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  1. english

    please answer the last question
  2. English

    Is this an example of an assonance? "Let me in," Said the pin.
  3. English

    Is it all right to say "he was anxious for me, but about my health? Thank you
  4. English

    Why is baseball fun?
  5. english

    sentence skills
  6. english

    what is llatetpsh unscrambled
  7. English

    Why is basketball fun?
  8. english

    what is example of affirati ve /positive
  9. English

    why is baseball fun?
  10. English

    Why is leadership something you must continue?
  11. English

    I need help with writing an essay. Please!
  12. english

    What are some behaviours of Dracula
  13. english

    how make a tepee
  14. To ms sue

    Can you please help me with my English , much appreciated
  15. english

    help on thesis writing
  16. english

    What are the two kinds of dictionaries?
  17. English

    What does it mean to be a professional? and what does it mean to be in a profession?
  18. english

    metaphor for largeness
  19. English

    1. Help me, please? 2. Will you help me, please? 3. Help me, please. ------------------------- Does #1 mean #2? Because of the question mark, #1 is different from #3, right?
  20. english

    Somberness is a mood.?
  21. English

    What is indirect characterization?
  22. english

    off curiosity ms sue why do you do this
  23. english vocabulary

  24. English Question

    What is the difference between though and although?
  25. english

    chartersketch of lencho
  26. English help

    what are the purpose of litotes?

  28. english

    metaphor for optimism. I'd really appreciate it if you'd help me
  29. English

    why is basketball fun?
  30. English

    What is the hellenic perspective?
  31. english

    what are the elements of writing?
  32. English

    What is a collective noun
  33. English

    What is a statistic report?
  34. English

    What does it mean when they say, "She's the female Odell."
  35. English

    What does "Independence Day" really mean?
  36. English

    Is it a mistake if I include "in", then? Thank you.
  37. english

    is fast a verb?
  38. English

    What does the following saying mean an elbow only bends one way ??
  39. science-english?

    What does radioactive mean???
  40. English

    What is a common noun
  41. english

    wat is a topic
  42. English

    Synonym of unmisted
  43. english

    what is an interrogative statement?
  44. English

    What is the theme of Nethergrave?
  45. english

    the most dangerous game is mostly about
  46. english/latin

    What is 'chiasmus'?
  47. English

    if i had a 1.875 and i get a C to go up to a B what is my GPA?
  48. english

    abstract nouns
  49. english

    Which value is reflected in Heracles ?
  50. English

    What are the different parts of speech?
  51. english

    what is cultural blindness
  52. english

    why was shakespeare so impornt?
  53. English

    What is a marginalized character?
  54. English

    is it right if i say "spirit of belligerence"?
  55. english

    Assonance is the repetition of?
  56. english

    what is quotation marks?
  57. English

    How to decode words
  58. English

    What comes first in abc order -anyone or any one?
  59. english

    Behaviours of dracula
  60. english

    What do adverbs modify?
  61. english

    is had or was a stative verb?
  62. English

    What does in relation to something mean? Can you give me an example?
  63. english-to writeacher

    thanks for helping me, just saying
  64. science-english

    What does radioactive mean?
  65. english

    what is an adjustment letter?
  66. english

    what was shakespeares best play?
  67. spanish

    what does el noche mean in English?
  68. english

    need some oratorical piece please
  69. English

    What is the symbol of Evil?
  70. English

    What is the plural of scientist?

  72. English

    What does the editorial mark IC mean?
  73. English

    Hello. Will you please tell me if the following is possible in English: 1)He is in the Defense Ministry building. 2)The main aim of such actions is destabilization in the country. 3)These provocations mean to destabilize the situation. 4)They voted in favour of a new speaker. ...
  74. college

    Complete an Internet search to find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners. For example, some states have ceased funding for bilingual education and may not instruct the ELL students in ...
  75. English

    Can you please check one more thing: 1)The students were delighted by /with their exam results. Are "by" and "with" possible? Is the meaning the same as "they are pleased, satisfied, content with? their exam result? 2) They are depressed, sad, happy, unhappy, miserable, ...
  76. accounting

    MKTG205-1101B-07 Principles of Marketing Assignment Name: Unit 5 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 2-3 pages Details: Select a global company of your choice in the service industry. Using your selected global company as the subject matter, research the principles of ...
  77. Texas Southern University

    In a respresentative study,a sample of n = 100 adolescents with a history of group participation is given a standardized self-esteem questionnaire. For the general po;ulation of adolescents, scores on this questionnaire form a normal distribution with a mean of u = 40 and a ...
  78. Life Science

    How did Mendel novel approach contribute to his success in describing how traits are inherited Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites for you: 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heredity (at the bottom, be sure to click for additional information ...
  79. English

    1. I want to do volunteer work at the Han River. I want to pick up trash and make it clean/clear. 2. I want to volunteer at the Han River. I want to pick up trash from the river, and make it clean/clear. (Would you check the English expressions? Correct errors, please. Do I ...
  80. English

    1. What did you learn in math class today? 2. She is a music teacher. She is very strict. 3. He is a career teacher. He is kind-hearted. 4. He is a Chinese characters teacher. He is humorous. ---------------------- Are they all correct? Do we have to capitalize "career"? It ...
  81. critical thinking

