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  1. English

    title of AIDS on research paper
  2. english

    I need help on doing a literary research paper.

    i am writing a paper for English the question is what ethical problems may rise in research on humans?List and describe the three principles researchers are supposed to be guided by in resolving dilemmas. I AM STUCK PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
  4. Business Research

    select one online source that would be suitable to use as reference for a research paper, a source that you would consider reliable and accurate. What is a good research topic within the business field?
  5. English: British Culture Project

    For my English class, I received a British culture research project and the objective is to learn about the British culture from 449-1950. The instructions say choose a topic from one of the 14 general topics listed below. Research your topic. Develop a thesis. You must do one...
  6. English

    doing research on a report for how study scheduling apps can help students. the apps i have chosen are evernote, my study life and my homework. The info i need is how these apps can benefit students and how they can actually help and how they coorelate to academic success. I ...
  7. Sociology

    Hi, i am takin a research class and i need to do a quantitative research paper. so i need help thinking of a research question or hypothesis? could you suggest some please. i would like to do something with gender. i need another variable. i was gonna do gender and income but ...
  8. english

    Why is the initial background research step important? a. It helps you find very detailed information about the topic to answer key questions. b. It helps you become familiar with a topic before doing deeper research. c. It helps you to determine which sources are most ...
  9. English 227

    What are your tips, tricks and help for conducting research?
  10. english

    how to write a good thesis for a research paper?
  11. english

    why is research important for the interviewee and the interview panel
  12. English Research

    What are some things you can inherit from your parents?
  13. English

    sample research paper about business
  14. math

    I need help with assignment, could you please help me on this, I only have the bounty amount right now, until Thursday. thanks nrh40 Individual Assignment: Current Business Research Project Paper · Use the University Library or the Electronic Reserve Readings to locate a peer...
  15. english

    My topic is "Aliens" I have to have question on the topic and my question is: I'm wondering why Aliens can't be seen by humans. The topic must have exigency what does that mean, can u give examples. help with Research plan and how i can investigate my questions. Thank you! ...
  16. Business Research

    A data processing analyst for a research supplier finds that a preliminary computer run of survey results show that consumers love a client’s new product. The employee buys a large block of the client’s stock. Discuss the ethical ramifications of this decision. Which ...
  17. english

    what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
  18. english

    what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
  19. English Research Paper

    I am writing a English research paper and need to know if "Taser" is capitalized or not. Some places show it capitalized and some show it not. Also is it 'taser-use" or 'taser use" or "Taser-use" or Taser use ? Thanks.
  20. Sociology

    What are necessary to explain research findings? a- variables b-theories c- symbols d- research models I'm not sure of the answer because you would need models to conduct the research and theories to model the research. I don't think symbols would explain the findings and so ...
  21. english

    What is a good non-controversial topic for a senior research powerpoint? I need to do a research presentation answering a question (thesis). The rules are pretty lenient, so it can be about almost anything but there must be citations from books and articles. It can be ...
  22. English

    hello, I have to write a research paper on a paticular author. I chose Mary Shelly since we just finsihed reading Frankenstein. I need to narrow down my topic to make it more specific. I don't know how to start. I want to somehow relate her life with Frankenstein. By what her ...
  23. English

    I'm doing a Spanish assignment but theres no need for any spanish words, so i'll call it an English paper. I'm doing a research project on the dominican republics food and drink but idont know how to start off my 200 word essay that's due tomorrow o__o please help?
  24. english

    What are the basic steps of conducting a college level research???
  25. English

    What does ei means when a teacher writes this on your research paper? Thanks a lot
  26. english

    what are some research topics about popular culture
  27. English

    I need help writing a thesis statement on the power of research.
  28. english

    Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons
  29. Research Question for English

    How does a person inherit intelligence from someone else?
  30. English

    What may be a primary source when doing research about organic foods?
  31. English (research)

