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  1. English`

    Whats one word that means someone that in not knowing something?
  2. english

    11. “wry” (line 12) means: (A) wicked (B) dry (C) ironic (D) indifferent i don't know
  3. English

    I want a hot dog and an hamburger. 1. It's $6, isn't it? 2. They are $6, aren't they? Which one is correct? Are both OK? Then what is the meaning of 'it' in #1?
  4. English

    why did Mark Twain use humor in the book TOm Sawyer?
  5. english

    i need to know what the dominant poetic forms were during the romantic period
  6. English

    The word Dibarcle Debarcle is not in my dictionary. Am I spelling it incorectly. Thanks Mike
  7. English II

    Can someone help??? I need to explain the difference between "justice" and "just"?? Thanks
  8. english

    what is the sulotion on the story the mixed up files of mrs brasil e. frankweiler?
  9. english

    trying to write a speech on is a picture worth a thousand words and why
  10. English

    A person who studies rocks for fun Rock _ _ _ _ _ I don't have a clue
  11. english

    what is a good parody essay about the red badge of courage.
  12. english

    What is the origin of "red herring"? How is it used in context? Does it mean distraction?
  13. English

    Be so kind as to feed my dog. Can this be an interrogative sentence? im bit confused.
  14. English

    Please can someone help me with this poem. The Love Song O J Afred Prufrock
  15. english

    could you please show me an example of a speech that was written about time
  16. english

    can you find 1 long word that splits into 3 small ones
  17. English

    What are some modern day applications to utopian and dystopian society?
  18. basic english

    What mark of punctuation is most closely associated with interjections
  19. english

    does generation and tradition have either assonance or consonance or neither?
  20. english

    what is a synonym for gave,furnished that have double letters and fit this? ----l---
  21. English - question

    Ms. Sue, What kind of strategies can I use to revise my paper?
  22. english

    What role does sports play in creating an anesthetized/sedated culture?
  23. english

    Is this sentence correct? If not, can you please help me come up with another that expresses the same thing?
  24. English-Lit

    Can anybody help me find a character list for the book J.B. by Archibald MacLeish? Thanks
  25. English

    Writing an expository essay on Healthful eating need help with subtopics?
  26. English

    funny survey sample please! with scoring and interpretation pls!
  27. english

    how can I apply critical thinking to articles, advertising, media and conversations?
  28. english

    how to elaborate on the proverb Haste makes Waste and write a paragraph
  29. english

    How can I phrase this sentence better? "If you are interested in volunteering to help plan the party, you can..."
  30. english

    What follows a linking or action verb? What modifies nouns or pronouns?
  31. English

    What is the rule using a comma and the word "and"? -------resource background, and the ability.
  32. english

    what states were included in the plot of the book uncle tom's cabin?
  33. chemistry

    Calculate the number of english tons(2000 lb per ton) in 6.03 lb
  34. US History

    How did the Native Americans respond to the expansion of English settlement in each area?
  35. English

    Another way of saying 'less on the original energy?'. I need to re-phrase it.
  36. English

    Does anyone know where i can find the character study of Lenny and George in The Mice and Men
  37. english

    In what ways does robin williams contradict what you consider to be effective teaching?
  38. 5th grade

    need the biography ofEmily Hutchinson for my English class.
  39. English

    Oedipus... What eyewitness to the murder of Laius still exists? Scene 2 P
  40. english

    need a sentence with Categorize, and Element ,Motives and ,Aspect thax u
  41. English

    Explain how reading, critical thinking, and writing relate to one another.
  42. English

    What does it mean to vary the sentence pattern within a written work?
  43. english

    What is the difference between a play and prose fiction? (at least three)
  44. English

    Where in a script will one find the necessary info for character development?
  45. English

    In the Story The Iliad, what caused the Greeks and the Trogans to got to war?
  46. English

    i'm stuck on an essay can you help: "How does Shakespeare make Act3 Scene4 so dramatic?"
  47. english

    Are the words "encyclopedia", "habitat", and "reefs" count or noncount nouns?
  48. English

