, Why does the narrator returns to the Devon School
  83. english

    what is meant by "Teenage baggage?" plz REPLY ASAP Thanku
  84. English

    why is it important to know the story elements when reading a text and writing a narrative
  85. English

    I need help finding articles for my author Scott F. Fitzgerald. Please help me.
  86. English

    Why does Gene not have an interest in Brinker in the book A Separate Peace?
  87. English

    What is the proper grammar for the sentence..the empty lot separated the river from (us,we).
  88. English

    What makes Anna Quindelen Homeless a good example essay ?
  89. english

    what does it mean when ur teacher says include a revised and proofread copy
  90. english

    the names of five books written by West Indian authors
  91. English

    Can you help me with writing the body? :) I have no clue how to write a GOOD essay. Thanks!
  92. English

    3.Why are there so many sexualized images of women of color in the media? 4.Can a man be a feminist? Why or why not?
  93. 5th Grade Social Studies

    What are the names of the first 3 English settlements?
  94. english

    would you say pittance or meagre is the best word to use.
  95. English

    In the novel Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko: Was Pinkie dependable?
  96. english

    can you please check if this sentence is grammatically correct? "This is rather interesting."
  97. English Literature

    Compare my Papa's walta with ana. they are both poems.
  98. English

    Before I start posting my questions, I want to ask has anyone read "The Lightning Thief"?
  99. english

    how would i diagram this sentece "What does the total consecration to god mean"
  100. English

    If the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form?
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