    How can I prove that a superhero is a monster? i.e. - Spider-man
  32. English

    We are doing research papers in my English class on controversial issues. My topic is endangered species and we need to present the two different sides of the issue. I am unsure of what two sides I should write about.
  33. English*

    can u edit this plz!!!:D --> In order to gain knowledge and prove your statement/point, you will have to do research. Research can be described in many ways such as through friends/family, and through experience and observation. To research , you must always have to have a ...
  34. English

    Using Lamott's essay "Hunger" as a point of departure, do some research and write an essay defining the nature and origins of eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. What social, psychological, or chemical factors can lead to an eating disorder? what solutions have ...
  35. informal Logic

    The untimely death of Professor Hathaway halted his groundbreaking research into the uses of solar power. It therefore appears that Hathaway’s research will not result in practical applications. Which one of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument? (...
  36. Science

    I am writing a mock biotechnology research proposal for class and I don't know what I should make this research plan about. What are some of the most breaking scientific news, or diseases and issues in this field(biology preferred, or chemistry) that are currently having an ...
  37. psy202

    Write a 200-300 word summary describing a time when you had to test a theory. This theory may be something you have tested at work, school, or at home. Describe the situation. What type of informal research method did you use? How was your research method similar to research ...
  38. English

    When doing research papers, is it good to have a lot of dates in your report?
  39. English

    What should all be in an outline befor writing a research paper?
  40. english

    do you have a section on writing a research paper in mla format
  41. English 102

    Write an introduction for your research paper that draws in readers.
  42. English - Research

    What are three readable resources that explain the history of radio?
  43. English

    I am doing a literary research paper on Romeo and Juliet. I don't know a topic. Any suggestions???
  44. english 122

    when you contribute to a research conversation, which of the following skills is not strictly?
  45. english

    Who can give me a topic for research paper related to marine biology?
  46. english

    Biographies are based on A. Rumor B. Fiction C. Imagination D. Study and research Is it B?
  47. English

    I am doing a research are you suppose to write numbers out of words in the paper?
  48. English

    Omg! I got a research paper due tomorrow. Plz, help me

    I NEED HELP PARAPHRASING "THE BOGLAND" "ANAHORISH" ABD "THE TOLLUND MAN" BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO IT Paraphrase: http://www.answers.com/paraphrase One of the best ways to accomplish this that I've heard about is to read over a passage (about a paragraph or so in length), ...
  50. chi-square test

    Discuss the assumptions for using a chi-square test. Research articles from the Ashford Library and provide practical examples from the research to support your assumptions. Include a citation of one article you used for your research
  51. character education

    Which of the following is MOST likely to be valid? a research project done by a committee without review a research paper done by one expert without review a peer-reviewed research project done by a few expert C
  52. chi-square test

    the assumptions for using a chi-square test. Research articles provide practical examples from the research to support your assumptions. Include a citation of one article you used for your research
  53. research

    Can you tell me ANY good topics to research? It's a free project so any topic will do! Thank you!!! -Lizzy
  54. Business Research

    What is the role of research in the decision to purchase an e-commerce toy company
  55. Biology

    I am doing a research paper on multiple sclerosis. Can you recommend a book that I can use in my research?
  56. Research

    What are some ethical and legal issues in research involving human subjects?
  57. Psychology

    What are the strengths of correlation research, observational/descriptive research, and experiments?
  58. research

    The research process has a number of components and each is a separate, independent activity?
  59. Psychology

    What is an argument for the idea that basic research is as important as applied research.
  60. Research

    Sociological research can be a difficult procedure what are some of the problems or concerns that need to be dealt with?
  61. Research Design

    I need help describing the similarities and differences between quantitative and qualitative research.
  62. research

    why focus groups are not used for other purposes, like customer satisfaction research
  63. english

    ok i have to write a research essay on the viet cong but i don't no how..... plez help me today if u can thanks
  64. English

    Can any one show me how to cite a page the correct way for a research paper?
  65. 8th grade honors english

    How do I properly site sources on my research paper?
  66. English

    I need help with writing a thesis sentece for rising of autism for a research paper.
  67. English