    In the sentence Manuel is the new goalie on the team. What is the compound noun
  49. english plz help

    how do we find a theme in a sentence. can anyone give me one example????
  50. social studies

    what are the steps toward democaracy of the early English settlers?
  51. english

    is there a subject and preticate in "turned the key in the ignition and started the car" and where at
  52. English/Writing

    How do I write a characterization paragraph? What's an effective way of characterizing?
  53. english, individual differences

    please send us the articles about this topic
  54. English

    Explain how reading, critical thinking, and writing relate to one another.
  55. english

    importance of education now a days??. any recommendation plz.,, ,. thank you and Godbless.
  56. social studies

    what challenges did english settlers in north america face?
  57. english

    can someone tell me what the living conditions of Shakespeare's times were like
  58. English

    What are the nouns in this sentence? Friday evening will be Ivy's birthday celebration.
  59. English

    diverting means... a-redirecting b-using c-changing d-polluting I think it's c.
  60. english

    what are some short stories or books about hostage situations
  61. English

    What does this quote mean? "What I lack in SKILL, I make up for in LAZINESS" Please help.
  62. english

    We are doing a project that claims that children are "invisible" to society. What could be done to make them visible?
  63. english

    I need help to Compare and Contrast Dead Egyptian Blues with Ozymandias.
  64. English

    Debate the motion that the media has too much power in our society...
  65. english

    give the etymology of the root word : BIO and where it is derived from and the definition
  66. english

    what are two higher level words for the root word: BIO
  67. english

    in obama's speech ...the market can spin out of control...is this personifiation

    does someone know where i could find the anaslysis for the poem "conquerors" by henry treece?
  69. english

    can you give me a good sentence using the word biology and biography
  70. english

    un scramble the following words kerba ni that means enter illegally
  71. English

    I need a word that fits this description: something that completes somthing else.
  72. English

    Does this line make sense: something good comes of everything

    How did Squanto, the interpreter for Massasoit and the Pilgrims,learn English?
  74. English

    Where can I find examples of non-conformity that was demonstrated during any of the wars?
  75. english

    can anyone find me chapter summaries for the book "the sturdy oak" please

    What does it mean to vary the sentence pattern within a written work?
  77. English_Polish

    does someone know a good translator online (english-polish) thanks alot for help :)
  78. english

    when someone asks could you have anticipated your friend's actions? what does that mean?
  79. English

    what are the negative points of the topic "advertisements do more harm than good".
  80. English Ms. Sue

    Where could I find a good quote that supports Therapeutic Cloning at?
  81. english

    i need an 8 letter word with only the consonant N and it is used 4 times
  82. English

    I need help writing my introduction... I have to write an argument paper...
  83. 7th grade

    Formulas for changing metric into English measurements
  84. vocabulary

    Whats an word for everyday language? not english. a vocab term
  85. English

    What is a better of way of saying : for that reason in a more academic tone.
  86. English

    Old age is the verdict of life. (Amelia E. Barr) What does this mean?
  87. English

    In Romeo and Juliet, How does Capulet feel about young marriages?
  88. english

    what accomplishments did Mary Pickford make in the world during the 1920's?
  89. english

    Can anyone explain this quote: "our culture values knowledge, not ignorance.”
  90. English

    Where is the schwa sound in both the words comfortable and fashionable if it present?
  91. english

    Thanks for your reply. What does prem/prim mean? bi(two), tri(three). Thanks.
  92. English

    There's this one term that means that a person has seen something in the future.
  93. English

    Would it be a bad idea to start a concluding paragraph with hence?
  94. English

    Fill in the blanks below in the words in the box. (Is this sentence grammatical?)
  95. English

    Would 'back uu plan' be considered slang in a formal essay?
  96. english

    i need shaekspear translation for Romeo&Juliet act 3 scene 1
  97. English

    What grammar is the "Yes" in this senence: Yes, we can go to the store, but Bobby will need to stay home.
  98. english

    my garden is full of water,because of yesterday's rain . correct punctuation
  99. english

    Mr. smith, my spanish teacher, is going on vacation. correct punctuation
  100. english

    My garden is full of water, because of yesterday's rain. correct punctuation
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