    I have 4 out of 50 questions left...I cannot figure out the last two rhetorical questions, or the last two fallacy questions. What type of rhetorical device are these? 1. Very little research has been done using properly matched groups with a control group, the gold standard ...
  82. Art

    Thank you, Writeacher. Here is the last part of the same summary. Could you please check it? 1) The names of the ingredients are reported using an international code, INCI which is the same for all EU countries though it is also used in other countries, for example USA, Russia...
  83. Languate...Grammar

    Hello. 1. I wish he were a bird. 2. I wish he was a bird. 3. I wish I were a doctor. I think #1 is correct. What about #2? Is it OK? And what about #3? Numbers 1 and 3 are correct; 2 is incorrect. Read about the use of subjunctive mood in English: http://grammar.ccc.commnet....
  84. English

    Describe the picture using the following expressions. (There are some English expressions in a colored box.) 1. How much juice is there in the glass? There is a little juice. 2. How much water is there in the cup? There is a little water in the cup. 3. How many books are there...
  85. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 5:23pm. 1. Yosemite is famous for its natural wonders. 2. We arrived at Yosemite in the afternoon. ===================== In the sentences above, what does "Yosemite" mean? Is it Yosemite Valley or Yosemite National Park? English - ...
  86. English

    Here are the linguistic objectives which I'm going to vary as English should be the lingua franca. Is it correct to mention the objectives using the gerund??? They didn’t consider the pupils’ point of view. What do you think? 1) Linguistic objectives : - helping the pupils...
  87. English

    1. Tadpole noodles are made from corn. 2. Tadpole noodles are made of corn. (Which one is right?) 3. She is going to go for a hike. 4. She is going to go hiking. 5. She is going to go on a hike. 6. She is going to go out for a hike. (Are the four sentences all grammatical? ...
  88. English Expression

    1. After you read the first passage, mark all the things you can know about Hana Middle School. 2. Write down the names of the places where you can do the following activities from the first passage of the reading text. 3. Compare the classroom in the second passage of the ...
  89. Logic Research

    Some drugs combat obesity or alcohol addiction by turning off pleasure centers in the brain. However, if the dosage is too high, there's a risk that people taking them will be plunged into depression. The statements above, if true, support which one of the following assertions...
  90. History

    2) Niccolo Machiavelli was a Florentine who was active in politics in that Italian city-state, where bloodshed and destruction were often part of the political process. In chapter XIV, Machiavelli wrote “A Prince, therefore, ought never to allow his attention to be diverted ...
  91. english

    wat is moral imperfection? in your own words You need to do it in your own words. Moral imperfection is not immorality, but can lead to it. Lying is a moral imperfection, as is stealing, or cheating. Note to Michelle: When talking to your friends, using shortcuts is fine. When...
  92. psychology

    The major perspective in psychology that views behavior as guided by one's self image and by needs of personal growth is the a. cognitive view b. humanistic view c. psycholdynamic view d. biopsychological view I had already guessed c and that was wrong, and I don't know which ...
  93. Fundamentals of taxation 2015

    Robert & Becky( husband & wife) are both foyer and they contribute money to various organization each year. They file a joint return and their adjusted gross income for 2014 is $ 100,000.They contributed to the following organization in 2014 : $ 5,000 to ALTA SIERRA COUNTRY ...
  94. English 8R - Business Letter Assignment Help!

    I have this assignment for my English class. We have to write a business letter to a someone, it can be famous or not. The best part is that we can actually send it to them. So I choose Obama. It's a two paragraph letter. The 1st paragraph, we have to introduce our selves and ...
  95. English

    Which sentence contains words in italics that form a gerund phrase? A. The laughing boy sat down. (Laughing is the italic word B. An interesting novel provides good entertainment. ( Interesting is the italic word) C. Winning the race demanded speed and endurance. (Winning is ...
  96. English

    1. I want something for writing;any pen or pencil will be OK. 2. I want something for writing with;any pen or pencil will be OK. 3.I want something for writing. 4. I want something for writing with. (Are they correct? If I remove the latter part, are they correct? Check the ...
  97. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 5:56am. Life is full of colors. Red is love; 1)It comes from our hearts. Blue is sadness; 2) It falls from our eyes. (In the poem, what does each 'it' refer to?) English - Writeacher, Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 9:45am In #1, "it...
  98. A comparison and contrast essay uses which of the

    1. A comparison-and-Contrast essay uses which of the following elements? (Select all that apply) A. two subjects that are similar and different B. an opinion to change the readers mind C. supporting factual details D. the relationship between cause and effect E. a main ...
  99. Biology

    'We are currently in an energy crisis. After food, fossil fuels are humanity's most important source of energy. These resources take millions of years to make. We are currently using the fuels that were made more than 300 million years ago, before the time of dinosaurs. Fossil...
  100. marketing

    Unit 5 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 4-5 body pages, 1 PERT chart, 1 Gantt chart Details: Using your current work organization (or an organization of interest) as the subject matter, research the elements of business and prepare an APA formatted paper that: Analyzes ...
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