    I need an good attention getter for a research paper on basketball. Please Help
  68. English

    A writer must include research to ensure the reader understands his point.
  69. english

    An extensive list that identifies sources cited in your research report is called a(n):
  70. english/writing

    Can someone help me formulate a research paper topic about braces?
  71. Healthcare

    Why is survey research considered a weak research technique? How would you counteract that perception when asked?
  72. research

    What previous research was reported about scared straight programs prior to Lewis’ evaluation?
  73. research

    Discuss the human rights that require protection in research
  74. research

    Discuss the human rights that require protection in research.
  75. research

    How to write a rationale of the study in research? What are its guidelines in writing?
  76. research

    can anyone suggest any good food research topic please?thank you!!
  77. Criminal Justice

    Research Process and Terminology Paper To be proficient in research, one must know language and process. During this assignment, you will familiarize yourself with research terminology as you use the terms to write your paper. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you ...
  78. English

    I urgently need to know if everything is correct. Thank you very much for your help! 1)I use the computer three hours a week on average. I usually use it to play computer games, surf the net or do some school research. 2) I sometimes download and save files from the internet (...
  79. research

    Can you provide a research example where all the human rights were respected and one or more were violated in Healthcare
  80. research writing as a process

    how can I turn this into a appropriate research question? . Why are kids so violent today? What is wrong with them?
  81. Life orientation (research)

    Research one factor that causes ill health , accidents , crises or disasters: 1) alcoholism
  82. business

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you practice identifying the critical first stage of developing any research study: •State the purpose of the business research for each article. •Determine the research questions and hypotheses being researched in each article...
  83. science

    Which options accurately identify a reason why it could be beneficial for the government to regulate scientific research and the distribution of information? (Select all that apply) The government could minimize fraudulent practices. The government could ensure research is ...
  84. science

    Which options accurately identify a reason why it could be beneficial for the government to regulate scientific research and the distribution of information? (Select all that apply) The government could minimize fraudulent practices. The government could ensure research is ...
  85. Research

    If you were to design a research study at your work can you give examples of dependent and independent variables along with any extraneous variable
  86. world cultures

    o i have to do this project about the 5 themes of geography. and we are supposed to research the 5 themese of london. but i don't know how to research that or what to do. so please help
  87. Social and Behavioural Sciences

    I'm not sure how to define these words. 1) moral authorities 2) systematic empirical research 3) scientific research
  88. research help

    I need help with some research topics for a paper?
  89. Writing-research

    How do I write a research topic? What does by "it has to be specific? Thanks
  90. English

    Writing a research paper on anorexia in teens. Can you recommend some good resources?
  91. english

    are food science and technology too broaad for a research?im going to talk about their differences
  92. English

    I have writiers block..How would I start my research paper on animal rights?
  93. English

    I have a research paper proposal due Wednesday, but no idea so far on how to begin. Is anybody there to help me?
  94. english

    How do I write a research proposal in third person point of view and future tense?
  95. Intro to Psychiology 1

    It is the proper role of a psychological research scientist to: A) Question data B) make safe predictions C) Keep research methods accessible only to those involved in the research D) Avoid making predictions. I know it's not (B) and i don't think it's (D) either. I'm leaning ...
  96. english

    In the website I was able to learn about the English language very well, because in the website there are a lot of menus that english grammar, english vocabulary, english basics, english lesson, english pronunciation, english fun and games, english test, english quizzes, ...
  97. Sociology

    Which type of research will probably cost the most? a) Interviews b) Field research c) Document analyses d) Questionnaires I am leaning towards (b)
  98. psychology

    Ken Garoo would like to read about social psychological research on conformity. He should look at the research of:
  99. research methodology

    Conduct a research study to investigate the impact of management styles of CEOs in private sector on employees turnover
  100. English

    1. Research projects that have won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, serious scientific work. 2. Research projects that have ever won Ig Nobel Prizes are real, serious scientific work. (Does #1 mean #2? What is the meaning of 'have won'? Does 'have won' mean 'experience in the past?) ...
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